dzhoyeah that's an ugly business21:32
dzhoi was a little worried when the talk first popped up of doing yet another community distro to fill the hole left by the CentOS pivot21:33
dzhobecause it was "talk with us in Slack or see our Github!"21:33
dzhobut they've added other communication methods so it's not quite so corporate silo21:34
dzhoand #rockylinux has >500 nicks in it, many via the Matrix bridge21:35
cmaloneyif you were using the Ubuntu Michigan Loco Google Calendar I'm sad to inform you that it no longer exists.22:03
cmaloneyPlease form an orderly queue for your weeping.22:04
cmaloneyJust deleted the page as well. Goodbye, holdover from G+22:09
greg-gahhh, that's what that mastodon post was about :)22:17

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