ForeverNoob[m]all the more reason for me to make a backup then00:00
sarnoldbackups are always a good idea :)00:01
sarnoldyou could check for memory issues with memtest86 or memtest86+, and disk, you could use badblocks.. neither one is quick though00:02
ForeverNoob[m]sarnold: badblocks on SSDs are not always representative IIRC00:12
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jeremy31wear levelling and life left00:14
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sarnoldForeverNoob[m]: oh yeah :/ time to teach this old dog new tricks I guess00:30
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arooni_team_bany help getting this techkey bluetooth 5.0 adapter working on ubuntu 20.04? https://gist.github.com/40709a3bf61eaf478294f60b89da01aa01:37
sarnoldarooni_team_b: $ errno 201:50
sarnoldENOENT 2 No such file or directory01:50
sarnoldarooni_team_b: find the firmware for the device?01:50
sarnoldarooni_team_b: I think start looking at https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/01:50
neilduganhello!   I am trying to get a Epson all-in-one scanner working, I have connected the device to my LAN, I can ping the device, I can't get 'scanimage -L' to work!    I have put what I think is the correct entries in /etc/sand.d/net.conf and /etc/sane.d/saned.conf    I have no filewall ATM   but I can't get the scanimage to work.02:09
sarnoldneildugan: the table on https://github.com/alexpevzner/sane-airscan may have advice on your unit02:13
neildugansarnold, my device -- epson wp-4530 isn't listed in that page02:26
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rodrigoty23can anybody help me my arrow keys arent working!02:53
deltabrodrigoty23: where? what happens?02:55
arooni_team_bhey team; i could use help getting bluetooth 5.0 usb adapter working02:55
arooni_team_b[  683.776281] Bluetooth: hci0: command 0x2038 tx timeout02:56
sarnoldrodrigoty23: check around on your keyboard for a 'fn lock' or something similar..02:56
arooni_team_bthats from dmesg02:56
rodrigoty23im on a laptop02:56
deltabrodrigoty23: separate arrow keys or part of the numeric keypad?02:57
rodrigoty23when i click the botton button i get a locket keypad icon02:57
rodrigoty23there part of my keyboard02:57
deltabtry the num lock key02:58
rodrigoty23nop tried num lock02:59
deltabwhat happens when you press them?03:00
rodrigoty23the numlock?03:01
deltabthe arrow keys03:02
rodrigoty23i told you either thety dont work or i get a dislog of a disabled keypad!03:03
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arooni_team_bis there any command line way to make my screen grayscale?03:46
arooni_team_bubuntu 20.0403:46
arooni_team_btheres some gnome extension for it ; but would like to have it invoked automatically via cron nightly to help my eyes03:47
lotuspsychjetheres redshift-gtk03:47
arooni_team_bdoes that take it to grayscale03:47
matsamanarooni_team_b: what graphics driver?03:48
matsamanarooni_team_b: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/125257/how-can-i-make-the-screen-black-and-white03:49
arooni_team_bintel built in03:52
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loxieHi, I'd like to add a grub entry to be able to boot either ubuntu or windows10. In my case both os's are installed each on a separate drive (ubuntu sda... windows10 sdb. how do i add windows to grub? "sudo update-grub" and then sudo grub-install /dev/(windowsbootpartition)"sdb in my case?"05:24
loxieboth os's have been installed to their respective drive, and at the time (during installation,only one drive was ever connected|mbr on two separate drives)05:28
loxieplease help me with this"grub-install: warning: File system `ntfs' doesn't support embedding.05:39
loxiegrub-install: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for cross-disk install."05:39
loxiei have two os's windows and ubuntu each on sda and sdb respective wanting to add to grub "windows 10" rand sudo grub-update then grub-install /dev/sdb105:41
loxiewhat did i do wrong, don i only need to run sudo update-grub05:42
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loxiein the spirit of sharing and learning, running sudo grub-update was sufficent to add a grub boot entry for windows 10 to my ubuntu grub2 menu (each install was done independently with only one hdd/sdd (sda and sdb respective) drive connected at a time06:24
pi0i am currently running ubuntu 20.04, pidcat should be available via apt install, but i cannot seem to find it06:46
HashI am on 20.04 and I noticed that initctl process takes 2gb of ram. I can't find any info on why this is06:46
HashDoes anyone know?06:46
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flingHash: you should ask #systemd07:20
coolstarhow do I resize the on screen keyboard on the Ubuntu 20.04 login screen?08:09
coolstarsince this is kinda unusable: https://imgur.com/a/C7s9BBW08:09
coolstaralso how do I run xrandr when gdm starts up? since I want to rotate it into landscape mode08:11
peter22222hi folks... anybody knows how to use deluser with wildcard *?08:29
peter22222i want to delete obsolete guest-users e.g. guest-fihhdh08:30
peter22222i have many of them, i like to delete them in one command with deluser08:30
peter22222but deluser guest-* doesnt work08:30
peter22222seems it takes the asterisk * literally.08:30
peter22222how can i mark the asterisk as a wildcard?08:31
llutzpeter22222: something like:  awk -F\: '/^guest/ {print $1}' /etc/password | xargs deluser ....08:37
peter22222cool thank you llutz08:51
peter22222llutz doesnt work like that unfortunately08:52
llutzpeter22222: means what?09:02
peter22222deluser only allows 1 or 2 usernames to delete09:04
llutz /etc/passwd i meant*09:05
llutzpeter22222: for name in $(awk -F\: '/^guest-/ {print $1}' /etc/passwd ) ; do  deluser -r ....options... $name; done09:08
peter22222llutz Thank you!!!09:24
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dev-isnt-a-devUI changges10:36
dev-isnt-a-devhi! so because of the ubuntu 20.04 image being to big, and no netinst image being available, i installed ubuntu 16.04, but is there any good reason to upgrade to 20.04? I just xfce on my laptop, so i dont care about10:36
dev-isnt-a-devi dont care about UI changes. are there any technical reasons to upgrade? for example battery life or performance increase?10:37
Habbie16.04 will stop getting security updates in a few months10:39
dev-isnt-a-devis 16.04 5 yeas old already? yeez, i am feeling old10:41
iptable16.04 = 2016 April release date10:42
dev-isnt-a-devbut are there any other technical advantages?10:42
iptableaccording to my maths, it will be 5 years in april 202110:42
iptablewhy not pick 18.04 then? if 20.04 you don't like and 16.04 is EOL10:43
dev-isnt-a-devha, i never saw that relation (I am not really a ubuntu user, only for my laptop i use ubuntu, and i only have a laptop since a few days)10:43
dev-isnt-a-devi don't dislike 20.04, i dislike upgrading without a good technical reason10:44
dev-isnt-a-dev"don't fix it if it aint broke10:44
iptableend of life is pretty much a 'broke' situation10:44
iptableI do like my linux Mint for desktop though, so what do I know ;)10:45
dev-isnt-a-devwell, i am definetly going to upgrade before march, but now i need to decide 18.04 or 20.0410:45
dev-isnt-a-devif i upgrade to either of those, will i get the gnome DE? because i rather not have that10:46
iptableif you wait long enough, you can upgrade to 22.04 :P. I would go with 20.04, no need to worry about upgrades for 5 years10:46
iptableYou can install 'ubuntu server' which is really just ubuntu without the desktop, and choose and install the DE you want10:46
iptableor actually ubuntu desktop = ubuntu server + DE and some other apps10:47
dev-isnt-a-devi thought about that, and that was my initial plan, but since i am on a laptop, i figured the battery life would probely worse10:47
ducassedev-isnt-a-dev: if you have xfce now, that will not change with an upgrade10:47
dev-isnt-a-devyes, but will gnome be added to the list?10:47
dev-isnt-a-devnow i have unity, and xfce10:47
dev-isnt-a-devi dont have Xubuntu, i have ubuntu with xfce added myself10:47
iptableyou don't have to install gnome, you can10:47
iptableyoucan get ubuntu server and install xfce DE and not have gnome10:48
ducasseif you have ubuntu-desktop you will get gnome10:48
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dev-isnt-a-devi got an encrypted drive, can i still upgrade with a complete reinstall, or is the only way to use apt-get dist-upgrade10:52
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tosarajaDo we have idrac service modules available for focal yet? Seems the repo http://linux.dell.com/repo/community/openmanage/950/ does not contain that11:53
tosarajaor would it work if i just installed an older one meant for bionic and put it in focal?11:58
killallhello, on ubuntu server i have removed systemd-resolved and keep having resolv.conf with How do i fix so i can have dns from dhcp.12:00
legreffierkillall: why are you removing it ? systemd is usually reliable on this.12:04
killalllegreffier, its a crap, as dns is slow, often does not resolve domains i have either in hosts or online. So i disable it.  Can you help me make this work as "normal"?12:05
killallmy resolv.conf point to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf  but still have a :/12:06
legreffier127.0.0.1 is litterally your machine. it won't get any faster. we're talking microseconds overhead.12:06
legreffierif your machine doesn't know about an host, or doesn't have it in cache, it forward to whatever your dhcp service indicated.12:07
legreffierthat's the default.12:07
killalllegreffier, can we avoid and proceed to fixing my dns to dhcp nameserver instead of
iptabledefine slow12:08
killalliptable, i have lots of  cases where users cannot resolv local domains due to systemd-resolved12:09
killallas soon as i remove systemd-resolved it works all as expected no problems for ages.12:09
legreffierkillall: 1. don't ever modify /etc/resolv.conf (the 1st lines of this file should tell you not to) 2. edit files in /etc/systemd/network/ in order to force systemd to not use its local cache 3. you're not gonna get anything significant performance-wise out of this work.12:11
legreffier4. you'll probably, actually, slow down your network performances as you'll request the dns servers more often.12:11
killalllegreffier,  i dont edit resolv.conf as it is overwritten. At the moment i have set a dns /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head here, and it works, but in the /etc/resolv.conf still see a dns and cannot find who putted there instead a dhcp nameserver.12:13
killallsince this machine is connecting to a lot of networks on the move having a dns fixed is not desirable12:14
legreffierit's the normal behavior12:14
legreffier127.0.0.1 IS the machine.12:14
legreffierit's not on internet... it's just "your box" network-wise.12:15
killalli know that :)12:15
killalli just need to have there the dns received from dhcp and that is not working :(12:16
legreffierdid you try editing /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ?12:17
killalllegreffier, no12:17
killalleither i dont see the setting or there i can only put some static nameserver setting.12:19
iptablekillall: how about working out why they cannot resolve and fix that instead of removing systemd-resolved?12:19
iptablelike, tried dig? find out where it fails, is systemd not getting the right DNS from dhcpd12:20
killalli have done in the past, the problems is in systemd-resolved dhcp responds ok, if at the moment i edit resolv.conf with router dhcp all is ok and works as expected, back to not working even with systemd-restart12:21
killallso i quit using it on all network. happens that this server i cannot find how to make it work with dns from dhcp12:21
legreffierfirst lines of resolv.conf should tell you where the change come from , is it related to systemd ? or networkmanager ?12:27
killalli dont have networkmanager, this is a server12:28
killallthey come from resolvedconf12:28
legreffierhave you considered reading resolvconf manual ? it's short and simple.12:32
killall:) thanks12:32
legreffiercause you're kinda holding a knife by its blade here :)12:34
BluesKajHi all12:39
andreas1107hi everyone, can anyone help with how I can configure Tracker to index all my files?12:48
andreas1107I've tried to use the GUI settings and clicked all the files I want to index12:48
andreas1107also tried using gconf-editor12:48
andreas1107no avail12:48
andreas1107is there a trick to it?12:48
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LenniePikecan anyone help me to install a printer?15:21
rando25892maybe what do you need15:28
LenniePikeI am trying to install an hp printer... laserjet pro m404dw15:29
rando25892ok first of all have you read through the arch wiki15:29
LenniePikethis is on Mint btw15:32
rando25892it shouldnt matter15:32
rando25892it same basic guideline and its best documentation15:32
LenniePikethey have a tool called hp-locatedriver but I am not sure how to use it15:33
rando25892you may not even have to15:33
rando25892if you look at the cups archwiki youll be able to scan and find something about hplip15:33
rando25892then just understand those two components and it may just work quickly15:34
rando25892but you want to interface with cups to see if it recognize the printer when plug etc15:34
LenniePikeyea... it shows up as a device15:35
LenniePikeit shows up in my file system15:35
rando25892yes but is cups running?15:35
LenniePikeit shows up in CUPS also15:35
rando25892cupsd and cups-browsed15:35
rando25892make sure you check cups in the interface like the archwiki says15:35
rando25892otherwise it may be relate to a hp specific binary driver but im pretty sure hplip is already set up15:36
LenniePikeI don't know if I should have used the custom install with hplip when I updated it15:37
LenniePikeI also keep getting the message hp-locatedriver Invalid Model Name Passed15:38
LenniePikeI have tried many variations of the model name15:38
LenniePikeor perhaps I need to find the device name... not sure how though15:39
rando25892look at this text box https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CUPS/Printer-specific_problems#HPLIP15:39
rando25892specifically the portion about ppd file15:39
rando25892and use the cups web interface and install through cups15:39
LenniePikehow do I find out which ppd file in /usr/share/ppd/HP/ matches my printer15:45
LenniePikeI installed the class driver15:45
rando25892well once you find the correct one you will know15:45
rando25892and hp release the ppd for your printer15:45
rando25892so one of them15:45
LenniePikeshould I keep trying different ones?15:46
rando25892its list here on mint https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/news/hplip when it was add15:47
rando25892i would find the specific ppd15:48
rando25892not just try randoms15:48
rando25892at least for the 40415:48
rando25892HP LaserJet Pro M404d15:48
LenniePikeoh ok15:48
rando25892otherwise look elsewhere like hplip and cups and why it isnt working it should just work15:51
ogurktrying to understand what are the effects of appending 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="fsck.repair=yes"' in /etc/grub/default15:51
rando25892fsck does a filesystem check15:52
rando25892im not sure what it does if it check the filesystem every boot or something15:52
rando25892do you need it every boot?15:53
LenniePikeI had upgraded to HPLIP 3.20.1115:53
rando25892sometime fsck can repair complications in drives but usually you dont have to have it repair but it doesnt really take long and if its on the fly like that..15:53
LenniePikeit says ppd browsing is a known issue15:53
rando25892thats with hp-setup15:54
rando25892if you have the correct ppd and use cups it usually a sure shot and a test page will print right away15:54
LenniePikeI don't see where it shows what the correct ppd is15:55
LenniePikeif I can find out what it is I can browse to it in CUPS15:55
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rando25892looks like you have to run hp-plugin16:00
ogurklooking at this article https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/05/how-to-force-fsck-filesystem.html16:01
rando25892but im not sure how you want to remain compliant on linux mint tbf. its just if you do go the route outside package management you are kinda on your own but i do think those are options to try16:01
rando25892what is wrong with the drive ?16:02
rando25892just use a boot up disk16:02
rando25892that never fails16:02
ogurklooks like it goes together with fsck.mode=force - just don't understand what setting fsck.repair=yes is adding16:03
rando25892yea its just check your fs you can not have it16:04
rando25892i think if you leave it on it doesnt hurt16:05
rando25892probs just take it off16:05
tinyhippoWhen I try and print via CUPS, I get the error:     Unsupported format "application/vnd.cups-pdf-banner". - anybody have a suggestion of what I could try to fix it?16:05
rando25892try another ppd file16:07
rando25892remove that current printer driver16:07
rando25892its all it takes16:07
rando25892or go the hp-plugin appplication that is bundle with hplip16:07
rando25892look at the tools in hplip and make sure your printer is fully partially support ...16:08
LenniePikeI have LJ classes 1-6... perhaps I can just try 6?16:08
rando25892you can always just remove the printer driver16:08
rando25892if it looks like it could be it try it16:08
tinyhipporando25892: I am not sure that a printer driver exists for this printer, for Linux16:08
tinyhippoit's a Zebra GK420d, a label printer16:08
rando25892if it works with cups it is support16:09
rando25892sometimes a third party site will have a list of ppd if its not on your filesystem16:09
rando25892like for ricoh printers its super easy16:09
geniiYou can alsoo just try seeting it as a generic IPP printer with Postscript capability, this works for many of them16:11
rando25892https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/printers/desktop/gk420d.html#downloadlistitem_9aa it has a third party download option16:11
tinyhippoI'll give it a go, thanks rando25892 and genii16:14
rando25892LenniePike: does hp-check do anything16:15
rando25892you can look at this here https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=30729516:15
tinyhippoit works now, rando25892 and genii  - thanks!16:17
rando25892youre welcome16:17
LenniePikeI don't know how to use hp-check16:23
LenniePikeI tried all the class drivers but none of them worked16:23
LenniePikeperhaps I need to reinstall hplip using discrete drivers16:25
razorbackI am trying to mount a hfsplus file system in a way that ignores permissions (e.g. the current system user can read and write all files). Which options can I use for mount command to accomplish that? I've already tried uid, gid, umask, mode, setuid, setgid and others but they're either not supported or don't work at all.16:27
rando25892LenniePike: you make sure the ppd is unpack?16:28
rando25892what file did you try first?16:28
LenniePikeI tried all the class drivers16:28
rando25892it ends in ppd or gz?16:28
razorbackI'm just trying to read the file system of an external hard drive without being constrained by permissions16:28
LenniePikeI tried it through the driver search in cups16:29
rando25892look in /usr/share/ppd/hp or /usr/share/ppd/HP16:29
oerheksi think you don't want write access.. else see the wiki https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus16:29
LenniePikeit has the class folders there16:30
rando25892really well just to be sure i would..16:30
rando25892g unzip it yourself and browse it from home16:30
rando25892you should be obsessing over HP/hp-laserjet_pro_m404-m405-ps.ppd.gz16:31
rando25892its fully support it works16:31
LenniePikeeach folder has one ppd file with the same name as the folder16:32
rando25892you only need the ppd file then go through the motion in cups to install16:32
rando25892its the driver and cups will do the rest basically16:33
rando25892though there may be perks with hp software you could find also16:33
rando25892if you didnt find the ppd file16:34
rando25892find a different hplip in your distro repo16:34
LenniePikenone of the folders have the name of the printer model16:34
rando25892yea remove hplip16:34
rando25892and get a diff one16:34
rando25892then recheck16:34
LenniePikewell I can try it with a different option16:35
LenniePikeinstead of installing the class drivers I can try the discrete drivers16:35
rando25892wasnt there a manually method to it16:35
LenniePikeI did it manually yes16:35
rando25892if you find hplip source package unpack it and take it out of there16:35
LenniePikeperhaps I should have chose automatic16:35
LenniePikebut I think the discrete drivers will work16:36
LenniePikeI believe it will uninstall the old hplip when I reinstall it16:36
oerheksplease, use the ubuntu pages, not that crappy mint, thanks >> https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/install/manual/distros/ubuntu16:37
LenniePikeI'll try it a little later...16:38
LenniePikeI'll come back and let you know if it worked if you are here... I'll have to do it a little later though16:39
LenniePikethanks very much for your help16:39
rando25892youre welcome16:39
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kotrungaHello all. I installed the most recent version of Ubuntu on my macbook pro (early 2015 retina edition). The keyboard and trackpad does not work- can anyone help me?16:49
kotrungaI'm surprised it does not work out of the box- that version of the macbook pro's was arguably the most popular.16:50
mefistofelesyeah, that's surprising16:50
mefistofeleskotrunga: how did you install it? It worked in the live system/installer?16:50
kotrungamefistofeles: it did not work in the live installer. I had to use an external keyboard and mouse to install.16:51
kotrungaI verified the iso after downloading it, and then put it on the flash drive. I've installed linux what feels like 1000 times on other stuff, but it doesn't work on the macbook pro16:52
ioriakotrunga, see if a custom image might help : https://vinodhsblog.co.za/ubuntu-20-04-lts-on-a-macbook-pro/16:55
kotrungaioria: thank you! checking it out now16:57
kotrungaI'm really curious why it's not supported out of the box though :(16:58
xokHello All...17:29
xokI am running Ubuntu 20.04, I want to be able to launch applications ( .desktop files ) from the nautilus...17:29
xokCan anyone help me with that?..17:29
oerheksxok, nope, https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/05/nautilus-will-no-longer-launch-binaries.html17:41
rr123for ubuntu console(ctrl-alt-f3), is it fbcon? i.e. a tty based off framebuffer?17:43
xokoerheks, https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/05/nautilus-ability-to-launch-binaries-or.html17:52
oerheksxok, again, no; and it is a bad thing to run nautilus as root or something.17:53
xokoerheks, who said I want to run it as root?..17:59
xokHow do I run desktop apps from the nautilus then?..18:00
xokAnd why is it a good idea to run them from the Desktop and a bad thing to run them from nautilus?..18:00
oerheksxok, security, answered in that 1st url i posted18:05
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SynfulAckAnyone know how I should install node.js? Apparently I need it to run ansible in vscode through a remote ssh session. Tried running this but it gave me a warning. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yzvjSsDF92/19:36
SquishySynfulAck, either install without snap or run it with the '--classic' like it says should do the trick19:40
SynfulAckSquishy, out of curiosity, how do you install it without snap? The vscode refered me to the node website to download the .tar.gz but i would of thought apt would have something as well but a sudo apt install node yields nothing.19:41
oerhekssnapcraft.io + nodejs19:42
oerheksand more reading https://snapcraft.io/docs/node-apps19:43
Squishythat is with snap, without you would need to install a PPA I think if using the 20.04 or later19:43
tomreynthere's also nodejs in ubuntu, but those packages will grow older than you probably want19:44
crorafI'm confused about ubuntu's apt package for "mongodb". When I download it it is version 3.6. And official mongo site says it is not their own recommendation, but they offer a different installation. What is going on?19:54
crorafWhy does Ubuntu not let them to publish deploy the latest version, why does Ubuntu not have the latest version in apt repo, and how to download different mongodb versions?19:55
tomreyn!latest | croraf19:55
ubottucroraf: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:55
tomreynalso read up on mongodb + licensing (but that's off-topic here)19:56
crorafOK, but can I download older version than 3.6?19:56
tomreynyou didn't even specify your ubuntu release19:57
crorafDoes apt offer managing versions?19:57
tomreyn!info mongodb focal19:57
sarnoldcroraf: you can configure new ppa sources with whatever versions you or someone else has packaged19:57
ubottumongodb (source: mongodb): object/document-oriented database (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6.9+really3.6.8+90~g8e540c0b6d-0ubuntu5 (focal), package size 9 kB, installed size 43 kB19:57
tomreyn...or use this version which is in ubuntu's *universe* repository.19:58
tomreynyou probably want a PPA, though.19:58
tomreynor a third-party repository rather19:59
crorafI didnt get your last reply, I only got  "or a third-party repository rather" tomreyn20:00
crorafthere was some disconnection in the IRC proxy20:00
tomreyncroraf: you probably want this https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu/ - which is not supported here.20:01
sarnold< tomreyn> ...or use this version which is in ubuntu's *universe* repository. < tomreyn> you probably want a PPA, though. < tomreyn> or a third-party repository rather20:01
crorafsarnold, thanks. Last I got from <tomreyn> you didn't even specify your ubuntu release, till my comment that I didnt get his reply20:02
croraftomreyn, I want official ubuntu apt version20:02
crorafI'm asking, can I get different versions form apt, or only the one that apt gives me?20:02
tomreyni'd talk to you, but there's no point if your irc bouncer is buggy. ;)20:02
crorafI just had a minor disconnection from "<tomreyn> you didn't even specify your ubuntu release" till "<croraf> I didnt get your last reply,"20:03
sarnoldcroraf: you can install whatever has been packaged20:04
sarnoldcroraf: that's a huge universe of things, though20:04
tomreyncroraf: from ubuntu's repositories, you can (only) get the community supported packages, and for Ubuntu 20.04, there's only this one version ubottu told you about.20:04
sarnoldcroraf: there's thousands of ppas, and you can of course set up your own repositories with aptly or apt-ftparchive etc20:04
crorafI dont want to add ppas. So I'm left only with 3.620:05
crorafWHere can I check the Ubuntu's avaialbe versions?20:05
crorafIs that the universe repository?20:05
sarnoldcroraf: apt-cache search mongo .. followed by apt-cache show <packagenames>20:06
crorafsarnold,  So for any other version the package has to be named differently?20:08
crorafI cannot select between two versions of "mongodb" package?20:08
sarnoldcroraf: that'd be best, yes20:08
sarnoldcroraf: i fyou want that, you may prefer a snap-packaged mongo20:08
crorafi heard snaps are bad20:08
crorafi had also some issues with them20:09
crorafso I use apt only20:09
legreffieryou can safely use the repository handled by mongodb, they're pretty serious about it. and mongodb recommends it...20:09
legreffierit should be your prefered if you need a newer mongodb version20:09
crorafAnd one last thing, tomreyn, you said that mongodb doesnt ship newer version on Ubuntu repo, because of the licensing issue?20:09
croraflegreffier, thanks, I see.20:09
legreffierif version is not a concern, just use ubuntu universe.20:09
crorafI was confused about all those commands on their site needed for donwload.20:10
legreffierno. not even licensing :) . only upgrade policy issue.20:10
croraflegreffier, what do you mean by that?20:11
legreffierboth approach (having newer package from mongodb company, or an older distribution-maintained package from ubuntu) are totally valid.20:13
legreffierboth have pros and cons.20:13
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coconutIs there any policy for when a package has only one instead of two packages in apt with "apt-cache madison"?20:34
sarnoldcoconut: well that's handy, thanks20:39
coconuti do not really have experience with it though :)20:40
oerheks apt-cache policy madison20:42
coconutoerheks, no not the package madison, but the madison tool inside apt-get.20:43
coconutsome packages have only on version, some two20:44
coconuti was asking myself for why that is\20:44
coconutwas hoping some might know here20:45
legreffiersome packages are present in many repos ?20:46
coconutlegreffier, no the same repo sometimes20:46
coconutoh i notised it was 64 and 32 bit now. Sorry for asking :)20:47
legreffierwhat you're calling "the repo" is actually a bunch of few repos20:47
legreffieryeah :)20:47
legreffiersometimes they're not even the same package ! :D20:48
legreffier32 vs 64 bit20:48
coconutthank you legreffier20:51
crorafOK, now I tried to install this mongodb-org and my apt got messed up. I have broken packages now21:06
crorafHow to fix that?21:06
crorafapt --fix-broken install does not work21:07
coconutcroraf, you can only get help here if your repo is default21:09
crorafwhat do you mean by default?21:10
coconutcroraf, with default i mean that the sources.list file(s21:11
coconutcroraf, with default i mean that the sources.list file(s) are not modified21:11
oerheksshare the output when you try? paste.ubuntu.com21:11
coconutcoreycb, oerheks is social to you now21:13
croraftermbin is broken with apt, is that standard?21:14
coconutpastebinit is an option too21:14
leftyfbcroraf: termbin is broken? How so?21:15
crorafI noticed that couple of days ago also.21:15
leftyfbcroraf: it's working fine for me21:15
crorafWhen I do for example "sudo apt remove mongodb-org | nc termbin.com 9999"21:15
leftyfbcroraf: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(sudo apt update )21:15
crorafit puts part of the content to termbin, and part into the cosole21:15
crorafleftyfb, why you posted that command?21:16
leftyfbcroraf: that command works fine for me. Try it21:16
crorafoerheks, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kgYQG6ndTv/21:17
crorafleftyfb, that command doesnt generate an error21:17
leftyfbcroraf: that's good. Did it give you a termbin.com url and did that url have everything needed from the output of the command?21:18
crorafleftyfb, and also the warning that apt interface is not stable is shown in the terminal, and the rest is on termbin21:18
crorafThe warning is not shown in the termbin21:18
croraffor your command. But in the terminal21:18
leftyfbcroraf: that's fine. That's because that's stderr which isn't being redirected in the command21:18
crorafOh :(21:18
crorafI need everything to be directed to termbin, otherwise how to debug21:19
sarnolddon't worry about "this isn't scriptable interface" thing, we've seen that a billion times21:19
leftyfbcroraf: ( sudo apt update ) 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999921:20
leftyfbcroraf: that will do what you are looking for then21:20
crorafoerheks, have you checked my pastebin, what should I do to unblock21:24
crorafHow come do I need to have a dependency installed to uninstall the package?21:24
sarnoldcroraf: you didn't give us the link21:27
crorafI did, above https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/kgYQG6ndTv/21:27
oerheksjust run an apt update && apt full-upgrade, and post your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-4.4.list21:29
oerheksa removal command did not show anything.21:29
sarnoldcroraf: ah, I thought you were generating a termbin link but forgot to share that..21:31
sarnoldcroraf: try next sudo apt purge mongodb-org mongodb-org-tools21:31
crorafoerheks, sudo apt update worked fine21:32
crorafall up to date. And full-upgrade https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jr7gQWwRWF/21:33
crorafsarnold, ok I think that unplugged it21:35
crorafIt is working now. THanks guys21:38
sarnoldcool cool21:38
starlinkgazerim using esxi with 2 ubuntu vm's i have a old ubuntu install still on mobo how to access it? vmware sent me here lol21:44
starlinkgazersomething about rdm21:45
sarnoldstarlinkgazer: you'll have to explain what you want a bit better, I think :)21:47
starlinkgazerso i have 2 HDD's on my motherboard21:48
starlinkgazer1 is for esxi21:48
starlinkgazerthe other is an old ubuntu server drive21:48
starlinkgazeri have 2 ubuntu vm's and i wanna access the data on the motherboard to back up up21:49
leftyfbstarlinkgazer: I would suggest booting to a live usb/cd to access the other ubuntu drive. Copy off the data as needed.21:49
starlinkgazeri dont need to do that i can just boot it21:50
starlinkgazerbut im trying to not have downtimew21:50
leftyfbstarlinkgazer: boot the physical machine to a live usb/cd. It'll be easier. Other than that, this is 100% an esxi issue to "attach" a physical storage device to a guest OS. Not related to ubuntu21:50
starlinkgazerok ty21:50
leftyfbstarlinkgazer: once your guest OS is attached and you can see it in your guest OS with something like "lsblk" and need help mounting it, come back and we'll help you with that21:51
RojolaI realized, that my computer is getting really slow sometimes.  So I ran the command "top" in order to find out more.22:13
Rojolaturned out,  "zammad" is using up most of my CPU power.22:13
Rojolathe problem:  I cannot remember, how I installed zammad.22:14
Rojolaapt purge zammad <== no installed via apt22:14
oerhekszammad is not in our repositories, see https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-setup-zammad-ticketing-system-on-ubuntu-1604/22:14
Rojolasnap remove zammad <== not installed via snap22:14
sarnoldRojola: you can find the path to the executable via /proc/pid/cmd22:14
Rojolathank you oerheks22:14
Rojolathank you sarnold22:15
sarnoldRojola: note the pid from top, then ls -l /proc/<whatever>/exe22:15
oerheksapt-cache policy zammad perhaps?22:15
sarnoldI'm sorry, it's not cmd, it's exe :(22:15
sarnoldstupid fingers22:15
Rojolajust say it was a typo ;)22:15
sarnoldoh no it's escalated way beyond that, the stupid fingers are out to get me22:19
Rojolasarnold, exe in a linux channel :)22:20
Rojolasarnold, by way: I solved it22:20
Rojolathank you oerheks22:20
Rojolathank you sarnold22:20
oerhekshave fun!22:20
Rojolaby the way: "zammad" is cool.22:20
sarnoldRojola: excellent :)22:20
Rojolait's a help desk software22:20
Rojolabut, installing it on a 10-year-old laptop was a bad idea22:21
BuddAccording to glxinfo, wayland+gnome gives me much better GL compatibility than X11+gnome, but Gnome is heavy lifting for my old laptop. Is there a lighter-weight WM for wayland on Ubuntu?22:21
sarnoldBudd: sway?22:21
BuddI'll look for it, though apt doesn't know about it on my (x86) install.22:22
Rojolacan I delete "redis-server" and "ruby" ?22:22
Rojolathey also use up a lot of CPU22:23
RojolaI don't program in "ruby"22:23
Rojolabut maybe I need it anyway?  Not sure22:23
BuddOh, I can't upgrade past 18.04.5, due to old (Atom) hardware. Looks like sway may not be available to me.22:24
sarnoldoh.. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sway22:24
sarnoldfirst introduced in focal22:24
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours22:25
oerheksxubuntu or mate are more lightweight desktops22:25
BuddRojola: Are you sure it's using CPU? If so, something is clearly using it.22:25
sarnoldBudd: sway was the only other wayland compositor thing I knew about22:25
RojolaBudd, then I keep it.22:25
Buddoerheks: thanks22:25
RojolaBudd, thank you22:25
sarnoldRojola: it might be better to figure out what they are being used for, and why22:25
sarnoldI don't like surprise software :)22:26
RojolaI installed a lot of stuff on my laptop without keeping track22:26
Rojolathat's my bad22:26
BuddI have long wished for a "Why did you just do that?" button on my computer.22:26
Rojolaby the way, you guys just talked out ubuntu flavours22:26
Rojolaconcerning a light-weight desktop:22:26
RojolaTDE (trinity desktop environment) is my go-to  desktop22:27
sarnoldBudd: I'd pay good money for a button like that!22:27
sarnoldRojola: oh wow that's cool :)22:27
Rojolasarnold, it must have been more than a decade ago, that Slavek and Tim (two developers) forked the old KDE 3 base when KDE 4 became the new version22:28
Rojolasarnold, and they kept developing it ever since, and even got new devs on board22:28
sarnoldRojola: tim was involved in designing and selling these things https://www.raptorcs.com/ -- I learned of TDE after hanging out in that community for a while, hehe :)22:29
Rojolain German, there is a saying:  "The world is a village"22:30
Rojolameans:  "we all somehow know each other / the same people"22:30
sarnoldIRC certainly is..22:30
Buddsarnold: Except my version of the button would include an expletive in the phrase.22:37
sarnoldBudd: oh yeah, also helpful :D22:37
codebam1can someone help me figure out why I can't resolve anything (dns)?22:54
codebam1I have nameservers set in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf but they aren't working22:55
oerhekscodebam1,  on what type of install? and what version?22:56
jeremy31codebam1: server?22:57
oerheksFor server use netplan, i guess.22:57
codebam1it's on an odroid xu4 running ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS22:58
codebam1what should /etc/resolv.conf be a symlink to22:58
jeremy31codebam1: /run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf22:59
codebam1symlinking it to /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf made it work but it's not using DNS over TLS like the /etc/systemd/resolvd.conf says22:59
codebam1okay let me fix that then22:59
oerheksdon;t use resolv like that, use netplan, or read about "sudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head" https://www.tecmint.com/set-permanent-dns-nameservers-in-ubuntu-debian/22:59
codebam1jeremy31: I set it to that and my nameserver is now23:01
codebam1but nothing resolves23:01
codebam1systemctl status systemd-resolved says it's running fine23:01
codebam1according to netstat it's listening on 5323:02
codebam1or wait it's listening on
codebam1which also isn't resolving anything when I test it with `dig @ example.com`23:03
sarnolddoes anything look amiss in resolvectl output?23:04
codebam1let me pastebin it, but it just says my nameservers are and DNS over TLS is enabled23:06
sarnolda lot of ISPs can't route to, are you sure that part works?23:07
codebam1or actually. it says it's according to the link section23:07
codebam1which is my router23:07
codebam1yeah my ISP works for
codebam1I've checked before23:07
codebam1dig @ whatever.com works23:08
sarnoldokay, cool;' how about your router?23:08
codebam1it's an edgerouterx that's plugged into the main router, but it worked fine on autoconfig for my desktop when I reinstalled my OS the other day23:09
codebam1it just lost network connection so I have to reboot it I think23:09
sarnoldheh, sorry, I meant, if resolvectl thinks some dns requests ought to be sent to it, does it handle dns requsts?23:10
sarnoldI never understood systemd-resolved's different dns servers per network link thing, that's completely bonkers to me, but somehow it thinks it knows what it's doing..23:11
codebam1now I can't ssh into it so I don't know what's wrong. I might just back it up and reinstall23:11
sarnoldlast time that happened to me, my idiot dhcp server gave the machine a different IP address on a standard dhcp renewal23:12
sarnoldtry an nmap -p 22 or whatever to see if you can spot it23:12
codebam1honestly I'm just reinstalling because I haven't booted it in months and I was having these problems back then too23:22
codebam1it started happening when I did the release upgrade23:22
codebam1I shoulda bought a rpi23:22
codebam1not really though, this thing is fast23:22

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