OvenWerksMauroGaspari[m]: Yea That would be true. It will change real soon now :)00:38
MauroGaspari[m]OvenWerks: ah I see, so do you mean I have to enable backports repo or install any dev branch to get new sofware with new looks in my Ubuntu Studio?00:40
OvenWerksThis what the JACK master settings looks like now for example00:40
MauroGaspari[m]Ohh that looks different00:40
OvenWerksThe extra devices deals with one device at atime00:40
OvenWerksThere is even a new tab00:43
MauroGaspari[m]I have a spare ssd I can install dev branch if that is what you guys are using. or any extra PPA. so we are all on same version00:45
OvenWerksYeah, Studio Controls is no longer A ubuntustudio thing and progresses at it's own pace. I do try to have a "release" out in time for beta or feature freeze, but I may start working on new things before a ubuntu release.00:49
OvenWerksSo the connection is still there but looser.00:50
MauroGaspari[m]sweet, Studio Controls is awesome! are you using it on fedora jam too?01:10
OvenWerksMauroGaspari[m]: if you wish to borrow screen shots that are new they are here: http://www.ovenwerks.net/software/controls/index.html and in the links here: http://www.ovenwerks.net/software/controls/manual.html19:59
OvenWerksMauroGaspari[m]: actually I think this will work: http://www.ovenwerks.net/software/controls/img/19:59

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