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VJHello Every one, Need a quick help with neplan configuration06:39
VJAnyone willing to look into my issue?06:40
kjetilhoVJ: always better to ask the real question08:19
VJkjetilho I want to discuss the issue to understand which I think will help me if i speak one on one and explain the issue08:23
kjetilhowell, getting someone to volunteer one-on-one support is a lot less likely than getting a response here.08:46
VJok I have an ubuntu server 18.04 with 2 interfaces08:55
VJI am unable to get the interal routing to be working08:55
VJhere is my yaml file08:55
VJnetwork:  ethernets:    ens160:      addresses: []      dhcp4: no      gateway4:      nameservers:        addresses: []      routes:      - to:        via:        table: 101      routing-policy:        - from:          table: 101    ens192:      addresses:08:56
VJ[]      dhcp4: no      routes:      - to:        via:        metric: 100        table: 102      - to:        via:        metric: 100        table: 103      routing-policy:        - from:          table: 102        - from:          table: 103  version: 208:56
VJwhat am i doing wrong?08:56
kjetilhodo you really need this policy-routing?09:04
VJwell i tried without policy-routing and that didnt help09:05
kjetilhoit's easier to read if you put the YAML in a gist on Github og snippet on Gitlab, or on a a pastebin like paste.debian.net09:05
kjetilhowhat do you want to achieve?09:06
VJI am not able to reach a server which is in 233.x.x.x09:07
VJif i put metric then i can reach 233.x.x.x but i lose internet connectivity09:07
kjetilhoyou should be able to add a route to to the nic of your choice without any policy routing09:09
kjetilhoyou only need policy routing if locking in the source address is important.09:10
kjetilhosorry, I have to go back to real work :)09:11
VJcould you plz look at it and let me know the changes09:11
VJi will try quickly and update09:11
VJI removed policy routing as well09:13
VJdidnt help09:13
VJanyone ?10:16
VJhelp me with routing issues in netplan ?10:16
slyonVJ is the static route you defined for ens160 your default gateway? Can you paste the output of "ip route"?10:21
VJthis is the route output10:22
VJand yes that the default gw10:23
VJthats the interface which is connected to internet10:23
VJthe other interface is for internal network10:23
VJi can reach internet with the current config but not to local network10:23
VJspecifically to 233.x.x.x netowrk even though i have put a route in place10:24
slyoncan you analyse via "traceroute SERVER_IP"? To see where the packets are flowing to?10:26
VJthis is the output of traceroute10:27
slyonhmm.. okay that's not helpful. Why did you define "gateway4:" and the additional static route to Both are your route to the internet right? Maybe try to get rid of the "gateway4" then, it might confuse the system10:30
VJi did that as well. thta didnt help10:31
VJnow i ahve removed the route for the default gateway10:31
VJeven now, i can reach internet but not to 233.x.x.x10:31
slyonyou removed the static route, or the "gateway4" setting? I'd recommend to remove the "gateway4" setting and only define routes manually, as the gateway setting does some magic in networkd, which might not play nicely with other routes10:32
kjetilho233.x.x.x is a magic subnet - I would not use it - it is part of the space allocated to multicast10:33
VJyes 233 is the server which is used for some video streaming10:43
VJi see in some of the forms where netplan doesn't support multicast routing10:43
VJis this true ?10:43
VJif yes then i wasted my 3days :)10:43
kjetilhomulticast routing is very different from normal routing10:45
kjetilhoi haven't done it since 1996 or thereabouts, so I have no idea how it is best done these days10:46
slyonI'm not sure about multicast routing either.. this ticket suggests that you need to define the device/on-link instead of a gateway for multicast routes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/netplan/+bug/183347510:49
VJya i saw this and tried as well10:51
VJdidnt help10:51
VJi added on-link: true10:51
VJno luck10:51
VJanyone else who has information about multicast routing in netplan ?11:05
VJany one ? know can help with multicast routing in netplan?11:27

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