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mupPR snapcraft#3399 opened: cli: do not require snapd deb for assertions <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/3399>16:57
mupPR snapd#9804 opened: interfaces/opengl: allow RPi MMAL video decoding <Created by ogra1> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9804>18:21
* ogra would appreciate a soon review on that one ^^^ (though i guess everyone is in holiday mode already ... but it would be nice to have accelerated video playback on the Pi's under christmas trees (i have a matching vlc-pi package too 😉 ))18:36
zyga-mbpogra looking19:54
zyga-mbpogra +19:54
ogralovely !19:54
* ogra hugs zyga-mbp 19:54
zyga-mbpI just put 20.04 on a new work laptop19:54
zyga-mbpwiped windows clean19:55
zyga-mbpfeels good to work native again19:55
zyga-mbpperfect for all those yocto builds :)19:55
ograi havent touched non-ubuntu machines in years ...19:55
zyga-mbpI have enough machines for a while now19:55
zyga-mbpwith a work windows and work linux machines19:55
zyga-mbpa personal macbook19:55
zyga-mbpand dual-boot uber desktop19:55
ogratoo many OSes 🙂19:56
zyga-mbpogra very yocto of me, no?19:56
ograhaha, yeah19:56
zyga-mbpbut I actually like that, I was always triple-os person I think19:56
zyga-mbplove to look at those little details in the low level APIs across them19:57
ograi'm still dreaming of a set of scripts that turn a yocto tree inot gadget and kernel snaps19:57
ograprobably my next spare time project once i have that vlc-pi thing fully going19:58
zyga-mbpI wonder about non-snap update methods19:59
zyga-mbpwhat's out there19:59
ograthough i actually like to weed through the yocto reciepes and deduct the correct snap bits from them19:59
ograbut its awful19:59
zyga-mbpwhat is it like?19:59
zyga-mbpdo you know mborzecki used to work on it?19:59
ograyou need to patch a lot19:59
ograhah, no19:59
ograthey have their own u-boot overlay tree you need to pull in ... then adjust your tree to use their veariables everywhere ...20:00
zyga-mbpis the upgrade driven from uboot or linux?20:00
ogra... make your OS layout in a way the mender stuff can handle it ... and then you have something similar to our auto-rollback20:01
zyga-mbpmy open harmony work is more complex/messy as updates involve both linux and non-linux kernels20:01
zyga-mbpincluding "big" kernels and "little" micros20:01
ograits similar to our u-boot stuff, but implemented on a way lower level20:01
ogra(and a lot more complex compared to managing a gadget )20:01
ograand you need a matching partition layout20:02
zyga-mbpis it an image-based A/B model?20:02
zyga-mbpI honestly like the way snaps do it20:02
zyga-mbpit's such a nice blend of A/B images and packages20:03
ogranot sure about image based ... but yeah, there are "system-a" and "system-b" partitions and such20:03
zyga-mbpit's a finite space for exploration of possible ideas20:07
mupPR snapcraft#3392 closed: plugins v2: add support for out of source tree builds <Created by jhenstridge> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/3392>20:07

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