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callmepkgood morning01:30
dufluMorning callmepk 03:34
dufluI forgot to look at this channel :)03:34
jibelGood morning 05:52
dufluMorning jibel 06:10
jibelhi duflu 07:08
dufluMorning luna_ 07:30
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marcustomlinsonmorning callmepk duflu jibel and luna_08:03
dufluMorning marcustomlinson 08:05
Laneyhey hey HEY09:02
dufluHi Laney09:21
dufluAnd almost bye Laney, for the year09:21
Laneyhey duflu09:25
LaneyIt's the last day, that means we get to watch movies and bring our favourite toys in09:25
marcustomlinsonhey Laney09:30
Laneyyo marcustomlinson 09:31
jibelhi marcustomlinson Laney 09:40
callmepkhi jibel marcustomlinson Laney luna_09:56
jibelhi callmepk 09:58
Laneygood morning/evening jibel and callmepk10:00
Laneyfor the last time in 202010:00
callmepkstill got next monday and tuesday before the break10:01
Laneymight be very quiet for you :p10:02
callmepkWell, it's already becoming quiet :P10:05
marcustomlinsoncallmepk oh that weird I thought we’d all get the same leave schedule10:09
callmepkmarcustomlinson, Well, Used some PTO for my final exam period so10:10
marcustomlinsonI see. how the studies going by the way?10:11
callmepkTerm 1 is over and waiting the Term 2 to begin now next year...10:13
marcustomlinsoncools 👍10:14
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KGB-1glib upstream/2.66.x 0cbe9ef Sebastian Dröge glib/gnulib/gl_cv_func_frexpl_works/meson.build * Merge branch 'backport-1771-macos-frexpl-glib-2-66' into 'glib-2-66' * https://deb.li/m5NE17:03
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luna_my neigbour has gotten COVID, so getting a forced test next week, and need to sit inside rest of the year20:48

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