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juliankPhased updates for APT are coming soon. I'm looking at the behavior of chroot-like scenarios where you do things like apt -o Dir=$mychroot update09:11
juliankNotably, the behavior of which packages will be installed depends on /etc/machine-id (which is used to seed a random number generator to pick a random number which is then compared to the package's phased update percentage)09:12
juliankThe question arose that if $mychroot/etc/machine-id does not exist, how apt should behave09:13
juliank1. Should it try to read /etc/machine-id from the host?09:13
juliank2. Should it directly fall back to a fixed UUID?09:13
juliankClearly 1 means that these environments are no longer self-contained, their behavior/set of available updates changes if you copy them around09:14
cjwatsonAnother option would be to disable phasing if there's no machine-id09:16
juliankcjwatson: That would work as well, yes09:16
cjwatsonI kind of think phasing is less important for environments like chroots anyway09:17
juliankI think this is reasonable, yes09:18
juliankcjwatson: Do the buildd chroots have a machine-id? How will they behave if phasing gets enabled (and should they make use of phasing?)09:23
juliankOnly relevant once hirsute becomes stable, but it just crossed my mind09:23
juliankOh I should also disable phasing if SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set for reproducible image builds or whatever09:32
Laneyjuliank: what does it do, if you install a package that you don't have installed already, you might not get the -updates version? or is it only for upgrading?09:53
juliankLaney: That's a good point, i think it would install the release/security version09:54
juliankLaney: It really just pins down updates to 109:54
juliankLaney: But you're right, I can make it make it phase stuff for upgrades, not new installs09:55
juliankThis also makes things faster!09:55
LaneyYeah, I think that's what I would expect, also a UI hint that some updates are not being applied due to phasing09:57
LaneyAlso, it is fairly easy to end up with systemd installed which generates a maachine ID in its postinst09:57
LaneyI guess build environments would want to explicitly turn this off to prevent any accidents09:57
juliankLaney: I don't think I have a way to expose a UI hint at the moment, but I can maybe try09:57
juliankThe way it's hacked into apt is in policy by pinning down the version that is being phased10:00
juliankI can make it calculate a different candidate version without phasing though, and then compare them10:01
Laneyor you can call systemd-detect-virt and turn it off automatically :D10:03
julianki do want my system containers to benefit from phasing10:08
juliankor wsl for that matter10:09
juliankor you know vms10:09
Laneydo they detect as --chroot?10:09
juliankNah, but more generically10:09
juliankI did not know about --chroot10:10
juliankBut then I'd reimplement systemd-detect-virt --chroot rather than dealing with exec-ing it10:11
juliankit's just stat(/proc/1/root) == stat(/)10:12
juliankwell the devs and inos10:12
cjwatsonjuliank: buildd chroots must not make use of phasing.  I don't remember what they have (and am EOY) - you can fetch them from LP and have a look11:57
ItzSwirlztdaitx: Use this link http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/13:03
The_LoudSpeakerI had asked here the other day about SRU-ing micro to 2.0.6-2 in focal. We need golang-github-zyedidia-tcell-dev v 1.4.8 in focal for that. But we have 1.4.4 in focal. I tried building the .8 in focal and it built fine without any errors. has no major changes between .4 and .8 (version number bumps and debhelper-compat bump as seen from dch) also has zero rdeps apart from micro. So is it good to SRU golang-github-zyedidia-tcell21:53
The_LoudSpeakerfirst to 1.4.8 and then micro? Anything else I should be careful about?21:53
The_LoudSpeakerAlso, side quest: is debhelper-compat 13 going to be in focal anytime soon? It's in 12 as of now afaik. that's only dependency change for golang-github-zyedidia-tcell from 1.4.4 to 1.4.821:55

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