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harlinAnyone know of an open source equivalent or alternative for MS Project?01:07
harlinI see ProjectLibre but I don't know of a soul who's ever used it.01:07
sarnoldhttp://live.gnome.org/Planner perhaps? it's packaged as 'planner'01:08
sarnoldbut likewise I don't know anyone who's used it01:08
sarnold'apt-cache search gantt' will show a bunch of things that are likely candidates01:08
harlingotcha ... thanks sarnold01:09
spacefrogis there a reason why my screen tears (mostly in browsing) when i have 2 external monitors connected to my laptop?01:46
spacefrogi'mi using intel gfx no amd or nvidia hybrid stuff01:46
spacefrogi noticed the issue happening on both LTS and latest release01:47
rjwiiispacefrog: what is screen "tear"?02:00
spacefrogrjwiii: please look up the verb tear in Google search02:02
jadaxI need to turn ubuntu 18 machine to router. It will get "WAN" from wifi and the client will be on wired ethernet. Any guides/tutorials how to do it?02:02
spacefrogJadax just use ipFire or pfsense02:05
jadaxthis is temporary setup, spacefrog02:06
jadaxI don't want to wipe out that machine02:06
sarnoldjadax: there's some notes on https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/security-firewall that might be helpful02:06
jadaxI wish there was some one-liner or some package to make it easy and smooth on/off type of functionality02:21
jadaxI'll try to follow instructions from your link, sarnold02:21
sarnoldjadax: heh, the "easy and smooth" thing is probably something more like pfsense :)02:22
sarnoldjadax: maybe swap hard drives?02:22
jadaxI don't want to make it too big of a project, it's temporary only02:22
jadax I guess I'll learn something trying to set it up too02:22
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Guest20i am trying to enable a service through chkconfig so that it can sustain restarts03:16
Guest20i use ubuntu xenial 16.0403:17
harlinGuest20, I think chkconfig is for RHEL/CentOS systems03:36
harlinGuest20, what you're probably looking for is systemctl (btw, it works on both Debian and RH-based systems)03:36
Guest20systemctl enable teleport?03:36
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Blade-Runnerdum, de dum dum, its thursday before the weeeekend :) woooo05:20
matsamangood ole Thor's day05:21
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mr_louAfter booting Ubuntu, I see my icons on the left side; harddisk icons and applications. Then another harddisk icon always pops up - and disappears again. It looks suspecious. But is there any explanation?05:29
matsamanmr_lou: Canonical05:43
mozzarellaguys help06:19
mozzarellamy printer only works 25% of the time06:23
matsamanmozzarella: throw it away06:29
mozzarellamatsaman: ubuntu is the one that should be  t hrown away06:29
loxieby the time you get working your ink will be dried out lols and the firmware will tell you its end of life rolf06:31
loxieused my home print once every 8months dam they die quick these days06:32
Nokajiyou want to print at least something, weekly06:33
loxieright will keep that in mind for the next one06:33
matsamanmozzarella: nonsense06:34
matsamanconsumer printers are utter trash06:34
matsamanand that includes printers up to thousands of dollars in cost06:34
loxiedo the printers for business suffer the same firmware problems causing an early death?06:39
matsamanloxie: up to thousands of dollars, yes06:42
arahaelIs there a version of Ubuntu I can download to run in Parallels on my new laptop? (I've got an M1)06:45
matsamanarahael: probably doesn't matter which version of Ubuntu you use, since it'll be virtualized anyway06:52
arahaelmatsaman: It does matter, as it's only virtualisation, not emulation, so I need the correct build and can't use an intel version.06:53
matsamanthere are ARM builds of Ubuntu06:54
arahaelJust found that the "server" variants support ARM, I was looking at teh desktop versions.06:54
matsamanthat would be the general arch06:54
matsamanDebian probably has more ARM dist builds06:55
arahaelYeah, neither arm64 nor armhf work.06:55
arahaelDebian is my first pick, generally.06:55
matsamanwell working is going to be Parallels' end06:55
arahaelIndeed, I've already sent them a feedback report about that.06:55
matsamanmaybe it has to be 64-bit arm strictly06:57
arahaelOk, Ubuntu's ARM image doesn't work either. :(06:58
matsamanarahael: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/ubuntu-linux-virtualized-on-m1-success.2270365/06:59
matsamanthis is only from November, so06:59
matsamanmight be a little while before things are straightforward06:59
matsamannot Parallels, though07:00
matsamanI've read QEMU is already working, too07:00
arahaelYeah.  I wonder if this thing has only been tested so far with Windwos.07:00
matsamaneven though it can be pretty intolerable, technically there is nothing much missing on macOS from GNU/Linux07:01
matsamanyou're just stuck with one of the crappy package managers available is all07:01
arahaelNot that crappy, I mean, there's macports, homewbrew, etal.07:04
matsamanI mean there are those two, and nix if you want to consider it one, yes07:05
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matsamanall of which suck =)07:05
arahaelHeh, there is that.07:10
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ahylightIs there cleaner than this to convert a list of strings to lowercase:08:47
ahylight  L = list(map(str.lower, L))08:47
ahylighti always wonder about list(map(  , isn't there better?08:48
zetherooone of my laptops with 20.04 has been freezing up randomly - completely unresponsive - image is still on the screen but no response to mouse/keyboard etc ... I am going to hard reset it, but I would like to know what steps I can take to find out what's causing the system crashing like this09:31
xtronholla, I'm using latest ubuntu 20 LTS on my dell precision 7510, when it is connected to the internet through wifi I can't re-connect after I suspend the system unless I turn off the wifi and turn it on again.09:45
xtronI'm not sure if it is specific to my machine or a known issue for this series09:47
lotuspsychjextron: wich kernel are you on?10:09
xtron5.4.0-56-generic #62-Ubuntu SMP10:09
lotuspsychjextron: can you try update system to -58 see if your issue persist first?10:10
xtronis there any expected fix for this issue in -58 version?10:10
xtronI found a work around, which restarts the network manager everytime system come back form suspend: https://letsfoss.com/fix-wifi-not-working-after-suspend-in-ubuntu/10:12
lotuspsychjextron: to debug ubuntu issues, we reccomend to update system to latest first, so we can rule out its not a previous kernel issue10:12
xtron-56 is the latest kernel I can upgrade to, using apt command10:17
lotuspsychje!uptodate | xtron10:18
ubottuxtron: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.10:18
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic focal10:18
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 18 kB10:18
xtronlinux-image-generic is already at -5810:26
raz0rhey, total newbie here... i have got vino running on ubuntu 20.4 so i can view the desktop from my windows pc, but the connection is not encrypted. How can I do that? Ive tried some guides online but none work for me10:27
HashDoes anyone else find the non LTS versions to be somewhat buggy and crashy?10:29
lesshasteis there a graphical way to monitor disk activity?10:59
tarzeaulesshaste: yes, wmhdplop can do so11:21
lesshasteoh thanks! I had never heard of that11:22
tarzeauit works best with windowmaker as window manager11:22
lotuspsychjelesshaste: stacer has also some GUI things history and total usage etc11:22
lesshaste"Yet another stupid dockapp which may improve your productivity. Or not." :)11:22
tarzeaubestest description!11:22
lesshastelotuspsychje, thanks. I am mostly trying to work out why my PC freezes11:23
tarzeaulesshaste: tried inspecting dmesg -T outputs and memtester yet?11:23
lotuspsychjelesshaste: wich kernel are you on?11:23
tarzeaulesshaste: it's not overheating if you look inside, or run "sensors"?11:23
lotuspsychjeupdate to latest lesshaste11:23
lesshastelotuspsychje, that is the latest for 20.04 I think11:24
lesshastetarzeau, this is dmesg -T https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gbqxQtCwXY/11:25
lesshastedo you see anything relating to freezing?11:25
tarzeaulesshaste: when it crashed :) and |grep -v audit11:25
tarzeaulesshaste: no, you'd have to look through older dmesg outpot, /var/log/syslog11:25
tarzeaulesshaste: last output might give times to check for11:26
lesshasteok thanks.. I am a bit sad as I got rid of my old pc assuming it was a hardware failure and bought a new one11:26
lesshastelotuspsychje, sudo apt upgrade doesn't offer me -5811:27
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic focal11:27
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 18 kB11:27
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BluesKajHi folks12:07
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vivekpmoshi moshi13:29
vivekpSerialSmile: hello13:29
BluesKajhi vivekp13:31
vivekpBluesKaj: ok13:32
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dexter hi, so i have a file witha lot of lines, and i want to remove all characters after a certain pattern, how can i do this? (using either vim or bash, awk or  │ ajb13:59
dexter           │                       | any of the other common tools)13:59
dexter2 i have a file pattern that follows; recup_dir.<A NUMBER>/<FILENAME> and after that theres a semicolumn and other random stuff14:00
dexteri want to remove those semicolumns   and all characters on the line after that14:00
dexterany tips on how to achieve this?14:00
osseRun  vim file   Inside Vim run  :%s/;.*//   followed by :wq14:13
ossealternative:  sed 's/;.*//' file > tmp && mv tmp file14:14
foureight84i updated my netplan yaml to use dhcp dns and i was able to verify through systemd-resolve --status that network dns is updated but i can't to ping. other clients on dhcp has connectivity and can ping without an issue14:30
foureight84disregard the last paste. this is one is correct to current settings https://pastebin.com/Q20Mmnry14:37
leftyfbfoureight84: what version of ubuntu? Desktop or server?14:46
foureight8420.04.1 server14:46
leftyfbfoureight84: can you ping other clients?14:47
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foureight84i can ping other clients14:47
leftyfbfoureight84: can you ping the gateway?14:47
foureight84but only by ip and not hostname. doesn't seem that name server is resolving14:48
foureight84yes i can ping gateway14:48
leftyfbfoureight84: is the ip of the gateway the nameserver being given out via DHCP?14:49
foureight84it is not. gateway dhcp server advertises pihole dns14:49
foureight84and on the pihole i have conditional forwarding setup for dns matching local domain14:49
leftyfbfoureight84: can you ping the ip of the pihole?14:49
foureight84which goes back to gateway which has it's own static dns14:50
foureight84yes. i can ping pihole14:50
leftyfbfoureight84: run:  host google.com <ip of pihole>14:50
foureight84ohh wait! i can't ping piehole14:50
leftyfbok, then that is problem #114:50
foureight84pihole is
foureight84which is what the gateway is advertising14:51
foureight84hmm okay let me add more details then. so pihole is currently running on a docker instance of this ubuntu server. pihole is also on macvlan14:52
foureight84and i'm trying to have this ubuntu host use router dhcp dns which is pihole14:53
foureight84so when i ping (pihole) it resolves to (ubuntu) which then doesn't respond14:54
foureight84wait nvm scratch that last comment. that's not correct14:54
foureight84192.168.1.4 (pihole) does not reply to ping from (ubuntu)14:55
foureight84i will look into macvlan then. seems like that's the issue and not netplan at all14:56
leftyfbfoureight84: looks like you now know where to start troubleshooting. Let us known when you get to a point where you need help14:56
foureight84i probably have a bad setup or missing something14:56
repulseHi, question about disk migration: I'd like to migrate Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from HDD to a SSD of the same size. What's the best way to do so? I'm using LUKS disk encryption of the rootfs (without LVM). More specifically, do I have to manually enable any options to enable the TRIM operations? Does the dm-crypt crypttab need a "discard" option or is the systemd-controlled fstrim job enough?14:56
foureight84thanks leftyfb14:56
leftyfbrepulse: try dd or clonezilla14:56
repulseleftyfb: but dd will write the whole partition including the encrypted free space. How do I then signal that this free space needs to be trimmed?14:57
leftyfbrepulse: SSD trim is an aspect of the SSD hardware, not the filesystem14:58
repulsethe file system has to signal to the SSD firmware which sectors are free. This happens only to sectors whose files have been deleted, not the entire free space range.14:58
foureight84ahh okay i see.. "In Macvlan you are not able to ping or communicate with the default namespace IP address"14:59
repulseso, if I use dd to write to SSD, the disk will consider the written blocks in use, even if they contain unencrypted free space, yes?14:59
TJ-repulse: crypttab has a "discard" option14:59
repulseTJ-: does it enable continuous trim?15:00
repulseafaik I don't want that one15:00
TJ-repulse: see "man crypttab" for a discussion on pros and cons15:00
repulsehow is the crypttab discard option different from the fstab one?15:04
repulseI'm confused about this one15:04
lsd|2can someone package maintainer of #chromium update to latest ? since live chat on youtube is disabled and also recaptha15:08
lsd|2Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS \n \l15:09
lsd|2even showup.tv complaining about recaptha15:12
ice9sometimes during disk IO operations like when upgrading packages, the whole system freezes for many seconds; this is something new that didn't happen before; what could be the issue?15:31
tomreynice9: physical media errors, bus bandwidth, cpu cycle or memory depletion15:34
tomreyninterrupts, too15:35
tomreynstart by looking at your logs, journalctl -b15:35
ice9tomreyn, no IO errors15:36
tomreynno media sense errors either?15:36
ice9tomreyn, no15:36
tomreynwhat else?15:36
ice9tomreyn, just normal journal log but nothing related to IO15:36
tomreynwhich hardware is this, which firmware, which kernel, wich ubuntu release?15:37
ice9tomreyn, it's ubuntu 20.04 with the latest repo updates on acer laptop; what firmware do you mean?15:39
tomreynimean the output of    journalctl -b | grep DMI15:39
tomreynimean the output of    journalctl -b | grep DMI:15:39
tomreyn^ this rather15:39
ice9tomreyn, https://bpa.st/EXGQ15:40
tomreynbut you're saying this started happening somewhat recently, so it's probably not due to a firmware change, unless this happened automatically15:41
ice9the firmware hasn't been updated since years15:41
tomreynso,yes, 2017 bios, this wont be related15:41
tomreyndid you run smartctl -a against the storages, yet?15:41
tomreyninspect the relevant properties to ensure it's not because of the disks dying.15:42
ubottusmart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools15:42
ice9tomreyn, https://bpa.st/QU4Q15:43
tomreynthis disk seems to be fine. do you have others?15:44
ice9tomreyn, I got a NVME disk15:45
tomreynso run it against that as well15:46
tomreynhow mch ram is installed, how much in use?15:46
ice9tomreyn, 8GB RAM, 4GB available; https://bpa.st/NFWQ15:47
tomreynhow full are those file systems which are mounted by ubuntu?15:47
ice9about 65% used  in both disks15:48
tomreynfile systems, not disks15:49
tomreyndf -h && df -hi15:49
ice9tomreyn, https://bpa.st/WD5A15:51
tomreynice9: which kernel version?15:51
tomreyncat /proc/version /proc/cmdline15:53
ice9tomreyn, kernel 5.415:55
tomreynice9: and what's the output of this? L=$(echo SSB3aWxsIG5vdCBmYWxzZWx5IGNsYWltIHRvIHJ1biBVYnVudHUgYWdhaW4gd2hlbiBJIGFtIHJlYWxseSBydW5uaW5nIEFyY2guCg== | base64 -d); while true; do echo $L; done15:58
ice9tomreyn, is that a shellcode :D ?? what does it should do?15:59
flying_sausagesHey guys, I'm running UoARM and I'm getting segfaults when running curl or wget. Would anyone know how I can investigate this?16:00
flying_sausagesspecifically when trying to access https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-keys/PlexSign.key16:00
coconutWhen i change config of grub inside /etc/default/grub ## to a removed "quite splash". Do i then have to update grub with update-grub or update-grub2?16:03
flying_sausagesWhere would be a good place to report this?16:03
tomreynflying_sausages: if those are ubuntu packages, for the very release you're on, and your system doesn't have hardware problems causing those, and the system is fully up to date, then you can use the standard utility for this purpose.16:14
mxnsis there a way to have remote desktop where you don't have to be logged in first?16:15
tomreyn!bug | flying_sausages16:15
ubottuflying_sausages: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:15
C0nundrumHey guys, trying to figure out why i get "bash: -c: option requires an argument" when formatting commands like https://gist.github.com/dragonpiper/92a6bdf940b817184b7fff88775384f416:15
flying_sausagestomreyn: sorry what is the standard utility? I'm on CLI16:15
tomreynflying_sausages: see what ubottu told you16:16
flying_sausages`ubuntu-bug` I'm assuming16:17
flying_sausageshow am I supposed to get apport to make the crash file on the CLI?16:18
flying_sausagesI'm running headless...16:18
flying_sausagesI'll just file this on launchapd i guess thanks16:20
tomreynflying_sausages: normally, i'd expect apport to create the .crash file automatically. i don't know whether this is maybe disabled on arm to decrease reports on this platform / decrease computation.16:24
tomreynflying_sausages: if you'll file it manually, you can (and should) run    apport-collect BUGID    later (replacing BUGID by the ID of the bug you filed)16:27
tomreynmxns: if, by "remote desktop", you are referring to microsofts' RDP protocol, then i think there is x11rdp for this prupose. otherwise, you'd probably use x11vnc16:29
tomreynC0nundrum: add two dashes, separated by spaces, before "bash"16:30
tomreynice9: i don't know how often we need to tell you that you're not entitled to support on this channel if you're not running ubuntu. apparently you have no sense of where abuse starts.16:33
cousteauFirefox is immortal!16:39
cousteauI can't kill firefox16:39
cousteaunot even killall -KILL firefox16:39
compdocis it running in another workspace?16:40
tribaaldon't fight it, I mean: are you *sure* you want to mess with an undead carnivore known for hunting its prey silently?16:40
tribaal(sorry, I couldn't resist making the joke)16:40
cousteauall windows were effectively closed when I ran xkill and clicked one of the windows, but the process is still active and using 100% of one CPU16:40
cousteautribaal, I mean, not like "Firefox is immortal!" wasn't asking for a funny reply :)16:41
tribaalcousteau: I *totally* agree :)16:42
cousteaumaybe I need to kill "Web Content" before?16:42
tribaalmaybe try to kill -9 the parent process?16:42
cousteauno but seriously, why is `killall -KILL firefox` and `kill -9 1777` not working?16:43
tribaalthat usually terminates with extreme prejudice16:43
tribaalthat is surprising indeed16:43
cousteauhm, what is the parent process?  I would have expected it was this `firefox` guy16:43
tribaalyeah yeah that's what I meant16:43
tribaalso if that's not working... I don't know16:43
cousteauwhat was this program that displayed all processes as a tree?16:44
tribaal"ps faux" is my goto16:44
cousteau...can someone google "how to kill firefox" for me?  My browser is kinda not cooperating :)16:44
cousteauoh wait, I have Chrome as well16:44
ice9tomreyn, i'm having this issue on Ubuntu system, what makes you think it's another disro?16:45
tomreynit's probably some WebContent process thats hogging your CPU16:45
tomreyncousteau: ^16:45
cousteautribaal, ok I did that.  It says that [firefox] descends directly from xfce4-panel :(16:46
cousteaulike, do I kill the panel, or what?16:46
tomreynice9: at least some of the output you posted was from a different linux distro. and thi sisn't the first time.16:46
tribaalhonestly at this point I'd just reboot :)16:47
tribaalit's not going to help diagnose why - for sure.16:47
tomreynice9: we can discuss this more in #ubuntu-offtopic, if you like16:47
cousteaudamn, I suspect it's this Firefox the one that is causing all my late troubles16:47
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cousteauI'm often getting kernel oopses due to one "Web Content" process16:48
cousteau(and a graphics driver from a company that doesn't know how to write drivers)16:48
cousteaubtw, which Nvidia driver do you recommend me?  I have nvidia-driver-390, but I see more drivers available in software-proprietary-drivers16:49
cousteauer, software-properties-drivers16:50
tomreynthis depends on your ubuntu release and graphics card model.16:50
cousteauok, where should I look this up for myself?  Honestly I don't know why I have this specific driver version installed16:53
tomreynlsb_release -ds; cat /proc/{version,cmdline}; lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA16:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:56
cousteautomreyn, let me reboot this real quick16:57
cousteauSo I couldn't reboot my computer normally (pressing the power button and clicking "Reboot"), and then the PC wouldn't even let me go there (saying something about the power manager being busy or something)17:02
cousteauso I Ctrl-Alt-F1'd to try to `sudo reboot now`17:02
cousteauaaand frozen17:02
cousteaubut at least I could Alt-SysRq-RSEISUB (sometimes not even that works, no idea why)17:03
cousteauafter rebooting and opening Firefox, I seem to have lost some/several cookies (my Gmail logins had disappeared, for instance)17:03
cousteaunot a great loss, but well, something clearly happened17:04
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cousteau...yep, I seem to have been logged out of EVERY site I had open :|  Weird.17:05
cousteauBut it did preserve all my open tabs, settings, etc17:08
cousteautomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6R27z5pPQb/17:11
cousteau(btw, I would have sworn I'm using the Nvidia drivers, not the Intel ones; not sure why it says Intel)17:11
tomreynno other graphics card seems to have been detected17:12
tomreynyou should install all the pending updates17:12
cousteauin fact I think this is one of those hybrid graphics cards, so probably Intel is muxing both cards17:12
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.17:12
tomreyntry the last commend there: (sudo) apt full-upgrade17:13
cousteauthis is quite up-to-date, as far as I know17:13
tomreynUbuntu 18.04.4 LTS should say Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS by now17:13
oerheksuse full-upgrade17:14
tomreynand the kernel would be at -12817:14
cousteauare you implying that the 302 MB of pending upgrades are a sign that I don't keep my system up to date as much as I claim to?17:14
cousteau(in other words: oopsie)17:14
cousteauin my defense, the program to remind me that I have pending updates has been failing lately17:15
cousteau(but all this "whole system freeze" issue has been there for a long time)17:16
cousteaure: my graphics card, nvidia-settings suggests that the Nvidia graphics card IS working17:17
tomreynthen my grep must have been bad17:18
tomreynlspci -knn | nc termbin.com 999917:18
oerheksnormally unattended updates works fine..17:18
cousteauhttps://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/16407/how-to-check-which-gpu-is-active-in-linux  says to use `glxinfo|egrep "OpenGL vendor|OpenGL renderer"`, which says I'm using the NVIDIA one17:19
cousteautomreyn, https://termbin.com/yym6l -- look under "3D controller" (cf. "VGA compatible controller")17:22
cousteauthis is a laptop, by the way, in case that's relevant17:22
cousteauso I assume the graphics card is ONLY working as a 3D accelerator and not actually driving the VGA or HDMI or screen ports directly.  I don't know how it works exactly.17:23
cousteauon my desktop PC I had a builtin graphics card with a VGA port on the motherboard, and then I installed a fancy graphics card which had its own VGA port and some other ports, and you had to plug a monitor on that new port for things to work.  I don't know how this works on laptops, to be honest, and I probably should17:24
tomreyn"3D controller", okay, if they say so.17:24
tomreynso it's a GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile (GP107M chipset, 10de:1c8d + 1b0a:2318), and indeed some proprietary nvidia driver is loaded for it.17:25
mxnstomreyn: it's not the specific protocol, I just want to be able to connect to my box and get a new GUI login session (without having to be logged in on the box)17:26
mxnssome definitely need you to be logged in first and most are ambiguous17:26
mxnsso I'm trying to figure out which ones would work for this purpose17:27
tomreyncousteau: nvidia-driver-390 sounds really old to me, and this hardware sounds newer, but i'm not really much into nvidia. once you've full-upgrade'd, i'd go with the driver ubuntu-drivers suggests.17:27
cousteauhardware is: 2018 laptop (not exactly cutting edge) with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 105017:28
spacefrogthat's pretty cutting edge17:28
spacefrogfor linux17:28
spacefrogi have one with igpu :)17:28
cousteauI don't know how to use ubuntu-drivers :|17:28
spacefrogcousteau: in the software updates application, there's a section for additional drivers17:29
cousteauI was able to run software-properties-drivers easily though.  But I guess it shouldn't be hard to learn how to use that command line tool17:29
tomreynmxns: so x11vnc, but you'll need to WaylandEnable=no in gdm.conf for this to work for logging in.17:29
spacefrogthat's where you would go to install them17:30
mxnstomreyn: ah, ok, cool, thanks :)17:30
cousteauspacefrog, yes, last time I checked, it suggested multiple versions of nvidia-driver17:30
spacefrogcousteau: just get the latest one suggeested17:30
cousteauand I had the 390 one even though higher numbers were available17:30
cousteauok then!17:30
tomreyncousteau: software-properties-gtk --open-tab 4     basically is the same tool as ubuntu-drivers17:31
cousteauif everything fails I can always reinstall the driver manually even if all I have is a tty because I broke all the graphics, I guess17:31
spacefrogyou can always fall back on your integrated gfx17:31
cousteauwhy is my nvidia-settings version 440.something and my nvidia-driver- version 390 :(17:32
cousteausomeone did something wrong in this PC...17:33
spacefrogcousteau: stick with whatever driver ubuntu suggests17:33
spacefrogdoesn't matter what version, as long as it works17:33
spacefrogolder drivers are not bad17:33
cousteautomreyn, I guess software-properties-gtk is another name for software-properties-drivers17:33
spacefrogtheir advantage is that they have been on the market long enough to have bugs worked out17:34
cousteau...wait, there's no "software-properties-drivers"; that's the name Kupfer decided to display for some reason17:34
spacefrogsince i don't own nvidia gpus, i gotta ask. what's wrong with Nouveau? is it that bad?17:34
tomreyncousteau: i'm not familiar with software-properties-drivers, yet, but i bet so - still using 18.04 here (where there is no such command)17:35
cousteauspacefrog, yes but I would guess that if my nvidia-settings version is 440 I should preferably use that driver version for the sake of compatibility17:35
oerheksnouveau is not bad, it just does not use all features of Nvidia17:35
cousteautomreyn, oddly enough that command doesn't exist17:35
oerhekscousteau, in the meantime, did you properly update yet?17:35
cousteauoerheks, yes and no.  I haven't rebooted yet.17:35
spacefrogcousteau: from what i recall, nvidia settings and the driver on linux, don't always match in version numbers17:36
spacefrogdon't quote me on that17:36
spacefrogit's not like windows17:36
spacefrogagain, it has been many years since i've used nvidia17:37
spacefrogso my info might be out of date17:37
cousteaupersonally I wish AMD GPUs got more traction... they seem nicer17:38
spacefrogmy main desktop is AMD, it works in linux with no headaches17:38
spacefrogboth cpu and gpu17:38
cousteaubut there are things such as CUDA that are exclusive for Nvidia GPUs (and AFAIK some stuff such as TensorFlow doesn't work on alternatives such as OpenCL; it needs to be CUDA)17:38
spacefrogsame for my intel laptops17:39
spacefrogcousteau: do you use those technologies?17:39
cousteaubut I'll be honest here; I have never done anything with CUDA or OpenCL on this PC, and I probably won't17:39
cousteauI mean I *could*17:39
cousteauI'm an engineer after all, and kind of a nerd; having that possibility could come in handy17:40
spacefrogi'm sure you'll "use" them at some point ;)17:40
cousteausame as the possibility of having a Windows OS installed just in case I need to run a Windows-only program17:40
spacefrogwindows is awesome, for gaming, not much else17:41
cousteauso I totally should install Windows here along with Linux... maybe I'll do that later17:41
spacefrogmaybe MS Office17:41
spacefrogthose 2 things17:41
cousteauOffice works OK in Wine / PlayOnLinux17:41
cousteauwith font support17:41
spacefrogyeah, no thanks17:42
spacefrogi can see how easy it is given your problems17:43
spacefrogespecially on nvidia17:43
cousteauOpenOffice and LibreOffice don't achieve good compatibility with MS Office17:43
spacefrogit probably works fine on amd and intel17:43
spacefrogLO and OO are crap17:43
cousteau(feature-wise they're OK, but sometimes you NEED to do your stuff in ppt)17:43
oerheksthis is more a flamewar than support issues ..17:44
cousteaunah, we're just sharing our opinions17:44
cousteauI have the opinion that MSO, OO and LO are all crap17:44
cousteauthe three of them17:45
cousteaueven since I haven't used OO in years17:45
cousteauI just have a prejudice that it's probably crap17:45
spacefrogoerheks: is right, there are other channels where these topics can be discussed17:45
cousteauoerheks, oh sorry, didn't get the hint for "stop with the damn offtopic"17:45
oerhekstime to reboot, cousteau :-D17:46
cousteauyeah I was just thinking that :)17:46
cousteauI'll continue complaining about office alternatives later and in a more appropriate channel :)  see you!17:47
oerhekshave fun!17:47
weskraskoHi all! I need help mounting a smb share to Ubuntu 20.04, is there a better channel?18:03
oerheksweskrasko, this is the right support channel, state your problem please18:04
weskraskoWell, I'm going nuts. ;) I have a usb drived plugged into my ASUS RT-AC87U router with a share "familyphotos" on it. I have my Macbook, Windows PC AND Ubuntu 20.04 connected to it (but only via the file browser on Ubuntu, not a permanent mount)18:07
weskraskoI just went to smb://192.168.x.x/familyphotos%20(at%20asshare)/ in the file browser, it popped up the credential modal which I filled out, bam, connected and browsing.18:09
weskraskoBut, I have a gallery I wrote in my web server folder, I need to mount the share to a familyphotos directory in there.18:09
weskraskoNo matter how I use "sudo mount -t cifs..." it says "No such file or directory"18:10
weskraskoTried vers, sec, credentials (always of course), so many options and combos but it says it doesn't exist while in browser it works.18:11
weskraskoOnly difference is the smb: but if I put that in I get a different error that "Mounting cifs URL not implemented yet"18:12
oerheksweskrasko, what router exactly? i think this is a tricky permission problem18:19
weskraskoSO, there's that. It's an ASUS RT-AC87U and originally I was only able to connect at all from Macbook and WIndows 10, because it only supported SMBv118:20
weskraskoI had to install "Merlin" firmware on the router, then I was able to connect from Ubuntu file browser with it set to "SMBv1+SMBv2"18:20
weskraskoI can also select ONLY SMBv2 if that might help but it's weird I can connect fine in Ubuntu file browser, just not using a mount command.18:21
oerheksah, smb1 is depreciated?18:22
weskraskoApparently yes, that was my first issue is Ubuntu 20.04 dropped SMBv118:23
weskraskoI mean, I guess I can try that first, set it to SMBv2 only, as long as my other computers still connect.18:23
weskraskoI'll see what happens.18:23
oerheksyou should have the same problem with windows i guess ;  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/storage-at-microsoft/smb-is-dead-long-live-smb/ba-p/118540118:24
oerheksyes, blacklist smb118:24
weskraskoOddly enough Macbook and Windows 10 both connected fine BEFORE Merlin, when it was only SMBv118:25
luke-jrI setup a bind mount of / into /mnt/root, but something keeps bind-mounting other stuff into the equivalent /mnt/root/…18:32
luke-jrwhat is doing that, and how can I stop it?18:32
weskraskoOk, set router to SMBv2 only now, all 2 OS' still connect via. file browsers, still can't mount to folder, same issue. Only thing I notice is that when I booted Ubuntu before, went to "Other Locations", the router was showing, now I HAVE to go to the location box an put in smb://alltheotherstuff, and it re-asked for credentials even though I had set it to "remember forever". MacOS and Windows just connected after re18:34
weskraskoboot like it was never gone.18:34
EriC^^luke-jr: what commands did you run18:39
luke-jrEriC^^: mount --bind / /mnt/root18:46
cousteauok, software updated and rebooted!18:47
EriC^^luke-jr: and which other stuff are being mount binded18:48
cousteauso... for some reason I couldn't get `software-properties-gtk` to print the driver info in English.  I thought `LANG=C software-properties-gtk` would do the trick, but the content of the Additional Drivers tab is in Spanish for some reason18:49
luke-jrEriC^^: /mnt/net/* (sshfs mounts)18:50
luke-jrare being binded into /mnt/root/mnt/net/*18:50
cousteauoh, LANGUAGE=C18:50
luke-jrseems like the default mount type is shared instead of private or something18:50
cousteauok this is weird.  Since when is there a $LANGUAGE in addition to $LANG and $LC_*?18:50
EriC^^luke-jr: aha i think that makes sense, i think mount bind doesnt actually mount anything (the fs), it just basically makes '/somefolder' located at '/anotherfolder' so anything under that dir tree would also be there18:51
luke-jrEriC^^: no.. every other distro, it provides access to just the one mount18:52
luke-jrthe whole point of doing this is to backup the root without any other mounts on top of it18:52
luke-jr(there is a --rbind that does it recursively)18:53
cousteauok so the Nvidia drivers I have are: {390,450} (proprietary), {418,440,450}-server (proprietary), 455 (proprietary, tested), and Nouveau (open source)18:54
cousteaufrom what I heard in a random YouTube video, the "server" version is probably for using the GPU exclusively for GPGPU, not for gaming and graphics and stuff18:55
EriC^^luke-jr: ah i see18:55
cousteauI don't know what "tested" means (does it mean "yes it works, I tested it, promise... but use at your own risk", or more like "this is the tested and working driver version; use any other at your own risk"?)18:56
cousteauand I'm using the 390 one even though the 450 is available as well18:56
cousteaunone of them claim to be the "recommended" ones18:56
luke-jrrecommended -> use AMD GPU :P18:57
cousteauok first how am I expected to install one of those in a laptop18:57
luke-jroh in that case I'd recommend getting one with only an Intel GPU ;)18:57
cousteaubut gaming!!!18:58
cousteau(also, mayyyybe CUDA and TensorFlow stuff, as I said earlier... Maybe.)18:58
luke-jrpretty sure any modern GPU even Intel can handle any open source game ;)18:59
cousteauI also play non-open-source games18:59
cousteauand *gasp* ...commercial games too!18:59
rurt91OMG you played a non open source game!!!18:59
rurt91Stallman is gonna be up in arms about this!19:00
cousteauyes; I, an unredeemable open source nerd, have dared to actually pay money for a game!19:00
weskraskoStill going nuts here :( I found the router option "Simple share naming" and turned it on so now, by browser, I can connect with just smb://, but still the issue with mount not finding it. smbclient -L finds the share "FamilyPhotos" fine too.19:01
luke-jrcousteau: how about an open source commercial game?19:02
cousteauseriously though, I think that the fact that more and more companies are acknowledging the existence of Linux is a rather positive thing.  But anyway, I've been too offtopic-y already.19:02
cousteauluke-jr, I honestly haven't figured out yet how something can be commercial and open source at the same time19:02
luke-jrsimple, they only distribute it for money, but you get the code under a free license19:03
cousteausounds easy to pirate19:03
luke-jrno easier than anything else19:04
cousteauweskrasko, weird; I would have thought that the router would only deal with machine names19:04
cousteaulike smb://LivingRoomPC instead of smb://
cousteau...oh wait, it's the router the one that is sharing files, never mind19:04
ygk_12345hi all19:07
ygk_12345i am trying to install ubuntu 20.04 using pxe and kickstart files. but the installer is not picking up the ks files. can someone help me with this ?19:07
rurt91Installing Ubuntu through net boot is a pain in the ass.19:08
rurt91Why are you even doing it?19:08
ygk_12345it is loading up the iso file and prompting a manual install19:08
ygk_12345it is ignoring the ks entries in the default file19:08
cousteautomreyn, any advice on which of the several Nvidia drivers to use?  I have no idea why I'm using precisely the 390 one19:09
cousteaumaybe that one happened to be the one available when I installed Ubuntu19:09
ygk_12345can anyone help me ?19:12
weskraskoOMG I finally got it! Now with simple share naming AND vers=2.0, it worked! Now to just make it permanent...19:14
saigelUbuntu server 18.04 with docker service installed. I've been successfully running docker-compose with several containers very successfully. Suddenly last week it stopped running. If I type "sudo service docker status", it shows me the status of the docker service (although it says, "deactivating"). But if I type "sudo service docker stop" or "sudo service docker start", the command just hangs.19:22
saigelHow can I find out what is causing it to hang?19:22
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bog3nhello, I installed gnome-classic/flashback, and clock on my status bar isn't changing and it's stuck at 19:47 any ideas why?19:32
spotteranyone have any idea how to deal with loopback devices that wont detach19:35
spotterno longer mounted19:35
spotterumount was clean on them, not listed as mount19:35
spotterbut wont detach19:35
spotterand losetup -d does nothing19:35
BarnabasDKspotter, sudo umount -f ?19:36
spotterits no longer mounted19:36
spotterit unmounted clean19:36
BarnabasDKbe aware of the consequences19:36
spotterthis was a read only iso mount19:36
spotterand as far as I can tell (lsof) nothing has the raw loop device opened besides the kernel process (i.e. [loop13]) handling the loopback19:38
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aaaaaaHi all. What WICD alternative exists? Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't support it anymore :(20:29
aaaaaaI want to connect to WiFis from CLI20:29
aaaaaaMaik: thanks20:31
Maiki hope its' helpful, just searched for it that's all ;)20:32
aaaaaaMaik: yeah, I should google before asking20:33
Maiknp :)20:33
WaVHello everyone. I'm trying to play a fairly old game (via wine) and I get an error while trying to run the game. I understand that it's not fully compatible with Linux, but was just wondering if anyone was able to decipher what I have going on to maybe get it going. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QgW7NZVgVV/21:03
oerheksfor wine games and apps, join #winehq21:03
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:04
WaV10-4 thanks!21:04
cousteauWaV, how old is this game?  maybe it's supported by ScummVM21:05
oerheksline #95 Platform: i386 (WOW64) ...21:05
cousteauor DOSBOX21:05
oerhekswow 64 bit in wine 32 bit?21:05
WaVcousteau: 199821:05
WaVoerheks: I'm pretty sure I "apt install"ed  wine64, but obviously I could be wrong21:06
cousteauso it doesn't even run on Windows, only MS-DOS?  because in that case I really recomend dosbox21:06
cousteauI mean if it's an MS-DOS game I'd go with dosbox21:06
oerhekswell, good luck21:07
WaVoerheks: I'm not very optimistic about being able to play it to be honest. Asking in #winehq.  Not sure that it matters, but the original game was made in 1998; however the version I'm trying to play is a port made in 2006 and is designed to run on Win2k/XP.21:11
rurt91WaV: Why don't you try it in VirtualBox?21:12
rurt91WaV: Dual booting can also be a good idea.21:12
WaVrurt91: I suppose VirtualBox is another option.21:13
rurt91WaV: And some people said they got that game working with wine.21:13
leftyfbrurt91: recommending booting into Win2k/XP is not a good idea21:13
rurt91leftyfb: He could dual boot in a newer Windows because it has good compatibility.21:14
rurt91leftyfb: Also, theoretically it's a security risk, yes, but it'd in all likelihood just hurt your XP installation that you only use for games, not the rest of your system.21:14
oerhekscheck the wine manual, somewhere ther should be an option for xp/win2k .. you emulate win7 now..21:14
rurt91leftyfb: Also, this may be a controversial claim, but I don't think people running XP SP3 are going to get hacked unless they take the wrong actions like running a bad .exe, unless things have changed since I last checked. XP without SPs is another question.21:15
woenxHi. I have a question, maybe somebody can give me an idea. I have small code on the .profile file (on the home folder) that is ran when the session starts. I use it to connect to a sshfs shared folder for each user.21:34
woenxIt works quite well, however, if the laptop is not started in our home network, the script will ping the host several time, and until it finishes, the session won't start21:34
woenxis there a way to tell a script to not to wait for contents of .profile to finish?21:35
woenxLike: ok, you have to run this, but you can already start the session and you'll mount these shared folder as soon as they-re available21:35
WaVoerheks: I created a 32 bit WINE prefix and tried with 2k, xp, 98 and 95 compatibility, and all fail with similar results but at a different memory address than when I was executing within a 64 bit wine prefix.21:36
WaVLike I said, not very optimistic21:36
matsamanwoenx: maybe just prepend 'timeout'21:37
matsamanwoenx: or simply check which network is in use first21:38
matsamanor both21:38
matsamanWaV: what app?21:38
woenxsometimes the network can take a while to come up, this is why I retry that connection a few times21:38
matsamanwoenx: so when are you starting the script?21:38
matsamanwoenx: there are places where it won't block your session from starting21:38
matsamanwoenx: you said from ~/.bash_profile?21:39
matsamanwoenx: perhaps ~/.config/autostart/ would be more appropriate21:39
woenxwhat about putting the code in another .sh file, and forking it?21:39
matsamanwoenx: will you ever need it outside of X?21:39
woenxmatsaman I used the .profile file21:39
woenxMmm, yes, it would be handy even in text mode21:39
matsamanmaybe you can just background it, then21:40
matsamannohup foo &21:40
WaVmatsaman: a game. Biohazard 2 (The sourcenext port)21:40
woenxI mean, it's quite simple, it pings the server a few times, and when it's ready, it runs a sshfs command21:40
woenxwhat is nohup?21:41
matsamanWaV: aka Resident Evil 2?21:41
WaVmatsaman: ^21:41
matsamanwoenx: try it: nohup path/to/script &21:42
woenxnohup - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty21:42
woenxwhat do you mean, if i finish the session, the script will still run?21:43
matsamanWaV: what's not working? What error manifests?21:44
matsamanwoenx: it's a comman way to get non-blocking backgrounded scripts21:44
woenxoh, ok21:44
WaVmatsaman: Well at first, I was trying to run it within a 64bit Wine prefix and this is what happened: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QgW7NZVgVV/21:44
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WaVmatsaman: now I created a 32 bit Wine prefix with various compatibility modes (2k/xp etc) with similar crash results but at different memory addresses.21:45
matsamanWaV: I wonder if it'd be simpler to play this in a PSX emulator21:46
matsamanor n64, etc.21:46
WaVmatsaman: Probably would, but this version has advantages over console versions21:47
matsamancan't get sourcenext for console?21:47
WaV... If it works, lol.21:47
WaVGood question21:48
matsamanWikipedia does say it was for Windows XP21:48
matsamanwell no21:48
matsamanit says Windows XP compatible21:48
matsamanunder a 'dualshock' header, so it could've been for both PSX & XP21:48
matsamanWaV: anyway, what's the Windows XP 32-bit Wine error?21:49
woenxdoes anyone have tried to pack wine within an appimage, so we could have ready to run programs (like picasa, office, photoshop, etc)?21:50
matsamanI mean, when you know how to do that for a particular win32 app, then you also know how to do it with a simple script21:52
matsamanplus you'd still have to deal with stuff outside the appimage21:53
matsamanbecause the apps you're talking about are largely illegal to redistribute21:53
woenxthe thing is that some apps are very difficult to run in wine, and from time to time there is someone who claims to made it work with some version of wine and some weird configuration21:54
woenxif we could pack that version and that configuration within an appimage, we could have that app ready to go21:54
woenxbut I guess that would be just plain piracy21:54
matsamanI mean, that's really not any different than just a tarball of the Wine local directory21:55
matsamanno need for an appimage, although I guess if you were already using appimage for everything it'd be no big deal21:55
oerheksplayonlinux, is an alternative for wine scripts21:55
oerheksanyway, support for wine is strictly in #winehq21:55
woenx                                   Yes, I use it, but most of the time the scripts just fail21:55
matsamanbecause it's wine scripts...21:56
ograthere are plenty of snap packages in the store combining apps with wine ...21:56
matsamanI'm sure adding more complexity will solve the problem =P21:56
oerheksogra, indeed, and it should be warned for21:56
ogra(and it is actually not very hard to package that (i did IExplorer as a fingertraining once))21:57
ograwhy ?21:57
matsamanwhat's a fingertraining?21:57
ograas long as the apps are distributable it is absolurely fine21:57
ogramatsaman, "tryining something out"21:58
ograi could have said "proof of concept" as well 🙂21:58
ograin any case this is the perfect use case fr snaps ... look at the snapcraft forum, there are penty of examples of people snapping wine things21:59
WaVmatsaman: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pV93fX6Mcq/22:00
matsamanogra: k thanks22:01
matsamanWaV: same error for 64-bit and 32?22:02
oerheksWhat amkes you think it is an ubunt support issue?22:03
matsamanWaV: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/ajyx51/resident_evil_2_playable_with_the_latest_dxvk_and/ef0pqem/ ?22:04
WaVoerheks: I don't believe it is. matsaman was asking what I was experiencing, and I was letting him know.22:05
woenxare we talking about the original RE2 or the remake?22:07
WaVwoenx: og22:07
woenxwhy don't you just run an emulator?22:07
WaVThat's probably what I'll end up doing if this doesn't work out. I'd prefer this one if possible though as there are a couple benefits over console versions.22:08
WaVmatsaman: That reddit article appears to be for the remake. Different game.22:11
WaVIt's all good guys. I feel like I'm stepping on toes at this point.22:12
matsamanguess that depends on what number of toes oerheks has22:12
TheGallopingFoxi love the ubuntu podcasts!23:07
TheGallopingFoxcoming from a slackware user23:07
TheGallopingFoxfunny characters23:08
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)23:12
TheGallopingFoxprobably shouldnt spam, doing live goa 90s trance set running on slackware23:13
TheGallopingFoxcreative spam23:13
TheGallopingFoxrunning on open source software :)23:13
oerheksshow that in #ubuntu-offtopic please, this is support only23:14
TheGallopingFoxok will go there23:14
TheGallopingFoxdont want to annoy you im drunk23:14
TheGallopingFoxa drunk geek23:14
oerheksnp, don't drink and sudo23:14
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isapgswellwhy hybrid(nvidia) mode is so bad in ubuntu23:43
cokeamd opensourced their drivers nvidia didnt ..23:51
isapgswellcoke yes, it is bad thing23:51
oerheksnobody can seriously answer, without proper details23:51
isapgswelloerheks i was thinking my gdm crashed, but no23:52
isapgswelloerheks performance mode works great23:52
isapgswelloerheks powersave no hdmi connection23:53
isapgswelloerheks and on-demand(hybrid) poor performance23:53

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