passingthroughEvening all, just wanted to say. Although I'm not using UbuntuStudio (Linux mint since I'm a gamer), I'm stunned how far music production has went on this platform, so good job all tehnomancers.19:17
passingthroughWas rather exiting to just plug in a Midi-sythetisator in, and see that it works just like that.19:18
OvenWerksGood to hear19:22
passingthroughMight format my old laptop and install UStudio there, if I end up getting more serious about this. Bye! :)19:25
KrausQuick question if I may! It's my understanding there's no direct upgrade path from UbuntuStudio 20.04 to 20.10 due to the switchover to KDE Plasma.. but I just suddenly got a pop-up inviting me to upgrade to 20.10. Should I ignore that?21:05
OvenWerksKraus: I really don't know21:20
OvenWerksIt would be interesting to do a fresh 20.04 install all the updates and then do an upgrade.21:21
OvenWerksMy feeling would be to ignore it21:21
OvenWerksThe popup does not know if the upgrade will work or not, just current version is less than available version21:24
* Kraus nodnods21:40
KrausYeah, I just denied the request. I'll eventually be in the position to do a clean install but not yet.21:40
KrausIs KDE Plasma on the same line of code as XFCE or entirely different? I'm not familiar with it.21:41
KrausEr, codebase, I should clarify22:08
daxno, they're entirely separate projects22:24

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