ubot93Launchpad bug 1908141 in golang-github-zyedidia-tcell (Ubuntu) "SRU to 1.4.8-2. Required for updating Micro. [WIP}" [Undecided, New]19:49
The_LoudSpeaker^ wxl teward can you go through this once?19:50
wxlyou missed step one. you should mark it as such there.19:52
The_LoudSpeakerlike mark it as fix released?19:53
wxlin hippo19:54
The_LoudSpeakersorry me is confised. what about hippo now?19:54
wxlCheck that the bug is fixed in the current development release, and that its bug task is "Fix Released".19:55
The_LoudSpeakeryeah that na. yes doing it. 19:55
wxlin this case the bug is not being version 1.4.8-219:55
The_LoudSpeakerand it's not in hippo. It's in groocy.19:55
wxlno debdiff19:55
wxlwell i don't know what to tell you about that19:56
The_LoudSpeakerin hippo the version is much higher than the version I am aiming to SRU19:56
wxlthis whole thing is kind of messy and is likley going to require talking to a sponsor19:56
The_LoudSpeakerin focal it's 1.4.4 in groovy 1.4.8-2 and in hippo it's 2.0.6-119:57
The_LoudSpeakerI want to bumo it to 1.4.8 in focal.19:57
The_LoudSpeakerI am willing to talk. point me to one.19:58
wxlsee under ~ubuntu-sponsors20:01
tewardyou need to also coordinate with SRU team too20:02
The_LoudSpeakerteward: tsimonq2 and RikMills are the ones I know from that page. :P20:03
wxlyou don't have to know people to talk to them20:03
The_LoudSpeakeroh teward you are here! did you read the bug which I pasted above?20:03
tewardsimon isnt reliable anymore20:03
wxlavailable might be a better word20:03
tsimonq2Can confirm.20:05
tsimonq2SAD and life in general is crazy.20:06
tsimonq2I want to come back in full force and that's my plan but for the next few weeks I'll probably continue to be far and few between.20:06
RikMillsplaying too much with bunnies?20:07
tsimonq2Something like that, heh...20:07
* RikMills is not looking at bugs tonight20:07
The_LoudSpeakerwhat bunnies now?20:07
The_LoudSpeakerRikMills: ouch.20:08
RikMillsThe_LoudSpeaker: I is 8pm Saturday night here, and had a few beers20:08
RikMills*Its is20:09
RikMills*it is20:09
The_LoudSpeakeroh. yeah weekend. I forgot20:09
RikMillsthere you go. even typing it not great :P20:09
The_LoudSpeakerlately all days seem same to me. 20:09
The_LoudSpeakerRikMills: lololol. Lite . have fun. 20:09
* RikMills iz knot t@ drunq20:10
RikMillshowever, I am not getting into complicated matters20:11
* tsimonq2 hands RikMills a Red Bull20:11
The_LoudSpeakerThis isn't complicated. Just want to SRU two packages in focal to their versions which are present in groovy.20:12
* RikMills prefers to watch The Mandalorian instead20:12
The_LoudSpeakerteward: did you have time to look up at the bug I pasted above? (2)20:13
ubot93Launchpad bug 1908141 in golang-github-zyedidia-tcell (Ubuntu) "SRU to 1.4.8-2. Required for updating Micro." [Medium, Fix Released]20:13
tsimonq2Be careful with version numbers. Make sure the bug is complete first. Reread docs if you aren't sure. Make sure autopkgtests on rdeps aren't failing. I can set up a CI Train PPA for you if you'd like.20:14
The_LoudSpeakerrdeps checked. 20:14
The_LoudSpeakerautopkgtests need to setup them.20:14
The_LoudSpeakerI will add 1.4.8-3 to a ppa now. see if it throws up something.20:16
The_LoudSpeaker1.4.8-3 coz 1.4.8-2 has debhelper-compat set to 13.20:16
tsimonq2Remember the version numbers for SRUs.20:16
The_LoudSpeakerwhich I need to roll back. as focal as 12 only.20:16
tsimonq2I always check !upkg PACKAGE on DDG to confirm.20:16
tsimonq2Perhaps, but put some careful thought into it. :)20:17
The_LoudSpeakeryeah. I have that bang set in firefox. @ddg !upkg packagename gets me to correct page.20:17
The_LoudSpeakertsimonq2: yess. being careful hence bugging teward and wxl about every step. XD20:18
tsimonq2If you can successfully get it to pass all of the Britney steps (even manually) I have no problem. Double check the p-m docs. :)20:19
tewardoh good simon you live20:57
tewardyou have things to fix20:57
tewardcheck telegram messages.  or talk to kc2bez20:57
tewardor wxl20:57
kc2bezteward: you got things to fix too :P. Check emails or telegram ;)21:00
tewardye i know.  computer is fubar and in the proe21:01
tewardcess of a restore21:01
tewardpoweroff mid shutdown broke the partitiond21:01
teward*spins up the Pi*21:01
kc2bezthere we go21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> SOMETHING about IRC is not liked on that box21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i'll take a knife and carve into it21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> worst case21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> copy the stuff to MY infra which i know is stable ยป>21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> *kicks Telegram*21:03
kc2bezthanks teward !21:03
lubot[telegram] <teward001> well ping timeouts suck >.<21:04
tewardkc2bez: if it explodes, SSH into the phab box with admin (not sure who all has it), `lxc shell matterbridge`, and `sudo systemctl restart matterbridge`21:06
tewardpretty much same behavior as we did for TeleIRC but :P21:06
tewardi think wxl has access not sure who else does21:06
kc2bezok thanks for that21:06
kc2bezI can too21:06
tewardyup.  one of the LOVELY things about systemd units :p21:06
kc2bezI wasn't sure where it was. 21:07
tewardyep it's in its own LXD container ;)21:07
tewardi try and containerize the individual components21:07
tewardthat way we don't pollute the host tooooo much ;)21:07
kc2bezI wouldn't mess with it without letting you know anyway. 21:07
kc2bezbut yeah, good stuff21:08
tewardif it's not responding just kick the service21:10
The_LoudSpeakera cronjob to restart matterbridge service every 24/48 hours should also do the trick?21:10
tewardwe can do that too though it's a SystemD unit so :P21:10
tewardbut it's not every day it seems to explode21:10
tewardwe'll see21:10
tewardif we have to i'll set up cron21:11
tewardbut i'll also just yeet matterbridge to the alternate infra that i run (CI's box) if it really needs to be kicked21:11
The_LoudSpeakerI had some explosions in my wireguard setup ever since I shifted to gcp from aws. clients worked fine but the internet on host would go down and host has my quassel client too so I'd get disconnected from IRC often randomly. Had to manually ssh and restart wireguard and pihole services. Set up a cronjob to do that every 6 hours. been rock solid ever since. XD21:13
The_LoudSpeaker*quassel server21:13
lubot[telegram] <teward001> heh21:28
lubot[telegram] <teward001> yeah but matterbridge isn't a VPN so *shrugs*21:28
lubot[telegram] <teward001> I'll poke it later21:28
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i have enough stuff on my list today21:28
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> ๐Ÿ‘21:28
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Thanks for all your help!21:29
lubot[telegram] <teward001> yup21:31

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