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mattymoHi all! I have a multi-vlan setup (single phys nic) and a gateway on each vlan. I need multiple gateways. I thought I set things up right, but something is still broken. Here's my netplan: https://pastebin.com/m9G5J6Di Pings go through and get responses, but it seems to get filtered. https://pastebin.com/iwtNMKXb08:51
mattymoI disabled rp_filter globally, but that didn't help08:51
kjetilhomattymo: you need policy routing so the reply goes out in the correct direction09:14
mattymokjetilho: thanks for the quick response. Any chance you could direct me to some documentation that will help?09:15
kjetilho(normal) routing is only based on destination address, and here they are all the same, 0/0, and have the same weight09:15
kjetilhopolicy-rule I think the directive is?09:15
kjetilho"source routing" is another term for it.09:15
* kjetilho is going home for Christmas. good luck :)09:16
mattymohttps://askubuntu.com/a/1261301 this answer to this netplan question seems to have what you're talking about. I'll give it a try09:16
mattymokjetilho: good luck and stay safe, and also thanks again09:17
VJHello, Can anyone help with multicast route in netplan?10:17
VJthis is my current config10:18
VJI am unable to reach 233.x.x.x10:18
kihkhey guys, i am desperate for assistance using the netplan tool19:47
kihkhow do i do this?19:47

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