rakThis remotely executable arbitrary command execution vulnerability has affected 16.04 since February. In case it's fallen through the cracks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opensmtpd/+bug/186470714:49
ubot3Launchpad bug 1864707 in opensmtpd (Ubuntu Xenial) "arbitrary command execution vulnerability" [Critical, Confirmed]14:49
ItzSwirlzHey sil2100, what should we do in the case of uhm... it was a confirmed issue earlier in the past and now the problem is fixed? I haven't used my proposed changes yet. Should we either a) discard it to avoid regression risk or b) import it in for stability if i QA test the patch?22:10
RikMillsItzSwirlz: he isn't in here at the moment, and most canonical people will be on leave until after the holidays22:21

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