luke-jrDec 18 17:23:52 linux-5 kernel: /var/lib/snapd/snaps/chromium_1424.snap: Can't open blockdev01:06
luke-jrall the snaps fail to mount at boot since I switched to ZFS01:06
luke-jrany hints on where to fix this?01:07
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tombertHi! I am having an issue with a little ubuntu server box that I'm running in my basement; I'm able to SSH into it just fine and whatnot, but I cannot seem to get an outside connection02:51
tombertif I do something like `ping google.com`, I get `ping: google.com: Name or service not known`02:52
tombertMy resolv.conf looks like `nameserver`02:53
tombertthis is a real problem, as i cannot get any updates or anything like that; the thing is just connected to my router via ethernet02:54
tombertOH wait, figured it out, something bad in my router settings02:58
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limboIs there a non-headachy way to get from an old-ass version of ubuntu to a recent version? The machine I'm on is rocking 17.04 and I want to update, ideally without doing a complete reinstall. I've already change the apt sources to old-releases.ubuntu.com, and that seems to allow apt to work, but do-release-upgrade still tells me there's no update available.03:02
nt0limbo: might be best suited by backing up your data, putting any custom configs in a git repo somewhere, and doing it fresh.03:06
nt0<--not an ubuntu poweruser but i've dealt with this sorta stuff in the past03:06
Bashing-omlimbo: the Prompt line in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is set to normal ?03:08
limboBashing-om: It's set to prompt=lts does that matter?03:16
Bashing-omlimbo: Yup = matters heaps :D .. for this one instance you do want it set to normal, then once finally up to release 18.04 to get to 20.04 reset to "LTS".03:18
limboit started, but I get "An upgrade from 'zesty' to 'bionic' is not supported with this tool." after a time and do-release-upgrade terminates. not feeling hopeful.03:24
TheGallopingFoxapt-get remove --purge ubuntu03:24
TheGallopingFoxshit wrong terminal03:24
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stunts513i'm a bit confused, does the current version of ubuntu's live linux kernel come natively with netboot support now?05:32
stunts513i might be asking that wrong because the instruction that mentioned this were citing the ubuntu live server installer iso, but i'm trying to cannibalize it for something else.05:34
stunts513actually never mind i think i found the legacy netboot kernel images for 20.04 laying around somewhere on the net. i use netboot over tftp + nfs for a pxe boot live os.05:43
RexodusWhich fool thought it would be a good idea to rename all packages in XFCE4? Firefox is called web browser and Kate is text editor etc etc. Can I turn that off?06:02
RexodusImagine they are going to do the same tomorrow with the promp commands. At least you won't be able to find anything!06:03
neilduganI am trying to get xrdp to work... when trying to connect it ask for a name/password... I then get a blue screen (no login)... and after a couple of minutes it says it can't connect... what can I do to fix this?06:03
Rexodusneildugan: Check your logs.06:04
neilduganRexodus, I got this a few time "xrdp[4249]: (4249)(140716595636032)[DEBUG] Closed socket 21 (AF_UNIX)"06:07
neilduganRexodus, and this 'xrdp-sesman[2548]: (2548)(140482182530368)[INFO ] ++ terminated session:  username neil, display :10.0, session_pid 4250, ip ::ffff: - socket: 12'06:08
Rexodusneildugan: according to Google you are not the only one with this problem. I suggest you chooze another VNC like tight VNC.06:09
RexodusSeems a bug to me.06:10
neilduganRexodus, I have tightvncserver installed.06:11
neilduganI using xtightvncviewer ... I get a grey screen with an 'x' for a cursor, nothing else!06:24
Rexodusneildugan: Are you sure you have a connection between those 2?06:30
RexodusLooks to mee they don't see each other.06:31
RexodusAnd check your firewalls.06:32
ducasseRexodus: iirc that is a setting to use generic names for apps, that can be changed in settings somewhere. try #xubuntu07:16
ducassei no longer use xfce myself, so don't remember07:16
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Deyaa How to use reboot(); without root? I can reboot my system as a normal user but when I do it with c++ it doesn't work.09:00
ducasseDeyaa: when you use reboot as a normal user it calls systemd to shut down for you, which is running as root09:05
DeyaaNow I understand09:07
ducasseyou can probably call systemd from your code, there is a #systemd channel iirc09:07
DeyaaThank you09:08
ducassenote that it only works rfor users at the console09:08
Deyaaducasse: only root can reboot ?? I heard someone saying something about setcap(8)09:10
ducasseroot or users at the console09:10
ducassein the olden days we used sudo to reboot09:11
Deyaaducasse: the world didn't get so far since then .. just fancy  user interfaces.09:32
estanhi all. i'm building custom kernels following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild#Kernel_Build_and_Installation since i'm bisecting to debug a problem we're having. i was just wondering, how can i make `make deb-pkg` produce a linux-modules-*.deb as well?10:33
estancurrently it produces only linux-image-*.deb and linux-headers-*.deb10:33
estani.e. i'd like to end up with the same set of debs like the mainline builds at https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/10:34
lotuspsychjeestan: we usually advice to test things with the !mainline kernels to debug bugs on ubuntu, instead of compiling kernels yourself10:37
lotuspsychjeestan: unless you would you to !contribute and help with the kernel team, there's also #ubuntu-kernel10:38
tomreynbisecting will require building kernels seperately, though10:39
lotuspsychjeestan: this bug you have, is it been filed in launchpad the ubuntu way? or an internal bug?10:39
estanyes, be believe we've narrowed it down to v5.4.13..v5.4.14, so we're about to bisect between those.10:40
estanit's an issue we see also with mainline kernels, we have not reported it in launchpad yet.10:40
lotuspsychjeestan: care to share what the bug is about?10:41
estanit is what looks like a complete CPU lockup, with nothing printed on dmesg (and nothing with netconsole logging either). it is happening on a specific set of industrial PCs that we use on our product, which have a i7-4770TE CPU.10:43
estanwe hit it when we moved to focal, so we're running with older kernels now as a workaround. the lockup can happen after a few hours, or after a couple of weeks, so it's been some work to bisect. but we're hopeful it is one of the x86 commits between v5.4.13..v5.4.14. we've had v5.4.14 lock up within a day, and have had v5.4.13 run fine for 3+ weeks.10:45
estanso we're about to bisect between them after christmas, and i thought i'd start compiling up some kernels in advance.10:46
lotuspsychjeestan: those kernel versions look funny, is that an ubuntu derivative?10:46
estanerr sorry! 5.3.13 and
lotuspsychjeestan: wich ubuntu release are you guys running?10:48
estanbut i was just wondering about `make deb-pkg`, if i'm supposed to get a linux-modules-*.deb out of it, in addition to the linux-image-*.deb and linux-headers-*.deb.10:48
estanthere are quite a few erratas for the CPU we're using, so we are looking into the possibility that there may be some that our BIOS has not worked around (talking to the industrial PC builder about that).10:50
estanbut in parallel, following the idea that it might be some kernel bug, so going to bisect v5.3.13..v5.3.14.10:50
lotuspsychjeestan: current focal kernel is 5.4.0-58 so not sure why you guys run lower kernels? you compile them your own or so?10:51
estanyes, like i said, we're using older kernels on the products on the machines in the field as a workaround. but this is for in-house testing, to narrow it down.10:52
lotuspsychjeestan: i think for kernel compile you might wanna try ##kernel10:53
estanthe lockup has been confirmed to occur with 5.4.0-58, so that is currently a "bad" version for us.10:53
lotuspsychjeestan: if you want ubuntu support, we strongle advice to file it the ubuntu way, so the kernel devs can also help debug on it10:54
estanalright, i wasn't sure if that was the place, since it seems to be about kernel development. but i'll ask in there.10:54
lotuspsychjeestan: #ubuntu-kernel also handles the development, but the ubuntu way10:55
estanyea, sure. we will file a launchpad bug eventually. at the moment we're following a good lead with this bisecting though, since we have kernel version that work well and those that don't. once we've narrowed it down we'll make a report.10:56
lotuspsychjeestan: so if you guys also get the lockup on -58 try ubuntu-bug linux10:56
lotuspsychjeestan: in my opinion it only benefits to help each other both way industrial & opensource community10:57
tomreynestan: #ubuntu-kernel is the right place to ask (i notice you did). you'll need to wait a while (hours, maybe days) to get a proper answer there - the kernel team may not be around during the weekend. (consider a commercial support contract.) personally, i don't think you get a separate modules package for mainline builds, but don't rely on me.10:59
estanabsolutely. i can file a bug now already, but it will take some time for us to write it up and give all the background information. we're quite sure this lockup is very specific and restricted to this particular industrial PC, the chipset it uses or the CPU / BIOS combo. i'm not sure someone without that HW would be able to help in debugging.10:59
estantomreyn: alright, thanks for the info. no worries, i'll idle in there.11:00
tomreyngood luck, that's an unfortunate debugging situation11:00
estanand don't worry, we will for sure file a launchpad bug eventually, because if it turns out it's a kernel bug, we'll want to get a fix into the kernel and try to get an SRU for the ubuntu kernel package, so we'll need to go through that process.11:01
estanheh yea. we've been debugging it for close to a year.11:01
estanit's not a big problem for us to run an older kernel on the machines in the field, but it's a bit annoying and we want to resolve the issue of course.11:02
ReintjeHey where would I ask a question about running commands on a minrcraft server through bash scripts? Is that even possible? Very odd question I know11:03
lotuspsychjeReintje: is this what you look for? https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Ubuntu_startup_script11:10
Reintjelotuspsychje: nope, that I can manage. What I mean is a way to (for example) run a script that bans someone from the server or gives them items or anything else that happes within the running java program11:11
TheRedRipperminecraft on ubuntu? fun11:12
ReintjeThanks for the help though, because it's probably a stupid question11:12
TheRedRippera banmod you mean?11:12
ReintjeTheRedRipper: why is it fun? As in: why would that be worthy of mention lol11:13
TheRedRipperfun to do11:13
TheRedRipperminecraft and ubuntu is fun11:13
ReintjeTheRedRipper: well I'll try to explain what I'm attempting11:13
ReintjeYeah it is fun I just thought I might have overlooked some major problem or something lol11:13
TheRedRipperwell go ahead, and explain11:13
ReintjeWell what I want to do is create a script that will check an API every x seconds and if it has updated information it spawns a mob on a minecraft server11:14
TheRedRipperthat prob exists somewhere11:15
TheRedRipperid suggest hitting up java, thats what mc runs on11:15
ReintjeSo for example, I'd get a twitter API and keep track of #zombie, so whenever someone tweets that it spawns a zombie11:15
TheRedRipperohhh like a discord-server bridge, but twitter11:15
ReintjeYeah I'll try java, but I wasn't sure if maybe ubuntu/linux has the answer for this11:16
TheRedRipperits mainly in java, since thats what MC runs on11:16
ReintjeTheRedRipper: yes something like the discord bridge except I'd like control over what it does11:17
TheRedRipperyeah... like i said java can help you11:17
ReintjeI bet it'd be fun to disable natural mob spawning and only have monsters appear when someone tweets that covid is a hoax lmao11:18
TheRedRippernot sure linux can solv the issue here11:18
ReintjeThanks for the help I'll ask there later today11:18
max12345Hi, I have a smaller than 1920x1080 display and a window is too long and I can't interact with it properly. Help? Rescaling, moving so I can reach the bottom, etc..12:14
max12345Ah, nvm I got it.12:15
max12345(there is a right click menu "move" function that enables moving beyond window bounds)12:16
max12345thanks for rubber ducking! bye!12:17
BluesKajhowdy all12:50
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bitblitwhen I switch to a tty with ctrl-alt-f2, the scrolling speed is very very slow. using intel integrated graphics (broadwell). dmesg seems to indicate framebuffer is active, no errors..14:49
geosmileWhy isnt Ubuntu desktop maintained on Dell XPS 15?15:17
GSMarquis7720.10, x1 carbon 6th gen. Getting screen tearing on intel graphics when using firefox or Chromium. hardware accel on or off15:22
geosmilegregl, That is what started my question - clearly ubuntu is not maintained on dell xps 15.15:23
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miguel2013what's a graphical partition manager for ubuntu not DISKS16:40
miguel2013that works with NTFS file systems16:40
miguel2013DISKS failed to resize my fs and crashed windows and can't recover16:41
miguel2013the app16:41
miguel2013is it good with ntfs fs16:43
bitblityou may want to check but i think so.16:43
miguel2013gparted is failing to load on ubuntu while scaning sdb16:57
miguel2013any other gui partition manager16:57
lotuspsychjemiguel2013: disk-tools is default on gnome if you like16:58
miguel2013the problem is windows is only seeing 300gb on the partition but the same partition has 463GB realy16:59
miguel2013lotuspsychje: disks failing to resize my partition16:59
miguel2013it crashed windows and I had to fix it with chkdsk but left it incoinsistnt as i was telling16:59
miguel2013300gb usage but 468gb really16:59
miguel2013windows and linux display 90GB left space but windows shows the size of the partition as 300gb and linux 468gb17:00
miguel2013need to fix the inconsistency in linux that  I already have17:01
miguel2013I got ubuntu 2017:01
miguel2013just need a tool not disks17:01
Maikubuntu 20 what?17:05
Maik20.04.1 LTS or 20.1017:05
Maikit's possible that windows only shows what's free on the partition and gparted shows the total of the drive17:06
miguel2013I'll chkdsk it17:10
miguel2013gdisks corrupted my mbr partition18:00
miguel2013how to get it back? I can't load windows anymore or get to its trobleshooting command prompt options18:00
miguel2013my ssd now says it has gpt but is actually mbr18:01
miguel2013how to switch it back?18:01
miguel2013using bootable windows 10 when I type bootrec /fixmbr it says io output error probably cause it wants to do it on the usb drive that is write protected18:01
miguel2013not on my disk18:02
miguel2013how to repair mbr on ssd from ubuntu?18:02
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miguel2013help please18:33
miguel2013I can't boot into windows, I ran gdisk and ruined my mbr18:33
miguel2013changed it to gpt18:33
miguel2013when doing convert mbr from diskpart it says it can't convert it back cause it needs an empty disk18:33
jeremy31miguel2013: can you tell the Windows ISO what drive to fix the mbr on?18:43
jeremy31miguel2013: You might have to try yannubuntu's boot repair from an Ubuntu Live USB18:44
GoonDoghello, I am trying to install Eclipse IDE, latest version with no prior Eclipse installed in my Ubuntu, I am stuck and I am past bin you where I stuck, so that if somebody could care enough to take a look and point me to the right direction here is the pastebin https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/V6kYkxskwN/18:46
oerheksGoonDog, good luck, that download is not supported here, snap only https://snapcraft.io/eclipse19:01
unixbsdHello, how to plot f(x) as a function of g(x) with gnuplot for x from 0 to 1000?  I would like to have x that changes, and X/Y are f(x) and g(x).19:04
GoonDognot supported?19:06
oerheksGoonDog, nope, only our repositories.19:06
GoonDogwow, pretty conservative oerheks19:07
oerheksand not sure why you are root, unpacking stuff in a /home/  folder..19:07
GoonDogunixbsd,  if you know how to code in Python, R or Maxima, this will be easy,19:08
GoonDogso if i want to install Android Studio which I need to develop mobile application by utilizing Java, Ubuntu will not provide support19:09
oerheksinteresting statement, GoonDog .. https://snapcraft.io/android-studio19:11
oerhekswe don't support, as it is a prop blob19:11
GoonDogno wonder I prefer Debian19:20
mok0And why is that Goondog19:38
N3bulaKEvening all19:45
N3bulaKI have an Appimage and created a .desktop script for it19:46
N3bulaKbut the icon is not showing up in the list19:47
oerheksN3bulaK, after creating, you might need to logout/login ?19:47
N3bulaKlet me try19:47
oerheksunless you put it in ~/.local/share/applications as user19:47
N3bulaKjust restarted the machine19:49
N3bulaKbut still no icon :(19:49
N3bulaKAppimage is in the ~/.local/share/applications19:50
oerhekscorrect path to the icon?19:50
N3bulaKwhen I run the application, it does show the icon in the taskbar but not in the list of apps19:50
N3bulaKoerheks: oh thank you for the example19:53
N3bulaKin the script it shows Application with a capital A?19:53
N3bulaKbut I don't have the folder Applications in my user19:55
N3bulaKis there a way to install the Appimage?19:56
N3bulaKcan I use --install?19:56
jeremy31N3bulaK: double click on the file20:00
N3bulaKdoesn't install it20:01
jeremy31N3bulaK: does it run?20:02
N3bulaKyeah, I have right clicked on it to make it executable20:02
jeremy31N3bulaK: see https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-create-desktop-shortcut-launcher-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux20:03
jeremy31From there I think it can be added to the program list20:03
N3bulaKjeremy31: Thank you :) I will give it a go20:04
N3bulaKoerheks: instructions worked20:04
N3bulaKThank you peeps20:04
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aroonihey folks ; i have a thinkpad bluetooth keboard attached to my ubuntu 20.04 laptop.   everything works EXCEPT for the cool scroll by holding the middle button down and the thinkpad button ... i know the keyboard works fine so its something about the intepreretation of it into ubuntu.  any ideas?20:26
white_magichey guys, I'm trying to use the 'column' command but it appears that on my Ubuntu installation, it's missing a few switches, like '-o', which let's you specify the output separator character. Can you recommend an alternate formatting utility? Or how to install a version of this utility that has that switch?20:31
BlueEaglearooni: I am not an expert in the field, but such things as fancy scrolls and media buttons (i.e. non-core function) might requrie hardware spesific driver. Have you tried it in Windows, and does the feature work there without installing any additional drivers?20:31
BlueEaglewhite_magic: `man columns` says that -s specifies the separators.20:32
white_magicBlueEagle: yes, it says that but it's actually for input separators. That option (which I actually use) pertains to how to parse input20:33
BlueEaglewhite_magic: unless I misunderstood you and you want columns to display something not in columns, but rather as a csv20:33
arooniBlueEagle: thanks for the response.  i DO know it works b/c prior to me upgrading my internal bluetooth 3.0 card to a 5.1 usb stick it worked fine.  could the new bluetooth adapter be the culprit?20:34
white_magicBlueEagle: the opposite. My input is a CSV. The output I get right now is quite nice, but I would just like to turn it into a table by specifying '|' as the output separator20:34
BlueEaglewhite_magic: If you have example input and desired output it would make it easier to understand what you want.20:36
white_magicsure thing, give me a second20:37
white_magicfor example: echo "a,b,c" | column -t -s"," .. this outputs "a    b     c". I would like it to become "a|b|c"20:37
white_magicI might just have to creatively use sed to deal with this20:40
white_magicbetter yet, awk20:40
arooniunrelated question: on ubuntu 20.04 sometimes my t420 laptop can't seem to resume and come back from suspend; or rather it can and i can enter my password to login/unlock but it just seems to do nothing.  in the past i've tried sudo killall gnome-shell -9 ; but that doesnt seem to reset the GUI and i end up having to restart.  is there a better way?20:43
BlueEaglewhite_magic: echo "a,b,c" | column -t -s","|sed 's/\s*/\|/g'20:45
BlueEaglewhite_magic: replace a collection of white spaces with |20:45
jellyhi, is there a Skylake+ libva driver for bionic somewhere?21:18
jellyintel-media-va-driver and intel-media-va-driver-non-free seem to be absent21:22
_Sym_or i965-va-driver-shaders21:25
_Sym_and libvdpau-va-gl121:25
jellyi965-va-driver{,-shaders} is for older intel gpus than what's in this i5-8365U I think21:26
jelly(also, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-vaapi-driver/+bug/1813131 prevents libva from working under default wayland _at all_, but that's a different issue)21:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1813131 in libva (Ubuntu Bionic) "i965_drv_video.so doesn't load any more if a Wayland server is present [failed to resolve wl_drm_interface(): /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libEGL_mesa.so.0: undefined symbol: wl_drm_interface]" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:27
jellywhat about it21:29
oerheksoh wait, bionic21:29
jellyyes.  I already know there's a build for focal+21:30
jellyI'd expect this to be covered in hwe-18.0421:31
jelly(it's not)21:31
_Sym_there is a backport21:32
_Sym_for bionic21:33
_Sym_but last update was 69 weeks ago21:33
agile_prghi all, I just installed ubuntu 20.0421:33
agile_prgI installed openssh-server and it will not let me login with the username and password21:34
agile_prgI did a ctrl-alt-f5 and attempted to login that way and it would not work either21:34
agile_prgI reset the password as I have auto login, but it still does not work21:34
agile_prgany ideas?21:34
jelly_Sym_, thanks!  I'll see if that wants to install, and decide whether I want it thta bad.  Not to keen on running a year+ old ffmpeg21:38
BlueEagleagile_prg: Did you use any special characters in your password, and do you have the correct keyboard layout now?22:00
BlueEagleagile_prg: hit: try typing the characters for your password in the user name field and see that they are they characters you think they are.22:01
agile_prgI fixed it thanks22:01
agile_prgBlueEagle are you good at networking by chance?22:02
BlueEagle!ask| agile_prg22:02
ubottuagile_prg: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:02
agile_prgI want to access a computer attached to a switch with ip address
agile_prgI set the ip address on another linux computer to but when I try to ping it says network unreachable22:03
BlueEagleagile_prg: You may need to specify the correct netmask as well.22:03
BlueEagleagile_prg: It should, in that case, be
agile_prgyes it is set to that22:04
BlueEagleagile_prg: Hmmm what does `route` yield? (See !paste)22:05
BlueEagleagile_prg: modified from `man route`: route add -net netmask metric 1024 dev eth022:07
agile_prgit says link-local 0.0.0 u 100 0 0 eno122:07
agile_prgwow that worked!22:08
BlueEagleagile_prg: You're welcome.22:08
BlueEagleagile_prg: You need a route for the computer to know where a packet needs to go. :)22:08
agile_prgok, my next questions is I have one ethernet cable going to a switch and I want to access the
agile_prgdo I just need to add a route to it, or do I need to also add like a fake interface with an ip address on that sbunet?22:09
BlueEagleagile_prg: Do you usually have a different IP-address on that interface?22:09
agile_prgI usally get a dynamic ip address through dhc22:09
agile_prgthrough dhcp22:09
BlueEagleagile_prg: And that IP is not in the subnet I assume.22:10
agile_prgnot it isn't22:10
agile_prgcan't type today :>22:10
BlueEagleagile_prg: I think it should work, because it tells your computer to look for that IP on eth0 and not the default gateway so my suggestion is to try it.22:12
agile_prgso just add the route like I did before?22:12
BlueEagleagile_prg: I also suggest you read `man route`22:12
BlueEagleagile_prg: Yeah, I think that should work, but I'm not a network engineer.22:12
agile_prgnope that didn't work22:14
BlueEagleagile_prg: You could try: `ip route add dev eth0`22:17
BlueEagleagile_prg: provided eth0 is your interface of course.22:18
agile_prgthat didn't work either22:19
BlueEagleagile_prg: does `route` still list the old route entries?22:19
BlueEagleagile_prg: then delete the previous routes or you will be stuck :)22:20
agile_prgheh ok22:20
agile_prgthat didn't work22:22
BlueEagleagile_prg: so what does `route` yeld now?22:22
agile_prgKernel IP routing table22:23
agile_prgDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface22:23
agile_prgdefault         _gateway         UG    100    0        0 eno122:23
agile_prg10.163.51.82 UH    0      0        0 eno122:23
agile_prglink-local     U     1000   0        0 eno122:23
agile_prg192.168.84.0   U     100    0        0 eno122:23
BlueEagle!paste | agile_prg22:23
ubottuagile_prg: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:23
agile_prgheh oops22:24
agile_prgany other ideas?22:26
BlueEagle!patience| agile_prg22:28
ubottuagile_prg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/22:28
BlueEagleagile_prg: I think we should try to set your own computer as the gateway for this IP so `ip route add via 192.168.84.XXX dev eth0` where XXX is the last octet to make this your IP22:31
BlueEagleagile_prg: Not at all sure if this will work though.22:31
BlueEagleagile_prg: If it does not then you may have to fiddle with a virtual device or find someone that know networking. :)22:32
BlueEagleagile_prg: https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccna-routing-switching-icnd1-100-105/ip-routing-explained might help too22:33
agile_prgheh ok22:33
agile_prgI don't know the octet thing your talking about22:34
BlueEaglean IP-address consists of four octets (values from 0 to 255).22:35
BlueEagleagile_prg: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/571187/ubuntu-server-virtual-network-interface-with-internet-access looks to be what you need. Create a new veth and give it the IP you set to your physical nic when it worked and then route traffic to or something through that. You can tighten the mask as hard as you want if you have to access some other 10.x.x.x-network in the future.22:39
SynfulAckI think my system updated on 2004 and when i opened chrome i didnt have my original tabs. Is that normal?22:39
agile_prgBlueEagle I appreciate your help, ya that did not work22:40
BlueEagleSynfulAck: Normally your personal settings are kept in your /home directory, and upgrading the system should not affect these. However if an application changes how they store stuff then what was in your /home directory will not be valid anymore.22:41
BlueEagleagile_prg: remember to remove any previous routes. If you !paste your `ifconfig` and `route` I can have a look.22:41
BlueEagleagile_prg: Also `networkctl status` might be useful22:43
BlueEagleagile_prg: I don't see any virtual interfaces set up.22:44
BlueEagleagile_prg: Oh, not using systemd-networkd? Are you on 18.04?22:45
agile_prgwell 20.04.1 to be specific22:45
BlueEagleagile_prg: Then I would expect networkd to be running unless you have disabeld netplan22:45
agile_prgnetworkd-dispatcher is running22:46
BlueEagleagile_prg: Ok, we'll try to work with what we got: `ifconfig veth0` and `route add -net netmask metric 1024 dev veth0`22:50
BlueEagleagile_prg: that should set up a virutal interface veth0 with the IP and then add a route  to the network via veth022:50
BlueEagleagile_prg: If that does not work, remove the previous routes and try to use the name eth0:0 in stead of veth022:52
agile_prgok one sec, starting fresh22:53
BlueEagleagile_prg: Are your network cards configured in /etc/network/interfaces ?22:53
agile_prgBlueEagle one sec, I can't set veth0 to because the other computer has that ip address22:54
agile_prgI need to set it to something like right?22:54
BlueEagleagile_prg: I thought your computer had that IP just a few moments ago. :)22:54
BlueEagleYeah, you want your IP to be something on the same subnet. I might have messed up 82 and 85 :)22:54
agile_prgit had the ip address of and then it could ping the computer I want to get into which has
agile_prgifconfig veth0 says no such device22:55
BlueEagleagile_prg: then try eth0:022:57
BlueEagleagile_prg: in stead of eth022:57
agile_prgok that worked, the network interface name is eno1 by the way22:57
agile_prgnot eth022:57
BlueEagleahh, well eno1:0 then I guess22:58
BlueEaglepoint is that we need a virutal one that can access stuff. :)22:58
octav1aHello. I'm trying to run a udev rule when I plug in my tablet, which runs a few things to fix where the pointer is aligned to. The problem is that the script, when udev runs it, makes an error "Failed to open display. Unable to connect to X server" How can I make the udev-initiated script run "as if it was running in my current open X session" ?22:58
BlueEagleagile_prg: If that now has that IP you can try to set up the route with dev eno1:0 as we tried first when it worked.22:58
agile_prgyes I do22:59
BlueEagleoctav1a: You probably don't want the script to requrie an X-application to run.22:59
BlueEagleoctav1a: i.e. the user that runs the script does not have an active X-session and can therefore not run an X-application, so check your script if it calls some X-applications and find a command line alternative.23:00
agile_prgBlueEagle on the route command what should I put for veth0, is it eno1:0 ?23:00
octav1aBlueEagle: the script runs two programs: 'xsetwacom' and 'xinput'   -- they are both "command line"23:00
BlueEagleagile_prg: eno1:0 would be the device we want to use.23:00
octav1a(but I would think, they DO still need access to the X session to work!)23:01
agile_prgit works!!!!!23:01
BlueEagleoctav1a: Both of them start with x, so both of them appear to be X-applications.23:01
BlueEagleagile_prg: You're welcome. :) Also I learned a lot about virtual interfaces in the process. :)23:01
agile_prgnow the big question, how do I make this automatic on bootup?23:02
octav1aBlueEagle: Yes, the problem is rather graphical in nature: the coordinates of the tablet stylus are offset incorrectly.23:02
BlueEagleagile_prg: are your network interfaces configured in /etc/network/interfaces ?23:02
BlueEagleoctav1a: I see. But the script needs to be run by the user when the device is connected, and not by the udev daemon. I am not sure how to trigger a user space script from an udev event, but I'll see if my google-fu can find out.23:03
agile_prgI do not have that file23:03
agile_prgwhich confuses me23:03
BlueEagleagile_prg: Ok, then it's some netplan stuff that is voodoo to me. :)23:03
SynfulAckBlueEagle, isnt there some location chrome stores the tabs incase of this?23:03
agile_prgI have directories if-down.d, if-post-down.d if-pre-up.d if-up.d23:03
BlueEagleSynfulAck: I would not know. I would guess ~/.chrome or somesuch23:04
BlueEagleagile_prg: /etc/netplan is the place for this.23:05
agile_prgoh wow23:05
BlueEagleagile_prg: https://linuxhint.com/ubuntu_20-04_network_configuration/23:05
agile_prgI am quite new to this23:05
Bashing-omagile_prg: ^^ so it's systemd-networkd, and config's under /etc/systemd/network/ .23:07
BlueEagleoctav1a: https://superuser.com/questions/582723/can-udev-somehow-trigger-zenity-for-a-logged-in-user-in-a-session - The last entry here shows how to run  a script in an X-session. Not sure if it will work for your case, though.23:07
BlueEagleBashing-om: An example on how to set this up would help a lot.23:10
Bashing-omBlueEagle: I have no experience with networkd - All I can do is blunder along with you. See: https://blog.ubuntu.com/2017/12/01/ubuntu-bionic-netplan for some examples.23:12
agile_prgI heard there was a way to record the screen in ubuntu 20.04.1 that is default installed23:16
agile_prghas anyone done that?23:16
lotuspsychjeagile_prg: gnome has an internal record function yeah23:16
agile_prgcan I invoke it from the command line somehow just curious?23:17
lotuspsychjeagile_prg: didnt do it myself, but i think so yes23:17
agile_prghas anyone used xrdp?23:18
octav1aBlueEagle: unfortunately, i've tried a number of small variants, but I'm not able to use that script, either. I get the same display errors when it gets to the "xhost" line.23:20
octav1aI've also tried the wrapper script and xauthority method described here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/65788/why-doesnt-xsetwacom-work-from-udev23:26
BlueEagleoctav1a: Sorry, but I mostly use ubuntu on my servers, so I don't really have any experience with X-servers, but I hope someone else will be able to help.23:27
agile_prghi all I ssh into an ubuntu server from another ubuntu server and when I use vi it types weird letters when I try to insert text23:39
agile_prgany ideas how I fix that?23:39
agile_prgpico works right23:40
agile_prgvim fixed it nm23:41

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