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twojukeboksiI've been observing that putting an US to sleep while JACK is on does not lead to JACK needing a restart after wakeup, just the patchbay connections need to be re-established13:15
twojukeboksithis would indicate that it could be possible to use US as everyday laptop OS.13:16
twojukeboksiI've installed one on this laptop, but there was the weirdest putoff: The weather panel widget, it suddenly has only some german channel for weather for Helsinki, instead of various providers and various locations, also it does not apply its settings, coz it does not display the temperature, even as it should13:18
twojukeboksiWhich is weird coz I've installed 3 instances of US 20.10 where the weather widget has no such problems with the same stick13:19
twojukeboksithe patchbay thing could prlly be automized by a script, all currently need to connect is the midi-controller to fluidsynth13:20
MauroGaspari[m]<twojukeboksi "the patchbay thing could prlly b"> I have automated carla patch bay and rack wirh login script,  that will autostart it and minimize on login. You can find that in my article on frontpagelinux.com13:53
MauroGaspari[m]This for ubuntu studio 20.10 https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/ubuntu-studio-20-10-audio-setup-tutorial/13:56
MauroGaspari[m]And this for studio controls installed on ubuntu budgie (can apply to most GTK based ubuntu flavours) https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/easily-install-jack-audio-with-ubuntu-studio-installer/13:56
twojukeboksiMauroGaspari[m]: Big thanks! Reading, bookmarked14:18
MauroGaspari[m]twojukeboksi no worries, happy to help. Ubuntu Studio is great!14:45
twojukeboksiYeah, I love it, it is so memory frugal14:45
twojukeboksinow exporting the last virtual machine as an appliance14:52
twojukeboksiweird thing the weather widget suddenly being all poor in sources and broken in that it does not implement its settings14:53
twojukeboksinot the worst of brokenness, but kinda weird when you've just installed working ones from the same USB-stick and then one doesn't work14:54
OvenWerkstwojukeboksi: I have had the same problem with weather applets, the source changes the way they lay things out and the applet dev has to have time to re do that part.14:56
twojukeboksithanks for that info14:58
OvenWerkstwojukeboksi: aside from using Carla to automate port connections it would be possible to use a session manager or there is a commandline utility called jack-plumbing that will make connections according to a config file.14:58
twojukeboksikinda weird that in my dedicated US machine, which I installed almost immediately after 20.10 came out weather data and display is just fine, but in the new install it is not15:01
twojukeboksiOvenWerks: Thank you for that information.15:02
OvenWerksIt is odd, I am on 20.04 and weather worked for about 6 months and now I can't use it anymore.15:02
skycandy[m]Hi, I've a question...15:16
OvenWerksdon't ask to ask....15:17
skycandy[m]How can I reboor Ubuntu Studio, by Terminal or another way, with an currently running System, without shutting the Power of my Workstation down???15:18
skycandy[m]I only need to renew the runing componentes and overload them while running the system...15:18
skycandy[m]Is there any possible way, or finished apt to install?15:18
skycandy[m]reboor = reboot15:18
OvenWerkssudo reboot?15:18
skycandy[m]No, this is shutting down the system and boot it again...15:19
OvenWerksif you use control-alt-F2 to get a terminal then even control-alt-del should work15:19
OvenWerkssudo reboot should work... if you try that and it doesn't work what output do you have?15:20
skycandy[m]My System shuts down, power goe sshortly off, then it boots normal from beginning... I has all fast boot options and so configured in BIOS... So when I Power on with wake on lan, the system Boots into UBUNTUSTUDIO, thats all fine...15:27
skycandy[m]I thought there ios an option to "OverRole the System with a new boot, while running the UBUNTUSTUDIO without power off, or screen off, or anything you would see while rebooting...15:29
OvenWerksDo you mean run a VM?15:29
skycandy[m]No... I has no Hypervizor atm... I ned to Hot-Reboot the system with all running components, Tools and Programms...15:31
OvenWerksA reboot will, by definition, reset the system to about the same as power on15:31
skycandy[m]So like a refresh of the running System, if it is buggy at many edges, and not knotting fine the corners, boxes and vCores...15:32
OvenWerksI am not sure what you mean or what purpose that has. I do know that both xfce and plasma can be set to restart the same applications that were running before but my experience with that is that the applications are not exactly like I left them.15:33
MauroGaspari[m]As OvenWerks said, a reboot is just that. If you do not want to reboot you can restart services. But at some point especially after kernel updates, you will need to reboot. If you are afraid of issues for remote machines,  you can mitigate by using remote access cards such as iDRAC for Dell servers. Or by using generic PDU-over-IP and KVM-over-IP15:33
MauroGaspari[m]And if you must keep virtual machines, or databases online at all costs  well at that point you need a cluster15:34
OvenWerksyou could also try logout and login, but my experience there (ever since systemd) has been that something are not restarted15:34
skycandy[m]I am running an AiR-ChatBox, with much Cnutted Bluetooth STuff and WiFi LEDs and in BlackLight, and flying Scripting-Streams and Stuff... Its bad for the Head when it cracks down, and need to reset Power, is like a kill.15:35
skycandy[m]I must start everytime new...15:36
skycandy[m]Need to fly home, here is all full of COVIS SRS...15:36
OvenWerksthis sounds beyond what you are likely to find on this channel, have you asked on #ubuntu?15:37
skycandy[m]No, what Kind of Systems are normal in EUR:DE to fly in next LTE-BOX, I kindly new in Jumpin again, I lost all... Was in a JumpSquad from U.S.E. and had a bad crash, I remember not much...15:41
skycandy[m]Sorry Guys...15:42
skycandy[m]I got the MB for an PyBow imported, but can't load into the Bot.15:43
skycandy[m]So I use the UBUNTUSTUDIO to find Island, because of the X-Render...15:44
OvenWerksI actually have no idea what most of the things you refer to mean... I have no idea how you would use ubuntustudio to find an island15:44
OvenWerksThe questions you are asking do not seem to be about ubuntustudio specific applications at all and so we probably can't help you15:45
skycandy[m]Yes it is okay! Thank u for listening, and your interest in helpin...15:53
twojukeboksiHmm... I'm seeing a bug that looks about the same on KDE neon and Ubuntu Studio: In KDE neon sometimes when reconnecting my ThunderBolt 3 dock the system settings sees the mono input of the dock, but the stereo out is nowhere to be seen.17:43
twojukeboksiI'm observing this now on US in the QasMixer17:43
OvenWerkstwojukeboksi: that would be generic to all ubuntu17:44
twojukeboksimost likely yes.17:44
twojukeboksisomething missing or wrong in some driver thingy or something like that17:45
OvenWerksIt would be a mix of kernel, modules, udev, etc17:45
OvenWerkscould also be timing17:45
twojukeboksiI never took the course on "how to make operating systems"-course, I would have been even more lost than usually at the dept17:45
OvenWerksone of the things to look at is /proc/asound/<device>/subdirectories17:46
OvenWerkswhen you are having the problem17:46
twojukeboksithere are three cards there. I'm assuming that the dock is the last one because it is the last one in the HW-view of Qasmixer17:47
OvenWerksin the card* direcory there should be both pcm<num>c and pcm<num>p17:49
OvenWerksthe c is capture (your mic) and thge p is playback17:49
OvenWerksMy guess is that your ThunderBolt dock shows it's audio device as a USB device so /proc/asound/card<num>/usb* are files to look for17:53
twojukeboksiOvenWerks: /proc/asound/card2/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params just contains "closed", could this be why the playback on the dock are not appearing to the system?17:53
OvenWerksclosed just means it is not being used right now17:53
OvenWerksif the pcm0p/sub0/ subdirectory is there, then ALSA has correctly detected the device17:54
twojukeboksiI cannot figure out why the mono in shows up in the Ubuntue, while the stereo-out is not seen by the system17:55
twojukeboksiOn KDE neon my hackaround is just to disconnect and reconnect the dock till for an unknown reason it does detect also the stereo out and switch to it17:57
OvenWerksIf I have trouble with my cheap USB devices it is normally the playback that fails17:58
OvenWerksWhat name does the dock audio show up as?17:58
twojukeboksiCard: Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock USB at usb-0000:09:00.0-, full speed18:00
OvenWerks(cat /proc/asound/cards with and without the dock which one shows up with dock)18:00
twojukeboksiI'm sure it is card218:00
OvenWerksWhat is the name in the []18:00
twojukeboksicard zero is the internal audio, card one is my modeling guitar amp18:00
twojukeboksiinside is [USB]18:01
OvenWerksAh, so hard to know the chip used18:02
twojukeboksiThis is the Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 dock Gen 2 if that helps18:03
OvenWerksI wonder which part of the device gets set up by ALSA first18:04
OvenWerksI am guessing playback may get setup sometimes before the device has settled.18:07
OvenWerksis your dock self powered or is it powered from the thunderbolt bus?18:07
twojukeboksidock charges my laptop18:15
OvenWerksSo the audio device should be powered up before the laptop is plugged in.18:16
twojukeboksiyeah it is18:16
OvenWerks(though depending on the chip, the analog protion may be doc powered and the USB portion by the laptop)18:17
twojukeboksiI don't think so. The dock has a 135W power supply so that the laptop and also any attached USB devices get their juice18:18
OvenWerksin any case I would call it the ALSA USB module. I would guess startup timing.18:22
twojukeboksiso some sleep somewhere could help?18:24
twojukeboksiit is probably some ALSA thing, because it exhibits in KDE neon too where it can usually be fixed by unplugging and replugging the thunderbolt cable a few times and hoping that something falls into the right state18:26
OvenWerksYeah, but in the module itself... so not sleep18:27
OvenWerkssleep is bad in any real time code18:29
OvenWerks(or kernel code)18:29
twojukeboksiHey. I just got it to work by selecting it from Studio Controls to be USB Master.18:30
twojukeboksiI'll see what happens if I "accidentally" unplug the thunderbolt cable18:30
OvenWerksJACK does an ALSA reset as part of its startup18:30
OvenWerksSo maybe a udev rule that reset alsa?18:31
twojukeboksiI dunno. Now the thing went into a no audio at all state. I'll reboot, it would be awesome if I could use US as everyday OS, coz then I'd really discover its possibilities when I don't need to go to another computer to do it18:36
twojukeboksiyeah, after restart the dock output is working18:42
twojukeboksinow importing the VirtualBox appliance, the first one seemed ok with the 6.1.16 extension pack for version 6.1.1418:55

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