RikMillssanta_: uploaded06:47
santa_RikMills: thank you very much10:58
BluesKajHi folks13:49
santa_hi everyone16:08
santa_RikMills: it seems to me akonadi needs a couple of symbols marked as optional: http://tritemio-groomlake.duckdns.org/build-status/buildstatus_ubuntu-exp3/ubuntu-exp3_status_applications.html16:09
santa_also libkf5libkleo16:10
RikMillssanta_: have you tried no change rebuilds in a real ppa?16:10
RikMillsoh, urgh. new boost!16:13
santa_RikMills: indeed, that's what I've just checked, the missing symbols must be boost leaks so they must be marked as optional16:14
RikMillsok do that if you like16:15
RikMillsplease :)16:15
santa_yeah, I have some personal sutff to do first but I can prepare fixes16:16
santa_in any case the test rebuild is still running and it will take some time to complete16:16
santa_I expect it to finish in the middle of the night16:16
RikMillsnp. there is no huge hurry right now16:17

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