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JohnDoe_71Rustooday update 20.04 and get sddm-greeter[1267]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00007ffd36383ac8 error 14 in sddm-greeter[564c15469000+17000]05:57
JohnDoe_71Rusbut work in recovery mode05:57
guivercJohnDoe_71Rus, I'd expect to find a crash report in /var/crash/  and I'd submit that with `ubuntu-bug /var/crash/[filename.crash]`    did you make any changes last session? or just update(s)?06:05
JohnDoe_71Rusonly update06:08
guivercif it were me, given no known cause; I'd likely boot a live system (eg. lubuntu/ubuntu install media) & fsck (file-system check) my drives..  if errors were found & fixed I'd expect normal boot next time06:09
JohnDoe_71Rusupdated files https://i.imgur.com/W90ypZW.png sorry don't know how to get text06:11
guivercI see a number of graphics-stack packages.. I'm not good with graphics sorry06:12
guivercI'd possibly try `sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm` from terminal, but I'd not expect it to do anything/much.. but no harm either06:12
JohnDoe_71Rusi have _usr_bin_sddm.0.crash - 0 byte, _usr_bin_sddm.1000.crash - 381 841 byte and _usr_bin_sddm-greeter.119.crash - 2,3Mb06:13
guiverc`ubuntu-bug /var/crash/_usr_bin & use tab to autocomplete the two with non-0 bytes06:14
guiverci looked up a package you had listed; it doesn't match ubuntu repos - https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal-updates/mesa-vdpau-drivers   are you using 3rd party (closed-source)?06:16
* guiverc now notes it's a groovy package; you said 20.0406:19
JohnDoe_71Rusi use not much advanced repos https://i.imgur.com/JOZAjKj.png06:24
guivercfocal will get those next year (20.04.2 scheduled for feb 11) but they're still in test for focal/20.0406:28
guivercJohnDoe_71Rus, if you `apt-cache policy mesa-vdpau-drivers`  - where is yours coming from?06:30
JohnDoe_71Rustry to send bug, but it strange work. only dots06:30
guivercin can be slow (may depend on upload speed), if it wants you to login (lubuntu will want to open firefox; meaning you can't in text terminal..) you may have issues; can select to continue later I believe06:32
guivercyep -proposed; or the test packages intended for release feb-2021 (ISO date is 11-feb; installed systems will get them a few days ahead of that date)06:32
JohnDoe_71Rushttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/46f4352BWw/ can't upload06:37
guivercyou could try `sudo apt install --reinstall sddm` but it's a hail-mary; sorry I'm unsure06:37
guivercnot always do you get anything with `ubuntu-bug`... it maybe an already reported bug & all you did was add 'heat' to the prior report (ie. another person is impacted by it)06:38
guivercyou can also use the #ubuntu room with Lubuntu (we're an official flavor), but sorry I'm unsure06:39
* guiverc fears it's proposed/test mesa/graphics stack; I don't have a focal system to test stuff on available at present..06:39
JohnDoe_71Rusneed reboot to test reinstall06:40
JohnDoe_71Rusnot help06:47
JohnDoe_71Rusnow i have *.uploaded files with some hash06:48
guivercI feared it wouldn't JohnDoe_71Rus, I suspect (but don't know) it's related to -proposed graphics stack currently in testing, but I don't know sorry06:49
guivercif .crash files in /var/crash have been uploaded; the .uploaded is added to them to signify they've been uploaded/submitted06:49
guivercin time someone else maybe able to better help here JohnDoe_71Rus, or you could try #ubuntu06:51
homePlease fix the tearing on Lubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)19:42
kc2bezPlease stay longer than 7 seconds so we can help you.19:44
lubot[telegram] <FedeBosio> Lol21:32
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