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el_tigroHello, wondering if I can get some assistance. I installed the androidsdk snap package and it contains a folder called cmdline-tools/bin/ with a bunch of executables (sdkmanager, avdmanager,...) however snap.yaml only exposes sdkmanager. How can I run other executables like avdmanager? I attempted to use 'snap run --shell androidsdk' which drops me in the snap's container wasn't able to do much from there. I also tried some stuff18:42
el_tigrowith nsenter but no luck.18:42
oerheksmaybe you want to add those to a profile? https://askubuntu.com/a/94122219:05
hardwireHowdy.  Anybody have an rngtools snap sitting around?19:48
hardwireBe nice if that was part of core18+19:48
hardwireAlso.. Is there a configuration method to switch from wired to wireless connections via snap config or some other way?19:50
hardwireI'm setting up a GATT server for standard ubuntu to do this.. but we are migrating to core.19:50
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mupIssue core18#176 opened: systemd media.mount can't unmount disk <Created by montvid> <https://github.com/snapcore/core18/issues/176>20:53
el_tigrooerheks: Thanks but there's an issue. Once the snap is installed I can use sdkmanager to install other executables (e.g adb, ...), which get installed under $HOME/AndroidSDK/... which run without issue. I can even have sdkmanager install another copy of avdmanager in my home directory as well. The problem is that the avdmanager has a java dependency, which I would prefer not to install on my main system. So I really want to run21:05
el_tigroavdmanager witin the snap container, where the right version of java is installed. I'm also curious to know if it's possible to get a shell in the snap container that would allow me to do so. 'snap run --shell ...' drops me in the container but I get "permission denied" when trying to do most things.21:05
el_tigroI was hoping that  'snap run --shell androidsdk' would behave similarly to "lxc exec  <instance> bash" but that doesn't seem to be the case. any insight would be appreciated, not just for solving my specific issue but to understand where my understanding is flawed.21:12

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