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ItzSwirlzThe_LoudSpeaker: sorry for late reply. I don't know what the normal routines are. 12 is currently in focal. Also debhelper-compat 13 is in experimental and that probably means it's not going to be autosynced to hirsute, thus probably wont be in focal for a little while.19:01
ItzSwirlzAlso it may be best to just leave focal at debhelper 12 nistead of causing migration issues19:02
cjwatsonWe don't normally upgrade debhelper in stable releases (except in -backports), indeed.19:43
cjwatson(would have a pretty high regression potential)19:45
JackFrostIndeed, though -backports (since it's pinned at 100) is useful for, well, backporting other software. :319:46
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