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nbusrone May I know ,  how do I check for repository default application ? I try to search a browser apps like midori or vivaldi but non of them show up.But on Software center search does shows up while synaptic doesn't.11:41
nbusroneWhat is the different between Snap , Flatpak , AppImage ? why does application a divided to all unknown distribution compare to ppa ?11:42
tomreynnbusrone: i don't understand the last question: "why does application a divided to all unknown distribution compare to ppa ?"11:47
tomreynnbusrone: generally speaking, which software sources are available to install from depends on which software installer frontend you are using.11:48
nbusronetomreyn : such as chromium.There are main from repository , ppa , snap11:49
tomreyni.e. the ubuntu desktop's "ubuntu software" application defaults on pulling software via snap, then via apt as a secondary choice. synaptic, on the other hand, would only install software from apt sources.11:49
tomreynchromium is a bit of a special case, because its apt packages use a forwarding mechanism which cause the snap package to be installed instead.11:50
tomreynsome other apt packages were also replaced by their snap counter parts this way11:50
nbusronetomreyn : from what I check most of the application are moving out from main apt sources to snap.11:51
tomreynchromium installations from a ppa will probably still use apt only, installations from ubuntu repository on ubuntu 20.04 and later will result in a snap installation.11:51
nbusronetomreyn : Does snap provide better option compare to main apt repository ?11:52
tomreynnot most of them, no. but some, especially proproetary ones, and some which are more difficult to maintain.11:52
tomreynthe snap distribution model and software packaging format has some advantages and (if you ask me) several disadvantages over apt / deb.11:54
tomreynpersonally, i keep snaps off my system because of these.11:54
tomreyn*systemS, desktops and servers11:55
nbusronetomreyn : Of all the browser i check on Software Center , mostly are maintain and install at snap. I would like to know,  is there any application such as synaptic which show apps from snap ? beside software center.11:56
nbusronetomreyn : The reason i avoid snap because sometimes i encounter bug during shut down where snap not able to turn off the pc.It's a bug but haven't been fix. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/187355011:58
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1873550 in snapd (Ubuntu) "Snappy daemon reaches 1min30s timeout during shutdown process" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:58
tomreynnbusrone: i'm only aware of "Ubuntu software" (AKA "Software center") and the snap CLI showing packages from this source.11:58
tomreynmaybe ask about it in #snapcraft - they may not even be aware of it, yet12:00
nbusronetomreyn : I avoid most snap application if possible but some are install by default. Hopefully the bug will be fix.Snap advantage which doesn't required much dependency.12:01
tomreynyou can probably replace most of the default applications installed as snaps by their apt counter parts, or via 3rd party repositories.12:04
nbusronetomreyn : beside , I do not like the idea of snap which automatically update the application and it's hard to revert back to previous build if newer version conflict.12:04
tomreynchromium can be replaced by apt builds from PPAs or by ungoogled.-chromium12:04
lotuspsychjenbusrone: you can divide things with apt-cache search foo vs snap find foo12:05
nbusronetomreyn : as for chromium , I am using ppa maintainer which support hardware acceleration.12:05
nbusronelotuspsychje : thanks , I aware of that but prefer something similar with synaptic.12:05
nbusronelotuspsychje : GUI base.12:06
lotuspsychjenbusrone: snap-store vs gnome-software then12:06
tomreyndidnt they replace the gnome gui which normally doesn't list snaps by one which does in 20.04?12:07
lotuspsychjeubuntu software is now snap-store in 20.04 yeah12:07
lotuspsychjebut you can still install gnome-software on the side too12:07
tomreynoh ok12:08
lotuspsychjeand i see a gnome-software-plugin-snap so i think one can divide things12:09
nbusronebut need to carefully look at the type on installation , ( Source : snap ) or ( ubuntu- -universe) but now being replace.The only way to get from main repo is synaptic or apt-cache search.Still hoping snap will fix the bug and load faster on slower hard drive.12:12
lotuspsychjenbusrone: that bug isnt for every machine, i installed a lot of 20.04 where this did not happen12:14
lotuspsychjei think on hd spinners, snaps/snapd could lag things more like shutdown, boot and loading of snaps on snap-store12:16
nbusronelotuspsychje : the bug doesn't happen offen , but I test 30  times power down the pc or restart , will have once or twice.Percentage would be around 3-5/100 occur.12:16
lotuspsychjenbusrone: thats something that can happen with other services then snap too, awaiting service to shutdown12:17
lotuspsychjei reccomend you install preload, haveged, stacer and tweak your machine a bit startup items + ssystemd services12:18
lotuspsychjeare you on a spinner nbusrone ?12:18
nbusronelotuspsychje : I did fix it by reduce the timer to 30 secound. SO it's not a major problem but I do hope there is a way to prevent snap to automatically update.12:18
lotuspsychjethere are commands to tweak snapd, think oerheks linked that one time12:19
nbusronespinner? no idea what do you mean.12:19
lotuspsychjemechanical HD spinner12:19
lotuspsychjeor an ssd12:19
nbusronelotuspsychje : have both ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 install dualboot in mechanical drive and ssd.I can compare the different between both.12:20
lotuspsychjeyeah might be a good test12:20
nbusronelotuspsychje : mind showing the link of oerheks linked tweak ?12:21
lotuspsychjeif i can recall it was from ubuntu blog12:21
lotuspsychjenbusrone: something like this; https://snapcraft.io/blog/how-to-manage-snap-updates12:22
nbusronelotuspsychje : oh , never know i can set therefresh timer12:23
nbusronelotuspsychje : anyway thanks for the help , looks like most 3rd proprietary application or browser switch maintain fully on snap.Will midori install for light weight.12:37
lotuspsychjenbusrone: i saw brave browser is back on snaps now, rocketfastest browser around12:39
nbusronelotuspsychje : oh , maybe will try those.12:40
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