agile_prgI want to send ctrl alt shift r all at the same time from the command line to gnome, anyone know how I do that?00:03
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john_ramboJust installed EASYTAG .... I added info on the Album field then opened the mp3 with both VLC & SMplayer but the Album info is not showing ...Any ideas ?00:29
BlueEagleagile_prg: Do you want to send ctrl+shift+R or do you want to start the screen recording?00:50
BlueEagleoh wait, that is alt+ctrl+shift+r00:51
BlueEaglewait, you did have an alt in there, so I guess it is to start the screen recorder.00:52
BlueEagleagile_prg: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61596274/how-to-start-gnomes-built-in-screen-recorder-via-command-line00:54
BlueEagleagile_prg: Some times it is better to try to start the action rather than try forcing some shortcut keys.00:54
BlueEagleagile_prg: Also there is the tool xdotool00:55
mdhI have an Ubuntu 16.04.7 install that I would like to upgrade to the latest LTS. To do this, would I just upgrade sequentially from this version to the each of the versions in-between?01:30
BlueEagle!upgrade| mdh01:30
ubottumdh: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:30
Maikmdh: do a fresh install, it's faster01:31
Maikalso 16.04 uses Unity as desktop, the newer versions use Gnome 3 since the 17.10 release01:32
aroonitrying to build drivers from scratch on https://eveobt5driver.pages.ontraport.net/ ;; linux drivers;; but when i try building "https://gist.github.com/arooni/6c8f569b0e06a51835d69e4736918f70 ... any ideas?01:53
oerheksi love spaces in foldernames, makes the make file happy01:59
greiseanhow do I add keys for apt? apt-key is deprecated apparantly02:04
oerheksno, apt-key is not depreciated, what keys for what ubuntu version?02:05
oerheksor what guide do you follow?02:06
greisean"Warning: apt-key is deprecated. Manage keyring files in trusted.gpg.d instead (see apt-key(8))."02:23
miguel2013why gparted fails to load02:33
Bashing-ommiguel2013: On the liveUSB ? (as in the installed system is removed after the install completes)02:34
oerhekshow do you start gparted?02:34
oerheksone cannot shrink an active partition, so you need a live session for that :-P02:35
miguel2013Bashing-om, from a ssd 128gb02:35
miguel2013not removable02:35
miguel2013oerheks, i forgot02:36
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Bashing-ommiguel2013: Do not operate on a mounted file system - is a moving target - which is why gparted is made available on the live environment.02:40
miguel2013Bashing-om, right on02:42
ZythyrNeed help with booting from an encrypted LVM. I am manually setting up LVM on LUKS. I managed to properly configure the LVM and install Ubuntu. The /boot partition is NOT encrypted and NOT part of the LVM. However, I can't figure after installing Ubuntu what I need to do so that on boot I am ask for the password to decrypt and mount the LVM. I am following this guide as a reference but this03:49
Zythyrguide is slightly different becasue the author also encrypts the /boot parittion which I am NOT doing. Further the guide is kind of comfusing because it uses advance bash script to do all the configuration which is difficult to digest for beginners. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201903:49
ZythyrI know the default Ubuntu 20 installer gives the option to automtically setup the encrypted LVM. But I don't want to do it automatically. I want to manually do it so i can learn. Furthermore the default Ubuntu 20 installer doens't give me the option to create logical volumes in teh LVM for /home /swap etc...03:51
guivercZythyr, you haven't said if you mean 20.04 desktop (installer is ubiquity) or 20.04 server (installer is subiquity); I don't know about Ubuntu Core 20 (I thought it was just an image)05:44
ZythyrIts ubuntu 20.10 desktop. I currenlty figured it out. I need to edit the /etc/crypttab file and then call "update-initramfs -u -k all". However, alot of the guides make this improtant step so vauge and don't explain why "update-initramfs -u -k all" needs to be called05:46
guivercthe initial ram disk (fs) is loaded pre-kernel & needs to know about encryption so it can read further to boot system & it seems clear to me in help.ubuntu.com guide you posted (prior to the reboot..)05:54
codebam1is there a channel I can join for ubuntu on arm support?05:55
guiverccodebam1, generic Ubuntu questions can be asked here..05:55
guiverccodebam1, there is a #ubuntu-arm channel I note (don't know more sorry; it's from channel list)05:56
codebam1okay well on my odroid xu4 my hard drives are reading very slowly and they lockup if I try to do heavy I/O. I was able to fix it on a previous release by disabling UAS but that didn't seem to help this time05:58
codebam1is there something I should check? I can send a dmesg if someone wants to look05:58
Zythyrguiverc So does this mean everytime i modify the /etc/crypttab i need to call "update-initramfs -u -k all" ?05:59
codebam1the drives are using BTRFS RAID1 with LUKS and I never had issues with I/O due to FDE in the past05:59
codebam12 x 5TB drives05:59
guivercZythyr, I'm no expert in encryption or boot, so can't advise sorry06:00
* guiverc on sees a reference to my swap file in my own /etc/crypttab but opinion isn't fact06:01
guivercs/on sees/only sees06:01
Zythyrno problem thank you06:05
lotuspsychje!arm | codebam106:07
ubottucodebam1: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.06:07
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wingsI've got an interesting problem... I can't run graphical programs as root through Remmina RDP.06:25
wingsGtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :10 at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.30/Gtk2.pm line 126.06:25
wingsfor example that's gprename06:25
coconutAnyone knows whether there are ubuntu super keys for thinkpad laptops?07:17
DeyaaHow to use printf but without printing ? Is there any alternative functions?07:24
JohnDoe_71Rushi. tooday update 20.04 and get sddm-greeter[1267]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000000000 sp 00007ffd36383ac8 error 14 in sddm-greeter[564c15469000+17000]07:41
wyoungGood work.07:41
JohnDoe_71Rusi use lubunu 20.04 but i think problem is common07:41
unixbsdwhich software might allow with command line to derivate / integrate functions (math)? Like x**2 => 2*x, 2*x => 2,....07:43
JohnDoe_71Rusbut sddm run and i can login in recovery mode07:43
m4rtin_hallo, is there a linux youtube player or firefox addon that blocks all youtube adds and the demand to login? Thanks!08:11
hmmpI use ublock with firefox and never see adds. 18+ rated videos you still need to login though or use youtube-dl to download them08:26
hmmpi think you can also pipe video from youtube-dl to mpv or some other player08:27
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nbusroneMay I know ,  how do I check for repository default application ? I try to search a browser apps like midori or vivaldi but non of them show up.But on Software center search does shows up while synaptic doesn't.11:25
nbusroneWhat is the different between Snap , Flatpak , AppImage ? why does application a divided to all unknown distribution compare to ppa ?11:40
lotuspsychje!discuss | nbusrone11:40
ubottunbusrone: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!11:40
nbusronelotuspsychje : thanks11:41
HashHello. I have made a snapshot image of my vps ubuntu 18.04. I wanted to upgrade to 20.04 but I wanted to test it out on a copy of the server to make sure it would go ok. What is the proper instruction for this?11:44
tomreynHash: are you asking how to start the release upgrade?11:45
HashThat is correct, however, I would like to know how to do it properly, what all I need to keep in mind or do before I start the do-release-upgrade command11:46
Hashhttps://bpa.st/G7LQ <- here are the only non Ubuntu 20.04 package repositories I have used in the past on 18.0411:49
HashI assume I should disable these repositories11:49
Hashor do you think that they would be okay with --allow-third-party11:50
tomreynHash: i couldn't make a good guess on whether it would work with --allow-third-party. it's maybe worth a try if you have a rollback strategy (your snapshot) and are planning on keeping those after the upgrade11:57
HashI am testing on a snapshot restored server. If it works there, I'll run it on my main one.11:57
HashIt is probably wise to remove the repositories and perhaps even purge those packages before upgrade. I can always get them again.11:58
HashI'll try some stuff out. Thanks.11:59
tomreyn!ppa-purge | Hash12:01
ubottuHash: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:01
HashOh. Interesting12:01
tomreynHash: the supported approach would be to downgrade all packages to ubuntu release versions, and remove any third party software.12:01
tomreynthat is, you're back in the supported domain once you reliably achieved that12:02
tomreynafter using ppa-purge, use the apt-forktracer utility (and apt package) to identify additional deviations12:03
tomreynHash: something you may want to consider regarding 3rd party packages is whether you intend to keep ondrej sury'S PHP distribution, or want to revertt to the (upgraded) php version ubuntu provides when you upgrade.12:09
tomreyni'm not recommending one over the other, but this choice has implications for how you'll prepare for the upgrade, i guess.12:10
isomarigreetings, can I downgrade my outdated eoan to bionic by replacing "eaon" with "bionic" in source.list then updating/upgrading?12:34
jeremy31isomari: That is likely to be ugly12:37
isomarijeremy31: damn. Is there any essy way to upgrade from my eol eaon that went eol during the lockdown?12:38
jeremy31isomari: isn't the upgrade show in Software&Updates?  It is best to make a backup of what you have now12:39
isomarijeremy31: I don't see anything pointing to an update in the update tab.12:41
jeremy31isomari: you could probably upgrade to focal changing the sources file, it could be a bumpy ride12:42
lotuspsychjeisomari: did you keep running your eol release connected to internet?12:44
tomreynisomari: the default ubuntu mirror servers (which your apt configuration will still be pointing to now) no longer host package archives for the eoan release: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/12:49
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tomreynhowever, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ does keep an archive. so you'd need to edit your apt source configuration to point to this mirror instead. this would enable you to install the latest eoan packages, before it went eol (right now you probably have an older eoan package state).12:51
isomaritomreyn: how do I use them?12:55
tomreynusing apt update and apt full-upgrade, you'd update eoan to the latest state this way. then you'd edit apt configuration again, pointing apt sources back to the mirror servers for supported releases, so http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu or one of its many mirror servers. and you'd replace all occurrences of "eoan" by "focal", and disable 3rd party apt repositories. next steps, with apt sources pointing to 'focal' is "apt update", "apt upgrade",12:55
tomreyn"apt full-upgrade". you should then end up on ubuntu 20.04.12:55
tomreynisomari: if these instructions are insufficient, then i suggest you instead do a fresh installation instead, which may be the better approach anyways (backup first).12:56
coconuttomreyn, just a question over question of isomari: why do you advise apt over do-release-upgrade here?13:22
coconut<- still has to learn :)13:22
coconutJust curious here13:40
scienteshow do i run a program with graphics acceleration (i have optimus)13:44
BluesKajHi folks13:49
veeshhey all13:54
veeshi'm on 20.04, dell xps 13 9310, and I get artifacts on my screen when using X, but not when using Wayland13:55
veeshI tried turning off all the settings mentioned in the arch wiki about the i915 module, but none helped13:55
veeshand I can't use wayland, b/c my time tracking software can't tell that I'm typing13:56
veeshany ideas how I can stop getting screen problems? I'm happy to post more info if needed13:58
veeshalso, is there a problem with multitouch screens in 20.04?14:01
veeshi can't seem to get any multitouch recognition on this screen14:02
tomreyncoconut: do-release-upgrade is not designed to upgrade from EOL releases whose apt repositories are no longer present on official archive mirrors, i.e. which have been moved from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/  to  http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/14:15
tomreynthat's the case for eoan14:15
tomreynveesh: does    apt list i965-va-driver     say that it is "[installed]"? if so, try    sudo apt purge --autoremove i965-va-driver   and reboot and see whether it helps.14:20
veeshyeah, it's installed, will try without14:21
tomreynif it doesn't help, make sure you reverse this step by running   sudo apt install i965-va-driver14:27
coconuti see :)14:27
FreeBDSM`apt update` and `apt list --upgradable` say I have docker-ce upgradable. But `sudo apt -y upgrade` results into: `the following packages have been kept back: docker-ce` without any explanation of why it is so.14:32
tomreynbecause of thje difference between "upgrade" and "full-upgrade" most likely14:34
cloudcellhello, I just installed ubuntu on my VNS and need to install midnight commander, should I install it under root or should I create a user and place it under sudoers?14:40
cloudcellbasically, is it safe to install anything while being root?14:42
jeremy31cloudcell: Is it in the repos?14:43
cloudcelljeremy31: yes14:44
cloudcelli'm just concerned about security14:44
jeremy31cloudcell: Then you likely have to install using sudo14:44
cloudcelli created an account but i still have to add that user to sudoers14:44
jeremy31cloudcell: just don't run commands as root or using sudo if you don't have to14:44
cloudcellthanks jeremy3114:45
tomreyncloudcell: to run    apt install mc    you would need to 'sudo' (or be logged i as the root user, but this is not recommended)14:50
tomreynonce installed, the restricted user can run midnight commander using    mc14:51
cloudcellthanks tomreyn , I just added myself to sudoers and installed mc under that other user14:51
cloudcellnot under root14:51
tomreynsounds good to me.14:52
cloudcellI am setting up a VNS from scratch, kinda tough doing all of this the first time14:52
tomreynwhat is a "VNS"?14:52
cloudcellvirtual private server, sorry, vPs, not vNs14:53
tomreyni see.14:53
leftyfbcloudcell: it sounds like you're logging in remotely as root since you say your user isn't part of the sudoers group yet. That itself is insecure. Disable logging in as root remotely(SSH) and disable logging as root by disabling it's password14:58
cloudcellthanks leftyfb14:59
multifractalI'm trying to wipe a laptop hard drive by booting into ubuntu live USB and running `dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=1M`. It's been running maybe a couple hours already, but I'm still able to navigate to the hard drive and browse it in Files. Is that normal, or have I made a mistake?15:22
Maikmultifractal: why not format the HDD with Disks?15:32
BlueEaglemultifractal: If you're able to browse it then it was mounted when dd started and I am not sure that dd will write to a mounted volume.15:38
BlueEaglemultifractal: Also it might be that /dev/urandom is too slow, so I would find another way.15:45
veeshtomreyn: it didn't help15:49
tomreynah, sorry, then15:49
veeshthat driver had gotten replaced by i965-va-driver-shaders15:50
veeshshould I try without that?15:51
veeshnope, it's even worse without15:53
woenxHi. I noticed some weird behavior in Ubuntu 20.04, fresh install. I created three users (for me and my parents), and for some reasons, one of the users takes much longer to log in than the other two15:56
woenxit usually takes around 6-8 seconds to show the desktop icons in a normal session, but it takes exactly 33 for the third user.15:56
veeshare they on wayland? wayland loads a lot slower than x for me15:57
woenxAt first I noticed that it had an Online account configured, but I removed it and restarted and the problem persists. I don't know what could be happening, since it's practically new15:57
woenxI don't know, it's just a default installation15:57
woenxdoes wayland comes by default?15:57
cloudcellI'm setting up a web server (based on this article https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-20-04/ ) my problem is that I have to keep changing ownership of the folder to "www-data". how can I avoid writing into that folder (/var/www/) as root and keep changing ownership to www-data ?15:57
veeshno, you have to select it15:57
veeshin the bottom right of the login screen15:57
woenxthen no, it's the default gnome desktop. It seems to be nautilus' fault, but I don't know how to find a log file or anything that could lead me up in the right direction15:58
veeshtomreyn: i switched to the non-free intel driver, and now the artifacts only flash for a second15:58
woenxI mean, I might as well delete the user and re-create it again15:58
woenxbut it bothers me15:58
compdocwoenx, what sort of online accnt? Do you think its just Chrome?16:00
KurozenI'm trying to feed clang-format a list of files16:01
Kurozena text file with many paths*16:02
woenxcompdoc, no, the online accounts you set up in gnome settings. She set her google account16:02
compdochow long has she been using it? was it ok in the beginning?16:03
woenxMmm, no, it was aways like that, at least since the second or third reboot, earlier this week16:05
woenxI'm gonna delete her user account and create it again16:05
qdbi have seen a strange thing, on lenovo laptop, nearly 15 minutes ago, it has also been on dec18: screen has become zoomed and did not fit into display. but when i moved mouse cursor to edges of display, screen automatically scrolled into display, to be visible. on dec18 i thought maybe i turned on magnus by mistake and uninstalled it. but today it16:06
qdbhappened again. on dec18 and today i fixed it with lightdm restart. on dec18 i did not try to check magnus because screen was zoomed in very much. today it zoomed in only about 110%.16:06
aroonihow do i make my bluetooth keyboard auto reconnect when it turns on? already paired it with bluetoothctl and trusted it... but when i turn it on i have to manually reconnect it. ideas?  ubuntu 20.0416:06
samthewildonetrying to create a tar ball file excluding directories but, the process fails with "tar: myBackup.tar.gz: Cannot stat: No such file or directory" and "tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors".16:16
samthewildoneI'm running "tar --exclude='directory' --exclude='directory2' -cfpz name.tar.gz . "16:17
sonOfRasamthewildone: iirc the "-f" (file) argument has to go next to the file name16:18
sonOfRatry -cpzf16:19
sonOfRaThe invocation you have there is trying to tar to a file called "pz" the directories/files named "name.tar.gz" and "."16:19
samthewildonesonOfRa, thank you.16:20
samthewildoneno wonder a bunch of pz files were created16:21
qdbintel graphics16:22
qdbi am going to quit. you can write to qdinar@gmail.com16:36
dreamonI have a isse using remmina 1.4.7 on ubuntu 20.04. I cannot connect to my external ssh server. locally it works. But I can connect in terminal by ssh command without issue.16:41
arooniunrelated question: on ubuntu 20.04 sometimes my t420 laptop can't seem to resume and come back from suspend; or rather it can and i can enter my password to login/unlock but it just seems to do nothing.  in the past i've tried sudo killall gnome-shell -9 ; but that doesnt seem to reset the GUI and i end up having to restart.  is there a better way?16:47
Maikarooni: afaik suspend has always been causing issues on linux, it's not ubuntu specific17:01
Maikbest to search for bug reports on launchpad on the matter17:02
GnummusTest-1-2-3. Can you hear me :D ?17:56
Maik!aks | Gnummus17:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:57
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:57
GnummusOk understood! I have a really big problem i messed up my Xubuntu20.04 install on my old Macbook and i want to save the data. I'm sitting infront of my laptop and im logged into Ubuntu20.04 Live USB and i double clicked my harddrive and decrypted the drive. Now i tried to copy the files to my Ubuntu live install to save them but it says "permission denied" to all files even though im in the Drive and can see my Files. Any18:00
Sven_vBIn Ubuntu focal, how can I simulate xinetd setting "rlimit_as = 512M" ("Address Space resource limit")? I tried: bash -c "ulimit -l $(( 256 * 1024 * 1024 )); exec env - sudo --user=proxy --set-home /bin/helloworld" but bash: line 0: ulimit: max locked memory: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted18:00
GnummusI can also post my reddit post if that's not a problem here18:01
Sven_vBGnummus, copy the files as root. or even better, pack them with tar18:01
Sven_vBGnummus, it seems you have permission to see the files but not read them18:01
Gnummuscan you tell me how i copy as root? (unfortunately im really a noob at this)18:02
GnummusGoogling it as we speak aswell.18:03
Sven_vBGnummus, first, open a shell in the folder where you want to copy data from.18:03
oerheksfiles to my Ubuntu live install ?? that is not possible, read only iso18:03
Sven_vBGnummus, oh right, you need a writeable target directory18:04
oerheksuse a 2nd usb for storage18:04
Gnummusah ok18:04
Gnummuswait lemme try :)18:04
Sven_vBI tend to forget that nowadays casper-rw is off by default18:04
oerheksmkusb can do that, even for UEFI18:06
GnummusIt shouldn't be a problem doing this with a NTFS system correct?18:06
Sven_vBI just add the kernel params in GRUB18:06
Sven_vBGnummus, yeah NTFS should be ok18:07
oerheksjups, ntfs is available in live iso AFAIK18:07
Sven_vBGnummus, only caveat is that the drive must be in clean state, i.e. windows has to be properly shut down.18:07
GnummusOk, trying it right now. Brb.18:07
GnummusWell i do hope that this is the case !18:08
Sven_vByou need "fast startup" disabled for that18:08
Sven_vBon 2nd thought, that might only be a problem for the system drive, not others.18:09
GnummusNow i just copied my "Documents" folder from the "broken" HDD in the laptop to my External Seagate SSD and it promts me with this error: "Error splicing file: input/output error"18:10
GnummusI can even open pictures that are on the drive.18:14
GnummusI just can't copy them to my external harddrive18:15
Gnummusmaybe copying them with sudo does work?18:15
oerheksmaybe files are corrupt?18:17
Gnummussudo cp DIRECTORY1 DIRECTORY2 ? would that be sufficient?18:17
oerhekstry a tool like ddrescue or something for disaster-backup18:17
Gnummusoerheks, But i can open them!18:17
BlueEagleGnummus: Depending on how the target is mounted, copying as super user should work. you will likely have to change owner on the system they are being restored to anyway.18:18
Gnummusi just tried to "sudo cp folderdirectory1 folderdirectory2" when i do this i get: " cp: error reading ......: Input/output error"18:19
oerhekshmm if the target is ntfs, sudo might be the issue then, do it as user18:21
oerheksntfs is not posix18:22
oerheksif that does not help, there are more hardware issues then18:22
Gnummusoerheks, how do i do it as user? just leave out the sudo? also: aren't the permissions only nessecary in the Linux environment because the NTFS is just the target destination?18:23
oerheksyes, just leave out sudo18:24
Gnummusoerheks, i'm getting the same input/output error when leaving out sudo18:25
Gnummusfor now i just tried to copy small movie file18:25
GnummusOk i tried to watch some videos. I don't get a picture.18:27
GnummusSome pictures for example load though.18:27
oerheksit is a live iso, no prop multimedia plugins installed18:28
GnummusI tried to copy a picture. That works.18:28
GnummusSeems like i can transfer files which are not broken. It just worked by drag and dropping it18:28
GnummusAnd now i opened a folder with only mp4 videos in it and i can't open them it says "You are not allowed to open this file"18:29
GnummusOk. Is there a way i can set permissions and transfer condition in a way i can save my 500GB drive to my external NTFS SSD with all the errors it has? Because now if i transfer it will just tell me it doesn't work. But when i transfer the files which are not broken it works. So maybe i can just backup the whole 500gb drive as a whole, be done with it?18:44
tomreynGnummus: dd_rescue is hwo you do this.18:54
tomreynactually ddrescue18:54
tomreynpackage is gddrescue18:55
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tomreynveesh: sorry, got no other suggestions. also, i'm not aware of a proprietary intel graphics driver.19:09
EtuaHello, I have some directories with music and cover arts under folder.jpg for each album/directory. My goal is to scan through them and make a cover.jpg symbolic link in the same directory that the original file is in. I know I could use find for that and tried something like find . -name 'folder.jpg' -type f -exec bash -c 'ln -s "$1" "${1/\/cover.jpg/}"' -- {} \; but it did not work. I don't really know regex, how can I get this command to do what I described19:24
oerheksthere is a dedicated #bash channel here on #freenode too19:25
EtuaI'll try there then, thanks.19:27
GnummusIs there a way to select all the text in a given terminal and output it into a text file?19:29
Gnummustomreyn, are you still here?19:40
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veeshtomreyn: i ended up installing the newest drivers from the oibaf/graphics-drivers ppa, and now it's fine19:52
pudgybunsHello. I am a bit new to irc. setting up a name and joining a channel is all there is to it right?20:28
oerhekspudgybuns, yes, and for help with that, join #freenode20:30
oerhekshave fun!20:30
oerheks* we allow unregistered users, to keep things smooth20:30
pudgybunsSo, uh... I actually came here cus I have a question about my Ubuntu virtual machine20:31
pudgybunsI clicked shutdown instead of restart on the environemnt and now it's just on root terminal black screen... is there anything to do to get it to boot back to the graphical user interface?20:32
oerheksrestart the vm, i guess?20:33
pudgybunsoh it's a full enviornemt not a vm i forgot.20:34
pudgybunsbut yeah I retried that. it returns to that.20:34
RoseBuswhat's the best way to install applications on a ubuntu image from the dockerfile?20:35
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pudgybunsjust ot make sure i'm restartring it correctly, how do I restart the environment fully?20:40
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pudgybunswell the entire machine really not just the environment.... if there's a differrene.20:41
BlueEaglepudgybuns: You've booted an ubuntu installation and expected a graphical interface to be present, but all you got was a command line?21:06
BlueEaglepudgybuns: Or rather a text mode login screen21:07
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arooniany reason why i seem to to have to disable/enable my ufw to get the ssh rule to work?  i run this everystartup;   sudo ufw disable; sudo ufw enable; sleep 5; securesynergy $argv;21:51
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Mysiadoes anyone know a good working way to install a sock5 or shadow socks server and a good cleint for ubuntu 20.0422:31
oerheksMysia, dante snap perhaps? https://snapcraft.io/dante22:40
Mysiai found this22:41
Mysiaseems to be what i want22:41
codebam1wireguard is faster than shadowsocks and has it's own kernel module23:11
ldiamond+1 for wireguard (Mysia) if that's actually what you're trying to do.23:19
tomreynMysia: the easiest (but also not scaling) approach is to    ssh -D -l remote-user-name -p 22 remote-ssh-server-where-remote-user-can-login-to23:32
tomreynthen you have a socks5 proxy on your own computer (where the ssh client runs from) at which passes through the remote server ()and is seen with its ip address on the internet)23:34

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