wonkoI'm back! Installing Ubuntu Studio as we speak! Was choosing ZFS potentially a bag idea is should I be good with that?20:45
OvenWerkswonko: I have not tried ZFS20:48
OvenWerksI like that it is selve reparing20:48
OvenWerksself repairing?20:49
wonkoselve? :)20:50
wonkoA quick Google gets a phoronix article where they tried it vs ext4 on 19.10 and ext4 was mostly faster. Which is very sad.20:51
OvenWerksSOme how I a not surprised20:51
OvenWerksHowever, with modern ssd, it is probably still able to keep up with a lot of audio channels20:52
wonkoIt's better than ext4 on sequential20:52
wonkoBut gets murdered on random20:53
wonkoI'm pretty tempted to just reinstall with ext420:53
OvenWerksone channel is sequencial, two is no longer... 20 is as random as they come.20:53
OvenWerksI still have ext420:54
wonkoYeah, I'm going to do that. Now is the time to change that. :)20:55
Eickmeyer[m]ZFS isn't built-in to the kernel and is loaded as a module, so it's no surprise that it's slower.20:56
wonkoWell, the installed crashed anyway, so that's a sign. 😁20:56
OvenWerksCould do XFS for everything besides media storage I suppose20:56
wonkoThat's why I really only use zfs on a real os20:56
OvenWerksreal OS? hurd?20:57
OvenWerks ;)20:57
wonkoSo after, what, 8 months the results are in. Screw Windows.21:01
OvenWerksI went through that in the mid 80s I think (maybe it was msdos)21:24
OvenWerksthen again around 200321:24
wonkoIt certainly made some things easier22:20
wonkoBut I think the trade offs with better for me in the other direction22:20
OvenWerksBack in the late 80s I ran a BBS as did a friend of mine... I ran OS2 and he ran win (3,*)... I could go away for two weeks and come home to a running system.... he had a timer that powered it off/on every day.22:47
OvenWerksThen in the early 2000s my wife got a windows computer.... After it started sending discusting email from people in her contacts to other people in her contacts, I switched her computer to linux.... we have never gone back22:49
wonkoWindows has gotten a lot better since then. It's still not great though.23:34
wonkoAnd it's mostly little annoyances, not anything major23:35
wonkoBut they all add up23:35
OvenWerksstudio-controls has changed config format... again. It allows saving a database of all devices that have ever been plugged in.23:50

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