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guivercA live QA-test has a different background to an installed system?  (hirsute)    I like it if intentional, but just unexpected..05:19
JackFrostSeems odd, or I forgot.  Is one blue and the other gray with "broken" bits?05:32
guivercyeah the grey-broken-bits fits live (and behind the try-install question early) .. bright-blue fits the installed screen05:34
* guiverc likes the icons05:36
JackFrostHeh, well glad someone does.05:36
* guiverc found them, with bright-blue background nice & cheery on new install05:36
jphilipsbluesabre: thanks. will check the doc.06:06
bluesabreJackFrost: built, installed, and tested the docs on hirsute, looks good to me12:45
krytarikbluesabre: Fwiw, earlier today I've also indicated elsewhere that while the needed changes in the target dependencies are mildly funny, I think they look reasonably fine..14:59
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