qjsgkemhi! (maybe) stupid Q: I want to use an old (2013) laptop for videoconferencing over the next few months, on xubuntu. I value stability over features. should I rather go with 18.04 or 20.04?01:09
Maikqjsgkem: 20.04 because 18.04 is going EOL in April 202101:17
qjsgkemMaik: yeah, I saw that. I had been using 20.04 on an external disk, but that installation died a horrible death yesterday morning, suspecting usb cable issue.01:18
Maikqjsgkem: is it a 64 bit laptop?01:18
Maikgood, because 20.04 is 64 bit only01:19
qjsgkemyeah, I saw that, too:) is anybody seriously vidconfing on a 32 bit machine?01:20
Bashing-omqjsgkem: I am running xubuntu (core install) 20.04 on old dual core Athlon system (2007) with no issues.01:20
qjsgkemsounds painful^^Wlike a challenge01:20
qjsgkemI had hoped to have a bigger M2 built in before install (now 128G), but thanks to lockdown I have no idea when my computer shop will reopen:) I built up all my desktops, but my sausage fingers were not built for thin laptops.01:23
qjsgkemso I will just have to try after xmas. next conf not due before Jan 6, but lockdown will last until *at least* Jan 10. imvho.01:25
qjsgkemfor most uses I run NetBSD (historical raisins), but I decided to avoid trying to convince zoom and friends under linux emulation there01:26
qjsgkem+into running. eww. I lack caffeine.01:28
qjsgkemgood night!02:08
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