mupPR core18#177 opened: Add rng tools <Created by whardier> <https://github.com/snapcore/core18/pull/177>06:53
dot-tobiasmorning all07:36
zygagood morning07:42
mupPR snapd#9805 opened: interfaces: add an optional mount-font-cache plug attribute to the desktop interface <Created by jhenstridge> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9805>07:45
zygajamesh, small comment there07:56
jameshzyga: thanks.  This PR won't change behaviour of any existing snap though, so the question is whether any snap would set "mount-font-cache: false" and keep that configuration around.07:58
* zyga should read the diff to understand07:59
zygaI see08:01
zygayes, if the default is "yes" then my comment is pointless08:01
dot-tobiasIs there a known issue with core18 that prevents refreshes? Snap tasks shows an error at “automatically connect eligible plugs and slots of snap 'core18'”, got this on multiple armhf devices running Core.08:31
dot-tobias^ installed is 20200929, refresh to 20201210 rolls back every time. Classic system doesn't have this issue.08:33
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masterboyhi, does anyone know if i can mount a nfs share in ubuntu core 18?23:27
masterboyi am running ubuntu core 18 in a vm and i need some files to land on the host zfs checksumming drive...23:28
masterboywhat network protocols can ubuntu core mount?23:28
masterboylots of questions on askubuntu but no answers..23:30

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