tomreyntwb: i assume canonical got a larger legal dpt than debian, but i have IANAL01:58
twbBasically I'm using Ubuntu desktop live media as a rescue CD for my Debian ZFS servers, because it works and it's less effort than rolling my own (like I used to)01:58
twbWhen I bump the servers to ZFS 2 I'm thinking about what I will use as rescue media01:59
tomreynthere's a zfs-dkms package in ubuntu, but i'm not sure this provides additional info on top of what you stated in #ubuntu01:59
twbyeah the key point is not having to "apt install zfs-dkms" into the live medium, but have it pre-installed02:00
daftykinscreate a persistent install on a flash drive then?02:01
twbat that point I'll just roll a fresh SOE02:01
oerheksdoes debian ship with the dkms on the iso?02:01
tomreyn2.0 ppa https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/zfs02:02
twboerheks: nope02:02
oerheksoke, then you have a wish, not a realistic comparison with debian02:02
daftykinsdon't think i follow what discussion there is left, then02:03
oerheksmaybe it is standard in WSL202:06
twbIf you mean the Windows ZFS drivers, I think WSL1 just sees a virtiofs-like mount; not sure about WSL202:11
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