FevixI have a game installed that I'm trying to uninstall. Right clicking on it in the applications menu and selecting 'show details' brings up Software, but tells me there are no details available. I've tried to run apt remove with the package name, but it tells me there's no such package installed, and yet the game is certainly installed and can run00:29
oerhekshow did you install it? as  a snap, perhaps?00:30
FevixI don't know. POssibly00:30
oerheks'snap list' in terminal00:30
Fevixapt list mars* brings up both the game package and the game data package, marsshooter and marsshooter-data00:30
oerhekssudo snap remove marsthingy00:31
Fevixthanks, it looks like it's actually uninstalling this time00:31
oerheksoke, have fun!00:31
Fevixalso fwiw it might still be best practice but with the snap command it still asks for sudo password00:33
Fevixso you only have to do snap remove00:33
oerheksNo, still asks password.00:36
FevixIt still asks password but you don't have to preface with sudo00:36
oerheksbut after 1 sudo comand, the environment stays open for a few minutes, so next sudo does not ask it.00:37
oerheksoh, i get your point00:37
oerheksyes, indeed.00:37
twbUbuntu LTS live media can do ZFS, but last time I looked they're ZFS 0.801:40
twbZFS 2.0 introduces Zstd support, which is Super Nice.  Do/will 20.04 media support ZFS 2?01:40
twb(Or would I have to grab 21.04 or something)01:41
tomreyntwb: OpenZFS 2.0.0 (which i' *guessing* you're referring to) only released 20 days ago. the latest ubuntu release is 20.10, which, as the version name indicates, released in october.01:51
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:51
twbYeah understood.  I guess I thought Canonical might make an exception :-)01:53
ubottuHirsute Hippo is the codename for Ubuntu 21.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.01:54
tomreynbut so far, hirsuite has 0.8.401:54
tomreynthere could be a !ppa or other third party repository, or a snap01:55
twblikewise in Debian (see rmadison)01:55
tomreynjust did :)01:55
twbBut Canonical's doing legally dubious stuff with zfs drivers so I *assume* they're not just pulling zfs-dkms from debian01:56
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!01:56
DeyaaWhy can't I put underscore in hostname??02:08
tomreynDeyaa: on ubuntu, or on debian, or on something else?02:11
kk4ewtbecause it doesnt follow the fqdn spec02:13
oerheksValid characters for hostnames are ASCII from a to z, the digits from 0 to 9, and the hyphen (-).  A hostname may not start with a hyphen.02:13
Deyaatomreyn: Debian02:15
usb_destroyerhello guys02:17
Deyaakk4ewt:  oerheks it's a little bit strange that android phones support putting underscores in hostname? I thought it's normal.02:17
usb_destroyerI'm having some headaches with usb drives.02:18
usb_destroyerCrazy stuff.02:18
twbDeyaa: FWIW underscore is not valid in a DNS A/AAAA RR02:21
Maik!ask | usb_destroyer02:21
ubottuusb_destroyer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:21
oerhekstry to connect to it, and file a bug with android.02:22
usb_destroyerubottu, I know, I'm trying to paste the command outputs02:22
ubottuusb_destroyer: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:22
usb_destroyerthere you go02:22
twbDeyaa: old version of ISC BIND named would allow it; I haven't retested since 2010.02:22
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/02:23
usb_destroyerthe USB drive is actually 8GB02:25
twbusb_destroyer: what is the actual fault?02:25
usb_destroyerfor some reason gdisk and fdisk only see that after I zeroed the first sectors, because it was only seeing 4GB02:25
usb_destroyertwb, I cannot use GParted or other gdisk, or fdisk, because of this.02:26
twbusb_destroyer: is it a "name brand" USB key, or a 10 RMB one from a street vendor?02:26
usb_destroyer8GB kingston02:26
twbusb_destroyer: does this fault affect all your USB keys, or only a specific subset?02:26
usb_destroyerwell, I have another kingston usb drive, but it is more damaged02:27
twbusb_destroyer: does the fault appear reliably on all USB ports / computers?02:27
usb_destroyerthe funny thing is, I can format it on a FreeBSD system, and it works on ubuntu!02:28
twbusb_destroyer: it sounds to me like the FTL is irreperably damaged on that specific key, and it should just be thrown away.  If you can't afford that, try using blkdiscard and/or wipefs to try to reset the parts you can reset.02:28
usb_destroyerBut gdisk, fdisk, gparted, all of them see it wrong.02:28
usb_destroyerI used wipefs, and it removed the EFI partition and a FreeBSD label that were left there for some reason.02:29
usb_destroyerthat was nice but didn't solve the problem02:29
usb_destroyerWhat blows my mind is that Nemo sees the USB drive as it is: 8GB with a FAT32 partition.02:30
usb_destroyerbut gdisk, fdisk, and gparted struggle to see anything real02:30
tomreynDeyaa: surprisingly, #ubuntu is not for debian support02:30
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usb_destroyerSo how is it possible that I can plug this USB drive and write and read from it, and the file explorer sees it as it is, with a MBR and FAT32 partition and all... but partition tools see what I posted?02:34
usb_destroyerthey were previously seeing 4GB, then I zeroed up to sector 32.02:34
usb_destroyerThen they see what I posted.02:35
usb_destroyernow they see that.02:35
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twbusb_destroyer: a replacement 8G key is $5; we've already wasted more man-hours than that.  This isn't worth discussing further.02:38
usb_destroyertwb, my salary is literally zero, twb, thank very much for your advice02:39
usb_destroyerI'm glad to know that you got a job, I don't.02:40
usb_destroyerI don't have one.02:40
usb_destroyer$5 is food for one week to me.02:40
oerheksubuntu does not fix broken usb drives.02:41
usb_destroyeroerheks, fdisk and gdisk are for what then?02:41
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Nelluktrying to find the correct way to set my DNS server on ubuntu server 20.04. should i be using netplan? my /etc/netplan dir is empty which contradicts all the tutorials i can find :/03:02
usb_destroyerEven more interesting, I just did a `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=16MB` and guess what... it runs out of space at 4GB, but the file explorer still mounts and sees the FAT32 partition and its files in it!03:19
usb_destroyerand the 8GB free space too!03:19
twbSounds like your file manager (or udisks2) is broken03:24
twbNote that you can simply do "cp /dev/zero /dev/disk/by-id/usb-KINGSTON-aaaaaaa" instead of fine-tuning block sizes with dd03:24
usb_destroyerhmmm, haven't thought of that, twb , thanks03:26
usb_destroyerfile manager works, I can write files, copy, delete... everything works fine.03:30
usb_destroyerdd, gdisk, fdisk, gparted... they all see 4GB max03:31
usb_destroyerbesides, they error out when trying to format or anything03:35
usb_destroyerbut file manager works just fine, on 8GB, FAT32, normal03:35
usb_destroyerok, look at this: http://0x0.st/iCmT.txt04:54
usb_destroyerHowever gparted, dd, gdisk, fdisk, they only see half of the size04:54
frivmy touchpad taps are not working on new ubuntu 20 installation. what should I do?04:57
oerheksSize:                       774399590404:58
matsamanfriv: upgraded from some older version of Ubuntu where it worked?04:58
frivmatsaman, yup, actually it was working previously in ubuntu 20 as well04:58
twbfriv: use "xinput" CLI tool to debug maybe04:59
matsamanfriv: previous to what?04:59
frivtwb, it shows the touchpad listed yes04:59
frivmatsaman, previous to the current installation04:59
matsamanfriv: oh you had 20 and then reinstalled it for some reason?05:01
matsamanfriv: was the old version from an upgrade or was freshly 20?05:01
frivboth were freshly installed05:02
frivi need to relog 1 se05:02
cloudcellhello, when I try to copy files from my local computer to a remote server, mc says "operation not permitted". how can I fix this?05:03
frivafter relog they are working05:04
frivsolved I guess05:04
matsamanfriv: hrmm05:05
matsamanfriv: sometimes if you have the wrong thing on your touchpad05:05
matsamanlike some oil or fluid or it just booted up with something interfering with it, it can be confused for the duration of the session05:06
matsamancloudcell: using mc as an ftp client, you mean?05:06
cloudcellyes matsaman05:06
matsamanpretty unavoidable potential problem with _touch_ pads05:07
matsaman(that is, modern touchpads that support gestures and don't need to actually be depressed)05:07
cloudcellcan anybody help? matsaman ?05:14
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usb_destroyerok, this is weird05:30
usb_destroyerI used gnome disk utility and tried to restore a disk image with it, on this broken pendrive05:30
usb_destroyerit gave me an error05:30
usb_destroyerbut after that, now I can format it!05:30
usb_destroyerI mounted the formatted partition, and a weird "loop device" appears, and I can mount it as many times as I want, it keeps adding it as if they were new different disks.05:31
RexodusFor those who want to know: Alfa devices don't ever lock to whatever it is. No country, no TX-power. I wrote them a mail and they are lightningfast with an answer. It boils down to this tutor: https://miloserdov.org/?p=337 So, if you don't get it to work it must be something else. And I'm about to find out what. May take a year or 2 though...05:57
m0rd3caiHope someone can help. successfully updated openssl to 1.1.1c and openvpn didnt recognize the new version. I still have openssl installed through dpkg but if i remove openssl over 600mb in packages will be removed which I dont want05:57
m0rd3caion stackfault someone had the same problem. The verified answer was an 'export' command. now openssl version -a doesnt return a response.05:58
RexodusAnd I can add to this, the aircrack drivers from github don't allow TX power regulation. It's locked to 20 dBm.06:36
lotuspsychjeRexodus: maybe a topic for #ubuntu-discuss ?06:39
Rexoduslotuspsyc: this discussion whas here a couple of days ago. That's why I started my previous comment the way I did.06:42
Rexodusprevious 2 comments... ;]06:43
RexodusDon't remember who participated back then...06:43
lotuspsychjeRexodus: lets keep space free to ubuntu issues here please, we try to divide support with discussions here06:43
RexodusSure babe, whatever you want.06:44
lotuspsychjehump in -discuss and we can rant all day babe06:44
RexodusWas no rant! But you don't seem to understand that. Discussion closed.06:45
vpathakhello - i was attempting to add a "memo"s account in evolutiom.  i can see there are web and caldav choices.  but i havent been able to run it with a web provider (eg google).  i am willing to host my own server (for myself) but i'd like to know what kind of server evolution expects (to be provided in caldav or web).  thank you!06:59
oerheksits a good thing, no TX power messing up.07:05
matsamanvpathak: like, gmail?07:05
kostadin[m]I am experiencing a bug on Ubuntu 20.04 where input settings are not getting applied for a USB keyboard and a touchpad. The settings work fine for the laptop's input devices. Any idea which package I should file a bug report against?07:31
lotuspsychjekostadin[m]: perhaps xinput, check the recent bugs here before you file one; https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xinput/+bugs?field.tag=ubuntu&orderby=importance&start=007:33
lotuspsychjekostadin[m]: if you cant find a related one for your case, file a new !bug with; ubuntu-bug xinput07:34
matsamankostadin[m]: which settings are we talking about?07:34
* kostadin[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/QUfsEunoLyPOFtYGeIrvdAnS/message.txt >07:36
matsamankostadin[m]: mmm07:38
matsamanwell, if there are no side-effects you mind, a really easy hack to deal with it would be to just run those commands at each X start07:38
matsamanvia ~/.config/autostart/ or whatever your session manager has07:38
kostadin[m]matsaman: this basically happens when I dock/undock my laptop so not really useful to run at autostart.07:39
kostadin[m]matsaman: thanks for the suggestion07:42
kostadin[m]lotuspsychje: will file a bug on xinput, thanks07:43
matsamankostadin[m]: some interesting things here also: http://google.com/search?q=dock+keyboard+site%3Aubuntuforums.org07:43
kostadin[m] * matsaman: it's not dock related. If you just plug the touchpad directly to USB it's the same behaviour07:44
matsamanstill, there's stuff about kernel prefs for USB multi input07:45
Mysiahello i need some help08:28
Mysiaim getting a systemd error on the openvpn start command08:28
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juliandroskeAre these texts the full output of systemd?08:38
daregapGood morning. What is the proper way to enable TRIM passthrough on a dm-crypt device? A) Set "discard" option in /etc/crypttab, B) Add "allow-discards" in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub, C) Add "rd.luks.options=discard" or "rd.luks.allow-discards" options somewhere or D) Something else?08:48
BlueEagleSorry, wrong window. :)09:19
g105bHi all, I have suffered a gfx card failure and after replacing, I can't boot ubuntu - Windows is installed on another HDD and it's taken over. Any ideas?10:09
matsamang105b: you must've done something other than replace the gfx card10:09
matsamang105b: anyway: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows10:10
g105bmatsaman: boot failure many times, which caused windows to freak out10:10
g105bI would like it to boot to sdc which is the physical disk with ubuntu on (pop os)10:12
matsamang105b: if you disconnect the sata cable going to SATA1, what happens?10:14
g105bmatsaman: I get an error, Please insert a bootable medium and reboot.10:15
g105bSorry, no that's if I try to boot to that drive from bios - if I disconnect the sata cable, I get a windows recovery error saying a required device has been disconnected.10:16
g105bI've just run boot-repair from the live usb, I will reboot to see where i get to...10:18
g105b... switched to my laptop for IRC. That was a bit silly of me logging in on the live USB.10:20
g105bboot-repair did nothing :(10:22
matsamanwell your paste says it's using efi, AFAICT, so not sure why you'd try with 'BIOS'10:22
g105bI meant when I press F11 at the start of the boot - is this not BIOS?10:23
matsamansounds like the 'boot menu' shortcut10:23
matsamanfor picking a device to boot from?10:23
matsamanthe firmware configurator, though, I know what you're referring to10:24
g105bYeah that's what I mean, I can access it from the BIOS screen too so I thought it was the same thing.10:24
g105bI'm not sure what to do at all, Windows won't boot either but I don't care about that too much.10:24
ygk_12345hi all10:25
ygk_12345can someone help with pxe boot istallation of ubuntu 20.04 ?10:25
ygk_12345i am trying this https://butwt.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/pxe-booting-ubuntu-20-04-installer/   but it is still asking for option during boot time10:26
ygk_12345i have provided the user-data file as well10:26
matsamang105b: I thought you said Windows was booting10:28
ygk_12345can anyone help me please with pxe boot setup for installing ubuntu 20.04 ?10:28
g105bmatsaman: Windows is booting into its recovery crap that does nothing10:29
g105bmatsaman: I am under the belief that the Windows repair thing has tried "fixing" things for me by stomping over my boot records.10:29
matsamang105b: don't think Windows would do that for sdc10:30
matsamang105b: what if you unplug all sata cables but the one for sdc, and hook that one up to SATA1?10:30
g105bmatsaman: I've just tried it, and I get the "No bootable medium" error at the POST screen.10:31
g105bIf I look at the boot-repair logs, it says that there is only one OS detected, on sda10:31
matsamanthat makes sense, if the Ubuntu disk is plugged into SATA110:31
matsamang105b: anyway, try the other process at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows the one that isn't 'boot-repair'10:32
g105bmatsaman: ah, thank you10:33
ygk_12345any familiar with ubuntu pxe installation ?10:33
g105bygk_12345: sorry I tried it once and nothing worked so I put it down to me not being clever enough to understand it10:34
g105bmatsaman: if I type `grub-install /dev/sdc` I get an error saying "failed to get canonical path of /cow"10:36
ygk_12345g105b does it work at all with ubuntu 20.04 ?10:36
matsamang105b: /cow?10:38
ygk_12345anyone here who knows about pxe installation of ubuntu 20.04 ?10:38
g105bmatsaman: yep, that's what it's saying to me.10:39
g105band I'm no farmer10:40
matsamang105b: that's as root?10:41
matsamang105b: is that with only the one drive plugged into SATA1?10:43
g105bNo, it's plugged in as normal currently.10:43
g105bI'll try again with only that drive plugged in.10:43
g105bAlthough, I'm getting close to just throwing the whole thing out of the window.10:44
matsamanmmm, that would eliminate variables, if you plug in only the drive you're dealing with for Ubuntu, and refer to it as sda10:44
g105bWeirdly, on what was /dev/sdc2 there is a lot of Windows looking files, as if it's actually been overwritten by Windows!10:49
g105bOn that disk there is a $RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information directory.10:50
g105bThat's all alongside a casper, dists and pool directory with Linuxy things in. I think something's really borked, and it's looking like a reinstall will be needed. There goes my productivity.10:50
EriC^^hi g105b10:51
EriC^^looking at your boot repair log..10:51
g105bShall I run another one, just in case I've messed things up since then?10:52
matsamang105b: what partition are the OS files on?10:53
g105bsda is Windows - sdb is a big old disk of data - sdc is my Linux install10:54
matsamang105b: sdc3?10:54
matsamansays it's encrypted10:54
EriC^^g105b: it looks like sda and sdb are gpt partitioned, so that means windows would only boot in uefi mode10:54
EriC^^g105b: what does 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999' give you?10:55
g105bEFI variables are not supported on this system.10:58
g105bEriC^^ ^10:58
EriC^^g105b: reboot the live usb in uefi mode to troubleshoot10:58
g105bI need to learn how to do that first.10:59
EriC^^g105b: in the one time boot menu there should be a USB and UEFI USB, choose the latter10:59
g105bah ok, bear with me10:59
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iekfkkxkbset ma 60 10 10 20 10 ; doesn't works with shift+numlock12:29
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:40
coconutHey Seveas :)14:31
rapidwaveI'm trying to run 'npm run serve' and it's saying I've reached limit of number of watchers. How do I resolve this?15:07
Maikkk1502: hi15:14
bittin_Hello, anyone have DKMS modules for zfs for the 5.10 kernels ? on Ubuntu15:43
bittinalso my computer crashed so missed if anyone wrote something15:48
coconutnothing said here bittin15:48
bittinaccording to the #zfsonlinux people the kernel modules for ZFS needs to updated so are stuck on a 5.9 kernel for now15:53
vpathakhello - i was attempting to add a "memo"s account in evolutiom.  i can see there are web and caldav choices.  but i havent been able to run it with a web provider (eg google).  i am willing to host my own server (for myself) but i'd like to know what kind of server evolution expects (to be provided in caldav or web).  thank you - help is much appreciated!16:52
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newdimensionAnyone know if there is a channel for Clonezilla support?17:04
coconutnewdimension, do a /msg alis list clonezilla17:05
newdimensioncoconut: I didn't know about that, thank you!17:06
newdimensionThe channel seems dead though :.17:06
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coconuttrue, not a big channel17:07
hofernewdemension: if you have a question? ask it.17:08
hofernewdimension: if you have a question? ask it.17:09
newdimensionWhen running clonezilla I'm getting /dev/sedb1 is scheduled for a check or it was shutdown uncleanly. Please boot Windows or fix it by fsck17:10
newdimensionI booted the harddrive into windows and shut it down but I still got the same error17:10
leftyfbnewdimension: boot into windows, run a chkdisk /y /f and reboot ... do this process TWICE17:12
leftyfbsorry, /r /f17:12
leftyfbnewdimension: run that against any drive that is complaining with NTFS btw17:12
newdimensionHow comes this needs to happen twice?17:13
leftyfbnewdimension: I don't know. But there's plenty of posts online suggesting it as a remedy and it has worked for me in the past17:15
leftyfbnewdimension: if you need more detail than that, ask in #windows17:15
coconutnewdimension, there is something in the news about chkdisk on windows 10 after an update. I would first check that before doing chkdisk.17:18
eoli3ni need latest hplip on ubuntu focal17:25
eoli3nhplip installer in broken since ubuntu moved defaultly to python317:26
leftyfb!latest | eoli3n17:26
ubottueoli3n: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:26
eoli3nand ?17:26
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eoli3nis there a way to install latest hplip ?17:27
dob1anyway gnome shell, well it's good, nice looking ... but it crashs a lot17:29
dob1not a good experience17:29
leftyfbeoli3n: the latest hplip for focal is 3.20.3+dfsg0-2. If you need a version newer than that, you can look for a PPA or hplip's website; https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing. Neither of these 2 latter options are supported here.17:29
dob1instead of adding 200 things to it try to make it stable17:29
coconuteoli3n, there is if you go to the website of hp(a script), but you are basicly on your own with that here.17:30
MrKeunerHi everyone. I have been using Ubuntu since its inception. This particular workstation was installed in 2014 if I'm not mistaken. SInce then I have been upgrading. 20.04 was working fine for me until recently when I decided to finally do a fresh installation. I did a minimum installation so that I could install whatever is really necessary. I observe rather high load averages on the workstation. Any clues? I saw that snap may be causing this17:30
MrKeunerslowness. Any suggestions?17:30
leftyfbMrKeuner: Try installing the latest video drivers17:31
coconuteoli3n, here -> https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/gethplip17:31
coconuteoli3n, but best to just install from the repo17:31
MrKeunerleftyfb, I'll try that. Thank you.17:31
eoli3ncoconut as said, official installer is broken17:33
eoli3nsince ubuntu moved to python317:33
coconutoh, i see17:34
coconutbest to report a bug then i guess17:34
eoli3ni found a ppa17:38
coconuteoli3n, great but if you have the time please still do a bug report, otherwise ubuntu packagers won't even notice the problem.17:40
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YounderWhy cant I user readelf to get the structure of the linuc kernel. I mean I know it has a different magic number, but it basically has a elf format.17:54
YounderFor a description of the linux kernel image format 'https://www.programmersought.com/article/54203146457/'17:56
YounderMoving a Jetson Xavier development board to a auvidea X220 board. And it has a Image file and device tree (dtb dir), but this will be overwritten during updates. Work  to be done! Any recomendations?18:00
YounderI should say I install the operationg system on the developemen board then move xavier module to the x220. As is ethernet, the HDMI work but USB is down and out. They offer a Linux image and device tree but I have to install it myself and this would not play well with the update manager.18:03
davido_How do I determine what is driving up load? It doesn't appear to be CPU. But when I returned to my computer after sitting awake overnight its load average was 18,21,21, and I couldn't even use sudo (unresponsive to sudo)18:43
zerohour999Does anyone know how to recover a LUKS encrypted partition from a recently formatted hard drive? A family member unplugged my WD elements drive from my ubuntu rpi server and reformatted it because it was a linux filesystem. I just found it last night now formatted as NTFS over what was an ext4 LUKS volume originally. What steps can I take to18:52
zerohour999recover this? If I can at least get it recovered enough to open the backup tarball in the volume I should be able to recover all of the data.18:52
leftyfbzerohour999: recovery is highly unlikely19:00
leftyfbzerohour999: better off just restoring from backup. If that was the backup, then re-backup to it from the original source files.19:00
YounderThe moral here is to always keep a backup in another location as well as a local one.19:02
zerohour999@leftyfb I'm willing to try anything, my last backup that I have a copy of on my own computer is two months old. Is it possible to maybe restore files from the cache of nextcloud? I was thinking about reading the logfile to check everything I've uploaded since then and attempting something from there, but I can't imagine that would do much beside19:02
zerohour999tell me all the files I lost19:02
leftyfbzerohour999: that would be a question for #nextcloud19:03
zerohour999Right, nonetheless should I attempt reformatting the drive as ext4 and trying to recover the data that way, or is it almost guaranteed failure because it was a LUKS volume?19:05
leftyfbzerohour999: the more changes you make to that drive, the less likely you are to recover anything19:06
davido_There are professional data recovery services.19:06
leftyfbzerohour999: if the data is that important, then you need to contact a data recovery company. Expect to pay thousands of dollars19:06
davido_But agreed; the more you alter, the more you lose.19:06
EriC^^zerohour999: what's the problem?19:08
zerohour999EriC^^ what do you mean?19:08
leftyfbEriC^^: LUKS partition that was formatted to NTFS. They want to recover the original LUKS19:09
EriC^^zerohour999: what's your issue, i just joined so there's no backlog to read19:09
EriC^^oh, thanks leftyfb19:09
leftyfbthere's really no coming back from that, not with the data encrypted.19:09
TJ-zerohour999: you did do a dump backup of the LUKS header when it was created didn't you?19:09
zerohour999I believe so, it's been quite some time since I set up the server originally19:10
Younderdavido_, A professional data recovery service would go ever sector vy sector and find data in segments if it is in ascii text for you might bee able to puzzle the pieces back together. Bit really yo have basically taken the disk to the shredder and you have to piece together the strips.19:10
davido_Younder: I totally agree. But I think that it's beyond what can be fixed in #ubuntu, and that a professional service is about as close as he could come to getting it back. But I think it's a lost cause. a LUKS partition is encrypted. It's already not plain text. Format something else over it, and you lose the semantics that would be needed to decrypt it.19:12
dexterhi! are there any other terminal file editing tools i should be aware of? for example, cut is a really handy tool. right now i want to insert a comma at the end of each line, how would i approach that?19:13
leftyfbdexter: sed19:13
dextersed, i heard about that, never used it, let me investigate a bit!19:14
leftyfbdexter: you should look up "bash basics" on google19:14
dexteri know how to do that with bash scripting19:14
dexteri can write basic bash scripts too19:14
dexterI dont know any awk though19:15
davido_perl -nle 'print "$_,"' filename19:15
TJ-To be clear, with LUKS, once the 4KiB header is overwritten without backup the data is gone19:15
leftyfbdexter: if you haven't used sed, then you still have a long way to go with bash scripting19:16
dexterhaha, yeah fair enough, i primarily use bash for automation, rarely over 80 LoC19:16
dexteri prefer programming in C, bash is purely for lazy automation for me, until now, gotta learn some sed19:17
zutatno bash script should exceed 80 loc :P19:17
leftyfbmy backup script is about 400 lines19:18
zerohour999@TJ- understandable. I had a cronjob to run weekly backups on the drive so I at least have a list of the files, if I restore my october backup, what's the easiest way to run a comparison to see what lines of text (aka files) are missing between the old backup?19:18
dexterupon reading the basics of sed, i get the idea that (n)vi(m) uses a lot of sed in the background, or at least the same syntax19:18
Younderdexter, same syntax, yes19:19
leftyfbzerohour999: rsync dryrun19:19
dexterall my life i've been told that the plural of regex is regrets, and now i'm told to learn sed, which uses alot of regex ^-^19:20
zerohour999@leftyfb will that work with comparing the new file list to the cronlog?19:21
leftyfbzerohour999: not without massaging the data19:21
leftyfbzerohour999: nothing will do what you're looking for out of the box19:22
Deano59leftyfb: yo what's that command again to tell me how fast my boot time is? :)19:22
leftyfbzerohour999: but you could write a script to pull data from the cron log and write out a file that rsync can parse19:22
leftyfbDeano59: systemd-analyze is what all the cool kids are using these days19:23
zerohour999@leftyfb true true, I'll give it a shot. Thank you for your help!19:23
Deano59thanks. :)19:23
Younderdexter, vi is the natural home of  ed, sed, and ex so regex is a big part of it. If you want a graphics based editor that is less regexp based perhaps Atom or Code Studio?19:29
dexterYounder: VSCode and Atom use Electron, i mean, about regex was joking, but electron eats up your pc19:31
dexteri mean 600MB for teams19:31
dexterRAM usage19:31
Younderdexter, my machine has 128 Gb.. depends on what yo have available. But you already run a web browser. Atom is basically chromium and javascript19:32
Youndernano is the basic editor in ubuntu19:40
YounderOtherwise EMACS is still popular and available in text mode.19:42
leftyfbYounder: emacs >< vim19:43
leitzAnyone able to parse why a fresh install of MariaDB fails?   https://gist.github.com/LeamHall/04615d6546f4b2bb4c681dd922db783d19:46
leitzI installed Mysql, then removed it, to install MariaDB.19:46
leitzUbuntu 20.04, Mariadb installed via apt.19:47
Younderleftyfb, I use both. EMACS is best for Common Lisp  and has a good LaTex mode. vim for command line editing. I do a lot of ssh and command line editing of files. Also GUI's like Code Studio of Eclips.19:47
leftyfbleitz: you should probably purge both then reinstall mariadb19:53
leitzleftyfb, can you purge after it's already been removed? I removed mysql before installing Maria.19:55
leitzapparmor caused an initial issue for Maria, but I've removed that as well.19:55
leitzReinstalling mysql so I can purge it properly.  :)19:59
YounderYou REMOVED AppArmour? Good grief..20:00
leitzleftyfb, mysql doesn't want to be removed.  :(20:03
leitzinstalled mysql-server-8.0 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 120:03
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mozzarellaguys help20:16
TJ-are you melting?20:21
leitzSounds pretty cheesy to me...20:22
leitzSorry, couldn't resist.20:22
KF5WYXLooks like I arrived late of a setup for a punch line.20:22
leitzI'm sure we can string this along for a while.20:23
KF5WYXI have an Off-Topic question, but I don't really know where-else to ask.  I'm trying to build cross binutils, build=ubuntu 18.04, host=win32, target=x86_64 linux - Everything builds if I exclude GDB (which I need), when I include it I get  "configure: error: GMP is missing or unusable20:25
KF5WYXThe question it's self being, "Any ideas?"20:25
TJ-KF5WYX: is that on Windows sub-system for Linux?20:26
KF5WYXTJ - No, I'm running an Ubuntu 18.04 vm, trying to build Mingw hosted binutils to target linux.20:26
KF5WYXI'm about to paste-bin my build script, but should also point out that I do not know what I'm doing  (I'm a developer but entirely unfamiliar with the GNU tool-chain)20:27
KF5WYXhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fZdD9mZsSq/  <- the bit at the top is just installing packages, many may be unrequired.  --disable-gdb is added, in which case everything works.20:28
KF5WYXhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JWD4SMyw4T/ <- when gdb enabled20:29
TJ-KF5WYX: oh! does the package './configure --help ' script indicate it takes options related to gmp? e.g. --with-gmp-include20:30
KF5WYX./configure --help | grep gmp20:31
KF5WYX  --with-gmp-dir=PATH     this option has been REMOVED20:31
KF5WYX  --with-gmp=PATH         specify prefix directory for the installed GMP20:31
KF5WYX                          --with-gmp-include=PATH/include plus20:31
KF5WYX                          --with-gmp-lib=PATH/lib20:31
KF5WYX  --with-gmp-include=PATH specify directory for installed GMP include files20:31
TJ-KF5WYX: or possibly --with-gmp-lib or similar - those examples are from the 'mpc' package so are unlikely to be exactly the same20:31
TJ-KF5WYX: so, first check if you've got libgmp-dev installed20:32
KF5WYXTJ: I've tried --with-gmp=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu with no change20:32
KF5WYXTJ: I do have libgmp-dev20:32
TJ-KF5WYX: I've just checked where that package puts its files; it ought to be found but try "./configure --with-gmp=/usr ..."  just in case that helps20:34
TJ-KF5WYX: configure should created a config.status and config.log which, when examined, might indicate why gmp isn't being discovered20:34
KF5WYXTJ: Thank you, trying it now - It'll take some time to get results due to single-threading make.20:34
TJ-KF5WYX: generally when these things happen I open the ./configure script and search for the section that detects/sets the library options, so I'd do 'less configure' and then /gmp and read how it tries to detect the libraries it needs20:36
KF5WYXTJ- --with-gmp=/usr did not change anything.  I did try reading the configure / make scripts and got deep in variables, I'll look again. Also examining config.log since I'd previously not known it was there.20:38
TJ-KF5WYX: FYI most -dev packages ship the required build flags/options in package-config files; libgmp-dev puts them in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkgconfig/gmp.pc20:39
TJ-KF5WYX: might be worth reading that20:39
TJ-KF5WYX: I very often do builds thus: ./configure --verbose ... |& tee /tmp/configure.log" and then I can review the verbose configure script activity if something goes wrong20:41
Tombie" I got fired when on Friday I told the students" the teacher goes to the nerves then starts the clubs. such greetings to parents, "and fired."20:42
leftyfbTombie: can we help you with something?20:47
OERIASMy OS/2 server is running20:48
leftyfb!ubuntu | OERIAS20:48
ubottuOERIAS: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com20:48
OERIASsorry, I though I was in ##chat20:49
dexterhi! i encoutered some weird problem, and the interwebs wasnt any help: i am a new ubuntu user, I am usually a void user: ./sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/strchr-avx2.S20:53
dexterdoesnt exist20:53
dexteri am compiling using GCC, and the C code is just a regular strchr20:54
Tombieleftyfb, you sure can: what i need to know, to start coding Ubuntu software ?20:54
leftyfbTombie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu20:55
Tombieleftyfb, i did click link 3 times, then it opens, what is my problem ?20:56
TJ-dexter: you need to install that file; so far as I can see it doesn't exist in any Ubuntu package21:01
dexterthats weird AF, since i dont use any non STD lib TJ-21:05
TJ-dexter: it's supposedly part of some versions of glibc21:08
OzzzyI try to update my system and I get 'The repository 'http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu Release' no longer has a Release file. How do I change things so it'll work21:09
leftyfbOzzzy: what version of ubuntu?21:10
leftyfb!eol | Ozzzy21:10
ubottuOzzzy: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:10
Tombieleftyfb, thanks !! interesting ubuntu-devel-page21:11
Ubuntu-ar-es-enHi, I have a bug in fresh install using xubuntu / ubuntu mate, not using ubuntu / kubuntu. In mate flavour I fixed removing marco window manager, but no window Manager he, in xubuntu no Marco, so, i want to fix it or report because want to use 20.04.1. The bug is https://imgur.com/a/uX7vbHe21:16
KF5WYXTJ: Thank you for your help. I did not yet resolve it, but, I realized that I'm wrong about what I'm doing anyway. I'm actually building host=win32 target=win32, and therefore, it would need a win32 build of gmp to link against.  Not sure how to go about building that, but I'll bet I can find it if I look up WSL2 or MingW build guides.21:17
Ubuntu-ar-es-enthe video card is a vega integrated ryzen 3200u ideapad laptop21:18
Ubuntu-ar-es-enany idea?21:19
Ubuntu-ar-es-enI tested too 20.10 and same bug21:20
TJ-Ubuntu-ar-es-en: that looks like a known bug; 'stepping' of the display; I reported it some time ago against amdgpu - there are upstream fixes but not sure they've reached the distros yet21:21
TJ-Bug #187389521:22
ubottubug 1873895 in xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu (Ubuntu) "Regression: block staircase display with side-by-side monitors of different pixel widths" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187389521:22
Ubuntu-ar-es-enTJ-: So, is reported but upstream not fixed yet. Some .deb to fix it or url to see?21:23
TJ-Ubuntu-ar-es-en: in that report there are workarounds to resolve it21:26
TJ-Ubuntu-ar-es-en: see comments #38 and #3721:27
Ubuntu-ar-es-enTJ-: Can you give me the URL of that report? I can't find it21:27
TJ-errr, #36 and #3721:27
Ubuntu-ar-es-enoh sorry bug 187389521:27
ubottubug 1873895 in xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu (Ubuntu) "Regression: block staircase display with side-by-side monitors of different pixel widths" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187389521:27
Ubuntu-ar-es-enIi tried 800x600 and nothing, mmm moment to test xrandr and xconf-query comment 36/3721:31
AJS66i installed Ubuntu 20.10 and for the most part its working great.   when i boot up i get to grub and then my screen is black until GDM loads.  my drive is encrypted so i need to guess when it is asking for the drive password as its not showing on the screen.  anyone have any ideas how i can get the bootup to show on screen.  Side note if i launch21:40
AJS66in recovery mode i see the full startup21:40
TJ-AJS66: remove "splash" from the boot options via /etc/default/grub and after do "sudo update-grub" - that'll prevent the Plymouth splash screen from getting in the way (you can also try tapping the Esc key when the display is black - that tells Plymouth to show the tty console messages)21:45
AJS66TJ- Thanks, I'll give that a shot!21:45
TJ-AJS66: it could also be caused by problems with the display driver21:46
AJS66TJ- That's what i was thinking as well.  I'm running the nvidia 450 driver.  it seems to be working perfectly in GDM though.21:50
TJ-AJS66: yes; we sometimes see that with nvidia - it has to do with the driver not correcrtly taking over from the UEFI framebuffer driver21:56
coconutTJ-, what is the difference betweem "quite splash" and just "splash"?22:02
Tombiehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/hirsute-desktop-amd64.iso <---- where this is located ?22:02
Tombieusa ?22:02
Tombiesick slow download22:02
TJ-coconut: 'quiet' causes the initialramfs /init script to set the kernel to minimal messages (I generally replace 'quiet' with 'debug systemd.log_level=info' to increase kernel messages (but no the systemd init which piggy-backs off 'debug')22:09
superleaf1995is there any software in ubuntu to graphically represent memory blocks/areas22:14
superleaf1995i.e: location 0x0fff to 0x15af represented in a block22:14
TJ-superleaf1995: you imply those memory addresses need to be read or just a graphical image unrelated to memory content?22:16
superleaf1995graphical representation of em22:16
superleaf1995unrelated to mem content22:16
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TJ-superleaf1995: the only thing slightly like that I can think of is massif-visualizer - which represents valgrind output, so not really wht you need22:21
superleaf1995nope :-/22:21
finalbetaHi, I would like to have a certain package (dislocker to read bitlocker drives) available on a Ubuntu live bootable USB stick. How can I do this please? what "recommended"  method would allow me to inject the package in the usb stick, or make my usb stick writable so I can install the package once booted?22:26
Bashing-om!persistence | finalbeta One way:22:32
ubottufinalbeta One way:: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence22:32
finalbetathanks Bashing-om22:46
rapidwaveWhat do I do when I've reached limit of number of file watchers?23:44
rapidwaveDo I need to restart the shell they were launched with?23:44

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