xubuntu52ido you know how can I be part of the translation team of ubuntu?07:53
dodiHi All, I am trying to install Xubuntu to an Acer Travelmate 8473 laptop but the boot stucks  on a screen with "Check finished: no errors found" I tried with multiple usb drives created with multiple methods always the same result. On this laptop bios the boot mode cannot be changed (EFI-Legacy).09:30
dodiThis screen is before Grub menu where i should choose to install or boot from live etc.09:31
dodiCan you advise me anything i should try?09:32
brainwashdodi: is it the variant with two GPUs? if yes, I would switch to only one GPU in the BIOS and then try again09:52
dodiThis is an older Core i5 without dedicated graphic card, only the gpu in the CPU is present09:55
dodiNow i try to create a18LTS disk to see if it works.09:55
dodiFinally i gave it up, this Xubuntu thing sucks. Now i install a different distro.10:38
diogenes_dodi, try to skip the filesystem check.10:49
diogenes_this is common for all Ubuntu flavors because it was introduced in 20.04 and it's annoying as hell.10:50
dodidiogenes, how can i do that? I tried to press everything but it just started to boot. BTW i just tired 18LTS with the same result.10:52
eater9-Hi, I'm trying to compile xfce4-terminal release on Xubuntu 18.04 and it fails saying "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lvte-2.91" -- any suggestions?20:00
JackFrostThe vte version in that release removed support for pcre, so you should either use the patch that shipped with xfce4-terminal in 18.04 or backport the vte package from a newer release.20:01
eater9-Ahhh ok, thanks20:03
bahhi, trying to boot from a xubuntu 20 live usb, i get a quick message stating 'can't find grub_platform' before the grub menu loads...i've tried editing the kernal line with nomodeset...thinking maybe it's a gfx issue, but xubuntu never loads20:28
bahwhen i add nomodeset to boot line and hit ctrl-x, i see 'booting a command list' and a blinking cursor...and nothing happens after that20:29

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