gofirHey guys, I'm trying to install ubuntu 20.10 on my HP Spectre x360 laptop. Used Rufus FAT32 formatting to flash onto live USB. It would skip GRUB on boot and go straight to Windows so I ran /bcdedit, now it says Boot Device Not Found00:09
gofirI have tried running efibootmgr to change boot order, no success00:10
jeremy31gofir: go into BIOS menu. system config, OS boot order, put ubuntu on top of list and press F10 twice00:11
blueeaglegofir: I had more success writing the image with Universal-USB-Installer- than YUMI. Never tried Rufus, though.00:12
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gofirThanks jeremy31 , will try that but last time i entered BIOS, ubuntu would not appear in boot order list at all00:13
jeremy31gofir: was ubuntu installed in UEFI?00:13
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gofirjeremy31, yes, I believe so00:15
gofirI have a pastebin from Boot-Repair: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wtpyFxZcj4/00:16
gofirblueeagle, thanks for the suggestion, I tried Universal USB with Ubuntu 20.04 and faced some issues but will keep this in mind if I try flashing it again00:18
vpathakhello - i was attempting to add a "memo"s account in evolutiom.  i can see there are web and caldav choices.  but i havent been able to run it with a web provider (eg google).  i am willing to host my own server (for myself) but i'd like to know what kind of server evolution expects (to be provided in caldav or web).  thank you!00:36
mkCkanyone iina wan taimzuon we it a naa tuu liet? sorry for my jamiekan00:37
vpathakor any ideas how to find out about that gnome evolution feature.  no info on web and even official chanels are silent.  any pointers into gnome source code?00:37
mkCkok so silly question00:38
mkCkbut i got 2 screens00:38
mkCkand one is broken00:38
mkCk20.10 is drawing desktop on the broken one00:38
mkCkso what command can i use to turn off laptop and use only external vga00:38
mkCk*laptop screen00:39
Bashing-om!patience | mkCk00:43
ubottumkCk: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/00:43
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kre10hey guys, what is the mail server that sends the emails when fail2ban is activated? I mean, should I have a mail server installed on the host?01:15
vpathakhi - i have been trying to add a "memo" account with gnome evolution on ubuntu 20.04 .  However I havent been able to figure out what kind of server its looking for when i select web.  Any pointers are very much appreciated...01:16
matsamankre10: there are many to choose from01:20
matsamankre10: maybe postfix by default01:20
kre10matsaman thank you for reaching out, I appreciate it! fail2ban lives on container, so should I install postfix on container too?01:24
matsamancan't think of a reason to use a container for that, or indeed, almost anything01:25
matsamando what you like01:25
Mystified1234hey guts running 20.10 on a 2-in-1 i5-8th gen lenova yoga 520 touch screen, is there away for the virtual keyboard to be modified to full function keyboard02:25
SynfulAckOn 20.04.1 and having problems with gpg-agent seeing my hardware key/yubikey-key. Its not consistent. Most days it works when i power up the machine, but then every now and then it sees nothing. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JJcQDNMVvd/ Any ideas?02:26
SynfulAcktried running `pkill agent` `gpg-connect-agent reloadagent /bye` `gpgconf` `gpg-agent` but the combo doesnt seem todo anything, or reinserting the usb device.02:28
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Mystified1234hi, im getting 404 errors with eon, eoan-updates and eon-security Release' does not have a Release file03:02
Mystified1234i'm running 20.1003:03
Mystified1234how can iresolve this03:03
leftyfbMystified1234: are you running eon or groovy?03:16
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kill-animalshey I turned on my kubuntu, and it is lagging and I cant figure out why.03:26
kill-animalslots of goofy errors, like it not detecting me being plugged and discharging while I am plugged in03:27
kill-animalsive tried rebooting twice03:27
kill-animalsits still around03:27
geosmiledoes anyone use a ssh client on ipad/iphone?03:57
geosmileI'm looking for something I can depend on in production - preferably open source ssh client03:57
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maxtimboso I'm not super familiar with nfs. I've mostly used smb in the past. I have an nfs-server setup to only allow connections to, permissions 777. but I want two users on the client to be able to r/w (postgres/mysql). I can't chown, which makes sense... But how should I approach this?04:41
maxtimboalso, I don't like the idea of permissions 777 across the nfs share, but I wasn't sure where to go from here...04:43
dpreachercould someone please help me understand why ``sed -i.bak 's/(.+)=(.+)/\\1 = "\\2"/g' myconfig.toml`` not change the lines like ``url=myurl.com`` but gui editors like geany have no problem doing?05:29
dpreachersolved it05:48
ilias_grhi all. please advice me which is the best way to run .exe windows files in ubuntu. wine only?09:09
SlowJimmyOld lap-top w/ old version of ubuntu (16~) update fails for what i suspect additional packages or language packages can i delete the source-list i mean repo list to fix this?09:18
SlowJimmyI want to update to current ubuntu09:18
nibbon_I'm struggling with mdadm on xenial (I know it's a bit old)09:36
nibbon_I had to replace a disk, was swapped without giving mdadm --fail|remove dancing09:37
nibbon_and now it reported as faulty09:37
nibbon_it was a hot spare btw09:37
nibbon_I managed to replace it anyway but now the system reports it as faulty09:38
nibbon_mdadm -r /dev/md0 detached|faulty didn't help09:38
nibbon_it keeps returning mdadm: Cannot find 65:97: No such file or directory09:38
nibbon_does anyone have any hints?09:39
nibbon_well, I created two fake entries with mknod09:50
nibbon_and I managed to remove them09:50
ufwirchelphi all i would like some help creating a rule to allow my box to connect to irc using hexchat. My firewall is ufw. I have some custom rules that amount to only allowing out on ports 80 443 6667/tcp (v6 and without v6 what ever that is) please help me and suggest whether just opening an ip and port / ip range and port10:35
ufwirchelphexchat wants to connect to but this address changes on failure/timeout10:37
ufwirchelpand i dont know if it wants tcp or udp or other and if i can get away with only outgoing ?10:38
daregapyo, anyone knows why sgdisk (sgdisk -u 2:<UUID> /dev/sda) won't change the partition UUID while gdisk (gdisk /dev/sda, x, c, enter UUID, w) does?10:42
zetheroomy Thinkpad P14s has been freezing up completely more frequently. The screen image is still there but nothing responds ... mouse, keyboard ... nothing. How can I find out what's causing this?10:55
zetherooIt's frozen up right now ... anything I can do?10:56
sunsh1ne_warriorHave you tried to switch to tty1? Ctrl-Alt-F1.10:59
zetherooyes, nothing11:01
sunsh1ne_warriorDoes it freeze regardless of running software?11:04
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zetheroosunsh1ne_warrior: no idea, it seems totally random, but I am always using at least Google Chrome. There are other things open and running of course ... one which is always on is ESET AV11:09
zetherooIs there anything I can/should run on next startup to determine what caused the system crash?11:13
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo: That seems like hardware problem... How long has it have this issue?11:15
zetheroosunsh1ne_warrior: hard to say. I have only had the laptop for a month. It's brand new.11:15
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo: Interesting. Can you paste your dmesg output?11:18
TJ-zetheroo: try connecting to it from another PC with ssh. Also, do that when it is workng correctly and monitor logs using "journactl" so when it freezes you can see the very latest log entries on the remote PC11:18
zetheroosunsh1ne_warrior: not unless I reboot ... should I do that after doing the hard reboot/reset?11:19
zetheroo TJ-: it's not reachable over the network - no response from IP or hostname11:20
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo: Yep, you can check dmesg or journalctl anytime. Use pastebin, so we can see it.11:21
locsmif_workzetheroo: this is the most elaborate and powerful weapon against this stuff, but it may well be overkill since you tend to have to recompile the kernel with the relevant options flags https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:22
locsmif_workzetheroo: I also think it's a hardware problem. Specifically overheating of some sort11:23
locsmif_workBut it's a wild guess in the end11:24
locsmif_workPerhaps you can run a temperature monitor which will likely freeze along with everything else but it'll at least show its last values?11:25
zetheroo1here is my dmesg: https://pastebin.com/BXPiYDAd11:26
sunsh1ne_warriorlocsmif_work: It's also possible to enable magic sysrq at boot by using sysctl.d config.11:27
locsmif_worksunsh1ne_warrior: ah ok11:28
zetheroo1how do I limit journalctl to showing only the output from today?11:28
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo1: try journalctl --boot=-111:30
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheeroo1: oops, sorry. journalctrl --boot=011:30
zetheroo1ok, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/8p5Qbbv8DD/11:33
locsmif_workWhat's all this kernel lockdown stuff11:37
locsmif_workIt says hibernation disallowed, etc.11:37
locsmif_workOkay, I see: https://www.zdnet.com/article/linux-to-get-kernel-lockdown-feature/11:39
locsmif_workTorvalds caving to DRM/TC shite again11:39
locsmif_workSeems pretty strictly enabled for you11:40
locsmif_workI hope it's not causing too many problems11:40
zetheroo1no idea :/11:40
locsmif_workzetheroo: it only hangs when you run Chrome?11:41
zetheroo1locsmif_work: I can't know that because Chrome is always running.11:42
zetheroo1It's crashed twice this week.11:42
locsmif_workzetheroo1: how is it always running? That can't be possible11:42
locsmif_workSurely you can make sure it isn't running?11:43
locsmif_workAnd is your Lenovo laptop trying to hibernate?11:43
locsmif_workBecause that's always been a mess11:43
zetheroo1no, I mean I am always using it .. it's my work laptop and we use Google services so Chrome is always the first thing I open.11:44
locsmif_workI'm still stabbing in the dark here, but you may want to disable suspend/hibernation11:44
zetheroo1well it's freezing up as I am using it, so I don't see why it would be trying to hibernate11:44
locsmif_workI see11:44
locsmif_workAnd it's tighly locked down because that's how work machines are configured11:45
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo1: Very likely hdd or ram problem. Try to memtest or fsck.11:45
zetheroo1what do you mean by 'tightly locked down'?11:45
zetheroo1I have full admin/root access ...11:45
locsmif_workzetheroo1: can you boot from USB flash drive?11:45
zetheroo1 locsmif_work: hmmm .. yeah, I could run a memtest etc ...11:46
locsmif_workzetheroo1: before you do that, you could simply attempt to even boot from flash drive11:46
locsmif_workIf it boots and doesn't hang... wel...11:46
zetheroo1well that's how I installed Ubuntu in the first place - from USB stick ..11:47
locsmif_workYeah, but I mean running in live mode11:47
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo1: You can also boot a different distribution.11:47
locsmif_workBooting from flash drive fully without installation11:47
zetheroo1yes, ran the live session from USB11:47
zetheroo1of course not for very long11:48
locsmif_workAnd it didn't hang?11:48
zetheroo1didn't hang11:48
locsmif_workBecause if it doesn't, a hardware problem is less likely, though not impossible11:48
zetheroo1so there's really nothing in the logs?11:48
locsmif_workThere are multiple possible leads in the logs I'd think, but not specific enough: too much noise, too little signal11:48
locsmif_workImho, lots of it seems to revolve around strict security settings11:49
locsmif_workAs well as NVIDIA, WiFi, sound11:49
locsmif_workI am suspicious of your security settings, your NVIDIA driver, your power management configuration and your sound card, and although I'm not speaking for anyone else, I can't know which should be pursued11:50
locsmif_workBooting live from USB is a good step11:51
locsmif_workFollowing the principle of exclusion11:51
sunsh1ne_warriorAntiviruses often have a conflict with system. Check how's system run w/o it.11:52
p0aCan I use the gnome tracker to keep track of my pdf files?11:53
locsmif_workWell, that would happen if he'd boot live from USB, because AV shouldn't be included11:53
zetheroo1ok, I was hoping for something more conclusive from the logs ... but I guess the process of elimination is the only way to see whats really causing this11:54
locsmif_workYes, I would say so11:54
zetheroo1is there anything I could be running that would catch the crash log output?11:55
zetheroo1or is dmesg and journalctl all there is ...11:56
locsmif_workzetheroo1: you may want to try sysrq if you want low level inspection11:58
locsmif_workBut do you really want to?11:58
locsmif_workIt's like looking for a needle in haystack isn't it?11:58
locsmif_workin a*11:59
locsmif_workI would confine the problem first, and if you want to file a bug report, investigate using sysrq if necessary11:59
zetheroo1I guess I just have to live with it for now until it start crashing several time a day11:59
locsmif_workI'm not an Ubuntu dev, I can only suggest how you would discover where the problem originates, nothing mroe12:00
locsmif_workRunning from USB live provides useful info, and you further narrow it down from there12:00
locsmif_workAs does hw testing if necessary12:01
locsmif_workShouldn't take much more than 30 mins12:01
locsmif_workAnyways, good luck12:01
zetheroo1thanks ;)12:01
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo1:Last tip. Use sysctl -w kernel.sysrq=1 to enable sysrq for current session. When it's freeze, press Alt+SysRq+1 and Alt+SysRq+t to dump your crash information. Then you may want to check /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog. Good luck12:02
locsmif_workSee also link for additional info12:03
locsmif_workThe backtrace might be useful, but again imho it's looking for a needle in a haystack without some process of elimination befoer12:04
sunsh1ne_warriorzetheroo1: I have found a user having this particular problem too. Follow this thread to reveal the cause and if it doesn't help, see for further replies. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1297152/tracking-down-a-system-freeze12:06
zetheroo1ok, thanks!12:07
sunsh1ne_warriorHave a nice day.12:07
zetheroo1same to you12:07
locsmif_workzetheroo1: i hope you'll be willing to give us an update later, maybe12:20
zetheroo1locsmif_work: I am writing a reply to that askubuntu link atm ...12:21
qmcpzksHey, I may have done a bit of an oopsie with my filesystem... I used unetbootin (because my laptop officially has no working USB ports) from windows to install ubuntu. Now, ubuntu works but my disk partitions are pretty fucked. Also I think it may have done a double install somehow because it loaded me as user "ubuntu" when I actually made a user13:00
qmcpzkscalled "qmcpzks". Pre-install I had 2 disks where C: was 250GB and D was a 500GB disk partitioned in windows as 250GB and 250GB. On 'df -h' I have the original C: named /dev/sdb2 mounted on /cdrom (wtf?) and the other disk is not mounted. fdisk shows that it's there but the same disk appears twice (sda2 type extended | sda5 type Linux). I mounted13:00
qmcpzksit to see what was on it and it's... another linux file system. And in that filesystem's /home I found the "qmcpzks" user. WTF do I do from here. I need to just have a Ubuntu install, no windows, and just one installation. I feel like I may have fucked up big time tho13:00
heeenvlc cannot play anything without stuttering13:02
heeendoes not matter if its alsa or pulse13:02
tarzeauheeen: tried oss?13:05
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nuxilhow do i get my network shares i have on my windows pc?  when i open the filemanager on my pi. and head to network, i see the windows pc name., but with i try to open it. it failes.14:07
nuxilwhen i open a samba client on my android phone. i see all my shares and can access them. so, what is wrong on my pi?14:07
neurrecan I reset USB device without unplugging it?14:09
leftyfbnuxil: what version of Ubuntu are you running?14:09
nuxilno idea14:10
nuxilwouldnt you  be more intreseted in smb version etc?14:10
leftyfbneurre: https://www.linux.org/threads/resetting-the-usb-subsystem.10404/14:11
leftyfbnuxil: lsb_release -a14:11
nuxiloh gosh.. i forgot. its not ubuntu on this pi. lol14:12
ogratime to switch then 😉14:13
mortI'm having an issue where, with GNOME on Wayland, windows will sometimes end up behind the dock14:14
nuxilogra, dont think so. not on this pi. to bloated.14:14
ograworks nicely over here (though, yeah, i wouldnt run ubuntu desktop on a pi3 or some such)14:15
nuxilok. some progress. now i can see my pi share on the windows pc. but not the windows shares on the pi :\14:21
leftyfbnuxil: please seek support from the OS you're running. We can only support Ubuntu here.14:22
nuxilits not os related :p its a samba issue, and i bet you 5 cookies that the configuration is the same on debian and ubuntu regards to samba.   but anyway i will wait for anwser in #samba14:24
DJones 14:25
leftyfbnuxil: different linux distributions have different versions of software installed, different default configurations, firewalls, security ACL's and different tools used to troubleshoot. Please seek support from the OS vendor you're running.14:27
loxiehi all need some help with a firewall rule for ufw: am using think i got it okay but not sure if its prudent to use the rule "sudo ufw allow out 6667:6697/tcp" anyone care to chime in14:30
leftyfbloxie: I'm not sure what your question is exactly14:31
loxiehi all need some help with a firewall rule for ufw: am not sure if its prudent to use the rule "sudo ufw allow out 6667:6697/tcp" anyone care to chime in, its for hexchat only14:31
loxiesorry typos to the max didnt edit it14:31
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leftyfbloxie: your firewall rule opens ports 6667-6697/tcp outbound, if that is what you're looking for14:33
loxiei have a ruleset already and just want ufw to allow access on that port range to only hexchat:what is the best way forward?14:33
loxiei dont know alot about ufw iptables firewalls etc but id like to harden my system and only allow the hexchat program to use that port range if possible14:34
leftyfbloxie: look into application profiles14:35
loxiei dont understand what you mean | ufw manual?14:36
loxieor hexchat re portrange | which 6667:6697 i dunnon if it needs udp but tcp only is working14:36
leftyfbloxie: https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-setup-a-firewall-with-ufw-on-ubuntu-18-04/#application-profiles   or https://askubuntu.com/questions/409013/how-do-you-create-an-app-profile-for-ufw14:37
loxiety am reading the article14:43
loxiecheers leftyfb got it sorted14:58
panzeroceaniais there an irc channel for ubuntu advantage, or canonical ?15:14
Maikpanzeroceania: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:14
panzeroceaniaI was trying to figure out who to ask what the function of the Self Support ubuntu advantage subscription was15:14
panzeroceaniavs just using ubuntu15:15
panzeroceania@Maik  thanks, I didn't seen anything more appropriate than this channel in that list15:15
ograpanzeroceania, note that canonical shuts down for the last two weeks of the year ... but there is a "leave a message" popup at the bottom of the page, just leave a message there and someone will contact you after new year15:17
panzeroceania@ogra  thanks! that helps15:18
leftyfbogra: oh man, I miss those days15:24
cnnxanyone know how many GPUs on a crypto mining motherboard ubuntu can handle at once? im reading inwindows 10 its 8 I wanted to know for Ubuntu15:47
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leibniz[m]The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libomp-10-dev : Breaks: libomp-dev (< 44)  libomp5-10 : Breaks: libomp5 (< 44) E: Broken packages16:24
leibniz[m]Any ideas?16:24
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DirkosI updated to ubuntu 20.10 yesterday but since i have issues16:25
DirkosRight now dpkg is stuck on docker-ce which it cant install and also cant remove16:26
DirkosThe process just gets stuck at x% and no further log output or whatsoever16:26
DirkosNow trying a run of "sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq docker-ce" but also without luck untill now16:26
johnny9973now tell me guys, why are snaps bad?16:44
leibniz[m]johnny9973: It's not clear where are the config files. The theme do not respect system setup configs. The start time is slow. They auto-update and can't be turned off. They litter ~. They show up as a partition.16:50
johnny9973has there ever been malware in the snap store?16:56
johnny9973wondering if its safe to install some of these16:56
johnny9973like this one, which was uploaded relatively recently https://snapcraft.io/gnash-raymii16:57
Deano59how can I create a 20.04.1 and 20.10 image for the raspberry pi 4 that uses 5.10.1 kernel? the default kernel is 5.8 - I want to build 5.10.1. and add stuff etc. like adding rpi userland, rpi specific patches and so on.17:02
Deano59I can start off with the tarball, or the server images.17:02
morthttps://p.mort.coffee/1nf.png under wayland, my maximized windows end up under the dock fairly often17:03
YounderIs there any any other group that #tegra that discusses NVIDIA Jetson embedded platform?17:29
YounderIt seems pretty dead..17:29
ograit is probably full of nvidia employees that are on vacation right now17:30
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leibniz[m]How to detect conflicting PPA?18:21
nerdcoreI'm running 20.04 on a AMD Ryzen 9 5950x and would like the latest and greatest kernel to support my brand new CPU. What's the best way to upgrade to a bleeding-edge kernel?19:11
BlueEaglenerdcore: Does the change notes in the kernel dev say that there have been made any optimizations for your processor that was not in the stock kernel?19:13
nerdcoreidk it was suggested I upgrade by folks over in #linux19:13
nerdcorewhat do you make of this? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Pd99HjvYTw/19:14
BlueEaglenerdcore: That the MC23 register is Intel spesific, and since it is not present on your processor it will not be used as well as a memory bank that is not usable by the kernel. Nothing unexpected to be honest.19:16
nerdcoreokay. I'm having some stability issues and just trying to figure out what options are available to try and overcome them19:17
nerdcoreI've had 3 sudden reboots and a lock-up / freeze in the past 2 weeks since assembly19:17
alexandrdvorkinwhere is the package manager in ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS19:20
nerdcoreit's in /usr/bin19:21
alexandrdvorkinhow do i start the package manager19:21
nathdwekHey hey, I have a weird issue on groovy with nvidia drivers (quadro m2000m)19:22
nathdwekI was messing around trying to fix a suspend issue where GPU was falling of the bus19:22
nerdcoreI use the package manager via the command line with `sudo apt ...`19:22
nathdwekbut the rest was working ok19:22
nerdcorebut there's probably a GUI tool as well19:22
nathdwekBut now, if I use any proprietary nvidia driver (i.e. everything but nouveau) (ppa or official), I can't change the resolution of my laptop screen19:23
nathdwekat least in the "ubuntu" display settings19:23
nerdcorenathdwek: have you tried the nvidia display manager tool?19:23
nathdwekAnd if I change the settings through nvidia-settings, I can change the resolution, but htere are panning issue, basically I lose half of the screen19:24
nathdweknerdcore: yes19:24
nerdcoreI use the proprietary nv drivers, but I use the GNOME settings panel to change resolutions/orientation of monitors; works great19:24
nathdwekyeah I used to do that as well for years, including on this present laptop with no issue19:25
nerdcorehad good functionality even from Enlightenment19:25
BlueEaglenerdcore: bleeding edge kernel is rarely the solution for unstable systems. How are your thermals, and do you have any common denomitaors for what your system was doing when it crashed?19:25
nathdwekbut now there's only one option in the resolution dropdown19:25
nerdcoreBlueEagle: k10temp reports the CPU temp at "0.00C" which is disconcerting. Sometimes it runs fine under heavy load for hours/days, sometimes it reboots suddenly but not sure why just yet19:26
nathdweksuper weird, basically I tried out this answer for my suspend issue: https://askubuntu.com/a/1236747/270342 and since modifying this grub thing (and reverting it) I can't get my graphics drivers to behave correctly except nouvaeau19:26
nerdcoreapparently kernel 5.10 fixed k10temp for my CPU, so that would be desirable.19:28
nerdcore5.10 is stable according to kernel.org so maybe not "bleeding0edge" whatever that means :P19:28
BlueEagle!kernel | nerdcore19:29
ubottunerdcore: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)19:29
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:29
BlueEaglenerdcore: Also, before you install a new kernel, please make sure you have a way to re-install a working kernel if everythign goes to pieces.19:30
nerdcoremkfs.ext4 ;)19:32
nerdcoregood point though; I have gobs of free space so I might just clone rootfs to a new partition as a backup19:33
alexandrdvorkini keep gettting an error from apt-get install kodi-pvr-iptvsimple about broken packages19:39
matsamanalexandrdvorkin: ...any particular error?19:44
nathdwekAnyone have any idea of a starting point wrt that weird driver issue?19:47
matsamanwhich weird driver issue19:47
nathdwekThe one I described like 5 minutes ago19:48
nathdwekbasically I was messing around with a suspend issue19:48
nathdwekbecause "GPU has fallen off the bus"19:48
nathdwek(laptop with nvidia)19:48
nathdwekI made some changes (since reverted) in /etc/default/grub19:49
Maikyou didn't describe anything 5 minutes ago19:49
nathdwekand since then, with proprietary nvidia drivers I can't change my resolution properly19:49
nathdwekcinnamon-display-settings doesn't offer any choice but 4K19:49
nathdwekand nvidia-settings seems broken19:49
nathdwekI have switched both ways between official and ppa, purged/reinstalled, ...19:50
Maiknathdwek: which ubuntu? Ubuntu Cinnamon?19:50
nathdwekgroovy with cinnamon-desktop-environment19:50
Maikcinnamon installed on top of 20.10?19:51
Maikjust to make sure19:51
nathdwekMaik: you aware of any specific issue related to this setup?19:57
coconutnerdcore, there is a more updated kernel in default repo, but i don't know whether it would work better with your cpu.20:05
coconutbut i guess you can always try20:05
coconutit's linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04-edge20:05
coconutwhich is version 5.8 i believe20:05
Maiknathdwek: nope20:09
Maiki only have Intel these days, no more nVidia for me20:10
nathdwekI wish I could say the same but it's my work laptop20:11
coconutalexandrdvorkin, give us your error on paste and someone might know20:26
dob1how do you setup diodon to work?20:30
dob1it doesn't copy anything20:30
oerheksthe diodon icon on the top panel, gives a preferences menu20:32
dob1oerheks, ok but I can't find how to make it works20:34
dob1it's supposed to copy in its clipboard history when I ctrl-c some text20:35
dob1now it works... after a kill / restart20:38
euclid[m]I have a weird issue today trying to update my Ubuntu mirror with debmirror. The error was that the keyring file I have for ubuntu does not match the public key on the repository. Fair enough. I check the repository at us.archive.ubuntu.com, and the keys are new in Release.gpg, but the ubuntu-keyring package has not. Shouldn't this mean all apt-update commands fail? Just curious if this is just me.20:59
PeGaSuShello guys. I'm booting Ubuntu from a external drive and I'm having some errors (which I can't remind properly). here's my dmesg output: https://termbin.com/pq1p21:01
PeGaSuSnote: the errors are while bootin.the OS seems to behave normally after that21:02
PeGaSuSthe question is: is there anything I should worry about?21:03
matsamanI usually wait for a problem before I bother fixing it21:04
matsamanis the boot slow?21:04
PeGaSuS(other than except external drives aren't as reliable as internal)21:05
PeGaSuSnope. boot is kinda fast considering  I'm booting from an external drive21:05
matsamanI mean they have more parts involved21:05
matsamanenclosure, cable, USB21:05
matsamanbut other than that they're not especially worse21:06
matsamanbooting from USB can be weird on some systems, though21:06
matsamansometimes you need to allow for a longer delay for bootup21:06
matsamanbecause USB21:06
PeGaSuSwell, 22s to boot isn't slow though21:07
matsamanwhy boot from external at all though?21:08
PeGaSuSI'm kinda surprised with the speed to be honest21:08
rdzhi all. Is there a way to take multiple sceenshots of a window interactively without having to open gnome-screenshot each time?21:08
matsamanrdz: keyboard shortcut?21:08
PeGaSuSmatsaman: testing purposes21:09
rdzmatsaman, not practical. keyboard shortcut saves to generic name so all the files have to be renamed and before that to be looked at21:09
PeGaSuSmy laptop is one of those that only have 64Gb eMMC storage21:09
rdzi would like to specify filename right when taking the screenshot21:10
matsamanrdz: you can map a shortcut to a script that fills in a date21:10
rdzalso,in ubuntu 20.04 it seems you cannot hide window border anymore21:10
matsamanthat's what macOS does, it just saves to a timestamp21:10
rdzis 20.04 using wayland?21:10
matsamanyou can also map to a script that asks for a filename21:10
PeGaSuSrdz: on my laptop Fn+F11 works (although the screenshot is from the entire screen)21:10
matsamanrdz: don't think so, not wayland by default21:11
rdzPeGaSuS, i know how to take screenshots, it's just not very practical21:11
rdzmatsaman, can you take screenshots without window border?21:11
rdzI can't21:11
rdzmatsaman, how can create a script that is executed by keyboard shortcut and still asks interactively for a filename?21:12
rdzi know how to write bash scripts, but not how to do anything graphical21:12
matsamanrdz: lot of people use zenity21:13
rdzmatsaman, thanks. i'll look into that21:13
matsamanhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/906672/zenity-question-how-can-i-use-user-input etc.21:14
rdzmatsaman, ok. got it.. cool!21:14
matsamanrdz: I think 'import' from imagemagick skips window borders by default (use -bordeer to include?)21:16
matsamanbeen a while21:16
matsamanthere's some solution out there21:16
rdzmatsaman, ok. thanks21:16
rdzi wonder whether this is a bug in gnome-screenshot21:17
rdzi'm pretty sure it used to be able to hide window borders in pre-20.04 releases21:17
matsamanentirely possible21:18
matsamanor maybe it's just that your window manager / effects / compositor have changed21:19
matsamanor both =)21:19
rdzmatsaman, this is my solution: import -window $(xdotool getmouselocation | cut -d' ' -f4 | cut -d':' -f2) /tmp/loeschi.png21:28
rdzi just need to make sure that I hover to mouse pointer above the window i want to capture21:28
matsamanrdz: looks like something I would do21:30
matsamanand now you don't need a separate screenshot app21:30
rdzright. thanks for the pointers!21:31
matsamanand this probably won't ever break21:33
matsamanand if it did, you could fix it more easily21:33
jayjodoes installing docker, or other packages, automatically add bash completions? Can I inspect where those completions were installed from a deb?21:36
matsamanjayjo: dpkg -L package | grep -i comp would probably say21:36
jayjohmm. I do have a file /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/docker but it was not listed in that dpkg -L. Is there another way to tell where it came from21:41
matsamanjayjo: dpkg -S path/to/file21:44
garrettkajmowiczAre overlay installs (installing a new version on top of the existing install) expected to be lossless for use data?21:58
oerheksgarrettkajmowicz, always backup, if you don't .. your data is not important. no loss expected, but who can tell for sure?22:00
guivercgarrettkajmowicz, depends which options you use,, als you didn't say if desktop or server22:00
matsamanwhat oerheks said22:01
matsamanif you keep backups, there is no risk in attempting it while assuming /home/ will be safe22:01
garrettkajmowiczguiverc: I need to go from i386 16.04 BIOS to AMD64 20.04 UEFI.22:02
matsamannot amd64 bios?22:02
oerheksno way to change i386 to x64 . reinstall.22:02
oerhekssuch action , if any possible, surely is on your own risk.22:03
garrettkajmowiczmatsaman: Apparently not. A new ASRock MB.22:03
guivercgarrettkajmowicz, I don't think that matters (desktop anyway). us esomething-else, select existing partitions & do NOT format, it'll note packages, erase system dirs, install, try and add-back additional packages IF available for new release, ask to reboot. won't touch user data UNLESS you selected format22:03
guiverc(the prior booting mechanism won't impact the install; if booted in uEFI mode it'll use that & just replace the old booting during install)22:04
matsamangarrettkajmowicz: ah22:04
garrettkajmowiczThe current MB has the i386 install, but an AMD64 processor with BIOS (and maybe UEFI available).22:06
garrettkajmowiczoerheks: Unfortunately, the upgrade case is when I realize that Ubuntu isn't an enterprise-grade OS.22:07
oerheksmeh, which os does that?22:07
garrettkajmowiczoerheks. Windows. NetApp's OnTap.22:09
oerheksso you can change windows version from 32 to 64 bit, and mbr to uefi?22:12
matsamanlittle confused why someone with a 32-bit proc in almost 2021 would be complaining about enterprise anything anyway22:14
matsamanI haven't reinstalled my GNU/Linux in like 15 years22:14
tarzeaumatsaman: but migrated the disk from an old machine to a new one? or cloned to over to a new one?22:15
tarzeaumatsaman: what cpu/mem/disktype-size/filesystem do you use?22:15
jeremy31Ubuntu is easy to switch from BIOS/CSM to UEFI, don't even have to change to GPT22:15
matsamancloned, but either is pretty straighforward22:15
matsamantarzeau: ext4 for a long time, ext3 before that22:16
tarzeaumatsaman: my question wasn't if it's hard or not :) i know it's not22:16
matsamangeneric amd6422:16
tarzeaumatsaman: i found ext4 to be slow, compared to xfs or btrfs22:16
tarzeaujeremy31: unless your disk is > 2TB22:16
garrettkajmowiczI have a 32-bit install. I have a 64-bit processor currently with 4GB RAM. I've been able to do successive upgrades from when it was a PII-400. But there never was an easy way to do a 64-bit conversion.22:16
pequeHi there. :-)22:17
ljkimzI'm typically a RHEL user but have been building some lab systems on Ubuntu. Configuring LDAP with libnss-ldap. Found that /etc/ldap.conf needs to be '644' so that NSS can access it. Also found that using nscd resolves this issue. There is also 'nslcd'. Why would I use either nscd or nslcd over the other for this purpose?22:17
matsamanI find xfs to be designed for hardware that isn't consumer grade, and btrfs to be a little underdeveloped, but have no particular issue with either22:17
matsamanand obviously the particular FS changes little in upgrading/migrating an install22:17
tarzeaugarrettkajmowicz: debootstrap?22:17
matsamananyway, nothing has changed since the beginning of this conversation22:18
matsamanif you have backups you're good, if you don't you aren't22:18
tarzeaumatsaman: using xfs since 15 years for 120 linux workstations (from basic to rackmountable), and 5 years btrfs (with live compression) on another 100 workstations22:18
tarzeaumatsaman: only $HOME is backed up, local disks are xfs or btrfs22:19
pequeI have set up a simple Apache Server. I can `curl` and that gives me the page I am looking for, I can `curl <my-external-ip>` and that works too. Now I added ` my.domain` to /etc/hosts and `curl -s my.domain` gives me nothing. I have added `ServerName my.domain` to my server config file. Any ideas on how could I try to find out what's wrong? :-D22:19
garrettkajmowicztarzeau: I mean - I'd just like to be able to to an upgrade similar to the usual do-release-upgrade, but I understand that I'm going to have to do an install from USB key at some point.22:19
tarzeaupeque: use the real ip not the loopback device22:19
tarzeaugarrettkajmowicz: you could also just install onto a new computer/disk and migrate over /home plus cronjobs if you have from /var/spool/cron and maybe some stuff from /var/www or /etc22:20
pequetarzeau, it seems I get the same results if I put `<external-ip> my.domain`, I can `curl -s <external-ip>`, but get nothing with `curl -s my.domain`22:21
matsamantarzeau: why not all xfs or all btrfs?22:21
tarzeaupeque: errr what says ifconfig -a?22:21
tarzeaumatsaman: xfs the old installs, btrfs the new ones (btrfs because for the live compression)22:22
tarzeaumatsaman: uhh migrationg 120x1-14TB data takes some time with gbit , even with 10gbit22:22
pequetarzeau, https://pastebin.com/2qH2isH6 ( is my "external IP", since the machine is connected to a local network)22:22
matsamantarzeau: =)22:23
tarzeaupeque: just call it ip, because it's just an ip. external sounds wrong22:23
pequeok :-D22:23
pequenon-public I meant :-)22:23
tarzeaupeque: so you the /hosts file has my.domain ?22:24
tarzeaupeque: if your software can't resolve that name, maybe it's setup not to in /etc/nsswitch.conf ?22:24
pequeyeah, it has that line22:25
pequethere does not seem to be any "my.domain" reference in /etc/nsswitch.conf22:25
tarzeaupeque: and you cant' say host my.domain ?22:25
pequetarzeau, I can do that. It says: "my.domain.com is an alias of domain.com" and "domain.com has address", which is a different IP22:28
pequeI am guessing it is getting that information from the "host", which is at
pequebut I guess it means it is currently ignoring /etc/hosts, right?22:29
pequetarzeau, apparently it is reading the information I put in /etc/hosts in the "host" machine at, not its own /etc/hosts :-/22:31
ljkimzConfiguring LDAP with libnss-ldap. Found that /etc/ldap.conf needs to be '644' (which exposes connection password to world) so that NSS can access it. Using nscd resolves this issue. There is also 'nslcd'. Why would I use either nscd or nslcd over the other for this purpose?22:31
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tarzeaupeque: i don't get it, but you can run strace host whatever and see what happens22:32
pequetarzeau, I don't understand the output of that command, but thanks anyways! ^^22:34
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