OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: 2.0.26-pre is tagged for when ever you have time. I think this is going to become 2.1.0 release03:54
OvenWerksunless bugs found.03:54
OvenWerkshttps://github.com/ovenwerks/studio-controls/issues/38 maybe? I suspect that is gtk but maybe one of our settings too.04:10
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: That 100% has to be a gtk issue. There's nothing that can be done about that from our end.04:15
Eickmeyer[m]And, yes, got your tag.04:18
Eickmeyer[m]Building now.04:18
OvenWerksMaybe we should switch to gtk4? running and hiding...04:44
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Or Qt. That might be more sane.04:45
OvenWerksfltk? tck/tk04:45
OvenWerksspeaking of gtk and the release of gtk4... and the EOL of gtk2 at the same time.04:46
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah. Good thing people have been migrating to gtk3.04:47
OvenWerksArdour has not and will not04:47
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, but they use static libs.04:47
OvenWerksThe builds from ardour.org are built with a modified gtk2 that they include04:48
Eickmeyer[m]So, does that mean that they're doing that to intentionally disable distro builds?04:48
OvenWerksno, the gtk2 they use is in the pull I think.04:49
Eickmeyer[m]Ok, if that's the case then it's good. I believe they have to otherwise they'd violate the GPL.04:50
OvenWerksArdour7 moves to c++1104:51
Eickmeyer[m]That's probably about 2 years out, right?04:52
OvenWerksshould be sooner04:52
Eickmeyer[m]I'm just basing it on 5 to 6's cycle.04:52
OvenWerks6.* is just bug fixes at this point or things mixbus needs04:53
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, understandable. I'm sure mixbus would move to a 7 base when the time comes too.04:53
OvenWerksyes, the midi timing will be much improved04:53
OvenWerksnutempo has been rebased against 6.* and is starting to be operational04:54
Eickmeyer[m]Oh good.04:55
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks: Just hitting Debian: obs-studio 26.1.0, which includes the obs-v4l2sink plugin by default. Just a matter of days before it 1) hits hirsute, and 2) I backport it.18:41

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