dogCan someone tell me how to get rid of the clipboard history? I don’t want it00:21
OvenWerksdog: which version of ubuntustudio are you using?00:22
dog20.10 I believe00:22
OvenWerksYou might get the best anser from #kubuntu for that00:22
dogYes it’s 20.1000:22
OvenWerks20.10 is basically studio over kubuntu00:23
dogUgh ok. I couldn’t find anything on google so I’ll go there00:23
OvenWerksdog this is a pretty quiet channel/room whatever00:24
dogI hate it when no one responds when you have a question00:27
OvenWerksMost of us leave the irc on for logging and will answer when we next look it00:31
dogBruh, there’s 300+ people on #kubuntu and no one is responding. Grr00:31
corrinado[m]https://askubuntu.com may be your best bet for a quick response dog00:31
dogThen what’s the point of irc00:32
dogIf the forums are faster00:32
OvenWerksI can't comment on that, I have not tried to get forum access00:32
corrinado[m]Being shown as 'on' doesn't mean that someone is watching their IRC flow. Many of those are accounts that stay logged in just so they don't lose continuity of conversation over time. It doesn't indicate eyeballs actively engaged.00:33
dogI get that but at least one person out of the 300 people should b e able to respond00:33
corrinado[m]I know you mean well, but that could come across as expectant. It's a normal thing for IRC to be a place where answers rarely come back immediately. Often I see a question come in from someone who just signed in, then 5 minutes later they bounce. All within the time I was on a single phone call with a client. People typically don't log onto IRC as their sole focus.00:37
klstgjklsjhklfdhBruh, is there like a discord server or something like that?00:38
dogOops, wrong acc00:38
dogI meant to say that on this one....00:39
corrinado[m]for US?  I don't think there is a Discord Server. There is one for Ubuntu proper though. That's where your question would be best placed. Otherwise I find askubuntu.com to be pretty responsive as there are often many folks activily looking for questions to answer.00:40
dogI’m gonna do whatever I can to not create an account for askubuntu.com00:40
dogCould you give me a link to the Ubuntu discord server please?00:41
corrinado[m]I don't think this is official, per-se. But it seems active. Best of luck00:45
OvenWerkscorrinado[m]: too late, they are gone00:46
corrinado[m]Happy Holidays! OvenWerks 🙂00:46
OvenWerksTo you as well :)00:46
sakrecoer[b]anybody got links to geonkick patch-libraries?12:11
sakrecoer[b]found a few in the git repo, are they not present somewhere in the system?13:04
sakrecoer[b]Curious also if it's a ardour exculsive or something? Carla doesn't find it...13:04
sakrecoer[b]ok... that was easy :) `/usr/share/geonkick/`13:24
sakrecoer[b]interesting, only DSoS and DigitalSamba are being detected13:26
sakrecoer[b]oh, only the `.gkit` file is present in most preset directories. Meaning the `.gkick` files are missing in13:31
sakrecoer[b]hm... seems they aren't needed. unless one wants to load individual voice...13:36
sakrecoer[b]i like this geon thing13:36
sakrecoer[b]gonna try do some kits for it... Could be a fun thing to engage the community, create a ubuntu studio geonkick preset :)13:37
sakrecoer[b]speaking about community engagement made me wonder how cfhowlett is doing... haven't seen them for a while now...13:51
glockehey guys, I've got a problem using pulse bridge (enabled via ubuntu-studio-controls) on ubuntu-studio 20.0417:05
glockethe only software that's running problem is discord: audio playback "stutters" from time to time, but no other pulse-bridged programms have any problems (e.g. VLC works)17:06
glockediscord support is not a help (giving useless restart-computer advice)17:06
glockeI'm running 5.4.0-58-lowlatency, CPU i7, 16 GB RAM.. so hardware isn't the issue (especially because everything ran fine on 18.04 before, but I was forced to reinstall for some reason)17:07
glockeI recorded the pulse-bridge-output with ardour and got some ms of silence in the waveform - again and again. playback continues but is interrupted over and over (giving headache while listening ^^)17:08
glockeI've got 2 xruns as the stuttering starts, but it doesn't stop (no more xruns occure while stuttering)17:08
glockeRob van der Berg on discord (unfa's channel) adviced me to write you here :-)17:09
glockequote "This shouldn't be a problem at all. But it is [...] Sounds like a bug or something"17:09
rghoh , you're already here lol17:18
glocke(bug report written, I'm off now)17:34
lilith932Hi, short question: When entering the Grub menu with ESC while booting I get the grub screen. When I choose "Advanced Options" to choose a different kernel I don't see my kernels listed. Only when I hit ESC and enter the Advanced Options again my kernels appear17:35
lilith932Could this be a bug?17:35

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