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kc2bezGuest36524: do you have a support question?23:23
kc2bezguess not23:23
KGIIIHmm... It'd be interesting if the IRC client could give each a random(ish) username so that they're not have their name changed 30 seconds after opening the chat for support. LubuntuXXX, where X is a random number. I suppose someone could register all 999 numbers to be a jerk, but hopefully they'd not do that.23:30
KGIIIOr just start them as GuestXXXXX in the first place.23:31
guivercyeah I've occasionally though that too KGIII... it's more changes (patches)  to the upstream packages though every time upstream changes anything I guess23:35
KGIIIMaybe if the username was left blank it'd assign a guest username? Let me check.23:36
KGIIIIt will not accept a blank username. There goes that idea.23:38
KGIIIMaybe that can be changed programatically, I have no idea. I am not a competent programmer.23:38
KGIII20 GOTO 1023:39
* guiverc thinks that code will work... no syntax errors... we maybe have a new Lubuntu dev in the making :)23:42
* guiverc we're off-topic here .. -devel makes more sense for irc/quassel stuff, -offtopic the rest23:42
KGIIII plan on bringing it up at the next standup. So, it'll be on topic eventually!23:43
guivercon-topic I was thinking about this being the Support room.. (changes to IRC/quassel is devel talk)23:47
KGIIII meant the next time I bring it up it'll be on topic. That'll be at the meeting. I'll mention it then. Maybe it'll get some traction.23:53

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