hardwireHi all.  Anybody familiar with specifying a custom base for an ubuntu-image model?  I've been able to compile core18 with my own stuffs in it and I'm reviewing the source for all the tools but can't quite figure out how to specify ./my-core18-img.snap or some such in the device model.04:31
hardwirealso how do you generate a properly signed snap with snapcraft?  It doesn't pass in the account-key into the signed assertions file04:31
jameshhardwire: you can create a "grade: dangerous" model assertion with unpublished snaps using the new syntax for model assertions04:45
jameshhardwire: here's an example model definition using an unpublished base snap: https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-core-desktop/blob/main/gdm-spike-model.json04:45
hardwirehow do you reference the .snap file or locally register it?  Just via ack?04:45
hardwiremany thanks!04:45
hardwireI like that it uses core20.  I had limited success even getting that booted.04:46
jameshyou can point ubuntu-image to local snaps with the --snap command line option.  If they match the name of a snap in the model definition, they'll be used in preference to whatever is in the store04:47
jameshIf you don't specify a snap-id for a snap in the model definition, it will be the equivalent of installing it with "snap install --dangerous"04:48
hardwireThis explains a lot.  I was looking for more details on how snap prepare-image worked.04:48
hardwireDude..  Thank you so much.04:49
jamesh"snap refresh" won't be able to upgrade it, and you can't easily set up interface auto-connection via the gadget snap.04:49
hardwireand you can't publish a base snap to snapcraft.io ;)04:49
jameshbut it is easily enough to get started.04:49
hardwiregoing to have to find another way to publish it so that our factory can snag it.04:49
hardwireat least if we need to refresh ever.04:50
jameshyou'd need manual review to publish a base snap.  You're right that it would fail automated review04:50
hardwireok.  I'll research how to make that happen.04:50
hardwireI'm not making any proprietary changes.  Just adding rng-tools and swapping out timesyncd.04:51
jameshyou also have a bit more freedom with brand stores: you're given a bit more leeway if we assume you've effectively got root on all the devices attached to that store.04:51
hardwireI'll have to figure out how to set that up.04:53
hardwireIdeally we'd just want to use our own CDN for this stuffs.04:53
hardwireTo not annoy all the peoples with useless namespace drivel.04:54
hardwirenow to figure out how to specify the architecture.04:58
hardwireseems like it's easiest to compile armhf on top of ubuntu server armhf using SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT=host05:00
hardwireah.. yeh.. bootstrap plugin is chrooty and this needs done in another way.05:02
jameshhardwire: I'd think setting the architecture in your model definition would be enough06:14
hardwirethe bootstrap plugin for base builds doesn't support a foreign arch06:14
hardwirebut that's ok06:14
jameshah.  You're talking about the snap builds rather than the image builds06:15
hardwiresnapcraft build of snapcore/core1806:15
hardwireyeh.. not specifically the compositioning of the snaps for a custom model build06:15
jameshfor image builds, it should download whatever architecture snaps the model specifies06:15
hardwireit's hard talking about image builds when it's two different processes.  I'm specifically referring to creating a new base snap ;)06:16
hardwireYou can't cross build those it seems and that's fine.06:16
jameshYou can create Snapcraft projects for cross-builds, but it isn't automatic.  It's not going to magically enable cross builds for a project without cross build capable build infrastructure.06:20
jameshMost of Ubuntu is built native, so we haven't bothered trying to cross build the official base snaps06:21
hardwireIt would be a pain to do that.06:28
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hardwireSo general question.  I see a lot of dependencies and snap packages are compiled rather than simply set as stage-packages and pulled from 18.04 or 20.04.  Is this because of some special rpath related fixups being done?  I'm a bit confused because the build-packages are there but snaps aren't using things like dnsmasq (see network-manager) from the official repos with all the security patches, etc..19:23
hardwireI'm planning on making some simple snaps that bring in some packages via snap simply by way of stage-packages.  Is that a huge nono?19:23

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