lotuspsychjegood morning02:37
ubot5`Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support ended on May 9th 2013. See https://ubottu.com/y/hardy for more details.02:47
ducassegood morning06:32
daftykinsa holiday cola demon is sighted08:00
daftykinswhat's new?08:00
marcoagpintohey hey08:04
marcoagpintodaftykins! :)08:04
marcoagpintoI have been working on LanguageTool and in the British speller08:04
marcoagpintowhat's up?08:04
daftykinsnot a lot going on here today so far, clients are quiet08:05
marcoagpintowell, I was invited to work today but I had to say no :)08:05
marcoagpintobecause last Wednesday I was invited too and the supermarket was havoc08:05
marcoagpintoI registered 5 or 6 trolleys from an association and the checkout lost communication and I had to do it all over again in another checkout08:06
marcoagpintoall old people waiting complaining at me08:07
daftykinsthat's a big shop08:07
daftykins5 trolleys filled with cola?08:07
marcoagpintobycycles and such08:07
marcoagpintofor a children association08:07
marcoagpinto2200 EUR or so08:07
marcoagpinto"No sleep. No sleep until I'm done with finding the answer. Won't stop. Won't stop before I find a cure for this cancer" (The Rasmus)08:48

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