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FuZi0NI have a folder with around 4500 subdirectories. How can I delete all subdirectories that are smaller than 100 MB?00:15
oerhekslots of answers; https://askubuntu.com/questions/578226/find-folders-of-size-lesser-than-x-and-delete-them00:20
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monkwitdafunk!persistence | casper01:50
ubottucasper: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence01:50
monkwitdafunk!persistence | toram01:51
ubottutoram: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence01:51
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drazinHi all - i'm new to ubuntu and ive got a server up and running fine for plex.  the problem is its turned itsself off a few times today and wont turn back on until i unplug and replug it in.  can someone help me find some info on why it shutdown?02:48
GanoTade17sounds to me like a hardware issue02:49
drazinubuntu 20.0402:49
drazinwould the syslog be of help?02:49
drazinplenty of warnings/errors but no halts or panics02:49
GanoTade17What do the warnings entail?02:49
oerheksdo a memtest86 run02:50
drazinbest i can do from here02:51
drazini dont have that command memtest8602:51
drazinis that something i need to install02:51
GanoTade17I'm not seeing anything too out of the ordinary02:52
GanoTade17not crazy enough to cause a system shutdown02:52
GanoTade17again I think it could be a hardware issue02:53
drazinits happened twice today and once yesterday02:53
drazincould it be overheating?02:53
drazini installed sensors and i get this:02:53
GanoTade17That's a probable cause yeah02:53
drazinare any of those the NVME02:55
drazinthat likely doesnt get cooled02:55
GanoTade17That could be your issue. You should start adequately cooling your hardware02:56
drazinis there a way i can check the temp of it02:57
drazinthe CPU and nothing else seems hot02:57
drazinso likely adequate02:58
drazintheres a memtester in the bios02:58
drazini'll run02:58
Bashing-omdrazin: ' cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp ' ?03:01
drazinill try that next. running a memtest03:01
leftyfbdrazin: look at temperatures. See if it's overheating03:03
leftyfboh sorry, I missed your post that you did03:04
drazinmemory test passed03:20
drazin@Bashing-om  i get a 34000 when i run that command03:21
drazinis that 34d c?03:21
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Bashing-omfranzer: Sorta .. milla centigrade :D03:26
drazinim at a loss here03:27
drazinno clue in how to track down what happened03:27
drazinis there something i can do to have it tell me next time it shuts down?03:27
drazini found a command and see some references to crash03:34
drazindoes this mean anything to anyone?03:34
magic_ninjais there any way I can sniff the network traffic of a specific program only03:36
leftyfbmagic_ninja: https://stackoverflow.com/a/5507073103:38
Bashing-omdrazin: NBore that plex has a crash :(03:40
Bashing-omdrazin: That should be NBore/note :(03:41
drazinplex the app but not the server?03:41
Bashing-omdrazin: Well - will plex crashing also take the server down with it ?03:42
drazinis really no "output of why the server went down" style message03:45
oerheksthat is why i think you need to do a memtest86 run, from alive iso03:46
Bashing-omdrazin: Well - if the system just suddenly crashes there may be no means to write out to log files.03:46
oerhekstemp issues would give a warning, before that03:48
drazinwhere would i find those if there were any03:49
drazinim running sensors every fre mins03:49
drazinnothings changed really03:49
drazinthe CPU is getting cooler at 42deg03:50
oerhekswith an active hd movie?03:50
drazinlemme try03:50
magic_ninjano luck03:51
lotuspsychjemagic_ninja: sniff; wireshark to the rescue03:51
magic_ninjaI have wireshark, just kinda hard to point it to a pid that doesn't exist yet03:51
magic_ninjaWell, I'm sure me not knowing what I'm doing is a major contributing factor.03:52
lotuspsychjemagic_ninja: if you start pentesting you kinda need to know what you're doing, give things a read first :p03:52
magic_ninjaI'm not pentesting03:53
drazinive got 10 active transcodes03:56
drazinand still no significant rise03:57
drazinactually which one of those is my actual CPU03:57
saberui just upgraded from 19.04 to 19.10 as I'm upgrading each update until I reach the latest which I think is 20.10. But one issue I found is I can't login to SSH anymore, i get booted off after typing username, can't reach password prompt04:49
saberuand I've checked all the sshd_config settings, i added an AllowUsers line with the username but it didn't help04:50
saberufeels like 19.10 has introduced some weird security features, maybe it's expecting my client to be in a hosts ID file somewhere04:51
oerheksnot sure why it crashed, upgrade to a supported version04:51
ubottuUbuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html04:51
saberuwouldn't it make more sense for me to fix the issue before I upgrade to the next version?04:52
saberuI am getting close to the point of wanting to do a fresh Ubuntu 20.10 install and just manually pushing all files over, as it's getting annoying trying to do it the right way04:54
saberumanaged to get up to 20.04 now :P  slowly but surely lol05:07
saberuupgrading fixed my SSH issue, cool05:08
guivercsaberu, yes it does make sense to fix issues before release-upgrading to next release; but youv'e missed the 19.10 support window; it's now EOL & thus unsupported. but well done on fixing it !05:10
saberuThanks guiverc :)05:12
locsmif_workHi. My microphone level self-adjusts upwards. How do I stop this?08:10
locsmif_workIt even does so while I'm desperately trying to stop with by keeping my mouse button pressed down on the slider in settings08:12
unixbsdhow to rotate a video while playing 90Â degrees with mencoder ?08:22
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XV8Morning, can anyone tell me where the freeipa-server package went in the repositories for 20.04? When searching for the server package, it is not available.09:48
XV8E: Unable to locate package freeipa-server09:48
mar77ihmm. on this 18.04 box it would appear logrotate is telling lies09:49
oerheks!info freeipa09:49
ubottuPackage freeipa does not exist in focal09:49
oerheksXV8, it should be in universe, make sue that repo is enabled09:50
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mar77iwell the log may have been rotated, there's just no such logfile with a .1 suffix...09:50
faLUKEhello. If I launch a Windows program with wine, it listens on port with number 8000. If the program hangs, the port is still open. I tried to kill wine process, but it's not enough. I tried "fuser 8000/tcp -k" as well, but none is listed. How can I clean this?09:55
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summonnerhave you tried turning it off and on again? j/k10:36
summonnerfaLUKE, do you find the port listed when you use lsof?10:36
faLUKEsummonner: solved with "wineserver -k; killall -9 wine wineserver; for i in `ps ax|egrep "*\.exe"|grep -v 'egrep'|awk '{print $1 }'`;do kill -9 $i;done" <--- a big mess, though10:37
summonnerprobably faster to do a netstat -ap | grep 8000 and see if anything else has stolen the port?10:37
faLUKEsummonner: doesn't return anything10:39
faLUKEsummonner: the previous command is the only solution, it's a huge mess, believe me10:40
summonnerand this was no hope, yes?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/52341/how-to-kill-wine-processes-when-they-crash-or-are-going-to-crash10:45
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tdm4Hi all.. on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine.. does systemd sometimes just restart everything while the machine is running? Trying to diagnose my in-laws laptop.. their network connection dropped and everything went away then came back a minute later. Was it doing an in-place kernel upgrade? (Does UBuntu do that now?)11:10
tdm4like a hot kernel upgrade without a reboot?11:11
tdm4it ran stuff like this: systemd[1]: Finished Create Static Device Nodes in /dev   ... stuff it would normally do on bootup but the machine wasn't rebooted11:14
tdm4and it reset the network11:14
tdm4kernel: [    0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-58-generic root=UUID=28ee4f2f-9fea-4361-9116-5f564b1f185f ro quiet splash vt.handoff=711:16
tdm4is this the LIve Patch thing?11:17
lotuspsychjetdm4: livepatch only active when you applied for an account11:18
lotuspsychjetdm4: did you reboot after kernel update?11:18
tdm4yeah I see nothing in the logs or dpkg that says livepatch is installed or used11:19
lotuspsychjetdm4: what kind of chipsets are your wifi/eth ?11:20
tdm4Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter11:21
tdm4Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 12)11:21
lotuspsychjetdm4: ok, so what happens exactly when you boot into kernel 5.4.0-58?11:21
tdm4for the first time?11:22
tdm45.4.0-58 first installed on December 13th11:22
tdm4hmm this may not be a problem.. could have just been an actual reboot11:23
tdm4diagnosing it remotely is difficult :)11:23
lotuspsychjetdm4: there are some bugs reported on kernels higher then -54, hence the question if you can describe whats happenign exactly?11:24
tdm4OK I'll need to get some feedback. Do you think a random reboot would be one of the bugs?11:24
lotuspsychjetdm4: didnt saw one of those no, you might wanna investigate dmesg and the journal logs11:25
tdm4the journal logs only go back to earlier this morning11:26
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ontheloose2020so no support for Apple Silicon via Parallels in the latest daily build12:18
ograontheloose2020, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2020-December/041288.html12:23
ontheloose2020ogra parallels thinks the ISO is Intel12:26
ograwell, it seems you need a "parallels preview" of some sort ... according to that mail12:27
ogra(and indeed the server arm64 image ... )12:28
ontheloose2020ogra ive got the preview and the latest insider arm build it fails after a windows update while ubuntu iso is wrongly identified as Intel by Parallels12:29
ograand you are using http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/20.10/release/ubuntu-20.10-live-server-arm64.iso ?12:31
ontheloose2020ogra daily arm64 desktop img12:31
ogradesktop ?12:32
ograwe dont build arm64 desktop AFAIK12:32
ontheloose2020ogra yes parallels believes it is intel12:32
ogra(only for the pi but thats special)12:32
ontheloose2020check the daily build12:32
ograoh, i see12:32
ograwell, not sure thats even bootable yet12:33
ontheloose2020well parallels thinks its intel12:34
ograi'd try the server image, as instructed12:34
ograyou can always install the ubuntu-desktop task later with tasksel12:34
ontheloose2020ogra !12:35
ograhirsute is still very young and i'm not aware there has been any work put into making some generic arm64 work yet12:35
ontheloose2020ogra ill try daily then current12:37
ogragood luck12:37
ontheloose2020ogra it reports that daily is intel12:38
ograthe iso i linked above ?12:38
ontheloose2020ogra thanks im sure parallels will call it intel12:42
ograwell, all i can say is that there is exactly one person in canonical owning M1 HW ... and bove are the instructions ... the "daily" you are pointing to isnt even a product yet and since we typically build for HW we can test on it is most likely for chromebooks or some such ... i wouldnt even remotely bother with arm64 desktop daily right now12:44
ogra... at least not for M!12:44
ontheloose2020ogra parallels says its intel12:45
ograthe server iso ?12:45
ontheloose2020ogra yes12:45
ograwell, then ask on the mail thread ... or try to find "doko" in #ubuntu-devel, perhaps he is around (though mind you, canonical is officially on vacation til EOY)12:46
ontheloose2020ogra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaZ_TAdpAbU12:50
ontheloose2020ogra claims to have used the 10-20 arm build and then installed unity12:51
ontheloose2020ogra someone in the comments said something about raspberry pi12:52
ontheloose2020ogra pi image does not work either12:57
ograwhy would it12:57
ograit has a pi bootloader ... and is preinstalled12:57
ogra(preinstalled -> pre-partitioned disk image, not an iso with installer)13:02
ontheloose2020ogra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDBGbhJ9sSo LTS recent daily build13:02
ontheloose2020ogra does not work either13:04
ontheloose2020ogra these videos are fake13:05
ograwell, the mail from matthias isnt fake ...13:06
ograask in the thread or find him in #ubuntu-devel13:07
ontheloose2020ogra got it going13:11
ontheloose2020ogra smooth as butter13:15
ontheloose2020ogra daily build wont load the software store13:25
BluesKajHi folks13:36
thyriaenHello, i have a ubuntu 20.10 server running and i am connected to it via SSH - now i would like to rename the current user ( which i am logged in as ) i cannot use usermod -l because my sshd is running under the said userm, which i cannot kill from within sudo -i13:41
Squishythyriaen, you can just create another temp user account and add it to sudo, then login as the new temp, change your original account that way13:43
thyriaenSquishy, ah nice, thanks :=)13:43
thyriaennot sure why i hadn't thought of that13:43
drazinok guys - so i woke up this AM and my machine is off.  What is the best route for seeing what happenend when i turn it back up13:54
LordChaosdrazin go through the journal13:57
drazinok i'm starting it up now14:01
drazincan you guide me?14:01
LordChaosdrazin: just start journalctl and work your way down14:05
LordChaosdrazin: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs14:06
drazinare any of these indicative of the crash?14:09
LordChaosdrazin a crash powered down your machine?14:10
drazinsomething did!14:10
drazintrying to figure out whats happening14:10
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drazinplex goes down, i try to SSH and the host is down, i look at machine and its off and wont turn on until i unplug and replug14:10
LordChaosdrazin: As I said, use journalctl and work your way down. See the link I provided.14:12
ontheloose2020ogra that ubuntu sure is a snooze14:17
drazinok i was able to locate the point in time the server went down14:31
drazin@LordChaos could you please help me interpret?14:32
LordChaosdrazin: I don't see any particular error, did yo have a power outage?14:33
LordChaosdrazin: there is nothing in the logs that suggest a creash before the machine went dead, it certainly wasn't a normal shutdown.14:35
LordChaosdrazin: a failing power supply maybe?14:36
drazintemps seems to be under control14:36
alexandrdvorkinhi is somebody here familiar with raspberrypi14:41
lotuspsychje!ask | alexandrdvorkin14:42
ubottualexandrdvorkin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:42
alexandrdvorkinmy eth0 is down and i don't know how to configure it on Raspberrypi4 and no-one helps on #raspberrypi14:43
blb4393alexandrdvorkin: I believe there's a lot of info on the net on how to configure network interfaces with rpis.14:48
lotuspsychjeblb4393: if a user runs ubuntu on a device, then this is the right place for support14:51
RoseBushas anyone tried prospect mail?14:52
RoseBusis it better than the web interface for outlook?14:52
tieinvonly works for Microsoft/Office 365 accounts, don't use it for personal Outlook.com accounts.14:55
drazinhttp://pastebin.com/nsqMu0t0 heres my log15:01
prionis perf-tools-unstable the go-to package for getting perf(1) on ubuntu?15:01
veryloudHey! I'm having a weird issue on 20.04 Gnome with a wireless keyboard. I have both a Logitech G513 and a Razer Pro Type connected. I can switch flawlessly between canadian french and US layouts on the wired Logitech G513, but with the Pro Type (regardless of bluetooth mode or dongle mode), I can switch the language, but it keeps typing in US english.15:02
veryloudIf I switch to Fr-CA on the G513 and type a character on the Pro Type, it types exactly one character in the correct layout, then reverts to US layout15:03
veryloudlooks like typing on the Pro Type also reverts the layout for the G51315:04
loxieim trying to use my pihole dns server(quad9filtered) but have noticed that my /etc/resov.conf says im using so does nslookup google.com. I have config my router and my os network to use what gives-should i manually edit my nameserver and keep a backup-thought changing ubuntu network settings and router to reflect desired dns would make that happen? please help me out15:14
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loxieserver address is what i get back after running nslookup google.com15:15
loxiebut i have set my dns to be on router under my wired connection (ubuntu)15:16
loxiefyi using quad9 filtered on the pihole15:17
siwicaMy gnome control center segfaults after some configurations on a newly installed 20.10. What options do I have?15:19
loxiewhats a segfaults15:22
RoseBustieinv i'm trying to use it for o365 work acount15:22
RoseBusbut only if it's a better option than using web-browser15:23
RoseBusi'm wondering if anyone can provide testimony15:23
ioriasiwica, any ppa installed ? have you added a not supported theme ? does it work from a livecd   ?15:25
siwicano, no, idk15:26
loxietested your ram with a live usb15:27
siwicawrite(2, "\n(gnome-control-center:606729): "..., 16915:27
siwica 15:27
siwica 15:27
siwica(gnome-control-center:606729): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 16:26:38.554: g_signal_connect_object: assertion 'G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)' failed) = 16915:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:27
ioriasiwica,  apt-cache policy  gnome-control-center | nc termbin.com 999915:27
siwicacoconut: Yeah, I know. I considered that short enough to spare me the time of pasting it somewhere.15:28
siwicaioria: https://termbin.com/ipi215:28
loxieany takers re the dns thingie15:29
ioriasiwica,  are you fully updated =  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:30
siwicaioria: Yes, fully updated15:31
LordChaossiwica: can you check if it runs fine using a different user?15:32
siwicaHm, only one user with shell access. I could create another one, but would prefer not to.15:33
ioriasiwica,  if added recenlty some shell extensions, i'd try to disable them15:33
siwicaioria: What do you mean by shell extensions?15:33
siwicaIt's not a shell problem.15:34
ioriasiwica, gnome-shell extensions are piece of codes that add  features or funcionalities to the gnome DE15:36
ioriasiwica, you can install them manually or via the ff browser15:37
siwicaHm, I have never installed anything like that (as far as I know...)15:38
ioriasiwica, so, if you run 'gnome-control-center' from terminal, what happens exactly ?15:38
siwicaioria: I simply segfaults without showing the gui even once: https://termbin.com/mf5715:42
siwica(The latter are the last 100 lines of an strace)15:43
ioriasiwica,  try with sudo :  '  sudo gnome-control-center'15:46
siwicaAfter gnome-control-center stopped working I tried to connect an external monitor directly with xrandr over the command line which worked fine on my old system. However, it had no effect this time and my touchpad stopped working as a result. This is all weird...15:46
siwicaAh, interestingly enough it workes with sudo.15:47
ioriapermission issue, probably15:47
siwicaOk, I will further investigate15:48
siwicaHowever there is still the problem with the not working touchpad15:48
siwicaWhich in a weired way was caused by me running xrandr15:48
siwicaOk, I klicked a few menu items on the control-center (after I got it running with sudo) and it segfaults again15:50
siwicaCan't even start it with sudo now15:51
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wolframHello, I have a text file whose contents is like this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DkTCqvDzZY/ - represents a sorted list of certain events that I would like to make a chart for. Each event happened only once for a given date. I am looking for a program that can plot it to give an overview on what dates such events occurred. I.e. read in all dates and assume X axis is a calendar really.15:56
wolframCould you please recommend anything? Thanks.15:56
siwicaThis is extremly frustrating. Never on Windows had I have the problems I am having with Ubuntu/Gnome.16:01
wolframsiwica: What sort of problems?16:03
wolframsiwica: It goes the other way around too, I find Windows unbearable after 15 years with Linux only.16:04
siwicaA segfaulting gnome-control-center and a non-working touchpad caused by running xrandr16:05
siwicaOn an almost fresh 20.10 install16:05
loxiei second that motion wolfram...siwica how long you been using ubuntu vs windows16:05
wolframOh wow, are you not running a stable release?16:05
LordChaossiwica: please create another user, login with that user and see if gnome-control-center segfaults again.16:06
LordChaossiwica: what hardware are you running 20.10 on?16:06
siwicaLordChaos: A brand new Lenovo laptop16:07
LordChaossiwica: Am I supposed to guess which one?16:08
ograLordChaos, how dare you to come to #ubuntu without bringing your crystal ball !16:10
leftyfbwolfram: awk "/$event/ {print $1}" /path/to/file16:10
LordChaosogra: sorry for that, lost mine a few weeks ago when I installed Arch16:11
siwicaLordChaos: Lenovo Legion 5 17IMH0516:11
ograLordChaos, well, i hope you wished for a new one for chrstmas then 😉16:11
siwicaA question about hardware can be answered on many levels of abtraction. Didn't know what exactly the question was aiming at.16:12
wolframThe guy is frustrated, no real point in talking until he cools off, I can understand it.16:13
wolframAnyway leftyfb, I am not sure, is that going to create a chart?16:14
leftyfbwolfram: a chart, no. It'll grab the date from all instances of $event though16:15
wolframleftyfb: Thanks, but I already have the data and just need to create a chart.16:16
leftyfbwolfram: libreoffice has the ability to create a calendar. Maybe you can write a script to write the events to that16:16
wolframsiwica: Are you cooled off? Is everything fine now?16:17
siwicaJust tested gnome-control-center with another (unprivileged) user. It worked until I entered "display settings", that it segfaulted.16:17
siwicaFrom then on it segfaults on every startup just like before.16:18
siwicawolfram: No, I have no working touchpad, no working gnome-control-center and can't connect external monitors. Also wasted more than a day on this already.16:19
leftyfbsiwica: did you try installing/enabling proprietary video drivers for your chipset? Looks like nvidia16:19
LordChaossiwica: do you have an i5 + 1650ti in that laptop?16:19
siwicaI hope my frustration is a bit understandable.16:19
siwicaLordChaos: Yes.16:19
LordChaossiwica: did you install drivers for that nvidia card?16:21
siwicaLordChaos: I think I did not. But I am not totally sure.16:21
siwicaHow do I find out which video card drivers are installed?16:22
leftyfbsiwica: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia16:22
coconutsiwica, you can see that with "apt list --installed xserver-xorg-video-*"16:27
siwicaOk, I seem to have used Nouveau (which I suppose is the dafault)16:27
siwicaI am in the process of switching to nvidia-driver-45516:27
wolframsiwica: Here is my understanding of the things. If I want for things to simply work, I use an LTS release. In particular, I use Mate LTS. This is a paragon of stability. If I were interested in actually getting involved in the development, at least by submitting issues like yours, I would use a non-LTS release. But I am not interested in it, I have no time for that. Hence I use an LTS.16:28
wolframsiwica: Essentially, people supporting you are not workers in a company and creators of open-source software spend their free time so that you can benefit from it.16:28
siwicaWell, I am aware that non-LTS versions are a bit more error-prone. But I suspected very essential things to just work.16:29
wolframsiwica: But you expect it based on what?16:29
LordChaoswolfram: this is not a discussion about LTS or non-LTS. I think we all can agree gnome-control-center shouldn't segfault on his laptop.16:29
wolframLordChaos: I was directing the conversation in a broader direction to let the person understand the context.16:30
wolframLordChaos: But let it be gnome-control-center only, great.16:30
siwicawolfram: Based on how it's advertised on the Ubuntu website. If one has to expect non-working touchpads, non-working control centers on a very basic setup, there should be a big fat warning.16:31
LordChaossiwica: can you try 'dconf reset -f /org/gnome/control-center' in a terminal, as a regualr user, to see if that helps?16:32
wolframLordChaos: Ok, you have patience for that which I lack apparently :)16:32
wolframHave a great day everyone.16:32
siwicaLordChaos: I really appreciate your help, btw!16:33
leftyfbLordChaos: we've already determined a fresh user profile didn't resolve the issue. I would continue on with trying the proprietary driver16:34
siwicaI will reboot now after installing the Nvidia drivers. brb.16:37
siwicaUnfortunately installing (and activating) nvidia-driver-455 and rebooting did not resolve the issue16:46
siwicaHm. in software-properties-gtk it shows the driver as active, however running nvidia-setting only gives a blank screen and outputs "ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded" to stderr16:50
LordChaossiwica: you're not running wayland by any chance are you?16:52
siwicaNot that I know of16:53
siwicaI am using awesomewm as a window-manager, though. However the control-center segfault does not depend on which window manager I am running.16:54
LordChaossiwica: not sure about that16:54
ioriasiwica, please, login in the gnome-shell session and test it16:56
siwicaioria: I already did previously16:56
siwicaSame problem.16:56
ioriasiwica, might also be a bug related to glib2 ; the fix is downgrade it but i cannot recommend it; i suggest to boot the 20.10 livecd16:58
LordChaossiwica: if this happens on a fresh install of 20.10 using X11 & gnome-shell, you should file a bug17:02
LordChaosHave a nice evening everybody17:05
alexandrdvorkini get from sudo ifup -v eth0 ifup unknown interface eth017:33
leftyfbalexandrdvorkin: this is an ubuntu support channel. Please continue troubleshooting with the folks in #raspberrypi17:37
drazincan anyone pinpoint what caused these reboots?17:41
lotuspsychjedrazin: wich kernel version is that happening on?18:08
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DocMorsis there a way to reinstall apt? my nephew apparently tried to uninstall ubuntu-keyring... now the box has some rather interesting issues.18:59
EriC^^DocMors: maybe by downloading the .deb file and using dpkg -i19:10
DocMorsnot flying, that was the first thing I tried. I'll have to work through all the dependencies I think :(19:16
DocMorsOK got it. you need to download and install ubuntu-keyring manually first.19:20
coconutWhy the history log in bash is not configured well when using multiple instances/tabs ?19:21
coconutIt is not getting all in the history....19:22
coconutWouldn't this be logic?19:23
p0aDoes anyone use gnome tracker to keep track of their media files?19:30
drazinlotuspsychje: i'm on ubuntu 20.0419:40
lotuspsychjedrazin: uname -a please19:41
drazinLinux Plex-HP-290 5.4.0-58-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 9 08:16:25 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:41
lotuspsychjedrazin: ok, did you try to reproduce your issue on previous kernels?19:42
drazini literally just installed this yesterday19:43
drazinhasnt made it through 48h without shutting down19:43
drazini need to install windows to update the bios19:44
tomreyndrazin: journalctl -b | grep DMI:      yould tell you what your current bios versionis, and the very HP model.20:07
tomreynto get rid of these "kernel: FS-Cache: [..]" messages, you can specify the NFS protocol version in fstab (in the mount options column, with e.g. "vers=4.1")20:09
tomreynhttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=200145 for details20:09
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 200145 in NFS "kernel: FS-Cache: Duplicate cookie detected" [Normal,New]20:09
leibniz[m]Is there a way to check how systemd or other stuff gonna be changed before sudo apt remove?20:39
_Sym_leibniz[m], you can do a dry run removal20:40
leibniz[m]_Sym_: I'm not following20:40
leftyfbleibniz[m]: can you explain what it is exactly you're trying to accomplish?20:41
_Sym_leibniz[m], I assume you mean that you want to remove something but you want to know what other packages will be affected20:41
leibniz[m]leftyfb: There is this program "dunst" that I want to build locally and add to path manually. (no make install). But I have installed it with apt in the past (an older version).20:42
leibniz[m]I want to know it what exactly did the apt version do20:42
leibniz[m]sometimes apt managed programs, insert stuff into systemd20:42
_Sym_leibniz[m], so try "apt-get source dunst" and read the debian rules20:43
leibniz[m]_Sym_: E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list20:44
_Sym_you probably have to enable the source urls in apt20:44
_Sym_look in the updater settings20:44
leibniz[m]Did apt remove. Removing dunst (1.3.0-2) ... Processing triggers for man-db (2.8.3-2ubuntu0.1) ..20:46
leibniz[m]Can I assume it only removed the binary and its man pages?20:46
_Sym_it usually tells you how many packages are going to be removed.. and if it didn't say that, then it was just the one package.20:47
leibniz[m]_Sym_: yeah, I think if the package has messed with systemd, upon removing, it should have emitted stuff about it20:50
kostkon!info dunst20:50
ubottudunst (source: dunst): dmenu-ish notification-daemon. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-1 (focal), package size 69 kB, installed size 177 kB20:50
leibniz[m]kostkon: _Sym_ I've added the binary to path. It seems this app should be always ran at startup.20:54
leibniz[m]here is the original source. I think adding the bin to path was not enough20:54
_Sym_leibniz[m], no just adding it to the path will not add it to systemd20:58
_Sym_leibniz[m], look at systemctl20:58
leibniz[m]_Sym_: hmm..then why upon removing the package, it didn't say anything about removing stuff from systemd?20:59
_Sym_it just doesn't20:59
leibniz[m]_Sym_: Shouldn't the installation and uninstall process be mirrored.21:00
Beeblebrox-BSDHi, custom rez for monitor question: 24" hdmi plugged in as joined display. GPU supports max 2560x1600_60, but laptop and external displays both set at 1920x1080_60. I would like higher rez on the external 24" monitor.21:00
Beeblebrox-BSD'xrandr --output' command does not work even for gnome+Xorg login.21:00
_Sym_leibniz[m], any files added to systemd will just be removed on uninstall21:01
leibniz[m]_Sym_: silently?21:01
_Sym_so if you build it, then you could use systemctl to add it as a service21:02
leibniz[m]_Sym_: Or I can use my window manager's init script and call it there, no? I think it is better to not mess with systemd much21:03
_Sym_sure, you could do it different ways21:04
_Sym_systemctl is not that hard to use though21:04
_Sym_leibniz[m], I would extract the debian sources and use the .service file that comes with that21:08
_Sym_and google will show you were to place that file21:08
_Sym_or better yet, extract the debian sources for your package, update the source code, and rebuild the package21:09
_Sym_its always better to build debian packages than manually installing things21:10
today911hello all! I'd like a hand with gparted if anyone had some storage drive knowledge, please? :)21:33
summonnerask your question. don't ask to ask your question21:39
today911Right! does GParted do any kind of black-box logs? So that if anything goes wrong (ex. drive disconnects, power loss, etc) then the operation can continue from where it was cut off?21:41
Beeblebrox-BSDtoday911, I assume you're talking about a resize operation, and not initial partitioning?21:43
Beeblebrox-BSDThe answer is still NO (AFAIK)21:44
oerheksas one should do resizing from a live session, logs are limited yes21:46
today911damn... is there any tool out there which would be able to search on the hard drive for a bigger portion of raw data and look to find it's duplicate? That way the partition move could be resumed I guess?21:46
oerheksand after power loss, resume is not possible, afaik21:46
Beeblebrox-BSDAlways tar before resize. Or just use ZFS and be done with all that mess.21:48
today911Beeblebrox-BSD: tar before? Create an archive? Never used ZFS21:49
Beeblebrox-BSD$ tar -vf var_bck.tar /var21:51
Beeblebrox-BSDI got disconnected. '$ tar -cf var_bck.tar /var' will backup your files to othr location (usb stick for example). Never resize without backup.21:55
Beeblebrox-BSD"Never used ZFS" - Well, look it up...21:55
Beeblebrox-BSDseems freenode drops underscore characters in posts. I'll have to remember that...21:56
rickardI'm trying to debug a crash in a program from ubuntu package repo. How do I install sources so gdb will display them?22:06
today911Beeblebrox-BSD: thank you22:07
jeremy31rickard: download source code for the package?22:07
rickardHow do I do that22:07
jeremy31rickard: enable source code repos in Software & Updates, then refresh and in terminal do>  apt-get source <package>22:08
rickardThanks I was missing the step of enabling the repos22:14
today911thanks all, I'm out for now22:29
RexodusI use XFCE4. I have 2 monitors + 1 TV. The TV is yellow and I can't do anything there. My mousecursor shows up but is useless. The 2 monitors work fine. I use 2 nvidia cards. A GTX1650 and a GTX750ti. The TV is plugged in the 750ti's first HDMI. The monitors in the GTX1650's HDMI and DVI-ports. Screenshot nvidia-settings https://snipboard.io/VGDIRT.jpg. Any suggestions how to get this to work?23:06
garrettkajmowiczCan someone point out to me the difference between the two image types here:23:37
garrettkajmowiczThe description text (at least for AMD64) appears identical.23:37
guivercRexodus, you should provide release details (a mostly-GTK2 XFCE4 is still on-topic, along with all GTK3 releases so XFCE4 is vague)23:40
guivercgarrettkajmowicz, what two ISOs are you asking about?23:41
garrettkajmowiczguiverc: I see "Legacy server install image" as a row header twice.23:42
guivercprovide specifics; I see multiple architectures too and it maybe the architecture that has you confused23:43
garrettkajmowiczThe first time with x86_64 and ARMv8, the second time with x86_64, ARMv8, PowerPC64, and SystemZ23:43
garrettkajmowiczAs rendered by Chromium: https://imgur.com/a/zmHTfKQ23:44
guivercsorry I was looking at bottom list of files; rarely look at top.. I think it's left over details from prior releases where two install options were available (standard ISO & alternate ISO; debian-install & subiquity, now only subiquity is offered for later releases).  the links look the same23:46
garrettkajmowiczOh, good. I was worried I was missing something important.23:50

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