sakrecoer[b]Have i done something or is there by default 2 font managers and 2 font viewers included in ubuntu studio?11:28
sakrecoer[b]the manager and viewer included with KDE are very very good...11:28
sakrecoer[b]the other one (that's been included since way back, gnome based) is good too, but not as good..11:29
sakrecoer[b]well... imho anyways :D11:29
sakrecoer[b]ping Eickmeyer ^11:30
sakrecoer[b]strikes me now that they conflict... i wonder if i somehow managed to pull down one of their variants by inadvertence or if they are both installed at scratch11:32
sakrecoer[b]KDE font manager wants to install personal fonts in ~/.fonts and other one wants to install them in ~/.local/share/fonts11:34
sakrecoer[b]KDE sees in ~/.local/share/fonts11:34
sakrecoer[b]other one needs to have the location ~/.fonts added manually11:34
sakrecoer[b]"conflict" is an overstatement... The collection they display doesn't match automagically.11:35
guivercsakrecoer[b], if you upgraded from a XFCE based Ubuntu Studio to a KDE based Ubuntu Studio (not via re-install), that could cause both XFCE (GTK+) based & KDE (Qt) based font viewers to be installed; but that's just a thought13:00
sakrecoer[b]thanks guiverc :) but it's a fresh install so i doubt thats the reason.15:11
sakrecoer[b]i ended up doing `apt remove font-manager font-viewer` and all was good. gotta love the way kde habdles fonts tbh \o/15:11
sakrecoer[b]`kfontview` replaces `font-viewer` gracefully15:14
nekopa777Good evening all from the Czech Republic17:30
nekopa777Trying to find some support for an issue I've had with Ubuntu Studio since the last update.17:31
nekopa777ubuntustudio-controls no longer is working for me, everytime I try to run it, it segfaults17:32
nekopa777I am still able to work with audio using carla and QjackCtl17:32
nekopa777I have tried to update it again, I removed it and reinstalled it again, but still the same issue.17:33
nekopa777On the ubuntu.com Studio community the last post on the forums was from 2017, so I am not sure where else to look for info and help.17:35
corrinado[m]nekopa777: Not a lot of folks on here, but I'm sure one of the devs will see it later. This is typically a low-traffic room.18:19
rghThere gotta be some residual config somewhere18:19
rghRemoving software doesn't remove your settings.18:19
nekopa777Yeah, plus it's Christmas too :)18:20
nekopa777I'm trying to find where the core dumped to to see if there's any more info in there.18:20
nekopa777I just thought I'd try here as well...18:20
rghnekopa777: can you search your home dir for autojack18:20
rghHold on, lemme check my stuff.18:21
rghPlease notice : I am getting out of my lazy chair for this!18:21
nekopa777:D Thanks18:21
nekopa777Can't see anything named autojack18:21
rghare you comfertable with the terminal (command line interface)18:23
rghI see ~/.config/autojack18:23
rghdelete the autojack dir if you have it18:23
rghalso remove ~/.jackdrc18:24
rgh~/ <- that's linux talk for your home dir (/home/rob in my case)18:25
nekopa777got it. I did find this error in /var/log/syslog :18:25
nekopa777Dec 23 19:24:40 winterfell kernel: [ 4360.536085] traps: ubuntustudio-co[6187] general protection fault ip:7f69998e46a7 sp:7ffd2f202468 error:0 in libc-2.31.so[7f699977e000+178000]18:26
rghI think that's basically a segfault18:26
rghI dunno if a backtrace from the coredump is possible18:27
nekopa777Ok, no autojack, I will try removing .jackdrc18:27
rghno autojack config ? really ?18:27
nekopa777Removing jackdrc didn't help.18:28
rghsudo apt purge ubuntustudio-controls18:28
nekopa777Let me look in the config folder...18:28
rghtried that ?18:28
rghoh hold on18:28
nekopa777nope, will try that next...18:28
rghchecking something18:28
nekopa777ok, found autojack, it was in the .config folder18:29
rghyes, as I pasted above ;-)18:29
rghdon't panick18:29
rghwe'll sort it out :-)18:29
* rgh is searching for some cli fu commands18:30
nekopa777Missed that, ok, removing autojack now...18:30
rghbe patient18:30
rgh(I don't really know how the `find` command works18:30
nekopa777No change.18:31
rghhold on18:31
rghpulseaudio could be the culprit18:31
nekopa777Should I try the purge command? I removed then reinstalled ubuntustudio-controls, to no avail18:31
rghpro tip : curl cheat.sh/find18:32
rghthis will dump a cheat sheet in your terminal :-018:32
rghcurl cheat.sh/<command>18:32
nekopa777carla is still coming up with most of my config intact, so I can still get sound18:33
rghso I need find . -iname 'pulse' (probably)18:33
rghoh, jack is still running then18:33
rghor carla is autostarting jack18:33
nekopa777The pulse audio mixer comes up fine still.18:33
rghdon't do that18:33
nekopa777I can still wire stuff up in carla, pulseaudio is still showing the jack sinks and sources18:34
rghsudo apt purge pulseaudio-module-jack18:35
rghthat's the bridge18:35
rghafter that try18:36
rghsudo apt autopurge18:36
nekopa777Ok, should I purge pulse first, or ubuntustudio-controls?18:36
rghdon't purge pulse!18:36
rghonly the bridge18:36
rghpurge studio controls18:37
rghafer that try autopurge18:37
rghmaybe apt removes all bridges and stuff18:37
nekopa777I will do that now...18:37
rghunless you once, in the past, installed that manually18:37
rghafter that18:37
rghrm -rf ~/.config/pulse18:37
rghrun this18:38
nekopa777No, this was an fresh install from the Ubuntu Studio ISO, been working fine for a few months, then did an update the other day and something got borked.18:38
rghfind . -iname 'pulse'18:38
rgh20.10 install ?18:38
nekopa77720.04 I believe...18:39
rghand the update was just a regular sudo apt get upgrade18:39
rghoh, matrix might have borked some text formatting18:40
nekopa777The update was the pop-up window from software updater I think, let me see it that has some error logs...18:40
rgh`find ./ -iname "*pulse*"`18:40
rghthis will find all pulse stuff in your home dir18:40
nekopa777hmm, no the software updater is saying it failed to download the repository info...18:41
rghtime for the command line18:42
nekopa777ok, I have a terminal open18:43
rghsudo apt update18:43
rghsudo apt upgrade18:44
rghcould take a while18:44
nekopa777Did nothing on the upgrade...18:45
nekopa7770 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded18:45
rghfind ./ -iname "*pulse*"18:46
rghah crap18:46
rghhold on18:46
rghgotta check irc18:46
rghI am on matrix and it uses markdown18:46
rghand I'm not sure if the commands I type and see, are the same on irc18:46
nekopa777lsb_release -a shows me on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS18:47
rghwhat's the irc channel actually ?18:48
nekopa777#ubuntustudio on Freenode18:48
nekopa777Welcome back!18:48
rghvdbergdoes this work ?18:48
rghoohh rghvdberg .. that's a smart dude18:49
rghand handsome !18:49
rghvdbergI get that a lot18:49
rghhold on, testing something18:49
nekopa777By the way, thanks for trying to help me solve this.18:50
rghfind ./ -iname "*pulse*"18:50
rghthe * are visible18:50
rghanyway run that18:50
rghand see if there are any residual pulse config18:50
rghnekopa777: this is fun for me18:51
rghI like puzzles18:51
rghand maybe we've found a bug and we can report it and the software will become better18:51
nekopa777Ok, its running, so far its found stuff in a few places...18:52
rgh~/.config/pulse is normal18:53
rghany other pulse directory could be a thing18:53
nekopa777here is a paste for it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GHT6gcB8x9/18:53
rghvdbergseems fine18:54
rghvdbergthat ./pr0n dir worries me though18:54
rghvdberg./pr0n/donkeys ... really ?18:54
nekopa777Gotta pulse a donkey from time to time...18:55
geniiPerhaps they are shrek fans18:55
nekopa777Did the upgrade not work because I am on the LTS version?18:55
rghvdbergSomebody once told me the world is gonna roll me18:56
rghvdbergapt upgrade is stupid linux lingo for update18:56
rghvdbergapt update == update the package database18:56
nekopa777I see...18:57
rghvdbergapt ugprade == update the sofware (download and install newer packages)18:57
rghvdbergok, so18:57
nekopa777It looks like something goofy is going on with my package manager,18:57
rghvdberg<gif> doubt </gif>18:57
rghvdbergthis is ubuntu18:58
nekopa777First it couldn't download the packages, so I change the repository location and now it seems hung on trying to refresh the software cache18:58
rghvdbergnot Arch18:58
rghvdbergwhat did you do18:58
rghvdbergyou get errors during apt update ?18:58
nekopa7776 errors...18:59
nekopa777E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/mark-pcnetspec/conky-manager-pm9/ubuntu focal Release' does not have a Release file.18:59
nekopa777N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.18:59
nekopa777N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details19:00
rghvdbergdid you manually add that ppa ?19:00
nekopa777E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/me-tv-development/ppa/ubuntu focal Release' does not have a Release file.19:00
nekopa777N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.19:00
nekopa777And so on,19:00
nekopa777Yes manually addded conky to get conky manager,19:01
rgh```apt show ubuntustudio-controls19:01
rghPackage: ubuntustudio-controls19:01
rghVersion: 1.12.6~20.04.119:01
nekopa777And the other one was to set up an SDR19:01
rghvdbergwhat's your version ?19:01
rghvdbergapt show ubuntustudio-controls19:02
rghvdbergwill tell you19:02
nekopa777Same as yours19:02
rghvdbergbtw,do you have kxstudio repos installed by change ?19:02
rghvdbergand have you used cadence19:03
nekopa777Not that I know of, but in the apt show, it listed cadence as a conflict19:03
rghvdbergwell that should be alright then19:04
rghvdbergok try this19:05
rghvdbergopen terminal19:05
nekopa777And the software cache is still trying to refresh19:05
rghvdbergnever mind that19:05
rghvdbergin terminal type `autojack`19:05
rghvdbergafter that open studio controls19:05
rghvdbergdon't close the terminal19:05
nekopa777Should I run studio controls in a new term window?19:06
rghvdbergjust run that normally19:06
rghvdbergvia the menu or something19:07
rghvdberg(I'm on gnome ..)19:07
nekopa777(XFCE here)19:07
nekopa777No response from the menu start, I've opened a new term and will try it there and see what message comes up...19:07
nekopa777Still the seg fault (core dumped)19:08
nekopa777Where could I look for a log from the last software update, because something went wrong with it19:09
rghvdbergthat I don't know19:09
rghvdbergyou mean a changelog from ubuntustudio-controls ?19:09
rghvdberg /var/log/apt/19:10
rghvdbergmaybe term.log or history.log19:10
nekopa777Nope. The software updater that runs from time to time, pops up a window and asks you to update somethings.19:11
nekopa777This issue started right after it had run,19:11
rghvdbergdid you reboot since then ?19:12
rghvdbergoppa windows style19:12
nekopa777Yes, I've turned it off and on a few times since, as sometimes the sound goes out and I don't know how to set up all the bridges manually...19:13
rghvdbergah crap19:13
rghvdbergwell, it's time to summon the gods19:13
rghvdbergwe need OvenWerks19:13
rghvdbergI'm out of options19:13
rghvdbergpurge configs, purge software, reboot, reinstall19:13
rghvdbergthat should normally do it in my experience19:14
rghvdbergUNLESS we've hit a rare bug19:14
nekopa777Yeah, that's what I'm thinking...19:14
rghvdbergyou didn't change any hardware ?19:14
nekopa777Nope, trusty ol' laptop still sitting there...19:14
rghvdbergthat should have been fixed by the config purge anyway19:14
rghvdbergopen terminal19:15
rghvdbergtype ubuntu-bug ubuntustudio-controls19:15
rghvdbergand do the opensource thing19:15
rghvdbergreport problems and all the step you took trying to fix it19:15
rghvdbergit's a 99% automated process19:15
nekopa777Roger that.19:15
rghvdbergovenworks said that there were some config changes, so my bet was on that19:16
rghvdbergI don't even know if these changes landed already in ustudio19:17
nekopa777I am going to dig a bit deeper first, looking through the logs it seems like there are a few other programs that are crashing,19:17
nekopa777So it may not be with ubuntustudio-controls,19:17
nekopa777Looks like bluetooth, zita a2j and a couple of others, which aused to work fine before...19:18
rghvdbergwell, welcome to linux I'd like to add19:18
rghvdbergcrashing zita19:18
rghvdbergyou are special19:18
nekopa777Cheers, thanks, I've been on Linux for a while now, was on Slackware way back in the day19:18
rghthat's hardcore19:19
nekopa777Been using Ubuntu for about 2 years as my daily driver and just switched to Studio as I wanted to create some music.19:19
nekopa777Compiling everything from source was a pain...19:19
rghI was alerted to Ubuntu Studio Installer19:19
rghwhich basically installs all goodies in your buntu of choice19:20
rghI don't really make that much music anymore19:20
nekopa777I thought about that,19:20
rghsince I decided I need a plugin and there wasn't one19:20
rgh"I'll do it myself'19:20
nekopa777But my Xubuntu install had built up a lot of cruft after 2 years so I decided to go fresh19:21
nekopa777What plugin did you make?19:21
rghbest plugin ever of course19:21
nekopa777I've just started messing with PureData19:21
nekopa777It's wonderful.19:21
rghNinjas2 Is Not Just Another Slicer  <- it's another sample slicer19:21
nekopa777Nice, is that in Kx?19:22
rghactually I think it's the only foss sample slicer19:22
rghnot in kx I think19:22
rghbinaries on gh19:22
rghhold on19:22
nekopa777Hey, are you Rob van den Berg?19:23
nekopa777Wow, nice!19:23
rghwow ? why wow ?19:23
nekopa777I've been following Unfa for a while on youtube, and you're always putting up great comments on his live feed19:24
nekopa777I was watching his Zrythm crash counter from summer last night.19:25
rghthat was hilarious19:25
rghdid you see his new Ardour Midi video ?19:25
rghthat's a bloody masterpiece19:25
nekopa777Yes, I just got Ardour 6.519:25
rghevery 3 minutes I'm like : I didn't know that19:25
nekopa777Threw a little support to the devs19:25
rghI 'bought' 4.x or 5.x or something19:26
rghdon't remember19:26
nekopa777Do you mean the midi masterclass?19:26
nekopa777I haven't!19:26
rghbtw Clearly Broken is a reference to Ardour :-)19:26
nekopa777I just watched his rant on Ardour midi19:27
rghoh man 2 hours of midi know how19:27
rghand it's more than just midi19:27
rghmixer settings / playlists19:27
rghreally EVERYTHING19:27
nekopa777I'm still just trying to get to grips with Ardour.19:27
nekopa777Unfa really puts out some great material.19:27
rghwatch that19:27
nekopa777I'm set for the evening now :)19:28
rghit's a bloody shame that in 2020 we do not only fight a pandemic, but jackd too19:28
nekopa777No shit.19:28
rghand we found a cure for the pandemic19:28
rgh(which also made me jobless btw)19:28
rghmore or less19:28
nekopa777But I've been pleasantly surprised by how far music has come on Linux.19:29
rghI was a professional musician19:29
nekopa777Sorry to hear that.19:29
rghnekopa777: once it works, it works great19:29
rghbut sometimes we hit a snag19:29
nekopa777I was lucky to snag a job teaching English at a University here in the Czech Rep. that is still holding classes online19:30
rghI'd rather have 1000 bugs in linux than dealing with windows19:30
nekopa777I have always hated windows,19:30
rghMac is actually pretty good, but overpriced and vendor lock in .. no thanks19:30
nekopa777Way overpriced...19:30
nekopa777Anyway, I've gotta go put a kid to bed.19:31
rghbtw,  https://github.com/clearly-broken-software/drops/releases/tag/testing19:31
rghgood night19:31
nekopa777Thanks for all your help, and I am thinking of joining Unfa's discord19:32
nekopa777Maybe I'll bump into you there.19:32
rghI'm always there basically19:32
nekopa777Thanks for the links, I will check them out.19:32
rghfree spirits join chat.unfa.xyz ;-)19:32
nekopa777I'll let you know if I ever figure out what went wrong...19:32
nekopa777Is that the rocket chat link, or IRC?19:33
nekopa777Laters Rob!19:33

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