RyuKurisu[m]Haha I'm suddenly plural 😂17:26
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL495c80feb73f: Update libreoffice version numbers] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL495c80feb73f19:02
lubot[telegram] <xander2m> Hi there. Is this the right group to ask with installation help?19:20
kc2bezNope, you are looking for the support channel.19:21
ubot93For Lubuntu support, please join the #lubuntu channel on IRC or https://telegram.lubuntu.me/support for Telegram.19:21
lubot[telegram] <xander2m> 👍19:21
lubot[telegram] <xander2m> Thanks19:22
kc2bezNo problem. We have a discourse forum too that has a support category. https://discourse.lubuntu.me19:22
kc2bezwxl: I wonder if we shouldn't add that to the factoid somehow? ^19:25
ubot93@tsimonq2 @lynorian @HMollerCl @aptghetto @teward001 @kc2bez @The_LoudSpeaker wxl[m] guiverc @N0um3n0 @leokolb @KGIII — It's 2100 UTC Thursday which means it's time for the Lubuntu Development standup meeting. Please announce yourself for roll call! Then, in order of announcement, post your items, and be sure to mention when you're done.21:03
kc2bezo/ 21:04
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> o/21:04
kc2bezack kc2bez, lynorian, @Leokolb, tsimonq2, guverc and KGIII21:05
kc2bezI'll go first.21:06
kc2bezNot too much, this week. 21:06
kc2bezAnnounced the artwork contest on all the platforms21:06
kc2bezNeed to announce the globalization team work still.21:07
kc2bezThat is pretty much it from me.21:07
kc2bezlynorian: I turn it over to you.21:08
lynorianI found some errors in capitlization and style in the manual21:08
lynorianI also added how to change compression in newly created archieves in ark21:09
kc2bezoh nice21:09
lynorianand how to save an image locally in firefox added as a feature21:09
lynorianthat is it for me21:10
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> testing with more emphasis on networking/printing/scanning/bluetooth etc.21:10
kc2bezExcellent, thanks for that lyn!21:10
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Played a bit w/RASP Pi4 - install lubuntu-desktop over Ubuntu (21.04)21:11
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> So far it looks good -21:11
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Also a few unofficial Thunderbird tests (21.04) - no problems -21:11
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Xmas eve has arrived here -- seasons greetings to all.21:11
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Done!21:11
tsimonq2I just gave some backend advice on the accounting this week. Merry Christmas to all :D21:12
kc2bezThanks @Leokolb ! seasons greetings to you as well!21:12
kc2bezThanks tsimonq2 Always great to have you here.21:12
kc2bezguiverc: Over to you.21:13
guiverc- usual support  (felt a quieter week)21:13
guiverc- started looking through t180 (wiki clean up), names of lubuntu people are all I've seen thus far, maybe we could have a list of lubuntu members on wiki? (historical reasons)21:13
guiverc- started opening some autoclosed discourse threads21:13
guivercMerry Christmas to all (Chrissy day here)  [done]21:13
kc2bezThanks as always guiverc!21:13
kc2bezKGIII: your turn.21:14
KGIIITesting is going fine. With the help of @guiverc, I've learned about manifests and can diff 'em just fine. That helps a great deal, as it tells me what to look for. I do have one thing, but I think it's better posted in the forum in the development channel as it's not pressing and purely a UX type of thing - and it goes well with a couple of other things. So, I'll just post it there.21:14
KGIIIThat's it, really. I'll type up the post for the dev section of the forum in the next day or two. I should have some free time.21:14
KGIIIAnd, a Merry and Happy one to all of you.21:15
kc2bezThanks KGIII21:15
kc2bezAnyone else? Anything else?21:15
guivercThanks as always kc2bez/Dan21:16
tsimonq2WAKE UP 21:16
KGIIIIndeed, thanks to all of you really. I've learned a ton already.21:16
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> Tks all..21:17
kc2bezThanks everyone for meeting!21:17
tewardi'm on a call with my boss simon calm down21:17
kc2bezMerry Christmas to you all!21:18
tewardtelegram bridge now is matterbridge.  phab broke and is repaired.21:18
tewardhave a merry christmas and happy holidays to you all21:19
kc2bezMany thanks for that teward Your prompt attention is appreciated.21:19
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> This week nothing to tell, the meeting has caught me, with the family dinner !!!  xD21:20
kc2bezEnjoy the family @N0um3n021:20
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> Sorry, merry christmas!!!!21:20
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> Thanks!!!! (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <kc2bez> Enjoy the family @N0um3n0)21:20
KGIIIIs 'tsimonq2' the same Simon I see at the blog and in the mailing lists as "Simon"? 21:21
tsimonq2I'm "that guy," heh.21:21
KGIIIAh. I've been quietly paying attention to all of you for years! Kinda creepy, huh? LOL21:21
KGIIII seldom post in the mailing lists, but I've been subscribed for years.21:22
tsimonq2It's nothing new. I'm always very gracious when people learn who I am at LinuxFests and such. I've had everything from "omg you're the Lubuntu guy?? no way!!" to "I've heard of YOU before"21:22
tsimonq2It's surreal21:22
tsimonq2Anyway, I'm nobody special. I'm a guy with regular guy problems.21:23
KGIIIWell, at least you're used to it. So much of the public stuff is stamped "Simon". I now know who that Simon is. Mystery solved!21:23
tsimonq2The door is always open if you need some help, given the standard ground rules.21:24
KGIIILOL Thanks. I usually ask @guiverc. He's really helpful. He goes out of his way to be extra informative and I appreciate that. I often realize several days later that I actually did need the information he shared.21:25
tsimonq2I feel like I've known Chris for forever, great guy. :)21:26
KGIIII'll vouch for that.21:27
tsimonq2Now that teward guy on the other hand...21:27
* tsimonq2 slaps teward with a wet fish21:27
tewardwell Simon needs to be around more because hes been absent for eternity and slacking off21:28
* teward yeets Simon into the Marianas Trench21:28
kc2bezNah, everyone here is great. This is a great team. <321:28
KGIIIThe people involved are one of the things that make Lubuntu great.21:32
KGIIII recently had to make such a decision. Do I like LXDE so much, or do I like Lubuntu? The answer turns out that I'll be switching to 20.04 LTS (LXQt) in the 2nd week of January. 21:33
lubot[telegram] <N0um3n0> I think the same!21:34
wxloh hey i'm here finally XD22:27
kc2bezWelcome :D22:27
wxlwhat did i miss?22:28
kc2bezNot too much, good turnout really. 22:28
kc2bezI did wonder if we shouldn't add discourse to the support factoid though?22:29
wxlmight not be terrible, although i will point out that it's in every topic22:29
kc2bezWell, links to support are plastered all over too but sometimes people still end up here.22:30
wxltrue enough22:30
wxljust add to the main one?22:30
kc2bezI think so.22:30
wxlok i'll tweak that for all the en channels22:30
kc2bezSounds good. Danke22:30
wxlok they're set for devel and ot22:32
wxlthey need a minute to sync tho22:32
KGIIIGotta do family stuff, but gonna say happy holidays to wxl 'cause he missed it earlier. 22:32
wxlsame to you KGIII! sorry i was running around dealing with holiday stuff22:33
wxlalso i didn't think we were doing a meeting but hey22:33
KGIIIWe had a better turnout than I expected. G'night.22:33
kc2bezJust trying to keep the oar in the water so to speak.22:34
wxlnight night22:34
kc2bezTake care KGIII22:34
wxlit also helps to move the oar, too, but XD22:34
kc2bezI agree, baby steps though XD22:34
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [T181: GID/UID mismatch for users.] kc2bez (Dan Simmons) just created this task: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T18123:32
wxlFYI https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/69466223:41

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