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XV8!info freeipa-server01:42
ubot3Package freeipa-server does not exist in groovy01:42
DeeJayTwotds: yes from crontab03:58
SuperLagCan you guys think of a reason why networking would be working on a cloned VM? I'm trying to use Terraform to clone an Ubuntu Server VM on vSphere. And it's failing on the customization phase, and when I log in to the VM, there's no networking. There's an interface, but no IP assigned, and it doesn't seem to be responsive when I run "dhclient ens160"06:28
SuperLagwould NOT be working, that is06:28
tomreynSuperLag: sounds like a vmware/vsphere question to me.12:50
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SuperLagtomreyn: well, one of the other questions I have is if there's something I'm doing (or not doing!) that might be breaking things, in terms of prepping this install to be a VM template16:37
SuperLagI don't know if there's a set of best practices for creating something that's going to be regularly cloned16:38
tomreynSuperLag: "golden image" is the term you're looking for. whatever you'll use will need to replace machine id and apply different 'unique' hardware IDs, such as MAC address(es)22:11
SuperLagtomreyn: is there an Ubuntu equivalent to Window's sysprep that does all that magic?22:26
tomreyni'm not sure, nothing standardized AFAIK22:29
tomreynit's also a lot less complex and error than windows sysprep, though22:31
tomreynthe default approach is to just carry out an unattended installation, though, or to use cloud images22:32
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