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davido_Where does gnome cheese save its config? I'm trying to figure out why it always reverts to the wrong cam.01:29
oerheksNormally in ~/.config/<app>  ... but Cheese stores its configuration data in the dconf configuration system rather than in plain files.01:31
oerheksinstall dconf-editor for this01:31
oerheks!info dconf-editor01:31
ubottudconf-editor (source: dconf-editor): simple configuration storage system - graphical editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.36.0-1 (focal), package size 306 kB, installed size 1212 kB01:31
davido_Funny. So in dconf-editor org/gnome/cheese/camera it displays "HD Pro Webcam C920", but as soon as I start cheese, I see the dconf-editor setting immediately flip over to "Integrated Webcam HD"01:33
davido_Sounds like a bug in Cheese, to not respect the dconf setting.01:33
oerheksdoes your laptop have a FN+camera key?01:35
oerheksmaybe GUVCviewer does a better job01:36
oerheks!info guvcview01:37
ubottuguvcview (source: guvcview): GTK+ base UVC Viewer. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.6+debian-1build1 (focal), package size 133 kB, installed size 585 kB (Only available for linux-any)01:37
davido_Thanks, I'll give that a try.01:37
oerheksit surely makes ~/.config guvcview2 folder..01:39
davido_yeah, that seems preferable. Easier to see what's going on.01:39
XV8!info freeipa-server01:41
ubottuPackage freeipa-server does not exist in focal01:41
oerheks!find freeipa01:44
ubottuFound: freeipa-client, freeipa-client-samba, freeipa-common, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 11899 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=freeipa&searchon=names&suite=focal&section=all01:44
oerheksUniverse, i told you yesterday https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=freeipa-server01:46
tomreynnot in current release01:46
tomreyn(not the server anyways, it was dropped off debian, i think)01:47
oerheksoh oke https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freeipa/+bug/187511401:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1875114 in freeipa (Ubuntu) "freeipa-server package missing on Ubuntu 20.04" [Undecided,Triaged]01:49
oerheksXV8, ^^01:49
davido_The guvcview suggestion was great. Thanks again.01:50
XV8oerheks thanks, I guess that makes sense why it's not in the repos atm01:55
gotacoldagainhey guys i have a bluetooth problem-when i plug my dongle in it is not showing in the settings->bluetooth tab-how can i tackle this via terminal to see whats wrong i had changed the removable media tab to run software and open files-at a loss not able to turn on off airplane mode just says plug in a dongle but i have rebooted and unplugged and re-inserted the dongle-it work yesterday but was intermittently not showing up-please help02:22
gotacoldagainubuntu 20.04 updated to the max02:23
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conjohi all id like to know what the hell was wrong with my bluetooth can anyone help me to get this information from the journalctl02:56
conjois anyone awake atm or am i in here alone02:58
lotuspsychje!patience | conjo02:58
ubottuconjo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/02:58
conjonoted lotuspsychje ty and i am reading them as we speak ;)02:59
Xano_Hiya! How do I find the /dev/... mount path for a device appearing in the lsusb output?03:02
Bashing-omXano_: ' mount ' willk show the path of all mounted file systems.03:04
Bashing-omwill* fat finger !03:04
conjoor you could open disks or gparted03:04
conjoselect the disk in question and it will show the path on the page -somewhere next to device03:05
Xano_It's a peripheral, not a storage device03:06
Xano_I can see it in lsusb, but the software to use it needs the /dev/... path03:06
conjoidk sorry Bashing-om whats up man!03:08
conjohope your well03:08
oerheksudevadm info -h help03:10
conjohola lotuspsychje and oerheks03:11
Bashing-omconjo: I am a good here as can be expected, thnaks - as to to /dev - I would also expect the log file "/var/log/syslog" to show the device when inserted.03:16
Xano_Bashing-om, That did indeed show the device name, thanks!03:17
Bashing-omzakame: \o/03:18
conjowanting to learn about logs|i think i have to use journalctrl + "something" is this page relevant still?03:35
conjojust dont want to read the whole thing only to find out systemd has made this page redundant?03:36
Bashing-omConradish006: Yup stilkl valid - also with systemd there is now the journal. See too: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-journalctl-to-view-and-manipulate-systemd-logs as but one reference.03:39
BugzBunnyHello. I'm trying to install python-apt on Ubuntu groovy and I'm bit confused. This link https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/groovy/+package/python-apt states that the package was release. But https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=python-apt&searchon=names says otherwise, and I can't seem to find history information on this package?04:09
Bashing-om!info python-apt groovy04:10
ubottuPackage python-apt does not exist in groovy04:10
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BugzBunnyLooking here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-apt, states there was a security release on 2020-12-10, if I'm not mistaken, for Groovy yes?04:12
oerheksas linux moves to python3, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+package/python3-apt04:12
BugzBunnyAhh, looking at the packages, there's not python-apt package that was built.04:13
BugzBunnyoerheks: K04:13
BugzBunnyIf you wanted to continue to use Python2.x with python-apt? Use a previous version of Ubuntu?04:14
oerheksone could install python2, but what is the use?04:14
BugzBunnyThere are some applications I'm currently using have support only for Python2.x that require python-apt 2.x bindings. This isn't critical however.04:16
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kill-animals`Package python3.8-venv is not available, but is referred to by another package.` A little help? Im on 20.0405:57
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Mystified1234hi, i've kind of screwed up things07:22
Mystified1234using testing of grrovy 20.1007:22
Mystified1234how can i get updates to function properly again.07:22
oerheksMystified1234, maybe that AU mirror is way behind, go into update settings, select *main* as server07:24
Mystified1234oerheks: which is the main server07:28
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Mystified1234how can i get rid of this http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-updates Release' does not have a Release file08:12
Mystified1234likewise with eon-security08:12
ubottuUbuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html08:14
Mystified1234yes I've removed them from the lists08:15
geirhaYou'll need to follow the eol instructions; switch to oldreleases repo, then upgrade to a supported version08:15
Mystified1234im currently using groovy 20.04 testing08:16
geirhayou mean 20.10? then it's odd there are eoan entries in your sources.list08:20
Mystified1234but i've removed them08:20
ducassedo you get those errors now that you've removed them?08:36
JustLandedOnMarsI just recently found out about command chattr, so I tryed command: chattr "+a" file and now I can't delete "file" even with root, so how is that possible ?08:42
JustLandedOnMarsI was thinking if it can be used to prank someone, because of I didn't knew about that command and when I couldn't delete file even with root privileges I would think something is broken and I need to reformat partition08:42
oerheksjust use the -a option. chattr -a <filename> ??08:43
oerheksman chattr08:43
Mystified1234hey guys is there a way to identify what packages a using a ppa08:57
Mystified1234im having problem with eon-updates & eon security08:58
Mystified1234'http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-updates Release' does not have a Release file08:58
oerheksyeah, i just read back, oean is EOL, dead, upgrade please09:00
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:00
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kristian_I was having problems with my onboard bluetooth connection and because I read a BT dongle can help I bought one. Before I do anything wrong I wanted to ask here what I should do now.09:21
kristian_Just plug it in? How does ubuntu know which bluetooth to chose? o.O09:21
lotuspsychjekristian_: it used to be gnome built-in bluetooth managing devices, but i think they recently changed things to blueman-mechanism service and bluetooth service09:45
lotuspsychjekristian_: if your system is up to date, you should now see a BT indicator09:46
unixbsdI would like to download and to install ubuntu. how to download it over FTP ? I have only FTP on my machine. no http, no web browser11:03
unixbsdit there ftp.ubuntu.org or something?11:04
tarzeauunixbsd: curl? wget?11:05
tarzeauwget https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso11:05
tarzeaulftp can also do http/https, so can links211:06
unixbsdftp ftp.nluug.nl   <--- seems fine11:06
unixbsdman, you should think about ftp as well on your server11:07
unixbsdapt-get install proftpd11:07
unixbsdnope, on the ftp of nluug.nl there is no mirror of ubuntu11:08
unixbsdno idea where to find ubuntu ... :(11:08
Squishyunixbsd, you've already been told how to do this. Read what tarzeau said above.11:11
guivercunixbsd, i know debian announced dropping FTP, I'd assume ubuntu did as well as it's rarely used these days11:11
unixbsdI asked for ftp, not http. lftp is http.11:12
guivercunixbsd, try ftp.ubuntu.com11:14
unixbsdI just fount it at same time11:15
unixbsdncftp ftp.ubuntu.com   looks to work. wow super !11:15
unixbsdthank you11:16
YahavHeya, i'm looking for a VNC solution that will allow the actuall system users to login (with the same port, not a port for each user). Is there such thing?11:22
SquishyYahav, What about https://www.nomachine.com/ ? Would that fit your use-case?11:25
FENGawesome :)11:30
vlmsomething keeps filling up my pagecache i think is the name for it,the buffer/cache from command free -mh is always so high and my free memory is way to little,after i drop cache with "echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches" its normal again,is there anyway i could configure ubuntu to not use as much ram for pagecache?11:32
vlmim not sure but it maybe started after i setup my zfs raid,though i did set arc_max size in conf file so should be ok?11:34
vlmseems ive might been looking at output of free -mh the wrong way, seems available ram is what to track and not free,so available should be available for applications already11:53
tomreynYahav: x11vnc is what you're probably looking for., works with X11 only, but the default login manager, gdm, defaults to wayland. set (uncomment, remove "#" character) WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm3/gdm.conf to make it use X.12:44
Yahavis it better than xrdp when it comes to performance?12:46
tomreynrdp is a service implementation for a reverse engineered protocol, as far as i know. chances are it's not perfect. but i have no hard facts on performance.12:47
tomreynvnc is the de facto standard protocol for GUI remote access on unixoid systems12:48
Yahavtomreyn i see. does x11vnc works with gnome? will it allow concurrent connections from different users each to his own env?12:51
ennozddI am running ubuntu 20.04, I have a vga monitor and  my graphics card has a dvi-d port. So I bought an adaptor and plugged it in but external  monitor is not detected. xrandr says dvi-d 0 disconnected12:53
tomreynYahav: yes and yes, i would think. but have not tried myself. you will likely find a bunch of guides on this online.12:54
tomreynennozdd: vga is an analogous connection / protocol, whereas dvi is digital, these really differ a lot. if the monitor is vga only, you should replace it (it must be *very* old, too) and get one with a digital input instead. digital-to-digital adapters usually work fine.12:58
ennozddtomreyn: yes it's a very old monitor. I even bought an adaptor to use it. Is it a technical thing I cannot use my analog monitor on a digital port?13:03
unixbsdI try to install ubuntu with debootstrap on a debian machine. the script /usr.... debootstrap with groovy (20.10) is missing. where to wget this script?13:03
tomreynennozdd: there could be a chance you'd find an adapter that'll work for you, i'm just saying i wouldn't waste time on trying to get this to work (unless you have a graphics card with vga-out)13:07
tomreynunixbsd: https://packages.ubuntu.com/groovy-updates/all/debootstrap/filelist13:09
tomreyni.e. not missing13:09
unixbsdI got it: I created the script.13:10
unixbsdI have made one myself http://termbin.com/frvk  i.e. copying xenial script and replaced it by groovy. it does debootstrap on this debian machine.13:11
BluesKajHi folks13:19
YahavYeah, i'm having difficulties installing x11vnc, it seems like it requires an actual display or something.13:21
unixbsdapt-get install x11vnc; export DISPLAY=:0 ; x11vnc ; enjoy13:27
Yahavunixbsd: nop, didn't work:13:36
Yahavxauth:  file /root/.Xauthority does not exist13:36
Yahav-auth guess: failed for display=':0'13:36
unixbsdthe installer crashed. groovy.13:44
unixbsdgroovy cannot install on sdc. :(13:45
unixbsdit seems to come from grub. maybe you should go for lilo to make sure that ubuntu works. people wont be capable, commonly to use debootstrap to install ubuntu.13:45
TimmyHow can I make sure that a mirror is not manipulating content of its packages ?13:46
tomreynby using apt to download these packages, because it will also verify the gpg signatures13:47
Timmybut where does these gpg signatures come from? Are they cached from a main server or they are also downloaded from same mirror?13:48
tomreynthey are made by whoever put together the original package archive13:49
tomreynapt is configured to trust some signatories by default, unknown signatories would need to be manually trusted by you13:49
tomreynso if some mirror admin were to crate a fake signature on a package, they'd need to do so with the original archive admin key, or you'd notice because then they'd need to use a different gpg key to sign, and apt would point this out.13:51
tomreyni.e. apt would not download and install such packages and warn you that they are signed with an unknown (non-trusted) signature13:52
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Yahavtomreyn, can you explain the part about gdm again please? i think the issues i'm having are related to that.13:57
Timmytomreyn: ahah, thanks, that was very clear to understand14:01
TimmyI give you 11 from 1014:01
tomreynYahav: this messgae suggests you were running something as the root user:   xauth:  file /root/.Xauthority does not exist14:03
tomreynyou should not run anything related to X as root, at least not when doing gdm + gnome-shell (current default ubuntu setup)14:03
Yahavi was trying to run x11vnc as root14:04
Yahavsudo x11vnc -auth guess -forever -loop -noxdamage -repeat -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pwd -rfbport 3029 -shared14:04
unixbsdapt to get legacy. legacy is great. apt-get install xserver-xorg-legacy   will help with auth and permsÃ14:04
Yahavrunning as non-root result in the same output14:10
unixbsdhow to find the codename in /etc of ubuntu?14:12
unixbsdsu does not work14:14
unixbsdhow to access to fdisk ?14:14
unixbsdfdisk command not found14:14
tomreynoni ubuntu, use sudo to run tasks as superuser14:15
tomreynnot su14:15
unixbsdI did debootstrap14:15
unixbsdI have removed * in shadow file.14:15
unixbsdI have full acess, as regular #. where did you put fdisk?14:15
tomreynyou seem to make assumptions about fdisk being installed by debootstrap.14:16
unixbsdit is not by default?14:16
rapidstomreyn, you can still login as root using "su -" also on Ubuntu14:17
tomreynsure, just not the recommended approach14:18
tomreynunixbsd: i do not know whether or not debootstrap installs fdisk by default, but you can inspect its source code, which will tell14:19
tomreynthere are other, similar utilities it may have installed. cfdisk, sgdisk, parted14:19
unixbsdthat's funny, there is nothing at all.14:20
tomreynYahav: so the notable difference between gnome (and gdm) compared to other desktops such as kde (and sddm) is that it runs as a restricted user. your x11vnc should probably also run as this restricted user.14:21
tomreynunixbsd: why are you using debootstrap rather than a supported installation method?14:21
unixbsdbecause grooby iso ubuntu cannot install ubuntu onto the regular pendrive.14:22
unixbsdusually I install on the pendrive, but during instlalation, it fails.14:22
tomreyngenerally, this would work. maybe your usb stick is special (broken?)14:25
unixbsdit works on debian and devuan, and all linux. it must come from the installer. I did /dev/sdc and with sdc1 with ext4, very classic.14:27
tomreynfdisk is "Priority: important". debootstrap installs packages with "Priority: important" by default. so you should have fdisk installed14:27
tomreynit installs to /sbin/fdisk14:28
unixbsdI will have to add more stuffs to debootstrap to get more things. this is up to come: debootstrap --no-check-gpg groovy --include=netbase,debootstrap,gcc,clang,make,login,passwd,wpasupplicant  .  http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu14:29
tomreynYahav: have you tried this? it looks like it could work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers#x11vnc14:30
tomreyn"Have x11vnc start automatically via systemd in any environment (Vivid+)" is what you'd want14:30
tomreyn--no-check-gpg seems wrong to me14:32
tomreyndunno why you need gcc + clang + make, but you'll know.14:33
tomreynunixbsd: ^14:34
unixbsdbecause gcc is broken14:34
unixbsdclang gives bins to compile  i..e stdio.h14:34
tomreynso "gcc is broken", that's why you need that *and* clang?14:36
tomreynwell, you'll work it out.14:37
unixbsdit has the link to add the stdio.h into it.14:38
unixbsdthere are some bugs into gcc, but clang is more reliable.14:39
unixbsdWith arrays especially.14:39
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unixbsdah yeah14:44
unixbsdthere is no clang into the archive.ubuntu ... ;) bit weird?14:44
unixbsdWhy not clang? ubuntu has only GCC?14:44
unixbsdnever heard of clang? this is very popular compiler.14:46
tomreynunixbsd: you're into quick jumping to conclusions, wfrom what i can tell. clang is in ubuntu.14:52
tomreyn(not in main/restricted, though, it's community maintained)14:52
unixbsdah ok14:55
LordChaosHi all, somehow systemd (journald) only keeps logs since the last boot. I can't remember this behaviour and I haven't changed anything in /etc/systemd/journald.conf15:21
LordChaosI'm on a Thinkpad X1 Carbon gen6 by the way, running 20.04 fully updated15:22
LordChaosI've changed 2 parameters in journald.conf:15:23
LordChaosAll other settings are on default15:23
LordChaossystemd-journald[561]: Runtime Journal (/run/log/journal/f3649d2d85f94007917f1d1ea4b33418) is 8.0M, max 159.0M, 151.0M free.15:25
LordChaosNot sure where 159M is based upon.15:25
unixbsddoes ubuntu still use /etc/network/interfaces? it seems to not be read at boot any longer.15:31
jeremy31unixbsd: Search for netplan15:44
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bdonnahue2hey folks. I am tyring to install mariadb but apt is giving me a problem16:10
bdonnahue2 mariadb-server : Depends: mariadb-server-10.3 (>= 1:10.3.25-0ubuntu0.20.04.1) but it is not going to be installed16:10
bdonnahue2anyone know what this means?16:10
unixbsdit means that your sources.list is broken or it comes from package deb/list.16:15
basenodeguys i've plugged a 4k tv into my laptop over hdmi, why is my mouse (and everything) slightly laggy on the tv?16:48
xtragreenFresh install of 20.04.5 is broken17:00
luna_20.4.5 ? is that even released17:00
luna_i tough we where on 20.04.117:01
xtragreenmy mistake I was trying to burn 18.04.517:01
xtragreenbrasero no longer can detect blank dvds17:02
xtragreendesktop file manager had not been started, yet it always mounts the blank dvds, preventing brasero from accessing the dvd17:03
xtragreenIs their a way to fix this ? thx17:04
xtragreenIs their a way to keep gnome file manager from automatically running on 20.04 ?17:06
xtragreenIf brasero no longer works in 20.04, is there a dvd burner app that will?17:07
luna_good question i mostly just burn isos with wodim but maybe someone else here uses brasero17:08
xtragreenwodim is new to me. is it a stock app in 20.04 ?17:09
luna_don't remembered if i installed it via apt or if its there17:09
xtragreenyet another worthless distro !!!17:18
unixbsdthe only way to install groovy ubuntu is to erase the whole disk.17:45
unixbsdman, it needs to get improved in next release.17:45
leftyfbunixbsd: I do not think that is true17:55
unixbsdI have tested many times.17:58
unixbsdsdc2 or sda7 wont get grub to install.17:58
leftyfbunixbsd: ok, now you are describing an issue completely beyond saying " the only way to install groovy ubuntu is to erase the whole disk"17:59
leftyfbunixbsd: what you should have said is "when I try to install Ubuntu 20.10, I'm having trouble installing GRUB to sdc2 or sda7"18:00
leftyfbunixbsd: it sounds like the issue is surrounding your pretty specific non-standard configuration and not the releases inability to install any way other than to wipe the disk18:01
leftyfbunixbsd: feel free to go into detail about your unique configuration(hardware, distro's, partitions, etc) and what it is you're trying to accomplish (boot order, which distro's, etc)18:02
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SynfulAckanyone use discord and when you go to copy an image to a channel it prints the file location? drag and drop is the workaround. Not sure if its related to installing it via snap.18:59
squirreli have a noname tablet that i want to try to put ubuntu on, should i go with ubuntu desktop or ubuntu touch?19:04
leftyfb!touch | squirrel19:05
ubottusquirrel: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports19:05
squirrelright, so which one should i go with19:06
leftyfbsquirrel: as the post says, you you ask in #ubports19:07
leftyfbsquirrel: it's not an officially supported platform anymore.19:07
squirreli don't think the post say that19:08
squirrelbut i'll ask19:08
leftyfb" Support and discussion in #ubports"19:09
squirrelwell at this point i don't need support or discussion of ubuntu touch, i need choose the system to try19:10
Onepamopaguys HELP19:14
Onepamopahow to undo "rm -f *"19:14
leftyfbOnepamopa: you restore from backup19:14
leftyfbOnepamopa: you could try some data recovery tools, but they're not guaranteed to work: https://itsfoss.com/recover-deleted-files-linux/19:15
SynfulAckalso why is it you cant do `sudo apt search *something*` . get a regex compilation error. Just wanted to search everything with that string19:27
leftyfbpipe it to grep with the regex19:27
leftyfbalso https://stackoverflow.com/a/3895547019:28
SynfulAckleftyfb, thx, not sure how to pipe it tho19:29
leftyfbSynfulAck: *something* is not valid bash regex19:30
leftyfbSynfulAck: searching for "something" will do what you think "*something*" will do19:31
SynfulAckleftyfb, i get two different results doing it that way19:32
leftyfbSynfulAck: can you be more specific?19:33
SynfulAcksudo apt search gping* vs searching "gping"19:33
linextwhat's the last version of ubuntu to support i686?19:51
leftyfblinext: technically, 19.04 has a netboot installer and 32bit packages. I THINK 19.10 had some packages but not the netboot installer. 18.04 is the last supported release with the netboot installer.20:00
leftyfblinext: 17.10 was the last release to have a server iso installer. 17.04 was the last release to have a 32bit desktop iso installer. Neither of those are supported. 16.04 is the last supported release to have a 32bit desktop and server iso installer20:03
linextis it possible to i386 to a USB flash drive?20:03
leftyfblinext: As I said, 16.04 is the last supported version to have the iso needed to install from usb ... unless you are capable of building your own usb installer with the 18.04 netboot files(unlikely)20:05
SynfulAckleftyfb, oh you know what. I think this feature is already built into `apt search`20:05
leftyfblinext: you could install 16.04 and upgrade to 18.04. You'll be stuck with 18.0420:05
linexti just want to test xonotic on linux to see if it's working on a old laptop20:10
linextthe laptop is xp era20:10
leftyfblinext: why bother? 32bit is an unsupported architecture20:11
squirrelspeaking of 32 bit, what's the closest to ubuntu (in terms of support) can i get for a system with 32 bit uefi?20:32
jeremy31squirrel: I think there is some hack to get grub on 32 bit UEFI20:37
squirreli looked it up and it sounds way too complicated20:39
garrettkajmowiczHow do I get 20.04 to install overtop of an existing installation using MD RAID without deleting the existing partitions? When I use the legacy installer, it recognizes that there are raid partitions present, but doesn't present them as a unit for the installation target. Going into the RAID menu provides only the options to create or delete RAID20:46
garrettkajmowiczdevices, not use an existing one.20:46
geniigarrettkajmowicz: If you enter one of the other available terminals during install by ctrl-alt-F2 ( or F3) you can manually insert the raid kernel driver required ( raid0, raid1, raid10, or raid456)  and then switch back to installer before it gets to the detecting of disks20:58
garrettkajmowiczgenii: The md device is shown (/dev/md-127 in this case for some reason). Yet it never shows up in the list. Do I also need the raid driver if the md device is already assembled?21:01
garrettkajmowiczI'm going to disconnect and try (system to upgrade is my firewall/server device)21:08
jeremy31Is there a way to add a command like "setpcie -s 02:00.0 COMMAND=0x02" to Grub?21:34
tomreynjeremy31: what is "setpcie" a command to? to grub? or is this a command you'd run on a booted linux system?21:58
tomreyncan't find anything about it21:58
tomreynmaybe you mean "setpci"?21:59
jeremy31tomreyn: it is setpci22:00
tomreynso i guess this needs a booted linux22:00
jeremy31tomreyn: there is a setpci.mod in /boot/grub/...22:00
tomreynoh i msee22:01
jeremy31tomreyn: something like in https://askubuntu.com/a/1152648/30066522:01
tomreynyes, that's what i'd assume then, too22:02
tomreynjust a command on a separate line on a grub menu entry22:02
tomreynor tather before the menu22:03
jeremy31Seems to be an issue with Lenovo E41-25 and ath10k_pci and memory allocation22:03
tomreynwhats the issue?22:04
jeremy31tomreyn: this bug shows the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/190486022:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1904860 in linux (Ubuntu) "QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter-Network unclaimed on every ubuntu os" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:05
tomreynhmm failed to iomap, ok22:06
tomreynand attached lshw only22:07
jeremy31tomreyn: this is another one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/187205522:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1872055 in linux (Ubuntu) "Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 [168c:0042] subsystem [17aa:0901] not available in Ubuntu 19.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:10
jeremy31Expired but it still happens22:10
jeremy31pci 0000:02:00.0: BAR 0: no space for [mem size 0x00200000 64bit] seems to be the main issue22:12
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tomreyn19.10 would be eol, but the other report looks like it's probably still a problem. it just got closed for lack of logs22:13
tomreynmaybe reopen and use apport-collect or, better, file a new one using ubuntu-bug, then add textual reference to the other ones.22:14
tomreynbut then you know all of this- ;-)22:15
jeremy31I am working with another person on a very similar issue, booting 5.10.2 doesn't work, supposedly the setpci command would work and I figure it might work better in grub22:16
tomreyni suspect what you set there in grub may not last for linux22:18
jeremy31Most of what I find involves Nvidia, thanks for your thoughts22:20
tomreynGood luck working it out!22:23
jeremy31Might be beating my head against the wall22:23
CarlFKgorilla, how do I downgrade make to focal's 4.2 version?22:50
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stephenmac98Hey guys. I have a user "stephen" who has access to the shutdown command locally, without sudo, because of /etc/shutdown.allow, but the same user is not able to call shutdown over ssh. How do I enable access to shutdown over ssh?23:37
summonnerjust add the user to visudo and make the command explicit as their only sudo command available23:43
summonnermake sure you don't make it NOPASSWD - that would be a bad idea23:44

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