lotuspsychjegood morning & merry xmas to all02:30
ducassegood morning04:50
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fradso whats the room's opinion on deb vs snap?14:35
tomreynthats a bit of comparing apples with oranges. there are overlaps, but not fully. what'S the goal of the question this time?14:58
tomreynleftyfb: i donp't doubt that synaptic causes issues (probably in terms of bahviour deviating of a default apt configuration), but i'm not specifically aware of any. can you point some out?18:25
leftyfbtomreyn: it's been a long time18:25
tomreynbut can you provide one example?18:27
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leftyfbtomreyn: nope. I just remember a bunch of us troubleshooting someone who made a mess of their packaging installing/removing something using synaptic. I recall it was building dependencies that were different from just using apt18:47
tomreynI had a look on the Debian bug reports, as well as those on the GitHub repository. There were actually no or no relevant deviations from apts behaviour I read about, with, indeed, a suggestion that synaptic may be using a different package dependency resolver.18:49
tomreynI've not been using it in years, but seem to remember that it could operate in two different modes, a simple and a complex resolver, while defaulting to the simple one. but maybe I'm just making this u, it's been a loooong time.18:51
tomreynsynaptic doesn't seem to make changes to global apt configurations etc, though. so not as bad as aptitude, for example. so personally I'd not strictly recommend against using synaptic, though I'd always recommend to prefer the apt / apt-get CLI.18:53

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