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samba35is it possible to run (not just install) ubuntu-server on laptop with usb-c with external ssd /pendrive13:00
andolsamba35: That depends on how you define Ubuntu server as well as on how you define run. What do you want to accomplish?13:13
samba35i am trying to run linux on laptop without installing it and able to install/remove pkg on ssd/pd13:35
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andolsamba35: ...and the regular OS on your laptop is?13:48
qman__samba35: yes, it is possible to install to a removable hard disk and boot from that, _if_ your hardware supports it15:10
qman__a significant number of modern laptops have this sort of functionality disabled by secure boot or just a limited BIOS15:11
bryanpediniHello everybody, merry Christmas!16:58
bryanpediniSoo.. it wouldn't have been a nice Christmas if I wasn't doing some networking maintenance, and it wouldn't have been even nicer if I didn't get any error :)16:58
bryanpediniI just edited an IP address via nmtui on a headless ub-srv 18.04.5LTS w/ usb wifi dongle, tho it's keeping both old AND new address (even as def gw), so it doesn't route to the outside anymore, even tried rebooting, nothing... any idea why NM should be this harsh on me? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, just can't seem to find out where..16:58
bryanpedinithanks in advance for everyone who's willing to help!! :)16:59
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