stephenmac98summonner: thank you for the response. I have added the line to the /etc/sudoers file, but the command still gets rejected only when performed over an ssh connection00:05
stephenmac98So I think it's got to be something in my ssh configuration right?00:05
stephenmac98I think the core of the error message is "failed to talk to init daemon"00:06
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MIFMy connection has been cutting out, how do I fix this?01:39
MIFor see if it is with my ISP01:39
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IniGitmy verdaccio.service cannot create a file within /etc/verdaccio. Do services which need to write to files always have to have root persiomissions? Or what should I do? Tell the service to create the file in an other directory?01:59
IniGitIt needs to create and write to /etc/verdaccio/htpasswd02:00
IniGitI told the service that it runs as `User=ini`02:01
IniGitwhich is my user on the system02:01
leftyfbIniGit: try changing ownership/permissions of /etc/verdaccio02:12
IniGitleftyfb: Should a service always run as root?02:19
leftyfbIniGit: depends on your use-case02:20
IniGitleftyfb: I'm not sure wheter to do `ExecStart=/home/ini/Programs/node-v14.15.1-linux-x64/lib/node_modules/verdaccio/bin/verdaccio  --config /etc/verdaccio/config.yaml` or `ExecStart=/home/ini/Programs/node-v14.15.1-linux-x64/lib/node_modules/verdaccio/bin/verdaccio  --config /home/ini/.config/verdaccio/config.yaml`02:20
IniGitThe config says that the htpasswd file should be create dat `./htpasswd`02:21
IniGitleftyfb: What would be the right thing to do for verdaccio? Itz is a private package regsitry02:21
IniGit`User=root` or `User=ini`02:22
IniGitI mean when I start verdaccio via the cli without a service I also do not run it as root, because it does not have to write to /etc02:23
IniGitI mean I'm no server admin, but it makes no sense to me to run this as root only to just follow the conventions02:23
leftyfbIniGit: then don't run it as root. Or ... follow the verdaccio documentation02:24
IniGitleftyfb: There's not much documentation about it. It says to run it not as root, but also mentions to put the config into /etc/ which does not work, because it cannot write to the htpasswd file02:25
leftyfbIniGit: try changing ownership/permissions of /etc/verdaccio , as I've already suggested02:26
IniGitleftyfb: ok, thx02:28
MIFso, my server has been disconnecting from all IRC networks02:29
MIFmy bot and my client both have been disconneting,02:29
leftyfbMIF: bad DNS, use a different public nameserver02:29
MIFI use cloudflare02:30
leftyfbtry a different one02:30
MIFand that is not the dns name that I use02:30
MIFso contact cloudflare?02:30
leftyfbMIF: try a different nameserver. Also, test resolving those endpoints using host or dig using different public nameservers while you are experiencing the issue02:31
MIFI was off my computer when the issue happned02:31
oerheksthere is #cloudflare here on #freenode02:31
MIFthank you leftyfb oerheks02:33
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bindiI'm livebooted into ubuntu 20.04 desktop, keyboard works partly - ctrl-alt-t opens terminal but after that I can't type anything? like all the hotkeys work, alt-tab, alt-f4, but actual typing anywhere = no go03:57
bindithis was with a keyboard over the KVM switch; I now plugged in another keyboard to the front headers and same thing03:57
bindithis seems to be a problem with the graphical environment only, changing ttys and i can type03:58
squirreli'm trying to install ubuntu and the installer window doesn't fit my screen, can i scroll it or something?03:59
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amalgameatehi, i recently tried connecting a 4k display to my ubuntu 16.04 desktop, and the max resolution i'm seeing under display options is 1920x1080.  does anyone know how i can get ubuntu to recognize 4k?05:18
amalgameatei think part of the problem might be that i'm using a hdmi-to-dp adapter.05:18
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prestocasohey all06:03
matsamanhi presto06:03
prestocasothinking abut making ubuntu my distro home and I and checking out the community options06:05
matsamanit's a pretty big community06:06
matsamanand most of the knowledge will be applicable to any other Debian-based distro06:06
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laptopusrhi, i've noticed that sometimes when i unplug my laptop from the wall, and leave it closed, in the end it reboots it self or X dies or I have no idea what happens, how can i diagnose this (maybe it's a case of battery depleting but i hav no idea)07:39
laptopusror let's ask a simpler question, if i close the lid, how can i make sure the laptop will go to hibernate ?07:41
laptopusralso when grub updates it spets a warning about RESUME= something ?07:43
laptopusrahh, ubuntu ubuntu..07:52
laptopusr./join #linux07:57
knightwisehey laptopusr07:59
knightwisehows it hangin dude07:59
laptopusrmeh, i hate linux laptop support08:13
unixbsdwhat is the name of the Window Manager of the graphical installer of Ubuntu groovy 20.10?08:13
laptopusrit's 2020 and it's still subar compared to windows08:14
lotuspsychjeunixbsd: ubiquity?08:14
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: please only support questions here08:14
laptopusryeah, i've asked, nobody answered08:14
lotuspsychjepatience is golden08:15
laptopusri have a hunch it's not in this case08:15
laptopusranyhow, if you check the log i was not the one going off topic08:15
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: if you want volunteers to help its also handy if you provide all details too, like ubuntu version, logs, dmesg,..08:15
laptopusr18.04, dmesg won't help since the computer rebooted08:16
laptopusrlogs, dont know from all the spam how to get what's needed to diagnose this08:17
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: lets have a look in your dmesg anyway08:17
laptopusrin general, or after this happens (which i don't plug it off mostly, to not lose work)08:17
laptopusralso what should I do about that RESUME= warning after grub update ? it might be cause this laptop was installed from an image where the UDID don't match anymore ?08:18
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: you can also collect your journal logs from a previous boot08:18
laptopusrhow so ?08:20
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: journalctl -b -1 show logs from the previous boot for example08:23
Deano59hi eoli3n :)10:48
eoli3ndoes the latest installer embeed zfs 2.0?10:48
eoli3nto be able to install with zstd compression10:48
jpdseoli3n: latest openzfs package is 0.8.410:59
jpdseoli3n: If you want the latest and greatest like that, I suggest you install gentoo10:59
eoli3nyour suggestion seems strange, arch or void seems more the way11:00
eoli3nbut here, that's not for my usage11:00
eoli3nfor my mother so ubuntu is ok ;)11:00
Deano59jpds: gentoo? really?11:25
XATRIXHi, can you advice , i'm trying to remove all versions of PHP except native one . I mean like 'php-common'11:28
XATRIXI'm trying to purge php7.4*11:28
XATRIXBut it wants to remove also 7.011:28
Deano59XATRIX: remove them all, install the one you want.11:29
Deano59or make apt not remove your 7.0...11:29
XATRIXBut how can i mask the packages i don't want it to remove ?11:29
XATRIXDeano59: how can i  ?11:29
XATRIXThe following packages will be REMOVED:11:30
XATRIX  libapache2-mod-php7.4* php-bcmath* php-bz2* php-cli* php-curl* php-gd* php-json* php-mbstring* php-mysql* php-soap* php-zip* php7.4-bcmath*11:30
XATRIX  php7.4-bz2* php7.4-cli* php7.4-common* php7.4-curl* php7.4-gd* php7.4-json* php7.4-mbstring* php7.4-mysql* php7.4-opcache* php7.4-phpdbg*11:30
XATRIX  php7.4-readline* php7.4-soap* php7.4-zip* phpmyadmin*11:30
Deano59!paste | XATRIX11:31
ubottuXATRIX: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:31
XATRIXSorry, i won't paste here in future11:31
XATRIXDeano59: any idea how to make apt not to remove these packages ?11:34
summonnerthere's a --dependencies flag in there somewhere, perhaps it is useful?11:39
XATRIXsummonner: thanks11:53
mIk3_08Merry Christmas People!12:20
random-jellyfishMerry Merry12:22
random-jellyfishhow do I install gvim on ubuntu? it there a problem with this package? I've tried all the basic approaches nothing worked12:28
lotuspsychjerandom-jellyfish: is vim-gtk3 what you are looking for?12:30
random-jellyfishPackage vim-gtk3 is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, oris only available from another source12:30
lotuspsychje!info vim-gtk312:30
ubottuvim-gtk3 (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GTK3 GUI. In component universe, is extra. Version 2:8.1.2269-1ubuntu5 (focal), package size 1423 kB, installed size 3621 kB12:30
random-jellyfishI booted from the live cd ... ubuntu is not installed yet, could this be the problem?12:31
lotuspsychjerandom-jellyfish: yeah install ubuntu first12:31
random-jellyfishcan ubuntu be installed for dual boot with win10 if secure boot is enabled?12:35
lotuspsychje!uefi | random-jellyfish12:35
ubotturandom-jellyfish: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI12:35
lotuspsychjedualboot | random-jellyfish12:35
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:35
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thyriaenHi, i have created my private and my publickey with openssl and i would like to get it signed by a ca for s/mime but no idea where i can do that - any pointers ?12:56
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fradwhat app can I use to rotate a video 90 degrees?14:16
EriC^^frad: ffmpeg14:17
fradEriC^^, does ffmpeg work with m4v, mkv and mp4?14:19
laptopusri know that iphone rotates 90 degree by setting a metadata, and not recompressing it14:19
laptopusrso you might want to look into that14:19
laptopusrffmpeg work with anything14:19
fradEriC^^, should I install with apt or snap?14:22
EriC^^frad: apt is good14:22
fradif apt is good, why there is snap?14:22
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io14:22
laptopusrfrad: depends on which distribution you have14:24
laptopusrif it's not recent, maybe snap would be better14:24
fradoh, so snap is universal, like, for windows and mac?14:24
fradcreated commercially... do developers have to pay to use snap?14:25
laptopusrno, snap is not universal14:25
TimvdeI have an old computer that still on 19.04. Can I still upgrade it to 20.04 without reinstalling?14:25
laptopusrTimvde: if it has the minimum requirements, it might work ?14:26
Timvdelaptopusr: I don't expect the hardware to be a problem (it's ~5 years old), it's more that the disco repositories are 404ing14:26
lotuspsychjeTimvde: its more adviced to upgrade your ubuntu releases before they go eol to avoid !usn security issues14:27
tomreynyou'll need to edit sources.list tp point all urls to old-releases.ubuntu.com14:27
Timvdelotuspsychje: I am aware, but sadly that didn't happen because reasons™14:29
Timvdetomreyn: Thank you, I'll try that!14:29
tomreynTimvde: so first just edit the url to point to the old archive mirrors, then update the existing release to the latest state. and only then edit it again and point to the next release (by editing the release codename), and then apply all updates again.14:31
tomreynas has been previously pointe dout, none of this is supported, you'll upgrade just with apt, which is not the same as using the standard upgrader (do-release-upgrade / update-manager)14:32
tomreynand if it fails, you may need to reinstall. so make sure you have backups.14:32
tomreynTimvde: ^14:32
laptopusryeah, have a backup... i never manged to update the OS without ending up formating and starting from 014:33
TimvdeAh, I was hoping to be able to use do-release-upgrade, but I have also just edited sources.list before (on debian), so I know how it works14:33
lotuspsychjelaptopusr: cant generalize statements like that14:33
fradso whats the room's opinion on deb vs snap?14:33
lotuspsychje!discuss | frad14:34
ubottufrad: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:34
laptopusrfrad: try them both and see which works for you ?14:35
laptopusrlotuspsychje: which is why i'm saying it happened to me, many times, on many computers, not to everyone14:35
laptopusrand you don't recommend having a backup ?14:35
TimvdeI also knew I needed to have a fully up to date system before trying it, so that's why I didn't want to do it before upgrading14:36
laptopusrfrad: try this instead first: https://superuser.com/a/131059014:40
laptopusrthis is how mobile phones do it, and no recompression14:40
laptopusrbut maybe not all players support this14:40
laptopusris there a good documentation on how the ubuntu version upgrader works ?14:41
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:42
laptopusrcan i without synaptic (using apt) know which packages i've installed from non offical repos ?14:44
coconutlaptopusr, open your files from /etc/apt/souures.list.d/*14:45
laptopusrlaptopusr: how is that related to my question ?14:45
coconutlaptopusr, non official repo's go there14:47
coconutoh.... for installed only, i see14:47
laptopusrcoconut: read my question again, list PACKAGES which from from non offical repos14:47
coconutlaptopusr, i have to pass on that14:50
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BikOSHello guys, I hope you are enjoying the holidays wherever you are14:59
BikOScan I ask a quick question about Dualboot with systemd, it is more of POP_OS related but I hoipe you will be kind to help me with this one14:59
BikOS*i hope15:00
tomreyni don't think synaptic has a way to show this. even with CLI it's not easy to find out.15:00
BikOSI have POP installed on my new SSD with Windows, but with the POP systemd boot it does not give me the option to select the OS i want to boot into and logs to pop directly15:00
tomreynBikOS: since ubuntu doesn't do systemd-boot, and other distros are always a bit different, we generally only support ubuntu here.15:01
tomreynbut you can try in ##linux15:01
laptopusrtomreyn: it seems as if synaptic can do this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CleanUpgrade15:01
BikOStomreyn, thank you :)15:01
tomreynlaptopusr: oh wow, good fined, sorry for the misinfo. this can actually work (to a degree).15:02
laptopusrthe question is how can i do it in terminal without X :)15:03
jeremy31BikOS: Do a search on using Ubuntu with systemd boot, it can be done15:07
tomreynlaptopusr: what i'd do is to ppa-purge all 3rd party repositories (and packages installed from there). then, only once that's completely done, install and run apt-forktracer15:12
tomreyn... to identify additional deviations15:13
laptopusryeh i'm asking how to do your first step...............15:15
tomreynlaptopusr: apt policy tells you which repos are configured15:17
tomreynthose not pointing to ubuntu.com (or official mirrors) are 3rd party15:17
laptopusrthat is easy, how do i know which packages are from them15:18
tomreynyuo really cant know this for sure, since different repos can provide the same packages, at same or different package versions15:19
laptopusrlet's start with a not sure list, which i can manually go and check15:20
tomreynwhat synaptic show you there is "if you were to install this given package now, which repositoy you have now configured would provide it"15:20
laptopusryeah, too bad it seems i can't do that without X ?15:22
Habbieapt-cache policy can also show you that15:22
laptopusrok, how ?15:24
Habbieapt-cache policy packagename15:25
Habbiewill show you all sources your apt knows for that package15:25
laptopusrcan i have some oneliner that does what I really wnat ?15:25
Habbiei did not read the original question15:25
BluesKajMerry Christmas all15:25
eoli3ni'm trying to get Ubuntu on Wayland with nvidia graphic card15:27
eoli3nif i use nouveau, will it work ?15:27
ioria Merry Christmas BluesKaj15:27
laptopusrHabbie: which packages not from offical repo15:27
Habbielaptopusr, on debian i use apt-forktracker for that15:27
Habbieuh, tracer15:27
Maikeoli3n: try it :)15:27
ioriaeoli3n, nouveau should work ok15:28
iorialaptopusr, yes, apt-forktracer is a good tool15:28
kbdlnx123Merry Christmas everyone!15:30
laptopusrdpkg --get-selections | grep -v "deinstall" | cut -f1 | xargs -I{} apt-cache policy {} | grep -ohe "^[^ ]*:$" -e "http[^ ]*" | uniq15:39
laptopusri got so far :)15:39
mra90I have an issue "grep /home/user/../file.txt no such file or directory" but the file is there!16:12
mra90I can even copy&paste this patch and "cat" its content16:13
mra90what the heck is wrong?16:13
laptopusrrun with strace16:19
dob1If I search gnuplot on sotware center why it doesn't find it?16:55
jeremy31mra90: what are you looking for in that file?17:07
adfenoHow to change notify-osd font size in Focal Fossa (20.04) ?17:11
adfenoThe notification pop-up that appears in the upper right by default.17:12
Tom01try Synaptic17:53
Tom01for gnuplot17:54
leftyfb!universe | dob117:54
ubottudob1: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.17:54
leftyfbdob1: gnuplot is part of the Universe repo17:55
adfenoFound it, thanks for the help.17:55
leftyfbTom01: synaptic will not find any packages that aren't available from searching with apt17:55
Tom01add the data source for that package17:56
Maikadfeno: which buntu is that? MATE, Xubuntu...? Default Ubuntu doesn't show notifications on the right on Gnome but in the middle.17:56
Tom01my Synaptic isshowing gnuplot17:58
leftyfbTom01: "apt search gnuplot"  will also find it. It's because you have the universe repo enabled already. synaptic is not recommended these days18:01
Tom01Why not? What to use then?18:02
Maikleftyfb: why not?18:02
Tom01I don't want to tinker with the console18:03
Maiksynaptic still works so i don't see a problem18:03
Tom01for such simple tasks18:03
leftyfbTom01: Maik: use command line apt or the Ubuntu software center. Synaptic has been known to mess with packages and their dependencies.18:04
Maikworks fine18:04
Tom01I never had problems with Synaptic so far.18:04
Maikme neither18:04
leftyfbok, then don't listen to the recommendation. I answered the question.18:05
Tom01Synaptic is only a gui front end for apt18:08
leftyfbTom01: synaptic does it's own dependencies, or something along those lines. It's a lot more than just a front-end to dpkg. (apt is a front-end for dpkg).18:10
leftyfbI have personally had to help others in here over the years fix issues caused by packages installed using synaptic18:12
leftyfbit also hasn't been updated in 5 years18:13
Maikleftyfb: stable release  0.90.0 / January 25, 2020; 10 months ago18:15
Maikget your facts straight18:16
dekerhi everyone, happy holidays!18:16
dekernoticing something odd on ubuntu 20.04LTS.....figured i'd ask in here if anyone else notices it18:16
leftyfbMaik: that is the Ubuntu package maintainers limping it along. That main page is at https://code.launchpad.net/~synaptic-developers/synaptic/trunk with no changes since 2015.18:16
dekermy network printer is getting auto-added each and every time, even though i don't want it to18:17
dekeri stopped and disabled the cups-browser service18:17
dekercups-browsed service**18:17
dekerstill no luck, keeps getting added18:17
ClownPusherHappy holidays all! :)18:17
dekeranyone have some thoughts on how to permanently stop it?18:18
ClownPushersystemctl disable servicename disables services18:19
leftyfbdeker: https://askubuntu.com/questions/918462/remove-printer-added-notifications-from-gnome-3/921289#92128918:19
leftyfbdeker: you can re-enable the service and just make the change in the link above. I had the same issue18:19
Maikleftyfb: 0.84.X on 20.04.1 Ubuntu MATE and 3NiGM@E8t5818:20
dekerleftyb: trying now18:20
Maikoops, nevermind that18:20
dekerleftyb: added that line to the file and restarted cups, but went into settings and removed the printer and it got added back18:22
dekermight need a restart?18:22
Maikleftyfb: i meant also on 20.1018:22
leftyfbdeker: you don't ever want the printer added? If you never want printers added, then just disable the cups service18:22
dekerleftyb: i may add a printer down the line, but just don't want the OS to keep adding it on its own18:23
leftyfbMaik: feel free to keep doing what you want. Most here do not recommend synaptic has it has been known to cause issues.18:23
dekeri'm just being picky i guess  :)18:23
leftyfbdeker: maybe just keep the printer added then.18:23
dekeryup, i'll try a restart though just in case18:24
dekernow i just wanna see if this works or not18:24
leftyfbfor deker when they return (I need to go): https://cirovladimir.wordpress.com/2019/02/11/ubuntu-18-04-disable-network-printer-auto-discovery/18:25
ClownPusherdisabling the service should do wht you want until you do want to add a printer18:25
ClownPushernice find leftylfb18:25
pjsHi all.. a few weeks back I updated from 18.04 to 20.04.1, a few hiccups aside everything went smooth. Only thing is, I can't play any video files anymore. Not in mpv or vlc. It just sort of hangs and then dumps core. I'm finally getting around to trying to fix it. Any ideas on what I should reinstall or look into?18:28
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dekerleftyb: looks like an entry was needed in the avahi-daemon.conf file as well18:34
dekerfollowed by sudo service avahi-daemon restart18:35
deker   /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf18:35
tomreynpjs: which third party repos and packages do you have installed? have you tried to identify leftover foreign packages using apt-forktracer?18:35
tabby_Anyone here have experience with nfs?18:40
tomreynAnyone here have experience with computers?18:42
pjstomreyn: no, never heard of that. Let me try that18:43
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leftyfbpjs: I would suggest installing ubuntu-restricted-extras18:48
luceneraThe Google Photo plugin in Shotwell is not working. I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. In the settings the plugin is present and enabled, but if I try to import it tells me that there is no active plugin.18:54
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:55
pjsleftyfb: ok, I'll try that. thanks18:55
tabby_Anyone know if nfs mounts will timeout with inactivity or are they kept up until manual dismount/network disconnect?18:59
pjshow can I tell 'apt-get upgrade' to skip some pkgs? Looks like the golang longsleep ppa has issues today (keeps timing out). Or do I just remove it from sources temporarily?19:01
tomreyntabby_: see the "soft / hard" section on the configuration section (5) of the man(ual) page for nfs: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man5/nfs.5.html19:02
tomreynthat's not *exactly* what you asked, but related.19:03
tabby_tomreyn, That's the behaviour I would like to see for network issues, but I'm also wondering if there's a default timeout. Say I don't access the share for an hour, will it unmount?19:05
tomreyngenerally speaking, file system mounts remain active unless critical errors occur (and sometimes even then).19:05
tabby_sshfs doesn't like to stay up in my experience, which is why I needed to use autofs to reset the connection when said folder needed to be accessed19:06
tomreynif you want file systems to be unmounted automatically after a certain time of not being used, automount is what comes to my mind.19:07
tabby_I specifically do not want them to be unmounted ever, if possible19:07
tomreynthe nfs man pages discuss the behaviour and how you can modify it (for different NFS protocol versions) in great detail.19:08
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/19:08
tabby_yea I can take a look. Sifting through man pages *grumbles*19:09
newdimensionAnyone here has restored a Clonezilla image to VirtualBox machine?19:22
compdocI've done it with KVM19:23
compdocshould work19:23
newdimensioncompdoc: I'm getting an error that the partition is illegal. I'm going through a third time and we'll share the exact wording in a minute19:23
compdocnewdimension, boot gparted and set the partition type to mbr or gpt, depending on the original disk19:24
newdimensioncompdoc: Is that a required step? I just created an empty virtual disk19:25
compdocnot usually, but sometimes it can be an issue when the disk cant be seen or used19:25
newdimensionI can select the VBOX harddisk at the prompt asking to choose the target disk19:26
newdimensioncompdoc: I went to advance mode and selected "use dd to create partition table" (I'm paraphrasing). It looks like it worked19:28
newdimensioncompdoc: It was able to restore /dev/sda1. Then it went on to "Restoring partition /dev/sda5" and it errors "Unable to find target partition "sda5"19:31
oerheksvirtualbox image is just a .vdi file, why clonezilla to back it up?19:31
newdimensionoerheks: I'm testing a backup of a disk I've made and I don't have a spare HDD19:32
newdimension(testing being able to restore)19:32
compdocnewdimension, are you restoring partitions instead of the whole disk?19:32
makara1what is kdeconnectd doing on my computer? I don't remember installing it19:32
newdimensioncompdoc: I'm not. But I'll detail my choices as I attempt this again19:33
oerheksmakara1, easy answer to find? https://community.kde.org/KDEConnect19:33
freebench__hey, a while ago installed ubuntu 20 on an old laptop, now I've realized that the su pass is lost. Are there any other options but reinstall the thing ?19:33
oerheksand -d stands for the deamon19:34
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords19:34
oerheksfreebench__, ^^ easy to resolve19:34
newdimensioncompdoc: I'll share all my choices, but the relevant one is "restoredisk" and that's the one I'm choosing19:34
oerheksi hope you did not choose encryption19:34
makara1oerheks: yeah, but im running ubuntu 20.04, so what does Ubuntu need it for?19:36
newdimensionMy choices: https://dpaste.org/6Qr319:36
freebench__oerheks, thx19:36
pjshrmm, still dumping core when viewing a video file. Any ideas here (gdb): https://paste.sr.ht/~petersanchez/5eea9a762e1ee64ab6a53d0c0b98d02a21bdf3b519:38
oerheksmakara1, a KDE programm installed on gnome might pull it in?19:38
newdimensionIf I don't change the settings in advance (i.e. use dd to create partition table). I get The partition table in this disk is illegal/invalid: /dev/sda. Does this partition table fit this disk *disk name* Is this disk too small: /dev/sda ?19:38
makara1christmas, i need to be more careful19:40
compdocgenerally with clonezilla, its best to choose the defaults and not set any of the expert options.19:40
compdocbeginner mode19:40
newdimensioncompdoc: right, but I get the same error. This is a screenshot for reference https://imgur.com/a/jEW7eYi19:41
compdocnewdimension, when you start clonezilla, theres an advnaced menu to deal with uefi partitions. Ive never used it, but you may need to19:42
newdimensioncompdoc: Are you referring to the initial splash screen?19:43
jeremy31newdimension: That doesn't appear to be a EFI system on that drive19:45
compdocnewdimension, are you letting clonezilla create the paritions? looking at your image, it asks if the partition is too small19:47
newdimensionShouldn't running in beginner mode do that?19:47
compdocmaybe there are partitions on the disk already?19:47
newdimensionThe virtualbox one? I just created an empty disk19:48
compdocthen should not have any partitions19:49
compdoc"If your machine comes with uEFI secure boot enabled, you have to use AMD64 (X86-64) version (either Debian-based or Ubuntu-based) of Clonezilla live."19:49
oerhekscompdoc +119:50
jeremy31Clonezilla will not automatically resize smaller19:50
newdimensionHow can I know if the source machine had uEFI secure boot? It had Windows XP on it for reference19:51
jeremy31Windows XP would not be Secure Boot or UEFI19:52
compdocif its a 64bit vm or computer, always use amd6419:52
newdimensionI'm using this version of clonezilla clonezilla-live-2.7.0-10-amd64, and I just loaded gparted and deleted the result of the previous partial restore19:53
newdimensionDo you recommend that I leave it unallocated or should make one partition?19:53
jeremy31Is the virtual drive the same size as the original disk?19:54
newdimensionjeremy: I made it bigger but dynamically allocated19:54
jeremy31newdimension: Clonezilla should be able to restore to an empty drive.  I have cloned to brand new drives19:55
newdimensionjeremy31: Ok, about to run Clonezilla another time19:57
newdimensionIt looks like running gparted did the trick20:01
pjsfor anyone interested, turns out my issue is from this still unresolved bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/187621920:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1876219 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "iris driver for old cpu" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:13
pjsThe suggested workaround does the trick for now20:13
matsamanand that's why open source is the best20:13
mindful_idiotHey guys, being intrigued by Richard Stallman and his talks about GNU license -- decided to install Ubuntu on a VM. Any recommendations on where to start in getting acquainted with Linux generally?23:03
matsamanmindful_idiot: the best part of just using it is the package manager23:04
matsamanmindful_idiot: so install something, then uninstall something23:04
matsamanmindful_idiot: try using something while you uninstall it23:04
matsamanmindful_idiot: check out apt-file and dpkg -S for finding packages based on executable names you think exist or should exist23:05
matsamanmindful_idiot: you could get deep into the benefits of open free software with apt-src: https://wiki.debian.org/apt-src23:06
matsamanmake your own customizations to software you use23:06
Blade-Runneri'm running Ubuntu 20.04 opening livepatch gives an error message ubuntu has experienced an internal error. and askes me if i want to send a report, each time over 20 times i have sent a report but nothing has changed. any way to fix this?23:07
matsamanBlade-Runner: a report is only going to send info to humans, it's not going to magically fix it23:10
Blade-Runneri get that23:10
Blade-Runnerbut what can i do?23:10
matsamanI haven't used livepatch, but there's probably a -v or -verbose or some debugging info mode that will say more than 'experienced an internal error'23:11
Blade-Runneri have no idea how to run that23:11
matsamanwhat's the command you're using?23:11
Blade-Runnernone, livepatch has a gui on the desktop23:12
Blade-Runnerand livepatch is not a command23:13
matsamanpretty sure there is a command by that name, but if you're not using it that doesn't matter23:14
matsamantry running the GUI via a terminal23:14
matsamanps aux | grep -i livepatch, while it's running, will probably reveal the executable name23:14
Blade-Runnerok what command do i use?23:14
matsamandpkg -L package-livepatch-is-from | grep -i bin probably will also23:14
oerhekslivepatch is a snap.23:16
Blade-Runnerwell thats enough to confuse me23:16
oerheksi think yu just need to run updates properly, apt full-upgrade and reboot23:17
MarkB2Well, today is Christmas and, per the usual, I get handed a cute problem.  Namely: a guest has a DVD with a bunch of JPG's and AVI files.  Most of the AVIs are >large< and something seems to have gone wrong with the burn.23:19
Blade-Runnerno upgrades needed,  all 0's23:20
matsamanI mean really, you need to have your systems set up so you can reboot one at a time while others are online, redundantly23:20
matsamanbut livepatch can help with instant patches very occasionally23:20
matsamanMarkB2: what makes it seem like something went wrong?23:21
MarkB2while an 'ls -l' of the affected directories says files are there and they have big size, trying to read these AVI files produces a error message and a zero-length complaint (Input/output error).23:21
MarkB2Which isn't too useful.23:21
matsamanMarkB2: hmmm, well maybe start with a ddrescue of the disc23:21
matsamanthen you can take the drive out of the equation23:22
MarkB2matsaman: Thank you.. I did not know of "ddrescue".23:22
MarkB2And I think I've mis-directed myself.  Were you thinking of a 'dd' to copy all blocks from the DVD to HD ?23:23
matsamanMarkB2: https://dpaste.com/BWYJGH4UR.txt23:23
matsamanthere's more than one 'ddrescue' implementation, I think these commands are for GNU's own23:23
matsamanMarkB2: 'ddrescue'23:23
matsamanit'll copy despite i/o & read errors23:23
matsamanmight be the gddrescue package on Ubuntu23:24
matsamanMarkB2: I'd also be curious what 'mplayer dvd://' does23:24
MarkB2That I can easily check.  One moment.23:25
matsamanif mplayer can play it, you're golden, because mplayer can copy/dump anything it can play23:25
MarkB2Some of the damaged files can be played by mplayer.  Others causes mplayer to give up.23:25
matsamanokay so you can go ahead and grab the playable ones23:25
matsamanlsdvd will tell you their #'s, and mplayer dvd://numhere -dumpstream -dumpfile foo.vob, I think23:26
MarkB2mplayer gets slightly confused on the file.  It's not a DVD that is playable, for example, in a commercial DVD player.23:26
MarkB2The creator of this thing put together a tree of JPGs and AVIs then told some burner to burn.23:27
matsamanso it's just a data dvd?23:28
matsamanI think I'd start with ddrescue23:28
matsamanand then if some files are still bad23:28
matsamanyou can get into the dark magics of file recovery apps23:28
MarkB2And I will take that advice, D/L ddrescue, compile, and see how far I get.23:29
matsamanhttps://dpaste.com/BWYJGH4UR.txt you can use files instead of /dev/disk for the output23:29
matsamanI think it probably is the 'ddrescue' from the 'gddrescue' package23:29
kvndyI have an external LUKS encrypted drive which accidentally got disconnected. I was in here before and was told I need to "dismount its logical volumes, deavtivate them, close the LUKS, ensure its mappers are released for real, then open the LUKS as usual, activate the logical volumes, then mount their file systems". Does that sound about right? It's a lot for me to have to figure out and any help would be appreciated.23:30
matsamanlike I said there are at least two ddrescue implementations out there, though; believe the GNU one is the most used, and the other one typically is named 'dd_rescue' with underscore23:30
matsamankvndy: that is a lot of boring processes to figure out I agree, but I believe each of them is utterly non-destructive23:30
matsamanyou can do them wrong, I think, but I don't think you can accidentally lose any data doing any of that23:31
matsamanyou'd have to do something more, like obliterate something23:31
kvndymatsaman: That is reassuring23:31
matsamanyou have LVM's things and LUKS' things, and maybe they're confused with one another23:32
matsamanbut your data is there, encrypted, and LVM is managing where on top of it23:32
matsamanas long as you know your passphrase and haven't somehow deleted/overwritten one of those constructs, everything should, ultimately, be fine23:32
matsamanand once you get it figured out I hope you'll revisit backup plans =)23:33
matsamanI'm afraid I've never found a reason to use LVM so I won't be of much use23:33
kvndymatsaman: Data loss was never a concern. A reboot was always simpler but it's happened again so I'm going to go through the trouble and figure it out this time23:33
matsamanyeah be worth it23:33
matsamanthat would probably be the first thing I'd do for LVM or LUKS23:34
matsamanafter setting it up... to figure out how to completely disable and then re-enable it23:34
MarkB2Hmm... ddrescue may not be able to solve this problem.  I can create an ISO using sudo cat /dev/sr0 > output_file.iso and there are no read errors.23:36
MarkB2What I have seems to be an integrity issue with the DVD.23:36
matsamanyeah entirely possible23:39
matsamanit could also have been made by some kind of horrible write-protection system23:39
matsamanbut I think that's probably less likely, if it was just some random normo who authored it23:39
matsamanhorrible read-protection system, that is23:39
MarkB2I think it more likely a "normal but somewhat neophyte" user burnt the DVD.23:39
matsamanif they didn't use something that checked the integrity afterward, yeah23:40
matsamanDVD burning is horrifying23:40
MarkB2Most CD/DVD burners default to running a verify pass... but I have no idea what he used.23:40
matsamanthese days most do23:41
MarkB2Myself, I always run a verify pass.23:41
matsamanAVI is a pretty old format to have used for such a thing23:41
matsamannot to mention DVD is pretty old23:41
stavrosIs it normal to be getting 12 MB/s random reads on a Samsung Evo 850 SSD?23:41
matsamannot sure 'random' can be solidly accounted for as normal ever23:41
MarkB2ddrescue completed with no errors, the output file is the same length as the data area on the DVD .. and so what I have is a data integrity error on the DVD, not a case of bad DVD media.23:43
MarkB2So the burner fouled up.23:43
MarkB2The only thing I can think of to try now is to look for something like fsck for an ISO9660 ISO file.23:45
MarkB2I'm not sure such a thing exists.23:45
stavrosWhat could be affecting SSD performance?23:46
matsamanMarkB2: probably something does, or some kind of file carving/recovery util23:46
matsamanstavros: like besides bad hardware? ummm23:46
matsamanfirmware, device driver, FS stuffo I guess23:46
=== Hash is now known as chmod
MarkB2And I just discovered the DVD is not in ISO9660 format (according to isoinfo).23:54

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