xubuntu76iIs there anyone stirring, even a mouse?  I'm just installing Xubuntu and checking this out while it completes.01:52
Bashing-omxubuntu76i: You look good from here ;P01:53
xubuntu76iThanks. I'm trying to make a UEFI boot stick, and this is my upteenth attempt.01:54
xubuntu76iI had one back in the bionic days, that was dual UEIF/Legacy, but it stopped working, possibly because I updated to focal.01:55
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broxtorI have installed kodi on Xubuntu 20.04. I try to get a Minix remote working. Most buttons work except play/pause. I had the same issue with Linux Mint and Cinnamon and solved that by deleting the key in Cinnamon settings. Tried the same in Xfce. Deleted all keyboard shortcuts, but no luck. Is there another place where these keys are defined?08:06
Fernando-BassoJackFrost: Thanks a lot. Just checked and it is not on my repos. I believe backports is enabled here.10:03
Fernando-BassoAt least, I have two lines containing groovy-backports on my sources.list.10:05
Fernando-BassoI use a server from brazil. Perhaps it has not synced yet.10:08
JackFrostAh, genii was in fact referring to an Xubuntu team PPA, not the official backports repo.  That's not really maintained, it's impossible to get something into there.10:43
Fernando-BassoJackFrost: No problem. I'll install from the PPA then. Thanks!10:48
JackFrostSure thing.10:51
seabassHello everyone (and happy Christmas!)13:53
seabassDoes anyone here know where the configuration files for the lightdm-gtk-greeter that shows after lock are?14:00
seabassI can find the global configuration files for ordinary login in /etc/lightdm/, but the screen that shows after the machine is woken up from suspend is different.14:01
seabassThanks in advance for any help!14:02
brainwashseabass: isn't the unlock screen provided by xfce4-screensaver?14:59
brainwashit does look very similar15:00
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seabassbrainwash, I'm not sure. It does look really similar anyway; one problem I'm having is that it is hard to reproduce on a VM.18:51
seabassI think I shall have to run Xubuntu on real hardware. However, here is a screenshot of what I am meaning (I can't reproduce this now):18:52
brainwashseabass: that is xfce4-screensaver's unlock screen18:57
seabassAh, right - is it powered by Lightdm-gtk though?18:57
brainwashno, but it mimics the look18:57
seabassOK; that seems strange but it would explain my difficulty in finding configuration files for it!18:58
brainwash"- Shared styles with LightDM GTK+ Greeter"18:58
brainwashbut what are you trying to change?18:59
seabassSpecifically, I would like to add the power widget to the menu bar. This is how it is on the normal login screen (lightdm-gtk), but not on the lock screen.18:59
seabassNow that you have told me it's xfce4-screensaver, maybe I can grep to success :)19:00
brainwashit does not support indicators19:01
brainwashthere is a feature request https://gitlab.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-screensaver/-/issues/419:01
seabassSo that logo at the top right with the padlock is just a picture?19:01
seabassRather than a widget tray19:01
brainwashI think so. just an icon basically.19:01
seabassah, thank you for explaining that. That is very helpful indeed19:02
brainwashyou can replace the xfce4-screensaver with the "old" light-locker19:03
seabassSo I think I need to uninstall xfce-screensaver and replace it with light-locker, which uses lightdm directly. hah snap! :)19:03
seabassGreat minds think alike? :D19:03
seabassDo you know of the motivation behind changing light-locker to xfce4-screensaver in recent versions?19:05
brainwashit is supposed to be less buggy19:06
brainwashalso, light-locker is not maintained anymore19:06
seabassah, yes, so not without a catch :/19:06
brainwashbut if it works, you can still use it19:06
seabass"To use light-locker with systemd, you need at least lightdm 1.7.0." --> could cause some trouble19:07
seabassOh, I'm getting confused by semver again19:07
brainwashthe package is still available in the official repository19:08
brainwashyou are not trying to compile it yourself, or? :)19:08
seabassno nothing like that :)19:08
seabassI do compile a few things from source, but GTK is somewhat difficult for mere mortals like me19:09
seabasssuckless all the way :)19:09
brainwashbut not slock?19:09
seabassAhah, now you are getting me interested19:09
seabassFor context, I must add this is not for me. I'm doing this for a friend, hence the VMs and such19:10
seabassBut if slock can be installed to replace xfce4-screensaver without too much fuss on his end, it could be a solution.19:10
brainwashare you aware what slock actually looks like?19:11
seabassNo. It probably won't take long to compile though :)19:11
brainwash"This is the simplest X screen locker we are aware of."19:11
brainwashI think it's basically just a black screen19:11
brainwashif you mistype the password, it will turn red19:12
seabassOK; well I ran it on my machine19:14
seabassIt's probably a wee bit, well, suckless for the person in question :D19:14
brainwashwhy is a power widget needed though?19:15
seabassI'll PM if you don't mind19:16
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seabassAs a summary for those following this conversation, I am satisfied with using light-locker instead of xfce4-screensaver, as the former uses lightdm and thus has a power menu.19:37
seabassThank you to brainwash for the help!19:37
seabass /part Bye!19:39

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