lotuspsychjegood morning03:22
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ducassegood morning06:46
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lotuspsychjewelcome Pr_Moriarty11:30
Pr_Moriartythnak you11:30
Pr_Moriartythank you that is11:30
lotuspsychjePr_Moriarty: ubuntu is for all, the community holds all kinds of users novice, experts, devs,..11:30
Pr_MoriartyI am currently on a windows gaming laptop but I am getting a I7 to install Ubuntu on11:31
lotuspsychjePr_Moriarty: what kind of games will you be playing11:31
Pr_Moriartywaiting for it to arrive from amazon11:31
Pr_MoriartyThe gaming laptop is a Win10 I am going to just expirement with the older hardware and ubuntu11:31
Pr_Moriartythe one i ordered is a n I7 7th Gen with 16gb of ram 500gb ssd and GTX 105011:32
lotuspsychjesounds good Pr_Moriarty11:33
Pr_Moriartyit seems to exceed the general requirements for the OS and the software I am interested in11:33
Pr_Moriartyit is an HP so it should have good driver support being such a common brand11:33
Pr_Moriartyatleast that is the assumption i am running on11:33
Pr_Moriartybut like I said I just want to experience Ubuntu to see how it compares to non FOSS Software, I have been watching Youtube videos and it looks pretty much as polished as non FOSS software11:34
Pr_MoriartyI find the idea of GNU/Linux Freedom as in free ownership of the IP distributed among all users in addition to free as in without financial liability fasinating11:35
Pr_MoriartyI am thinking about doing my masters thesis on it11:35
Pr_Moriartybut i am not a informatics expert, I studies Political Economy and Philosophy of Power at Reed but have no specialization in Computer Science11:35

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