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faekjarzWho has a pcspkr setup that's actually working in 20.04?06:55
lotuspsychjefaekjarz: best to ask your specific question to the channel, so volunteers can try to think along with you06:55
faekjarzi want to make my server beep when the login prompt is ready06:56
faekjarzand i want it to beep when i run the beep command06:57
faekjarzi've already un-blacklisted pcspkr, added it to etc/modules, updated initrd, several reboots - no joy06:59
faekjarzmy pcspkr hardware is installed correctly - the mobo beeps when it hands control over to grub, so that's not the issue07:01
faekjarzlsmod says the pcspkr module is loaded (used by 0)07:02
lotuspsychjei dont see pcspkr in the 20.04 repos anymore, where did you get it from?07:02
faekjarzit's a kernel module, "beep" is the command that tells the box to make specific noises07:03
lotuspsychjeoh i see07:05
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