MarkB2How to identify this thing?  isovfy says it's not ISO9660 so (obviously) it must be something else.00:02
matsamanI feel like if you can mount it, 'mount' will say what it thinks it is00:03
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MarkB2It was mounted... but mount didn't say what it thinks it is.00:06
matsamanlike if you just run 'mount' after mounting it?00:06
MarkB2ah. Thank you.  It's "UDF" format.00:07
matsamansure okay00:07
matsamanthat's the usual data DVD format, I think00:07
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chietawhat the other tool to create some bandwith usage using specific interface let's say ens0p2 .... using iperf but no luck with this $ iperf -c localhost --bind ens0p2 -w 15K00:15
kvndyAll I had to do was $ sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdd sdd100:15
kvndyand now my drive is back00:16
matsamankvndy: =D00:21
kvndyI tried reproducing but nope, now it's readonly00:21
kvndyI can do this00:21
matsamanstill if it's decrypted, you're surely most of the way there00:24
MarkB2matsaman: I'm starting to wonder if there's nothing wrong with the DVD but that it was written to an older standard of UDF that isn't supported any more.00:25
kvndymatsaman: I'm getting closer but things are starting to get messy and fall apart. Now I can't unmount the drive00:25
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* matsaman shrugs00:26
matsamanlike, it's not elegant and you won't learn much, but if you can read it, you _could_ just copy it all out and fix it all by remaking it, then copying it back00:27
matsamanMarkB2: or maybe the AVIs were always broken00:27
matsamanMarkB2: what does ffmpeg -i foo.avi 2>&1 say?00:27
matsamanMarkB2: or ffmpeg -i foo.avi -c:v libx264 -c:a libfdk_aac bar.mp400:27
kvndyWell, I'm closer. I don't have to completely reboot, but I do have to quit all running apps with open documents. That will have to suffice for now00:33
kvndyThat results in data loss if files weren't saved. Damn00:34
osx5hi all00:35
osx5haven't been on linux in a long time, is there  a reason MS doesn't let you run ubuntu in Windows anymore? didn't it used to show up as a program in control panel?00:36
osx5i see they let you run the shell still00:36
tomreyn!wsl | osx500:36
ubottuosx5: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide00:36
tomreynothert than that, for windows questions, best turn to ##windows00:36
osx5i prefer ubuntu honestly00:37
osx5but you all get the driver support monopoly MS has00:37
MarkB2matsaman: ffmpeg can get at some of the damaged files... but the rest of them stop short with an input/output error.00:38
matsamansuch a weird comment; Linux supports more hardware than anything00:39
kvndyI give up. Thanks matsaman, we'll chat again the next time my drive accidentally becomes disconnected00:40
SpeirosWishing you all the best for the holiday period.00:49
MarkB2Speiros: The same to you and yours.  Best of Health.00:51
SpeirosCheers MarkB2 :)00:51
dman777hello, I am using the ubuntu server installation for 18.*. In the storage configuration I used LVM so I could have luks. I created a vg0 and made a /boot volume and a / volume. However, the done is greyed out and I can not move forward. Anyone know what I am missing here to where the done is greyed out?01:37
tomreynmaybe an efi system partition?01:38
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dman777Hmm... I have one that already exists01:41
dman777that's still probably the issue though01:43
tomreynyou may need to set it upo to be used as esp, yes01:44
dman777strange...the installer crashed and I need to do it all over again01:57
dman777looks like maybe curtin and rsync errors?02:08
dman777I am willing to bet this is specifci to lvm02:10
tomreynmaybe your .iso is just broken?02:11
tomreynor not the latest 18.04 installer02:11
dman777the iso gives me the option to update the installer.... I tried both the updated ver and non updated ver02:11
tomreynthat's correct, but not what i meant02:15
dman777I tried without the lvm options and no errors this time02:15
tomreyndid you verify the iso checksums02:15
dman777but shouldn't it work regardles if I update the installer?02:16
dman777oh...it just errored out02:17
tomreynthe base image is one thing, data if you want,t he installer is the other thing02:17
tomreynpart of it may have downloaded properly, other parts not02:17
dman777ok, let me remake the usb iso02:17
tomreynfirst of all ensure the downloaded iso file is correct, then write it to installer media, then verify it was written properly02:17
tomreynthat's how you do it if you're taking your time serious02:18
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dman777how do you verify it was written to the usb correctly?02:18
tomreynusing a software which does it automatically, such as balena etcher (if you want a bloated gui tool, which usually just works, x-platform), or using dd02:19
dman777I use dd to write the iso to the usb02:19
chietahow to generate traffic using iperf on specific interface ... i tried create some bandwith usage to specific interface let's say ens0p2 using iperf but no luck with this $ iperf -c localhost --bind ens0p2 -w 15K02:19
tomreynchieta: is that an ubuntu question njow? since initially it was a debian question?02:20
oerheksdman777, one verifies the iso before writing with dd02:20
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which a checksum is provided), see https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/how-to-verify-ubuntu02:20
chietait was tomreyn02:21
dman777is it possible to verify the desktop version of ubuntu 18 and deselect software like gnome not to be installed? I tried but didn't get the options02:24
tomreyn!YY.MM | dman77702:24
ubottudman777: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle02:24
tomreynand no02:24
dman777ok, thank you02:25
tomreynyou're welcome02:25
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dman777how come the server installer does not allow me to delete partions?02:48
matsamandman777: if it truly doesn't, I'm guessing you can still CTRL+ALT+F2 and do it manually03:00
matsamanwith cfdisk or fdisk or gdisk or gptfdisk or sgdisk or parted03:01
dman777ah...good to know. thanks03:01
matsamanand then +F1 would go back to the installer03:04
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Mystified1234hi, need some help updates are not taking place. running 20.10 groovy. the issue is with 2 repositories that are eaon. i know they are not supported. i even disabled 7 removed them from '' other software' upgrade is still was looking for the 2 repositories. eoan-updates and eoan-security.03:17
Mystified1234The repository 'http://au.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-updates03:17
Mystified1234Release' does not have a Release file03:17
SpeirosMystified1234 Have you rebooted since?03:17
Mystified1234See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details03:18
Mystified1234i've been trying to fix this for the last couple of days03:18
Mystified1234rebooted a number of times03:18
Mystified1234thanks Speiros03:19
Mystified1234are you greek03:19
SpeirosYasou, Mystified1234 :) No, not Greek, but the meaning of the name was important for me.03:19
Mystified1234sorry for the assumption03:19
SpeirosAll good. I have many Greek friends.03:20
Mystified1234both sides of my family is 100percent greek03:20
Mystified1234my shift does not work properly, it's hit and miss with all the symbols in uper case03:21
SpeirosI'm not sure what else you can do as regards the repositories. Could it be related to the issue, this shift key not working?03:21
Mystified1234any suggestions with updates eaon03:21
Mystified1234not related.03:21
SpeirosNo, sorry. I don't know anything about it.03:22
SpeirosHave a safe holiday too.03:22
Mystified1234ill keep reposting the error03:22
Mystified1234thank you too.03:22
SpeirosNo worries.03:22
Mystified1234hi, need some help updates are not taking place. running 20.10 groovy. the issue is with 2 repositories that are eaon. i know they are not supported. i even disabled 7 removed them from '' other software' upgrade is still was looking for the 2 repositories. eoan-updates and eoan-security.03:22
Mystified1234Release' does not have a Release file03:23
Mystified1234See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details03:23
john_rambocan someone please tell me why I am getting these shadows around icons ? https://ibb.co/kJn1tg503:24
dman777matsaman: strange.... ctl-alt-f2 does not get me to terminal in the server live iso installer03:26
dman777and it doesn't allow me to create new partitions.03:27
SpeirosDid you try Gparted, dman777?03:29
Menzadorjohn_rambo: I don't see any dropped shadows or anything; your icon theme may be missing some icons tho...03:29
dman777Speiros: it's not available in the server live iso03:29
SpeirosAh, okay.03:29
MenzadorMystified1234: So you commented them out or dropped their entries in sources.list.d entirely?03:29
dman777i'm having to switch iso just to do disk modifications03:30
matsamandman777: I wonder if you can cancel out of the installer from TTY103:31
dman777this would be alot easier if I didn't want to save my windows partition03:31
Mystified1234sudo nano sources.list.d03:32
Mystified1234where is the sources list located03:32
Mystified1234btw thanks Menzador03:32
MenzadorMystified1234: /etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete the entries for those PPAs03:33
dman777i think that is amazing that windows powershell is available in linux now. not a good amazing... just amazing03:36
Speirosdman777 When everything is money financed, everything is at risk of corruption.03:37
dman777i agree, sadly. i wish ms was out of linux03:39
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dman777the server installation failed again03:43
dman777i might just try the desktop version. Is it possible to install the desktop version and remove the desktop manager without breaking everything?03:44
SpeirosYeah, not sure about that, dman777.03:47
Maikdman777: which version you try at the moment, 20.04?03:49
SynfulAckOn ubuntu 2004 gnome and trying to disable ctrl+alt+d but when i looked at the keyboard shortcuts there nothing listed for it?03:53
ubottuError: Ubuntu bug 2004 could not be found03:53
matsamanSynfulAck: for show desktop?03:53
matsamanI'd imagine that's in the window manager shortcuts03:54
SynfulAckmatsaman, I think it minmizes all the windows like the windows equivalent03:54
SynfulAckmatsaman, where do i access that?>03:54
oerheksdconf for ctrl+alt+d in org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings - show desktop03:56
matsamandon't think dconf existed in 200403:57
matsamanSynfulAck: might ask #gnome03:57
matsamanor #linux03:57
matsamanmight remember better03:57
SynfulAckmatsaman, ok thx!03:57
Jari--Ubuntu hitting the wall street one day ? yes ?03:58
matsamanSynfulAck: what oerheks said, that might apply to gconf (g not d) though, still03:58
oerheksgsettings for sure03:58
tomzxhello! I'm having a boot issue I'm not sure how to fix. When ubuntu boots I end up in the initramfs rescue CLI but I can't see my disk. If I use a live CD, I can see the disk mounted as /dev/vda and the root partition as /dev/vda1. Any clue why I can't see it in initramfs?04:04
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SpeirosHi all. Can anyone tell me some simple commands for browsing the logs. I am at present typing the date day by day in a browser and perusing this way. I was wondering if there was a way to keyword the whole database.07:34
SpeirosSee, I'm trying to find the first date I ever came on here under this nick, but I've only found it at June 6th, 2010 so far.07:35
SpeirosI think there's at least another two hidden years.07:35
ThinkT510if it is in text you could grep for your nick (i'm assuming the logs you are referring to are this channel's irc logs)07:38
SpeirosYes, they're this channel's logs, ThinkT510. Where would I type this, and how should it be worded? Excuse my ignorance.07:39
ThinkT510if you wanted to find if firefox was running you would: "ps aux | grep firefox" then each line with firefox would pop up in the terminal. I'm not sure how to feed a txt file to grep in the terminal though.07:45
SpeirosOkay. Thanks anyhow, ThinkT510 :)07:45
ThinkT510Speiros: I suppose if you are viewing them in a browser you could use ctrl+F and search for your nick07:47
SpeirosYeah, I can do that, but it is day by day only.07:47
SpeirosSo I'm having to change the days and search each one. I was looking for an easier way if at all possible ThinkT510, and I think it would be like you said, a grep command, but over a database or something.07:48
SpeirosSomeone once asked "How do I start Apache?" If I knew now what I knew then...07:50
SpeirosI'd have told them with a drumbeat.07:51
arahaelSpeiros: Yeah, it's pretty easy, indeed.  First, you install OpenBSD.10:39
SpeirosSorry arahael?10:41
arahaelSpeiros: Yes, and then you can easily start Apache 1.3 ;)10:42
SpeirosLOL Gotcha :)10:42
St0nkBreadHello, all!10:53
lotuspsychjewelcome St0nkBread10:54
Elw3Heyo. Whenever i freshly booted, the word evict is in my clipboard. Anyone seen something similar?11:01
St0nkBreadthats spooky lol11:04
Elw3I want to know whats setting that.11:05
St0nkBreadI'm trying to list a group of files in the terminal. Files are -file00-09. The command cat ./-file0* returns the contents in a paragraph, and while I can get what I need from it, I want to sort the contents in a list, or something more readable.11:16
St0nkBreadI need to do this in the terminal, as I don't have permission to save the output to a file.11:16
St0nkBreadI keep thinking I'm on to something, and getting the ambigous redirect error. I've tried things like cat < ./-file0*11:18
St0nkBreadcat < ./-file0{0..9}11:18
St0nkBreadfile < ./-file0*11:19
Elw3create a list with ls, sort it, then cat each entry maybe.11:22
lotuspsychjeElw3: pastebin; uname -a && lsb_release -a && systemd-analyze blame && systemd-analyze critical-chain please11:26
lotuspsychjewelcome Pr_Moriarty11:27
Pr_MoriartyI am not a super tech savvy guy, I am a student of political science interested in the politics of the open source movement however I feel I should at least try out FOSS software as a part of my research and I have heard Ubuntu is ideal for the tech novice within the FOSS community is this acurate?11:28
lotuspsychjePr_Moriarty: come to #ubuntu-discuss please11:30
St0nkBreadI got it!11:33
St0nkBreadI didn't figure out how to organize it with the cat command, but <!-- for x in {0..9}; do more ./-file0$x; done --> does an okay job of it.11:35
SpeirosWell done, St0nkBread :)11:44
St0nkBreadis there a way to get the path to show up in front of that content when using <!-- for x in {0..9}; do more ./-file0$x; done -->11:47
xtaocan't you just do more *-file0*11:47
xtaobasically the same thing11:48
St0nkBreadI was trying to write it like that, but was getting ambigous errors11:48
St0nkBreadi must've been writing it wrong, or taking the wrong approach, that does the trick in a new way!11:49
xtaothe *s expand so you are running "more file0 file1 file2" and then more takes care of showing you each file one at a time11:52
St0nkBreadyour suggestion is nicer to follow, because it ends up looking clean and showing which content belongs to which file11:54
St0nkBreadit does have to go screen by screen tho, where "for x in {0..9}; do more ./-file0$x; done" puts them in a list instantly, but it is not as organized, just listing the content with no other info11:55
Mystified1234need help. The repository 'http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-security Release' does not have a Release file.... i had the same issue with eoan-updates, i managed it #(REMARK them out) but i've had no luck with this eoan-security12:02
Mystified1234can you guys help me12:02
jeremy31Mystified1234: Ubuntu 19.10?  That is no longer supported12:10
oerheksas you could disable eoan-updates, you should be able to find the other eoan line too12:11
oerhekswonky upgrade, if this happens12:11
Mystified1234jeremy31: i'm aware of that.. yet i still have this ppa12:12
Mystified1234i'm pulling my hair out.. is there away to see if i have a peice of software that is using it12:12
oerheksits not a ppa, just a repository12:13
Mystified1234oerheks: as stated ive remarked it out in all the "source lists"12:14
Mystified1234so what command do i run to remove it.12:15
Mystified1234there are no non # eoan in the sourc list folders12:16
jeremy31Mystified1234: you could install inxi and see what inxi -r reveals12:18
Mystified1234have inxi12:18
oerhekscheck /etc/apt/sources.list ?12:19
oerheksnot the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder..12:19
Mystified1234deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-security universe12:20
Mystified1234oerheks: there is nothing in  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/12:22
oerheksgood, you found it.12:24
oerhekshave fun!12:24
Mystified1234but i'm unable to locate the source folder12:25
shibboleththere appears to be an issue with https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/c/ceres-solver/ceres-solver_1.11.0~dfsg0-2ubuntu0.1/changelog12:27
shibbolethopencv will no longer build against it12:28
jeremy31Mystified1234: post URL for>  inxi -rc0 | nc termbin.com 999912:28
Mystified1234thanks jeremy3112:30
jeremy31Mystified1234: It is the second from last in /etc/apt/sources.list12:31
shibbolethis jeremy deray present?12:34
shibbolethjeremy31, by any chance?12:49
jeremy31shibboleth: what is the issue?12:50
shibbolethi've cross-tested, the previous opencv commit (from november) doesn't build against current xenial ceres and the urrent/master opencv commit does build against a previous system snapshot12:53
jeremy31I am not the Jeremy you are looking for12:55
shibbolethk. is the other guy on irc?12:58
jeremy31no idea12:58
SpeirosYou could send a /query and it will open up a dialogue box with him/her, shibboleth12:59
SpeirosIf they're not on, it won't send, or something like that.13:00
shibbolethyeah, that doesn't do me much good without me knowing their nick, hence me asking if they're even on irc13:00
SpeirosLOL Good point :)13:00
SpeirosI wondered why you asked their name like that.13:01
shibbolethyeah, i was wondering if i was having a stroke, the logic did not compute13:02
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BluesKajHi folks13:29
SpeirosHi BluesKaj :)13:32
BluesKajHi Speiros13:32
SpeirosBye all. Have a safe holiday.13:38
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ak_can  have help pls i have ubuntu and when i go to play a video there is just a black screen14:28
tomreynak_: providing your ubuntu version, graphics chipset and driver, and any error message when you open the video from a terminal may help people here help you.14:32
ak_tomreyn, no just a black screen14:35
ak_bit vage sorry14:35
ak_nm lol i fixed14:45
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bitblitI installed the fonts-powerline package but it doesn't seem to be working for me. installed it for vim airline.16:37
* luna_ is in the queue to CCC 16:48
SAMBAcrzyhowdy yallz16:58
SAMBAcrzyanyone free to give a chap some troubleshooting advice for a really weird SAMBA authentication issue?17:01
tomreynSAMBAcrzy: hi there. chances are i won't be able to help, but make sure you state the details, that's the best (and usually only) way to get a response here.17:03
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.17:03
deadrom20.04 on thinkpad, had to reboot mid-upgrade, now stuck in endless dm restart loop . where is the maintenance mode? boots directly to graphical.17:06
deadromI got it now by heer luck spamming cursor keys on startup and now have recovery but no network. service network-amanger start does nothing17:13
tomreyndeadrom: indeed, hiotting escape is how you bring up the grub menu. cursor keys usually send a an escape sequence, so they can probably also trigger it.17:15
rfmdeadrom, if you can get to a shell in recovery mode, run "systemctl start multi-user.target" which will get you to a full console-mode session (but not start the dm)17:16
tomreynexiting from the emergency menu should also get you there, though17:17
tomreyni mean 'recovery', not 'emergency'17:18
deadromthanks all17:18
tomreynthis menu should also provide an option to enable networking17:18
deadromheat of the battle17:18
bitblitthe powerline-fonts package doesn't seem to actually contain any fonts. dpkg -L fonts-powerline17:20
tomreynbitblit: there's no such package in ubuntu17:22
tomreynactually, there is, sorry, i got it wrong17:22
tomreynfonts-powerline, not powerline-fonts17:22
tomreynhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/groovy/all/fonts-powerline/filelist says it contains PowerlineSymbols.otf17:23
tomreynyou didn't state which ubuntu release you're running17:24
tomreynthe same applies there17:27
tomreynso you should have /usr/share/fonts/opentype/PowerlineSymbols.otf17:27
bitblitI do, but it isn't working. not sure how it could patch all these font families given its size..17:29
bitblitI just went through the manual install and it worked.. it installed to my .local but that's fine with me.17:31
bitblitthe ubuntu package definitely does not have the ttf fonts..17:31
tomreyndoes it claim to provide TTF?17:32
bitblitthe instructions from official site recommend he package, so i assume it is supposed to be the same as a manual install. perhaps not.17:34
jje[m]to get the powerline patched fonts you need https://github.com/powerline/fonts.git17:38
strkerror: snap "lxd" has "install-snap" change in progress # how can I check what the progress is, exactly ?18:02
strk/var/log/syslog:Dec 26 17:52:50 test-osgeo7 snapd[745]: api.go:1007: Installing snap "lxd" revision unset18:03
strknow: Sat Dec 26 18:02:49 UTC 202018:03
strkcannot take 10 minutes...18:03
strkthe process is in S mode (sleeping?)18:03
MetamorphosisHello. This is a noob question: Does installing too many apps, slow down my computer? I have installed a dozen browsers and alternative software for Office, players etc as well as too many games.18:04
superleaf1995you will have less disk space but your computer will not slow down18:04
MetamorphosisThank you superleaf199518:40
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dionysus69ugh this is frustrating19:51
dionysus69why am I not able to disable sudo for user with this ? username  ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: /bin/systemctl status puma19:51
dionysus69I put this in /etc/sudoers, save the file but still no luck, doesnt work19:52
llinguiniHey guys. I'm trying to set up a new system using ubuntu. It's been a while sicne I've used ubuntu and gnome. I am trying to install a new gtk theme, I moved it to .themes and also tried /usr/share/themes but I can't see it in gnome-tweak-tools19:53
llinguiniAny idea how to apply this theme?19:53
seeredionysus69: what does not work? What do you expect to happen?19:56
dionysus69seere:  I expect to execute "sudo /bin/systemctl status puma" without password19:57
dionysus69I did it in that past but it doesnt work for some weird reason19:57
dionysus69I am sure i am missing a small detail19:57
seeredionysus69: order matters IIRC. You should have this line AFTER the generic group based one which requires a password.20:05
dionysus69yea I put it at the end of file20:06
dionysus69I tried username matchers20:06
dionysus69also group matchers20:06
dionysus69still no luck20:06
stompykinsjust a quick question... i wrote my own .desktop file for a launcher (soulseekqt, if it matters) and the location of the Exec= and Icon= are on an external HD. id like to keep them there just in case but im just wondering why they dont show up in my menus after running update-desktop-database and even a reboot?20:14
stompykinsi copied the .desktop file to /usr/share/applications first of course20:14
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dionysus69seere: ok I just added the file inside sudoers.d instead of directly editing /etc/sudoers, now it worked20:28
dionysus69but its weird anyways, it should have worked20:28
seeredionysus69: Not quite sure where sudoers.d gets included, but congrats to get it working ;)20:29
dionysus69seere: yea actually that's another strange thing, the line including sudoers.d inside sudoers file (last line) is commented out, but it still worked20:30
seeredionysus69: it isn't commented out, the keyword is actually named #includedir (the # is not a comment here...). Yes, sudoers has a strange syntax20:35
dionysus69seere: ok I guess that's it then :) ok thanks anyways and now you know whats up too xD20:36
MarkB2I have a old PATA hard drive and a computer not having a way to set cylinders/heads/sectors into the BIOS.  Anyone seen a driver for Linux that would accept a C/H/S setting and access this PATA drive?21:33
julius__found a file called swapfile in my home directory with the permissions: -rw------- 1 root root 10G Aug 18  2019 swapfile          but removing it as root says "operation not permitted"21:53
rfmjulius__, probably because the swap file is in use ("swapon" will list it.)21:54
julius__alright, i remember. i added that years ago22:06
jpmhI am a HUGE fan of the set -o vi option to bash.  Sometimes when I disconnect and then reconnect I do not get my expected history.  Where is it getting the wrong history from?22:25
slowly_stuckWhat's the easiest way to install 4.19 kernel headers on a Focal system? (I'm booting a 4.19.0 because it's a xen guest/domU)22:33
jeremy31slowly_stuck: get the headers from the same place you got the kernel from22:34
wolframHello, I have Ubuntu 16.04 running embedded in a certain device. This device communicates over the Internet with an Ubuntu 16.04 server. The server NIC's MTU is 9001 (jumbo frame) but the device's MTU is 1500. The device establishes a long running TCP connection to the server ..23:11
wolframperiodically, the device sends some data, which may or may not be morethan 1500 and the server responds to that with its own data, which is always low hundreds of bytes.23:12
wolframI am investigating why packages get dropped between the two systems and I am, unfortunately, unable to use tracepath from the device to the server to learn what the negotiated MTU is.23:13
wolframI also do not know what kind of switches or routers are between the two. My question is if I understand it correctly that MTU will be at most 1500 because this is what the device has? Unless something in between chooses a lower value, that is, but for sure not 9000?23:14
wolframThanks :)23:14
jpdswolfram: MTU isn't used across the internet like that, TCP uses the MSS23:14
wolframHm, MSS, let me educate myself some more in that case ..23:15
wolframAlright, I can see what it is, jpds - do you think the negotiated value should be visible in tshark dump captured on the server?23:17
jpdswolfram: Possibly, I just use `ss --tcp -i` myself23:17
wolframI just have a month worth of data and, needless to say, it occurs in about 1% of cases or less but when it does, it is really problematic.23:18
wolfram(I.e. I need to analyse past data)23:19
jpdswolfram: I would run mtr from the device to see where the packet loss is actually happening23:20
wolframI know, but unfortunately the device is quite locked without access to most commands. But reading about MSS it appears to be MTU less overhead of metadata, so it will be less than 1500 and I just need to find SYN/ACK in the Wireshark dump to confirm it..23:23
wolframAt any rate, not the jumbo frame.23:23
jpdsYeah, you need more data, sorry - TCP just doesn't random drop packets like this23:24
wolframOf course, nothing is random. At least not in programming.23:24
wolframjpds: By the way, I found in SYN/ACK that MSS was calculated to 8961 for the server and reading some more about, this is not a negotiation, rather being an announcement what the max. accepted length of payload is.23:41
wolframjpds: Not that it changes anything for now :)23:41

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