daddy0ubuntu server 14.04.x and 16.04.x install and run just fine, but when i install 18.04.x or 20.04.1, after install is completed my pc says cannot find bootable disk00:18
daddy0seems it might have something to do with gpt/mbr ? im going to try to use a live linux to fix it00:42
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MIFso I started a command over ssh, how can I keep it running even if I lose connection to my server over ssh?03:23
quadrathoch2tmux, screen MIF03:25
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BlueEagleMIF: I use screen to run an application on my server even if I disconnect the SSH session.15:43
JanCscreen or tmux are the most commonly used indeed15:52
JanCthere is or are others too, including some that will only run one command like that (without all the window stuff etc. that screen & tmux have)15:53
JanCthere is also byobu (and some others) that provide a more visual than default configuration for screen and/or tmux, which might be useful if you aren't used to them yet15:55
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thebiffmanHello. I recently had to setup my home web server from scratch without access to the old server. I realized I had backed up some of the stuff, but not all config files etc. I am currently looking for a good and simple method select a bunch of directories that will be backed up to a mounted samba share every night. Bonus if the backup can rotate some files.18:31
thebiffmanI have been looking a bit at rsync but that seems to be more dropbox-like that keep the "current version". I want a full copy of all selected directories every time.18:32
RoyKrclone, perhaps_18:34
thebiffmanWill take a look, thanks18:37
Sophist-UKHi - is this somewhere I can report a problem with the ubuntu server for Raspberry Pi 400 64-bit image?23:05

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