dman777having issues with installing ubuntu 18.04.5 lts live server on my laptop. I have a windows partition, so I am preserving that and doing a custom install. But while the installer was installing...all of the sudden the installer reset and went back to the first step screen00:08
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dman777would it break things if I install the desktop version and remove gnome and all the other things?00:50
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Bashing-om!minimal | dman777 Much easier to build up than to tear down:00:52
ubottudman777 Much easier to build up than to tear down:: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:52
dman777Bashing-om: I'm clicking on the Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" link but it doesn't go anywhere01:00
Bashing-omdman777: clicking from where ?- and I see what I get .01:01
dman777Bashing-om: on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD, I click on 'Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" 64MB (MD5: 8388f7232b400bdc80279668847f90da, SHA1: cce936c1f9d1448c7d8f74b76b66f42eb4f93d4a)' but it doesn't take me to the download page01:01
Bashing-omdman777: checking -01:02
dman777I can right click and save as but it's not https01:03
Bashing-omdman777: Look at you browser - the link auto downloads the image file. - if brower is set to download to Downloads (note the upper case "D")- see what is now in that directory: ls -al Downloads.01:05
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dman777Bashing-om: the link shows archive.ubuntu.com.... is it safe to right click and save as even though it's not https?01:06
Bashing-omdman777: The hash is provided - verify the hash and then yes completely safe :D01:07
dman777Bashing-om: hmm..... can anyone login and edit this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD? If so, they can place a exploited iso with it's hash01:08
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Bashing-omdman777: That is not how a hash verification works . the computed hash is done on the file that resides on your system and then you check that it is the same as posted.01:10
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Maikdman777: didn't you chat about the same issue last night?01:12
dman777Maik: yes.... I did everything recommended last night. I got further but then the installer still failed and reseted to the begining01:13
dman777Bashing-om: what if someone uploads a exploited mini.iso to http://archive.ubuntu.com/ and edits that page with thier own checksum?01:17
Bashing-omdman777: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/4161/shouldnt-gpg-key-fetching-use-a-secure-connection .01:24
Maikdman777: what happened at Mint years ago doesn't mean it will happen at Ubuntu01:33
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!01:33
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dman777Ok, but that page is editable that contains the checksum :(01:45
Maikit isn't01:48
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dman777that link 'login in to edit page' is a little confusing01:55
jpdsdman777: That page is massively out of date; doesn't list newer releases01:56
jpdsdman777: If you actually care about it, you should be checking the checksums and GPG-signatures at: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/01:56
Maikdman777: what page and please take it to #ubuntu-discuss01:57
jpdsdman777: There are also numerous mirrors out there that do do HTTPS01:57
guivercdman777, edits to that page require approval to be seen; i'm the last editor of the page (if i guessed the correct page you're talking about).. and if you have rights to edit (as I do), you quickly see emails going out on save for verification/approval..   People are careful & protect their reputation/privileges...  #ubuntu-discuss though if you want to discuss02:06
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dman777jpds: I have to use the out of date page because the current installer for live server image breaks02:46
RubatoI have a problem with my system.. it crashes all the time / freezes03:00
Rubatoeven if I just boot it and leave it ilde03:00
Rubatohow can I find out what is causing this03:00
Bashing-omRubato: Read system logs - might get some hints - follow the journal too ' journalctl -f ' in a TTY.03:03
Rubatook opened journal03:04
Rubatothis is kernel log03:09
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MIFso I started a command over ssh, how can I keep it running even if I lose connection to my server over ssh?03:22
guivercMIF, i tend to use screen; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen03:23
MIFis there a way to move a running prossess into screen?03:24
MIFbecause it takes forever to get set up03:25
guivercnot that i'm aware of. screen will re-attach to previous sessions, but not a session started outside of it03:25
MIFand if my laptop lost connection it will keep it running?03:26
guivercyep.  i use it often when I intentially intend dropping connection  (so I can connect to assess results next day etc)03:27
matsamantakes forever to get setup?03:27
matsamanMIF: sometimes you can use reptyr or dupx03:27
matsamanbut it's not guaranteed to work03:27
dman777Bashing-om: thanks for help earlier. I am having success with the minimal iso. Without out that I don't think I could of gotten server installed.03:27
MIFguiverc: how do I put screen into the background?03:28
matsamanCTRL+a, d (detach)03:29
matsamanor just close whatever term you're using03:29
guiverci don't understand sorry.  it's a terminal program; you start and other than messages little changes03:29
matsamanMIF: screen -list; screen -d -r namehere to reattach03:30
MIFguiverc: I am running docker run  collabora/code03:30
MIFand I need that to stay up03:30
MIFand running03:30
guiverci have no experience of it with docker/collabora sorry03:31
MIFthat is ok03:31
dman777my laptop has a efi system. the minimal iso seems to have issues installing the boot loader because of this. Any ideas on how to fix?03:35
Maikturn off secureboot/fastboot?03:39
dman777secure boot is off. I need to check fastboot03:39
Maikdman777: dualboot?03:42
dman777secure boot is off....seems there is no fast boot option in my laptop. just to mention, the installer could not install grub. it wanted to use the removable media as some kind of workaround to get grub installed on a uefi system03:44
Maikturn off uefi then03:45
Maiki don't know why people always run in these kind of issues03:45
dman777i think i need it for windows, though03:46
Maikit's been ongoing ever since UEFI came out... very tiresome imho03:46
* Maik dislikes dual booting, secureboot and UEFI03:47
Maiknext machine will be a Linux specific computer03:47
dman777rasberry pi? lol03:48
MIFok, so how do I whitelist a IP on fail2ban03:52
MIFthis is the 3rd time today my computer has been banned from my server03:52
Blade-Runnerlast time i got help with grub the instructions i got took win out, where win was first and ubuntu second, maybe i didnt explain it right, all i wanted to do is change the boot order and make win second. can anyone please help me fix this?03:58
Maikdman777: i already have 3 Pi 4's04:06
kill-animalsI have a stupid bug with my thinkpad that is throttling down my cores to 400 mhz a piece. I am trying to see if there is a linux kernel module that can force them back up to their proper speed.04:11
kill-animalsrunning kubuntu 20.0404:11
kill-animalsAny solution is fine frankly.04:12
dman777when creating a lvm, do I format the volume group or just the logical volumes?04:13
St0nkBreadi managed to rot13 the contents of a file and save the output to it, but how could I replace the original content so only the rot13 effected text would remain? Example: cat magic.txt | tr 'A-Za-z' 'N-ZA-Mn-za-m' | cat >> magic.txt04:21
lotuspsychjeSt0nkBread: perhaps ##linux is more the channel for your issues?04:21
St0nkBreadthank you, I'll pop over there and ask.04:22
dman777I remember before the cloud ubuntu installers worked better. I think development has lessened for installers because of the cloud04:24
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ExcessiveAggroHi All.  I'm in a bit of a pickle but I feel like there has to be an easy out.  I have a default install of 20.04 and I accidentally deleted my first partition on the drive and now the system is non-bootable.  I'm on a live USB disk now and I can see all my data however I need to fix that first partition.  I assumed it was SWAP since it was only05:06
ExcessiveAggroAny ideas on how to determine what that old partition was... and how to get this up and running again?05:06
SpeirosSwap makes sense, but no guarantees. Can you flag the drive as bootable?05:07
SpeirosUsing Gparted or something?05:07
ExcessiveAggrohow do i go about doing that05:07
ExcessiveAggrook let me try gparted05:07
SpeirosBe careful with your data though.05:07
ExcessiveAggroI'm OK with the data being lost... just tryign to avoid a reinstall05:07
SpeirosAlso look for your home drive.05:08
ExcessiveAggrohome drive is there05:08
SpeirosOkay cool.05:08
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: 500M == EFI boot partition ?05:08
ExcessiveAggrolooks like the entire file system is here... just appears to be missing this 500M partition... Bashing it could be yes05:08
ExcessiveAggrois there a way to recreate it if its a 500M EFI partition?05:09
ExcessiveAggroBashing-om that may be it because the system talks about now boot partitions when it comes up.05:10
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: If it is the EFI partition - I would think that it can be re-recreated - as I am not EFI litterate others advise here will be the better,05:11
ExcessiveAggrolet me do some google on this new info05:11
SpeirosYeah, not sure on that myself. I can choose EFI or not in the bios, but not sure about other things.05:12
Bashing-omSpeiros: Start with what is now for partitiioning - have a look at ' sudo fdisk -lu ' from your liveUSB.05:13
SpeirosBashing-om I'm not having any problems mate. I'm just trying to help out the same person you are.05:13
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ExcessiveAggrosorry i was talking to both of you at the same time.  Checking the fdisk now05:14
Bashing-omSpeiros: Sorry - not paying attention - mind was elsewher  ExcessiveAggro ^^.05:15
SpeirosAll good Bashing-om :) Good job for being here to help.05:15
ExcessiveAggrofollowing this guide - this may do it : https://linuxsuperuser.com/how-to-restore-or-create-efi-partition-in-ubuntu/05:16
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: Looking at the guide.05:17
ExcessiveAggrocrap i need to reboot - with a liveCD it may take me about 5 to get back05:18
ExcessiveAggromade it back05:22
Speiroswb ExcessiveAggro. How's it looking?05:22
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: Guide looks sane to me - do follow al the way through and check the value in your /etc/fstab entry.05:23
ExcessiveAggrohad to reenable EFI because i turned it off during troubleshooting05:23
ExcessiveAggroso about to check it out05:23
SpeirosYeah, that could be it.05:24
Rubatoanyone checked my logs?05:24
ExcessiveAggroOK Speiros and Bashing-om - moment of truth, rebooting :)05:31
ExcessiveAggroIt worked! Man linux is fantastic05:34
ExcessiveAggroThanks Speiros and Bashing-om05:35
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: \o/ - Time and a liveUSB fixes all :P05:35
ExcessiveAggroI had this problem because I have a box of USB thumb drives I'm reformating 1 by 1.... and I just happened to hit the wrong partition on thumb drive #5405:36
SpeirosGood job, ExcessiveAggro, and Good work, Bashing-om :)05:36
SpeirosLOL It happens, ExcessiveAggro. I did that once too and lost all my photos from when I was overseas.05:36
ExcessiveAggroany chance one of you can paste that link back at me?  I can't see history in the web browser and my searches are not giving me that same result this time lol05:38
SpeirosWhich link?05:39
Bashing-omExcessiveAggro: https://linuxsuperuser.com/how-to-restore-or-create-efi-partition-in-ubuntu/ ?05:39
DarkTrickWhich parts of my crash dump can I upload without revealing sensitive information? Or should I just upload the backtrace of gdb?05:39
ExcessiveAggrothats it - thanks!  going to put this in my bookmarks05:39
* Bashing-om Too slow :(05:39
sauvinKubuntu 20.04: no virtual consoles produced on CTRL-ALT-F[1-6]. Anybody know a fix?06:09
SpeirosGood work, DarkTrick. How did you do it?06:11
DarkTrickSpeiros, I posted the backtrace as shown in my console with as much dbg info I could figure out. With the note to do more work, if someone tells me how to gain missing information.06:12
SpeirosYeah, it's beyond my knowledge level mate. Glad you got it resolved though.06:13
sauvinKubuntu 20.04 definitely did something wonky with VCs. I was wrong: a CTRL-ALT-F3 gets a VC, but there's no getting back to X.06:25
lotuspsychje!tty | sauvin06:25
ubottusauvin: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution06:25
sauvinOh, they changed it? I used to get back to X with ALT-CTRL-F7.06:27
sauvinConfirmed. lotuspsychje, THANK YOU.06:27
lotuspsychje; )06:27
sauvinI don't use VCs very often, maybe once every other year, but usually when I do, it's a pants-pissing screaming-your-head-off EMERGENCY.06:28
AscavasaionOops, incorrect room.06:37
matsamanAscavasaion: spy! =P06:39
Ascavasaionmatsaman: HA!  Not a good one then hehe06:39
john_ramboWhile watching Youtube using Google Chrome or Firefox the HDD led starts glowing constantly & the PC hangs ...only way out is REISUB ...How do I troubleshoot this ?09:32
mousesjohn_rambo: test the drive and make sure it's good?09:36
mousesjohn_rambo: reproduce the error in a live boot session?09:36
lotuspsychjewelcome vishwajit10:41
vishwajitlotuspsychje: thanks10:42
lotuspsychjehow can we help you today vishwajit10:42
vishwajitlotuspsychje: i am new and try to get undestand all this IRC10:43
lotuspsychjevishwajit: this channel is used for ubuntu support questions, for chat you can use #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-discuss10:43
shibbolethanyone here ub/memeber staff and have a line of communication with jeremie deray/artivis? https://launchpad.net/~artivis11:22
shibboleththere's a regression in a package he's maintaining11:23
lazaUbuntu does not boot any more on Lenovo T490 (dual boot machine. Windows is fine). The problem seems to be "tpm_try_transmit: send(): error -5". Any suggestions how to fix this?11:24
shibbolethrather, a universe-package he recently updated, https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/universe/c/ceres-solver/ceres-solver_1.11.0~dfsg0-2ubuntu0.1/changelog11:24
lotuspsychjeshibboleth: did you file a bug about that?11:30
shibbolethno, i need to pick their brain about a few things first11:31
lazaUbuntu 20.1011:31
shibbolethwas it a mistake, was it intentional, was it tested, stuff like that11:31
lotuspsychjeshibboleth: if something doesnt work by default on ubuntu, that should be considered as a bug, aka the best way to inform the dev about11:33
lotuspsychjelaza: at wich point does it get stuck exactly?11:35
shibbolethwell, the old package was broken up front and had been since 2015, his fix looks fine up front but introduces some other issues. in any case, does anyone have a direct line of communication with him?11:35
shibbolethsay... at work?11:35
lotuspsychjeshibboleth: there's #ubuntu-devel to get more in contact with ubuntu devs if you like11:36
shibbolethalright, thanks11:37
Gusteruhi, anyone can help me please ? I attach an harddisk to my ubuntu server, I tried to mount it from /dev/sda1 /hdd ... but now /dev/sda1 is renamed automaticaly in /dev/sdb1 and his cause a problem to read my hardisk data12:15
Gusteruls: reading directory '.': Input/output error12:16
Gusteruhi, anyone can help me please ? I attach an harddisk to my ubuntu server, I tried to mount it from /dev/sda1 /hdd ... but now /dev/sda1 is renamed automaticaly in /dev/sdb1 and his cause a problem to read my hardisk data12:23
Gusteruls: reading directory '.': Input/output error12:23
Deano59!patience | Gusteru12:53
ubottuGusteru: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/12:53
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GusteruDeano59 thank you, I resolve it13:15
FuraiHey guys. I was just upgrading my 18.04 ubuntu to 20.04. For some odd reason the installation broke. The screen session was terminated and I can't resume it. I can see in the processes the last hanging dpkg process run by do-release-upgrader.13:42
FuraiCan I somehow resume that process or am I screwed? Should I just kill that process and do dpkg --configure -a?13:42
FuraiEhh, I could probably grab the process with reptyr, though dpkg is hanging so I can't even install it.13:51
BluesKajHi folks14:02
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FuraiCompiled reptyr, resumed the process and it said it's just waiting for child process to exit. Nice.14:04
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petrjdoes anyone know which settings does clang use to locate gcc toolchain?14:49
petrjhow does `clang -v` find: "Found candidate GCC installation ..." or what influences it?14:49
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RadSurferDOES ANYONE understand why 'gedit' insists on highlighting certain numeric values in RED? It is extremely annoying!14:57
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EriC^^RadSurfer: is it set to text at the bottom?15:04
RadSurferset to C (which is file loaded)15:05
RadSurfer028 048 096 and others are ALL highlighted in RED! why?15:05
soft_concreteI'm trying to access a samba share I just created on my network via the Ubuntu file manager (nautilus) but the password prompt is confusing me.15:08
soft_concreteEven if I type in a valid username and password for the share, the password prompt comes up again, but all the options are greyed out, and I can't click or type anything in. What the hell?15:09
BlueEaglesoft_concrete: Is the Ubuntu box the samba server or client?15:13
soft_concreteBlueEagle: Ubuntu Server for the server, Ubuntu on my laptop for client as well15:14
BlueEaglesoft_concrete: Very good. Are there any domain controllers in the mix? Do you have a samba user set up on the server and not just a "regular" user?15:15
soft_concreteBlueEagle: That's correct, AFAIK. I have a user account set up, which samba should know about: I added an entry in the config file, and also did smbpassword on the user15:16
soft_concreteI've also restarted smbd after updating the config file15:16
RadSurferfor one thing a leading 0 infront of integers in C means OCTAL value! but why only flag certain values in RED?15:17
BlueEagleRadSurfer: 028, 048 and 096 are not valid octal numbers.15:19
RadSurferfascinating! doh!15:19
RadSurfergood observation.15:20
BlueEagleRadSurfer: octal numbers can only have the digits 0-7 :)15:20
RadSurferyes yes of course115:20
RadSurferin process of fixing this; going to take a while :)15:20
RadSurferat least that's as good an explanation as I have heard!15:21
BlueEaglesoft_concrete: when you did smbpasswd did you remember the -a flag?15:21
soft_concreteBlueEagle: it seems like I can connect with smbclient, but when I try to do ls, I get: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED listing \*15:21
soft_concreteBlueEagle: I did15:21
BlueEaglesoft_concrete: Then it appears that your user does not have access to the resource you are attempting to access. Check the permissions of the files as well as the share.15:22
soft_concreteBlueEagle: alright, I fixed that15:23
soft_concreteand now it works! :)15:23
soft_concreteBlueEagle: when I'm logged into the samba share, does the host OS see me as the user I've defined in the smb.conf?15:24
panda413trying to get setup on Ubuntu but hitting issues with video cards.15:29
BlueEaglesoft_concrete: Did you find the cause?15:43
soft_concreteBlueEagle: Yeah, it was just permissions being wrong. Everything seems good now15:43
panda413irc issues LOL15:45
mocalvaohi there15:53
mocalvaoI have a very weird situation with my network connection. Two (Kubuntu Linux) of my three machines (the other one is a MacBook Pro), which are directly connected to the modem/router of my ISP, are unable to connect many pages of the web, though other ones seem to work fine15:55
mocalvaoA sample of the sites I have problems with is: ufrj.br, claro,com.br, arxiv.org, kubuntu.org. I do not have problems in accessing youtube (any videos there), gmail, gmeet, for instance. The error is typically (in Chrome) DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN or ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE15:56
sharktamerso what's the actual right way to configure wifi headless on a raspberry pi?15:57
sharktamernone of the suggestions I've found online actually work15:57
mocalvaoI have now tried a different login user and different live usb pendrives and the same issues persist. Furthermore, I have created hotspots from my mobile phones, which use a different ISP and one of the desktops, which came with wifi as well, presents the same issues...15:57
mocalvaoRight now, my MacBook Pro works fine, having no kind of this issue, but in the past few days, it did have... In fact, this morning, there was a popped-up message in it, reading: This computer's local hostanme "..." is already in use on this network. The name has been changed to ... Despite that, i have had no access problems to the web through it, connected to the very same modem/router16:00
mocalvaoPeople from #kubuntu suggested I should come here because of a larger user base, and so did I.16:01
RadSurferhow about that! those RED thingies were actually bad octal values in a .c file! Why isn't there a manual for gedit that explains these things. :)16:03
BlueEaglemocalvao: Having the same hostname on a network should typically not cause an issue with http traffic, but in general it is a bad idea. Is there any reason that you have several hosts with the same name on the network?16:13
BlueEaglemocalvao: Oh I did not read that it had since changed. I would reset the router too just to make sure that it is done. Then I would power down all but one computer and see if it works as expected. Then two and then three until the issue arises.16:14
BlueEaglemocalvao: If the issue exists with only one computer, power that down and try with another single computer powered. If the issue still persists then the issue appears to be not with the computers but the link.16:15
MIFis it possable to limit how much cpu a prosses can use?16:17
BlueEagleMIF: `man renice`16:18
BlueEagleMIF: renice can set the priority of a process.16:18
DualBurritoshow yall doin16:28
Maikhi DualBurritos16:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:29
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!16:29
MIFI am trying to get a reverse proxy set up accouring to https://thelounge.chat/docs/guides/reverse-proxies#apache but I get error Invalid command 'RequestHeader', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration16:31
BlueEagleMIF: It's provided by mod_headers.16:33
BlueEagleMIF: You want to make sure that mod_headers is in mods-available and then symlinked from mods-enabled (or somesuch. I'm an nginx-guy myself)16:34
mocalvao@BlueEagle: The host names of the three connected machines are all different ( betelgeuse and andromeda) for the Kubuntu desktop machines and I now have noticed a new message on the Mac reading again that "This computer's local hostname "Mauricios-MacBook-Pro-3.local" is already in use on this network. The name has been changed to "Mauricios-MacBook-Pro-4.local"16:41
mocalvao@BlueEagle: I will try to turn off or disconnect all other machines from the modem/router and see what happens...16:42
Maikmocalvao: BlueEagle wasn't talking to you :)16:43
BlueEaglemocalvao: When you put @ in front of a nickname in IRC it prevents most clients from highlighting the line, so please ommit it. In IRC @ denotes a channel operator.16:43
Maikooops... my bad... quassel didn't load the back log completely. Sorry16:43
BlueEagleMaik: I was.16:43
MaikBlueEagle: yeah, i noticed now^^16:44
noobguy1hello. i am having issues typing uppercase characters and symbols when using rdp windows server from remmina. when i type @, it prints 1@. is there a fix for this?17:06
rfmnoobguy1, two things I can think to try:  make sure the keyboard layout is set the same on the local and remote systems; try a different rdp client (I use the now-ancient "rdesktop" out of habit, still seems to be in the repos)17:23
noobguy1rfm, i am connecting to windows17:24
rfmnoobguy1, yes, I understood that.  windows has a keyboard layout setting, and rdesktop works with windows (there are other rdp clients too, any "should" work..)17:25
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mocalvaoHi Iam back, the guy with connection problems to the internet17:41
mocalvaoBlueEagle: I have turned off all machines as well as the modem/router and then tried turning on, each one separately, and then all of them again. The connection problem persists: I am unable to access some network resources, while having no problems with others17:43
BlueEaglemocalvao: Ok, so you are able to open some websites, but not others, is that correct?17:43
BlueEaglemocalvao: And this issue also occurs when you try only the mac online?17:44
mocalvaoBlueEagle: Yes, I can access some sites (youtube, https://ubuntu.com), but not others (https://ufrj.gov.br, https://kubuntu.org)). This issue, right now, does not happen with the MacBook Pro, simultaneously connected to the same modem/router.17:49
BlueEaglemocalvao: Ok. And which error message are you receiving again?17:50
mocalvaoBlueEagle: that is, I am able to access all sites with the Mac...17:50
BlueEaglemocalvao: Do you get an error message in your web browser?17:53
mocalvaoBlueEagle: with Chrome, I get: This site can't be reached  https://ufrj.br is unreachable  ERR_ADDRESSS_UNREACHABLE, but also, before, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN17:53
BlueEaglemocalvao: Ok, can you ping the address and get an IP address for the name?17:53
BlueEaglemocalvao: i.e. in a terminal run ping ufrj.br17:54
mocalvaoPING ufrj.br ( 56(84) bytes of data Then several From _gateway ( icmp_seq=3 Destination Net Unreachable17:55
mocalvaoAfter interrupting, with Ctrl-C, I get: 69 packets transmitted, 0 received, +56 errors, 100% packet loss, time 69600ms17:56
BlueEaglemocalvao: Ok, so the name server appears to find the correct IP. If you try (accepting the security exception) does it give a 404 page not found?17:56
mocalvaoThe very same site, from the Mac shows up perfectly17:56
BlueEaglemocalvao: I understand. We just need to figure out where the issue is.17:57
BlueEaglemocalvao: Also which browser(s) are you using on your kubuntu boxes?17:57
mocalvaoThis happens both for Firefox and Chrome17:57
mocalvaoWhen I tried the IP address above, the browser simply returned ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE17:58
BlueEaglemocalvao: That is really odd.17:58
mocalvaoBlueEagel: (it did not show up any security exception)17:59
BlueEaglemocalvao: Did you set up any proxy server when you installed Kubuntu?17:59
mocalvaoI guess not, because I would not even know how to do it. I can check if you tell me how to...18:00
BlueEaglemocalvao: There is a step where you are asked for a proxy server, the default is blank and that is correct for most users, so if you don't know that you did then you didn't. :)18:01
mocalvaoI went to KDE System Settings > Network > Settings > Proxy and "No Proxy" was checked18:01
BlueEaglemocalvao: Can you check the IP address and DNS server set up on one of the kubuntu boxes?18:02
BlueEaglemocalvao: Also try setting the DNS server to (google's name server) and see if that allows you to connect.18:02
mocalvaoIf that is worth, I have made a hotspot from my mobile phone, with a different ISP, connected to it from the most recent Kubuntu box and the same issue arises...18:03
mocalvaoBlueEagle: Someone had already suggested this to me: under System Settings > Network > Connections, I have Wired Ethernet IPv4 and IPv6 tabs both with Method: Automatic and Other DNS Servers as (IPv4) and ::ffff:
BlueEaglemocalvao: Try disabling IP6.18:06
BlueEaglemocalvao: But other than that I am at a loss for what may be causing this.18:07
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mocalvaoBlueEagle: how do I disable IPv6? Choosing Method: Ignored from System Settings > Network > Connections > IPv6 tab?18:08
mocalvaoBlueEagle: I am doing all this with the 3 machines connected to the modem/router; could this affect something?18:09
mocalvaoBlueEagle: does this look like some problem with my hardware (network card) or the ISP's modem/router or like a software, configuration problem?18:11
mocalvaoThe MacBook Pro itself, despite working without any apparent glitches right now, did issue those messages about changes to the hostname,FWIW...18:12
BlueEaglemocalvao: I assume that your router/modem has three or for LAN-slots (or even wifi) and that it provides a network address to your computers in a private range (, or
mocalvaoBlueEagle: it has four LAN (yellow) slots, all of which are used right now: 3 for the above mentioned computers and the last one for another personal mode-router18:16
BlueEaglemocalvao: And it gives out IPs in one of the ranges above?18:16
mocalvaoBlueEagle: I do not know how to check that "it provides a network address to your computers in a private range". I can check it in the command line, if you tell me how to18:17
BlueEaglemocalvao: What are your local IP addresses on your computers? If they start with 10. or 192.168 or 172.19 then it's a private range. Anything other than that then your individual devices are all getting public addresses which may cause issues.18:18
mocalvaoBlueEagle: I used sudo ifconfig and it gave me: for enp4s0 inet Is that it?18:19
BlueEaglemocalvao: Yeah, that sounds good. While you're at it do you see a DHCP server, and can you enter that address in your browser to get access to the interface of the router/modem? Typically that wound be
mocalvaofor inet6, there were several other codes..18:20
BlueEaglemocalvao: Oh, I thought I asked you to disable IP6.18:20
mocalvaoBlueEagle: When I try that URL it leads me to a page for TP-Link, which is not the ISP brand of the router-modem... I think it is the page for my other personal modem-router..18:23
mocalvaoBlueEagle: how do I disable IPv6? Through KDE System Settings?18:24
mocalvaoThe brand for the ISP modem-router is Arris (not TP-Link) but there are several infos in a sticker on it. One of them says the IP should be but this gives me a TP-LINK page, not the Arris one. Isn't his plain wrong?18:27
BlueEaglemocalvao: to /etc/sysctl.conf add the line: net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 118:28
BlueEaglemocalvao: You might need to restart networking or reboot for the changes to take effect.18:28
BlueEaglemocalvao: That depends on the firmware of the router what interface it has.18:29
BlueEaglemocalvao: Some googling should be able to provide you with the defautl credentials needed to access the admin interface. Not sure if it'll matter thoguh.18:29
mocalvaoHave just added the line disabling ipv6 on the sysctl.conf file (it was completely commented out)...18:33
mocalvaoHow do I start networking or should I rather reboot and come back again?18:34
BlueEaglemocalvao: A reboot would ensure that you're not using it.18:34
mocalvaoOk. I will reboot and report back. Thanks18:35
mocalvaoBlueEagle: Back again. It did not work... I notice, if that matters, that under KDE System Settings . Network > Connections, the IPv6 tab still has Method: Automatic and the Google DNS for the field Other DNS Servers, whereas the IPv4 tab has changed its Method to Link-Local and now its field DNS Servers is blank...18:43
BlueEaglemocalvao: Then I am at a loss for what can be causing this.18:44
mocalvaoBlueEagle: Also the command sudo ifconfig still shows up several inet6 lines, besides the single one for plain inet. Doesn't this mean inet6 is still somehow operational?18:45
dusthow to change the swap size at install when using lvm?18:48
dusti dont want only 1gb but 16gb!18:48
dob1days ago I asked why gnuplot is not in ubuntu software center, I read the answers hours later but the answer was like: use apt/aptitude etc for it.  So what is software center? I was thinking it was a frontend to apt search/snap packages.... but it doesn't seems then18:49
pmj642Hello, I needed some help regarding sending a patch for a bug fix for the "dstat" package. The bug link is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dstat/+bug/1870947. I'm not able to find how to submit a patch. This is my first time. Help would be appreciated :]19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1870947 in dstat (Ubuntu) "SyntaxWarning with obviously buggy code" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
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hanasakiin virtmanager , what do you specify so the guest can get a dhcp address / lease from the outside ... ?19:21
BlueEagledob1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter20:11
_lars_Hi, where are bug-reports about the installer? I do own a 11th gen i5 laptop, using intel VMD. When trying to use dualboot with Windows, I get the problem "bitlocker is installed. Stop.". There is no bitlocker activated, and never had been (new Windows installation!). I tried RHEL 8.3 (current), installation works, booting works.20:12
BlueEagle!bugs| _lars_20:14
ubottu_lars_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:14
BlueEagle_lars_: There is a section for "Filing a general bug against no particular package" section that may (or may not) apply20:15
_lars_BlueEagle: I do know that - but the problem is in the installer,20:15
_lars_(and I want to have a look if there is any bug filed already)20:15
BlueEagle_lars_: I believe that Launchpad is the place for ubiquity bugs too.20:16
_lars_ah. thanks for the package name.20:17
BlueEagle_lars_: https://launchpad.net/ubiquity20:17
_lars_yeah - i didn't remember the package name - and asking g**gle for launchpad installer is rather senseless :)20:19
_lars_(ok, seems to be a new problem, so browsing the code)20:22
_lars_Thanks, BlueEagle20:22
BlueEagle_lars_: You're welcome. I was not able to find an existing report of Ubiquity erroneously detecting Bitlocker.20:23
_lars_me too20:24
_lars_ok, my fault. bitlocker was activated by windows installer, without asking, and without showing in windows control panel. cute. 20H2 Enterprise.20:49
BlueEagle_lars_: :)20:53
_lars_(without network, without joining AD...)20:58
_lars_sorry, and thanks BlueEagle.20:58
zrub0:set gui_lagometer=322:30
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isenexdg-open opens evince even though I have in my ~/.config/mimeapps.list "application/pdf=zathura.desktop" (/usr/share/applications/org.pwmt.zathura.desktop seems just fine). Why? And how to get it to open zathura?23:01
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oerheksisene, maybe this oneliner is your help too, https://www.tomica.net/blog/2019/06/zathura-as-default-pdf-client-in-ubuntu  and logout/login after that23:06
Sophist-UKHi - is this somewhere I can report a problem with the ubuntu server for Raspberry Pi 400 64-bit image?23:07
iseneoerheks: Thanks :-)23:07
oerheksSophist-UK, sure, launchpad23:08
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:08
oerheksregister first, to get feedback23:08
iseneoerheks: Or maybe I need to apply the full filename - org.pwmt.zathura.desktop ?23:09
Sophist-UKOh - got it!23:10
oerheksisene, i think zathura.desktop would do23:10
oerhekssystemwide, that is.23:10
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dwhacksX220I just upgraded my ubuntu server to 20.04 and now on boot its stuck at "/dev/vda1: clean, ..file.size.numbers..."23:27
dwhacksX220any idea? I can ctrl-alt-f2 to get into the terminal, or ssh as usual, but its not ideal23:27
_[mandrix]_dwhacksX220, configure your grub/bootloader and point it to the correct hdd/ssd23:28
_[mandrix]_dwhacksX220, lick /dev/sda23:28
oerheksvda .. check your host filesystem?23:29
dwhacksX220well that would be wrong mandrix, /dev/vda1 is correct, its a virtual machine23:29
dwhacksX220I seem to have fixed it by removing the "quiet" and "splash" options23:30
dwhacksX220but that seems like a strange outcome from the sys upgrade23:31
pxcan the ssh server be configured to accept connections from clients with where the private key doesn't match the public key?23:52
jayjoI'm trying to download all the requirements for a kvm libvirt host offline. I'm referencing this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2200819323:53
jayjobut I get a lot of Media change: please insert the disc labeled 'Ubuntu 20.10 _Groovy Gorilla_ - Release amd64 (20201022)'23:53
jayjocan I ignore the initial installation repository somehow?23:53
jayjoor should that already be automatically commented out if the installation media is removed?23:54

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