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ironhoofThis is likely a common question, I am using an HDMI output as a main monitor, the native resolution is 1360x768, have a few that can do it, but just this one machine tries and I get a response from the screen, unsupported resolution and or refresh rate.11:12
ironhoofHow can I get around tihs?11:13
ironhoofall are running xubuntu 20.0411:14
ironhoofWould it be possible to compare files form the different machines and correct it?11:18
xu-help31wI have a problem with the xfce panel. When I boot the panel is corrupted (wrong colors at places, right colors at places). I have to logout and login again in order to correct this... Does someone here know the phenomenon?13:54
brainwashxu-help31w: maybe a screenshot could help14:00
brainwashxu-help31w: restarting the panel (xfce4-panel -r) could work as workaround14:01
xu-help31w@brainwash https://postimg.cc/MvT531NH14:07
brainwashmy guess is that xfce4-panel is somehow started before xfsettinsd (the process that applies theme settings)14:09
xu-help31w@brainwash xfce4-panel -r did the trick, but I would like to know what is causing it and how to get rid of the bug for goo...14:10
brainwashis it a restored session?14:10
brainwashor do you always start a clean session?14:10
xu-help31wwhat do you mean with restored session?14:10
brainwasha session that restores opened windows from the previous session14:11
xu-help31wif I get it right, it's only on new sessions. always at new start..14:12
xu-help31wI nevere restore sessions14:12
brainwashdo you have autologin enabled?14:12
xu-help31wbut i have an ecrypted home partition on a separate drive... which I mounted post-installation...14:13
brainwashyou could check the session log (~/.xsession-errors) for related messages14:13
xu-help31wand I have the impression that it has to do with it, only I can't figure out how... I am not htat savvy in these things14:13
brainwashto me it looks like some timing issue14:14
brainwashmeaning that things are started in different order on startup14:14
xu-help31wHAT SHOULD i LOOK FOR?14:15
brainwasherror messages I guess14:15
brainwashwarning messages can be probably ignored14:16
brainwashor share the content here14:16
brainwashnote that, it may contain personal info14:17
xu-help31wI found this right at the start:14:17
xu-help31w(xfce4-session:2674): xfce4-session-WARNING **: 15:03:08.749: xfsm_manager_load_session: Something wrong with /home/oo/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-noMacGo:0, Does it exist? Permissions issue?14:17
brainwashthis indicates that it's indeed a clean session14:19
xu-help31wHere is the file: https://ufile.io/0kxo7hik14:26
brainwashxu-help31w: many Theme parsing error lines14:31
xu-help31wyeah, i see... what can i dop about it?14:32
brainwashwell, I would check if the problem is present when using another theme14:33
brainwashGreybird or Adwaita14:33
brainwashthose are usually well maintained14:34
xu-help31wyou mean: change theme, reboot and check?14:34
xu-help31wand if it still happens?14:34
xu-help31wdidn't happen14:39
xu-help31wso it has to do with the theme, am I right?14:39
brainwashI think so14:39
xu-help31whould I change the theme or can I fix this somehow?14:39
brainwashon top of that, I wouldn't want to use a theme that spams my log :)14:39
brainwashthe log messages tell you what parts are broken14:40
brainwashmaybe you can fix those, but ideally you should report them to the theme author14:40
brainwashassuming the theme is still maintained14:41
xu-help31wthanks a lothelpd a lot14:41
xu-help31wwill look into that14:41
brainwashyou're welcome14:41
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xu-help80wHave been using Xubuntu for around 5 years now. Since upgrading to 20.04 LTS I run into problems regarding the screen saver. It appears to be disregarding when I disable it. I disabled it in first place as when e.g. using firefox to watch netflix, the screen would go blank and lock after 15min. Enabling "presentation mode" did not help, so I21:18
xu-help80wdeactivated the screen saver. But even then, it still blank the screen after a while. Have seen this on two different laptops (Dell Latitude and Sony Vaio). Problem would not show up on the same Dell Latitude computer type using Ubuntu 20.04.21:18
gnrpxu-help80w: I guess it is a power saving setting?21:24
gnrpwhen you go to energy management (don't know the exact translation) in the settings, and then to display settings, does this correspond to the timeouts you experience?21:24
Maikyep, think so too^^21:24
xu-help80wI had the same idea, it did correspond. Have changed the times there, no effect. Then I disabled it (as I wrote, it is disabled now). But it still turns off the screen. So annoying.21:26
xu-help80wI mean the window "Xfce Power Manager", tab "Display", "Display Power Management" button is disabled.21:27
gnrpxu-help80w: Could it be inactivity?21:45
gnrpah, no, there you cannot do it21:45
gnrpI could also imagine you have a gpu driver doing that21:45
gnrpdid you restart after changing that setting?21:45
xu-help80wI have found that activating display power management and setting the blank time to 1 minute, the screen would go blank after 1 min, that seems to work fine. Enabling "presentation mode" would disable going blank.21:47
gnrpI actually have no clue where these settings are applied, i.e., what controls those21:47
gnrpah, ok21:48
xu-help80wBut my problem is there seems to be another (a different) process making the screen go blank after 15 min. No idea why this is. This did not happen in 18.04 LTS21:48
xu-help80wI also found that using vlc to watch files and using its setting "disable screensaver" prevents the screen going blank. However, when watching netflix in firefox the screen goes blank after 15min, even when the "Display management" in the Xfce power manager is disabled.21:55
lostogreHello. Is is possible to upgrade xununtu 18.04 to 20.04? I had read that it wasn't due to a change from xfce to lxde.22:57
guiverclostogre, Xubuntu 18.04 & 20.04 are both XFCE.. Lubuntu switched from LXDE in 18.04 to LXQt in 18.10 & later, that change won't impact Xubuntu/XFCE users23:02
lostogreguiverc: Thanks. I appreciate it.23:02
guivercthe change within XFCE was from GTK2 to GTK3; that should be invisible to users (it was a great job by Xubuntu/XFCE devs!)23:02
lostogreguiverc: cool.23:03
guivercfyi:  the change to GTK3 does mean scaling & other things are now exist (Xfce 4.16).. 19.10/20.04 were more GTK3 switch.. many newer features found in groovy/hirsute... & subsequent b/c of GTK3 switch23:09

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