ajmyyradoes the network config support configuring an IPv6 subnet with router advertisements? so just "iface ensX inet6 auto" instead of "iface ensX inet6 dhcp" or a static configuration?11:15
ajmyyradon't see anything related to this in documentation on either v1 or v2.11:15
ajmyyraanswering myself: support for SLAAC (IPv6 autoconfiguration) has apparently been added in 19.4. just need to find how to use it13:35
ajmyyra(and found it from the code. there are subnet types for ipv6_dhcpv6 (-stateful/-stateless). are these something that aren't documented on purpose or would you like a PR? :)13:55
meenayes please14:19
ajmyyracool, will make one later today.15:01
ThoMeis it posible to use my iso file when I attach the cdrom on my VM?15:24
ThoMe cloud-init --file /media/cdrom/user-data.txt init works fine15:25
ThoMebut always when i run the command manually15:26
ajmyyracan you modify the root filesystem before booting? you'd need to have the config in place for it to be included automatically.16:04
ajmyyra(or modify the systemd unit to include it with --file if the cd is mounted automatically)16:04
meenaajmyyra: the only kind of modification we support is growfs16:41
meenaor are you taking about something different?16:41
ajmyyrajust pondering ThoMe's question on how he could make the cd-mounted init to work automagically.16:53
ajmyyraugh, sorry for the 3 different PRs (742-744). just entirely different things, so thought it better to have them separated.17:01

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