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jwjones777Anybody with Groovy Gorilla Kmail problems?00:43
Maikjwjones777: it's of more use if you describe your issue so others might be able to help01:21
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IrcsomeBot<Adam Workman> Hello everyone sometime ago there was a nice music player called bluemindo I tried looking for it but it seem as if I keep running into a brick wall can anyone please share with me the ppa to get access to this software thanks in advance.03:55
IrcsomeBot<Adam Workman> 739303:55
IrcsomeBot<Adam Workman> Thanks for having me03:56
valorie@Adam Workman it's not kde software that I know of.... you might search in Debian tho04:32
valorieyou can always install a deb04:32
valorieeven in a VM if necessary04:32
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IrcsomeBot<AlexeyNikitin01> Hi  how to elevate xrdp session privileges.  Direct connection differs from xrdp connection.  Kubuntu 20.04  how to make the maximum administrator rights under xrdp, but not root06:48
IrcsomeBot<AlexeyNikitin01> Russian language????06:59
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BluesKajHi folks14:07
jbmanAnyone utilizing Deja-Dup for backups?  If so, has anyone determined how to change the backups from using UTC to Local Time?17:30
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GaspaiderHey there. Is there a way to remove mouse acceleration without creating a xorg config?17:39
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luis_hi from venezuela19:08
luis_Alguien habla español??19:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:10
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IrcsomeBot<Bibo Sidearm> Hi to everyone i from Italy and try to kubuntu 20..04 from USB live. If i launch kubuntu in normal mode appear the image of the desktop and the Pointer of the mouse withtout apps but if i launch kubuntu in safe mode desktop work fine. I nave a question: can i  insatll kubuntu in safe mode withtout problem? My CPU Is apu a10-7870k MB Is gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI 8giga RaM . Grazie22:45
tomreyn@Bibo Sidearm: yes, that should be fine. make sure you have Kubuntu 20.04.*1* there, not just 20.04.*0*22:48
IrcsomeBot<Bibo Sidearm> Ok. Grazie23:01
IrcsomeBot<Bibo Sidearm> Another questioni: i will install kubuntu over Windows 10.  My HD Is 1000giga. I think 30giga root , 6 giga swap (i nave 8 giga RaM) and 940 giga home. Is It ok? And the option LVM Is necessary for my home PC? Grazie23:13

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